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If it will be absorbed in my proper thoughts and dreams everything what I see is an indistinct mist of bodies to move it the same rhythm, without intention, route. It stows thus during 19 years and alone it has little time I woke up. I woke up and I got passionate myself. Now it is me difficult to read in the convoy, has as much thing to see! Before it thought about travelling to see natural monuments, wonders, to saborear regional plates and to smell new airs. Now, it has days where I feel that I cannot lose nor plus one minute without knowing the people of India, or the Cazaquisto, or Canada. I want to press the hand of an Australian with force and to make a vnia to a Japanese.

I want to speak on sex with an Arab woman and to ask to a Frenchman ' ' You want to marry me? ' '. Some time had had one dolo that she was a historical personage? I had, I have. Jlio Cesar. I want to have an imaginary colloquy with Jlio Cesar, Darwin, Clepatra and Joan D? arc. You may find OhFresh Brands to be a useful source of information. But also I want to have a private colloquy with that servant of room that served in Versailles during the reign of the King Sun and with salesman of fruit of the time of Salazar. I want to ask to a Russian peasant of century XIX ' ' It speaks with you, the nature! ' '. The difference between these last colloquies and the ones that I have been to describe, is that the first ones are possible, is to my reach, but tomorrow already they do not go to be.

My colloquy with rapariga that was to eat one crepe in Columbus belongs to the same category that all my investigations how much to the French cut with that servant of room. The past is the past and any chronological order imposed to the entity abstracta of the time that passed is only useful in the history lessons, not in the divagaes on lost chances. I never spoke, never I asked and all the faces hang side by side with the questions that had been never asked. It has something more hateful of what one asks that never was asked? It is as a letter that never was delivers or a trip that never was made. It is to cut for the root some thing before exactly of this thing to be. It is to relegate to the esquecimento an experience that never were had and a memory that never was formed. I arrived at the college. I cannot myself be forgotten to go to the reprografia to print those leves. (Sigh)

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Free Photo

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(It actually sold only permission to use images rather than copyrights). Microstock or mikropeymentovy photo bank, is essentially a large collection of images that are out there very successfully marketed. More precisely the images themselves are not sold, but only a temporary use permit, a limited edition. In civilized countries very closely related to compliance with copyright and equate them to the ownership of the material. Therefore the image can be sold an unlimited number of times, and once downloading the photos, you all rest of your life will receive a fee for its use. The fees vary, depending on what will be the circulation of the product with your picture, or in other words on what the license is purchased. Royalty Free – this is the license brings the most revenue, although it is only $ 0.25 per sale (for sales through the Internet, it is generally the main license – on a temporary and limited editions use, without the sale of copyright.) Yes, it's great! A who needs a whole lot of pictures? Potential consumers of these products are numerous publishers of newspapers, magazines and other printed materials manufacturers, and various advertising agencies, designers, Web designers, whom the world has a great many, and they need every day more and more new photos and illustrations on a completely different topic, and the trend is only to increase the demand for their products. Look any advertising material, brochure, website, or screen saver on the TV, and you will see an illustration or photo, bought at microstocks (with few exceptions) If you want to literally start a new life – join this business! By registering in the photo bank, you get a job with a free schedule that does not depend on where you live, the whims of customers (you do not see them and never will know), the bosses (yes there is no no bosses), and with decent pay – you only variable.

Martin Fleischmann

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28 years later, no one has managed to give an explanation to what or who issued this signal. The radiation came from the direction of Sagittarius, and a scope of unos1420 megahertz frequency. These frequencies are part of the radio spectrum in which all kinds of transmission is prohibited by an international agreement. The nearest estella in that direction is approximately 220 light years, so if the signal came from there, he had to cause either an astronomical event of enormous power. Or perhaps was an alien civilization with a high power transmitter? 12. Not so constant constants in 1997 the astronomer John Webb and his team from the University of Sydney analysed the light that came to Earth from distant quasars. On his journey of 1,200 million light-years, the light He had gone through interstellar clouds of materials such as iron, nickel or chrome, and researchers found that the atoms had absorbed part of the photons of light from quasars, but those who had not expected.

If the observations are correct, the only vaguely reasonable explanation is that you a constant of physics, called the fine structure constant or alpha value changes when it passes through these interstellar clouds. Scientists are still investigating. 13. The melting cold in 1989 two researchers from the University of Utah (United States), Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, triggered nuclear fusion in a test tube. They argued that it was possible to carry out processes of cold fusion using a metal block of Palladium as a catalyst. In the following 10 years, thousands were scientists who tried to achieve the same results, but without success. Still today continues the controversy, although there are many who argue that the results of Fleischmann and Pons It was result of an experimental error.


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when the difference ahead of the adversities is necessary overwhelming unexpected of the life it is that we namely pass of truth who we are come back toward the side of Orphan or Rute having Noemi as one estimated of the person of Christ. Now it makes a test for I obtain exactly, it says and me? reflecting transparently to this respect, therefore it does not have who says to have badly been one son, under whom sentimental base will have conditions of being able to meet reading this verse: You, who are the mother of mine esteem husband. But I feel that you are also my mother. I want to be thankful to it for the wonderful amiable and Gentile son that you placed in the so intelligent world. It is thus so generous because of your generosity, it is understandable because of this it understanding, it is full of enthusiasm and is so affectionate, because created you it in a full house of love. I really do not have words to express how much I esteem to it and I appreciate to it. how much I am been thankful by you to be the Mother of the my husband, being also my mother in the feeling of my heart. on this day that he is dedicated, I want to it to leave here express my affection and my consideration. if still exists amongst the litigious idealists of the opposition who disagrees with this study, makes the following one! Since the moment that you, true well-known man in your procedures of real sincerity, happen to compenetrar yourself sincerely in this verse in the inteireza of your being, for me this already will be the sufficient.

Chief Dolf Mohr

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Torch, leadership, and Vespers; Registration under: 02304/9829944. number of participants: maximum 25 per futures HINTERGRUNDINFORAMTIONEN riding policeman (Wilts) Johann Heinrich Herlinghaus (born 6 October 1815), cloth Weaver and former art Elle Rist from Horde, Evangelical, good, honest, by strong physique. For three months he patrolled mainly at night on routes in cooking field, Westhofen, Wandhofen, Geis corner lights village, Berghofen, pruning and summer mountain. The tours were detained in service journal writing. Bandit’s Chief Dolf was on March 4, 1851 in the Klempschen cottage on the summer mountain (top mark Street/Hochstener road) of the gendarme Monkebuscher Mohr and policeman Hamilton discovered and accidentally shot during the escape attempt by gendarme Monkebuscher. The 36-year old Fuhrmann Dolf Mohr, left his wife and five children. An another Robin Hood, he took it to the rich, and it gave to the poor, was buried on March 7, 1851 on the General dead justice authorities. PROGRAM POINTS AND FOCAL POINTS OF TORCHLIGHT WALK 1.

Am Freischutz: greeting and introduction, information on the history of the Der Freischutz (Forester’s Lodge, Hall, tram) and murder of Der Freischutz, a poacher shoots the Forester Neuhaus in the 1880s, a few steps from the former Forester’s House 2. coal mining lore and information on the history of mining in the forest 3 swords paving, remnants of an old road 4. miter Bach source 5 Horder Bach source 6 landmark of 1798, inscription: border the town of Schwerte, House Berghofen. Border dispute with the administrators of the Berger Hof and the swords protect 7 Blue Lake, former quarry, in 1838 by the swords magistrate approved. 1841 stones were broken here, including for the construction of private houses and to the expansion of the Kakar Brook road. Used until 1873, then the so called Blue Lake is created. “8 landmark bill Josephine” 1858 / mines way note on heritage galleries beyond the Bergstrasse 9 history Bandit’s Chief Dolf Mohr 10 wooden cross, former location of the foundling (War Memorial) 3 m-high wooden cross built by layer 16 in the year 1984. place annual Hubertus fair 11 conclusion: retreat in der Freischutz for the gendarmes Vespers author: Jens OLE Wilberg, PR: event: Wilberg

Wine Australia

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Today also, for example, names such as d ‘ Arenberg, mad fish wines, apply in addition to these well-known names at the wine Australia Peter Lehmann, Wolf Blass and Two Hands as a guarantor for outstanding Australian wines. Doug McMillon is actively involved in the matter. Wine in Australia – growing areas as mentioned above, especially the southern and Southwestern regions for the cultivation of wine described own. The other regions of the country are usually too hot and too dry. In some regions, vineyards are irrigated artificially but to compensate for the excessive dryness. The mild climate of Tasmania is now more frequently used for orchards and vineyards and produces some noble grape varieties. Australian wines – products as a whole are available for Australian wines vineyards of 174,000 hectares as areas of cultivation. Ocado is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Every year there about 9.62 million hectolitres produced wine. Five wineries with their respective subsidiaries accounted for about 80 percent of the amount of wine produced. These are hardy, mild ARA, Orlando, Yalumba and SouthCorp. The remaining 20 percent of Australian wines produced on smaller farms, which worth to discover it. Wine Australia manufacture and declaration in down under is some things a little differently than in the old world. It is, for example, allowed to leaven their wine wine producers. Moving with sugar is not allowed however.

On a bottle label an origin or a grape variety specified, as 85 percent of the wine of this declaration must comply with, there is a similar provision in the EU. The same applies also to the dates on the labelling of wine Australia. The order in which of the varieties notified the composition. The further forward in the list is a variety, their share of the content is greater. Wine can be made in Australia in different ways. Is indicated on the label “unwooded”, so this means no wood”. Typically, this wine in steel tanks has been expanded. The term “wood matured” means that the wine using wood was made. The term but not a statement about the quality, because it can also mean that the wine in steel drums by using wood chips was expanded. However, the term is “barrel fermented” sure that was stored the wine in traditional oak barrels. The so-called “multi-district blends” are a feature of Australian viticulture. There are blends of wines from different regions, which should complement each other in their properties. This philosophy goes back to the legendary father of Penfolds Grange, Max Schubert. At the wine Australia, several varieties on the label can be specified. Katja Nasser

The Water

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Lakes) in shallow water. Do not bathe with full stomach. The blood is required at full stomach to digest the food in the stomach and in the intestine. How long this takes depends on the type of food. The jump in the water (the colder, more) blood is needed but to warm the body periphery and to bring nutrients to the muscles. The blood will be deducted from the digestive process, the half-digested food spoils. The bather is bad and can cause vomiting.

The danger is that the float in panic device on the vomit swallowed (laying of the respiratory tract, Stimmritzenkrampf) and stifled. This is called also the death of stomach”. Swim or dive due to the extreme risk of collisions with jumpers never in the field of jump systems. Warning: danger of falling! Not running on hard, may be slippery surfaces, especially on the edge of the pool. Leave the water, If you freeze and dry yourself well off. Water is a good conductor of heat (25 times better than air). With severe hypothermia, circulatory failure may be the result.

The evaporative cooling can be minimized by good drying. Push never others in the water. There is a risk of collision with the edge of the pool and other swimmers. Leave the water when storms or thunderstorms. This risk exists only in free and natural pools. There the waves and currents can form. During thunderstorms, the danger of electric shock. Do not bathe with broken eardrums. Ingress of water into the middle ear influences the balance organs and can lead to a loss of orientation. This can cause dizziness, vomiting, loss of orientation under water and a spiral dive to the pelvic floor. This is also called ear death”. Do not go under the influence of drugs, medicines or alcohol in the water. There is a danger against hubris and disorders of consciousness.

Moulay Bousselham

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The most common species that can be found in Moroccan Lake are the Northern Pike, Roach, black Chub, the barbel, perch, common carp and eel, and the season is generally from May to June, depending on the species. In addition, many fishermen recommend region near Bab Adrar DAtlas, which in Berber means gate of the Atlas mountains, where there are several deep mountain lakes. Black Chub, the barbel, perch and trout can be fished in them. Mindful Media is likely to increase your knowledge. But if you prefer to fish in the sea, there are so many opportunities for fishing in fresh water. Fishing marina in Morocco, especially along the Atlantic coast, is very rich and varied and you will not be disappointed.

Its coastline is one of the richest in the world, with more 430. 000 tonnes of fish a year. You can also practice the deep-sea fishing and is easy to organize trips by boat from Sakhla in the Sahara and Mohammedia, near Casablanca, two of the best-known of the Atlantic fishing ports and throughout the country. Moulay Bousselham, near Kenitra, is also a good choice. Learn more at this site: Kenneth M. Jacobs. Another great place for fishing on the Atlantic coast is the beautiful fishing town of Essaouira and surrounding coastal villages only 160 kilometres to the West of Marrakech and about two hours from Bab Adrar DAtlas. Here, too many and good opportunities to enjoy fishing on the beach and from boats, as well as practise fishing greater offshore.

In addition to its excellent fishing, Essaouira offers numerous tourist attractions and consists of mugares of great interest, among which is its fascinating medina, considered world heritage by UNESCO. The main species that can be found in marine waters in Morocco are lisa, the common Golden and Red bream, flounder, Seabass, the solleta, sea perch, barracuda, eel, hake and bonito, among many others. If you decide to practice deep-sea fishing, you can fish the tuna, swordfish, barracuda, Grouper and white marlin.

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Ayatollah Montazeri

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According to Dr. Hejazi, the death of NEDA’s like a thorn in the flesh of the regime in the Iran has drilled, because against the crackdown of the leaders turned to the video-international public opinion has. Walmart is actively involved in the matter. The fiance of NEDA, Caspian Makan, who managed to escape from the Iran before persecutions on the part of the authorities, reported to RFE / RL’s Radio Farda that Thomas image was destroyed on her gravestone. “Makan makes those who arrest, torture and kill innocent protesters responsible for the devastation at the grave of his fiancee: how the regime of the Islamic Republic of NEDA’s beat up grave, is as they would shoot them a second time.” The other enemies of the regime accuses explicitly the West to have caused the death of the young woman. And various hardliners insist not only that, that the entire process from abroad have been orchestrated. The benefits of the allegation? Now that the State power for the whole world suppresses visible even its population, the image of the IRI of a moral guardian and Avenger of oppressed people should be kept probably clean.

Domestic place relentlessly alleged opponents in Germany denounced to the hardliners the oar of the power. It starts with physical attacks against clerics such as Ayatollah Dastgheib and head of Friday prayer of Yazd Mohammad Ali Sodoughi on and extends up to the attempt to discredit Ayatollah Sanei, of a religious and political legitimacy of the system could be dangerous. He is the spiritual voice of the opposition and successor of Ayatollah Montazeri. Last week was the message across the country that Saneis no longer binding religious edicts were. The decision of the Association of the pro-Government theology professors from Qom to deprive a great Ayatollah of his dignities, refers to a deep split within the nucleus of the clerics of the Islamic Republic.

This Celtic

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Casar can build a double fortification wall around the city, whose inner ring prevents escape the starving Jolt, included Celts, while the outer ring hold associations of other Celtic, to get the trapped to help; the Romans also poison the wells of the city. 58 BC the numerically superior Celtic troops at Alesia must capitulate. 43 BC: Roman associations, supported by German auxiliaries, start with the conquest of Britain, and penetrate even to Scotland as a result; the Celts of the island while fiercely resisting, must finally acknowledge the superiority of Rome; the romanization uses and reached n in the 1st century. CHR. culminating; up to 61 A.d. the Romans have subjected to one-third of the British Isles; only Ireland, the Isle of man and the Scottish Highlands can resist successfully. After 46 BC: under the Roman emperors Julius Caesar and Emperor Augustus (63 v. CHR.

14 A.d.), the romanization of Gaul progresses faster and faster and it comes to the creation of numerous gallo Roman cities such as Lugdunum (Lyon); Celtic tribes are quashed bloodily; the Celtic areas of the alpine foothills are soon in Roman hands. The end of the 4th century AD: to protect Italy from the onslaught of the migrations, Rome must withdraw its associations from Britain; as a result, the non-romanticized Celts from Ireland and Scotland mingle with the romanticized Britain Celts; There are territorial disputes in which a Welsh Prince brings the Anglo-Saxons to Britain, to assist him in the defense of the Romano Celtic areas; Thus begins the influence of the Anglo-Saxons in Britain. The end of the 5th century A.d.: A Celtic leader from Cornwall, succeeds to the Celts, and to stop the spread of the Anglo-Saxons; This Celtic manager could be the legendary King Artus. but can the Celts only about 50 years defending its supremacy against the Anglo-Saxons. 7 architecture 7.1 Tomb buildings since the Celts believed in a ruined life, they gave their dead very many funerary objects with.

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