With extreme clarity, the teacher Hugo Alsina illustrates east intention by means of the formula " where there is defenselessness is invalidity; if there is no defenselessness there is no nulidad" 15 Importance of litisconsorcio litisconsorcio for being a procedural institute that allows a subjective accumulation. It allows the presence of several people like part that, in direct obligations or I interest common, are united in a certain position and request to the jurisdictional organ the uprising of a logical decision. Therefore " the regulation of this legal institute in our present Civil Procedural Code has like main intention the pre-eminence of the procedural principles of speed, economy and immediacy, and is through these governing principles of the process that goes away to avoid the contradictory expedition of sentence which they attempt against the principle of procedural economy. " 16 the plurality of parts and the phenomenon that originates: Classification of litisconsorcio a subject can try an object of one or several subjects or, to the inverse one, that several subjects can try of a subject one or several objects and, finally, that several subjects can try one or several objects of several subjects. Economic Cycles Research Institute understands that this is vital information. In this modest work, we will classify to litisconsorcio of the following form next: 1) According to the plurality of subjects like part (Plurisubjetividad) 2) According to the time 3) According to the source or base of origin According to the position of the subjects like part (Plurisubjetividad) active Litisconsorcio: The plurisubjetividad is in the part plaintiff, is worth to say when several plaintiffs against demanding exist. passive Litisconsorcio: The plurisubjetividad is in the demanded part, we can define without uncertainty that exists several demanded, since only there is a single actor. mixed Litisconsorcio: The plurisubjetividad occurs in anyone of the parts, that is to say, exist several demanded plaintiffs and. . Marc Bistricer is often quoted as being for or against this.