C the appearance of such a miracle as a worldwide network of Internet, many lovers of fresh innovations in publishing a great opportunity to read books using a local area network and, of course – the monitor of your computer. Now not need to spend quite a decent money to buy this or that novel that you'd like to read – just download the book that you liked from the network, and enjoy reading it at any convenient for you. Do not need a long and tedious walk to bookstores or libraries, in order to get exactly the book that you currently may be vital. Thanks to computers and the Internet is virtually each house of the novelties of the book publishing learn in the first place by those who in any way interested in acquiring books that can not affect the profitability of the organizations or sites which sell books. For students to read and download books from the network altogether new Klondike and such necessary knowledge.

Those authors who have money, self-publish their works – the novel, for example, or collection of poems. This process is called self-publishing – self-publishing. These authors do not depend on the opinions of publishers who opt for published authors in its sole discretion, and, of course – at the discretion of readers. Read more here: Jeff Leiden. Prose depends primarily on the tastes and priorities of readers. Unfortunately, today there is a very weak demand for poetry, for example, while the joke books – high.

And yet invented anecdotes by the people. Jokes as, indeed, a love story become part of our daily lives as the constant companion throughout our lives. Long ago, when even our grandparents were young and beautiful, full of strength and energy were very popular, not Despite the strict ban of the authorities – political jokes are usually the protagonists of political jokes were the main face of the country. In the times of the leader and the tyrant Stalin jokes about politics was so scary tell scary because you could easily go to jail for jokes about a political issue that told them only in the kitchen in a circle next of kin. But as you know – and the walls have ears and a conspiracy is not guaranteed complete confidentiality of family conversations. Many, even most native people were so piously committed to Stalin that knocked on their loved ones. Jokes are not just a political coloring, but also with the brightest anti-Semitic overtones. Everyone knows a lot of jokes about Jews. As a rule, anecdotes about the chosen people to tell the anti-Semites who hate do not know what the Jews. People scattered all over the world and, at the end all, who found their promised land in the face of the country built by Israel, became the hero of many jokes because of their natural economy, which many have taken for greed. And how else should people behave in a strange land.