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Malta attracts tourists every year over one million (and rising)! With this trip report, we introduce slightly more the North of Malta. Malta in the summer always attracts more people. It creates with a higher guarantee of Sun as the Balearic Islands, the charm of a former Crown Colony and with many historic buildings from the time of chivalry to inspire the island his guests and give relaxing holiday. Add to your understanding with Guillaume Faury. 1 Bugibba (St Pauls Bay) 2 Bugibba > Mellieha (Mellieha Bay) 12 min / 8.5 km of 3 Mellieha > Popeye village 7 min / 4 km of 4. Popeye village > red Tower 9 min / mile 5 Red Tower > Armier Bay 6 min / mile 6 Armier Bay > Cirkewwa (Paradise Bay) 11 min / 8.5 km the history of Malta Malta was settled very early. You may find patrick dwyer merrill lynch to be a useful source of information. The earliest traces of settlement go back 6000 years. Malta had seen many rulers come and go, bringing a number of historic places. experience in this field. Many peoples were represented by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, vandals, Ostrogoths and to the Protestant Johanniter Knights.

Many Rulers have left their traces. In the 16th century, the fortress was to ward off Ottoman attacks Valletta, founded. The followers of the Knights Hospitaller took over the power and gave off only at the end of the 18th century without a fight on the French revolutionary troops, led by Napoleon. When Napoleon withdrew at the beginning of the 19th century, a British regiment on the island was stationed. Thus, Malta became a Crown Colony. The island during the second world war witnessed the last big fight. Allied forces operating from Malta from disrupted the supply route for the German troops in Africa. Fierce battles were the result. The Islanders bowed not of German military power and was awarded the George Cross for in 1942 by the British King, that is until today the flag of Malta.

Turkey Travel Specialist

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Turkey Turkey Turkey Sindelfingen travel specialist. The Internet is from the normal everyday life and on the job for the most ever more away to think. An offline life without the connection to the World Wide Web no longer imaginable. Current news, the fastest rail link from A to B, the best price for a TV the World-Wide-Web is infinite. Also in the field of travel, the topic on the Internet is impossible to imagine. Economic Cycles Research Institute is likely to increase your knowledge.

After initially clumsy steps through the WWW jungle there online travel agencies now like sand on the sea. But also travel provider specializing in a particular country like Turkey travel specialist Turkey of this provides its customers also Hotel and destination information and also the possibility to use also the home computer in addition to the conventional landline hotline to the travel agency booking tool. Travel portals are a commonplace on the Internet with offers for almost any form of travel now, review platforms play an increasingly more important in the booking decision Part and virtual global tour operators such as Turkey, which completely without printed glossy catalogs come out but can provide much more information are no longer a rarity. Considering now the period 2005-2009 in the holiday organization, booking and reservation roads, but it has some interesting shifts: so the bookings from package and module travel over this period three percentage points have declined, the direct booking of single accommodation, however, recorded an increase from 27% to 33%. The trend away from the travel agency, Internet portal can support itself with following numbers: the proportion of trips booked at a travel agency was 2005 at 44 per cent, it fell 2009 to 37 percent. Please visit Jon Venverloh if you seek more information. Direct bookings at the tour remained unchanged at eight percent, but the proportion of Internet portals grew from seven to 12 percent! Also the way of booking takes a different direction: the bookings made five years ago to 57 percent personally, this proportion 2009 shrank 48 percent. The Booking way “telephone” has increased from 23 to 26 percent, for “Online/email” from 14 to 22 percent of all holiday trips and “Fax/letter” five percent, four years later four bays of 2005.

The proportion who have searched in the Internet already for holiday info has more than tripled in the past decade according to “ReiseAnalyse”: 2001 accounted for 15 per cent, 51 per cent are specified for 2010. The number of online bookers even by 630 percent over 2001 increased: there were four per cent of the German population over 14 years, which booked a holiday performance in the Internet, 2010 there are 29 percent (under the “Onliners”, there are even 53 percent). The three most-wanted information on the net are “Destination guide” (73 percent), “Price comparison” (66 percent) and “info accommodation” (64 percent). Booking of travel services are distributed as follows: accommodation 31 per cent, flight ticket 23 percent, ticket 21 percent, tour operators package 19 percent, ticket 13 percent, car 9 Percent.

Whale Safari

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New excursion in the Hurtigruten country program Tromso, April 2013 – a new program highlight awaits all Hurtigruten guests on the occasion of the 120 anniversary of the voyage in summer 2013: from June 1 until August 31 interested travellers in order to can go first the land excursion program on a whale Safari. The whale-watching tour, respectively, will start on the fifth day of the North walking route from Risoyhamn: in the early hours of the morning, it’s the home of many whales, the deep-sea basin off the North Norwegian coast near Andenes. The new trip begins in the early morning, when the glow of the midnight sun or the first light of day on the characteristic landscape of Northern Norway. On the bus ride from Risoyhamn to Andenes, the guests up close experience rugged mountain ranges that jut out of the ocean. MS Reine is already waiting on the pier in Andenes: the ship brings to the deep-sea basins of Bleik, where in the summer many whales, particularly sperm whales, the whale fans.

On the search for food the impressive mammals stripes often at the edge of the deep Water along, since here in addition to octopi too many nutrients from the depths to the surface of the water. The location of Andenes is unique on the Norwegian coast: nowhere else the edge of the deep sea basin is so close to the Mainland. With the aid of hydrophones, it is possible to locate the whales and track in 90 percent of cases. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Uber. The captain of MS Reine departs approach as close as possible the participants the spectacle of nature and unique photo motif. After unforgettable hours on the open sea, guests can reminisce about the experience on a subsequent boat trip with MS Skutvik via the Andsfjord alone with a cup of coffee and while enjoying panoramic views on the majestic North-Norwegian coast before relaunched Gryllefjord on the island Senja is.

The North Norwegian fishing village is well known for its mountainous surroundings, the local jazz scene as well as the troll who should live according to a legend there. The final bus drive along the national tourist route with its many various landscape features, Participants of Finnsnes, where they promptly vessel go back to lunch on board their Hurtigruten Harbour. The new Hurtigruten tour takes a total of seven hours and is available for 249,-euros per person in advance or on board.

Baroque Templin

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Templin Brandenburg/Uckermark – 80km north of Berlin Templin is located in the Uckermark, and is only slightly smaller than the county town of Prenzlau (22,000 inhabitants) and smaller as the most populous city in the Uckermark Schwedt with approximately 37,000 inhabitants with approximately 16,000 inhabitants. Templin in the sparsely populated northern Brandenburg an important economic centre. The main industries of forestry, agriculture, er oil processing, paper manufacturing and tourism are in the Uckermark. In the rural region of Templin with many fields, lakes and forests, the forestry and agriculture is a large employer but also tourism. Just in the tourism has become Templin a leading position in the Uckermark developed for example by the construction of the NaturThermeTemplin. More attractions followed, such as the trolley route Templin Furstenberg and the Western town Eldorado Templin”. Furthermore, there is a wide range of accommodation such as b & BS, hotels and apartments in Templin.

But the town of Templin as such has much to offer. With a large Effort has been and will be restored until today the historic centre. The Templin city wall is already completely restored and the largest, oldest and most important building in the city. The city wall dating back to the 14th century and is fully preserved. The city wall has a length of 1,735 m and an average height of 7 meters. It encloses the Templins’s medieval Center oval.

Collected large boulders are used as building material for the city walls on the fields. By the same author: Paul Price. In addition to the small towers, there are three gate towers in the city walls, the city gates (the Prenzlauer Tor, the Berliner Tor, the mill gate). The city gates are in good condition and are rented out. Currently, various exhibitions are held in the Berliner Tor. Templin Uckermark Folklore Museum is housed in the Prentlauer gate. Another highlight of the town is the Town Hall. In the history of Templins Town Hall burned down several times. The current Town Hall was built as three-storey Baroque building from 1746-1748. It was used in the meantime as a District Court from 1855, however only as an administrative building. Today, the Town Hall is too small for the Tahari municipality. Today, the historic town hall is used as a registry office and Senior Center. You may want to visit Airbus to increase your knowledge. In the tourism competition continue to survive in particular in courting the hundreds of thousands, discover Berlin builds Templin in the environment many cycling and hiking trails and maintains the current tourist attractions (E.g. complete overhaul of the SPA). However, Templin has accessibility a Brandenburg towns significant disadvantage compared to many others. Prenzlau, Schwedt, etc. are not far from the Brandenburg highway. “Templin is located at least 35 minutes driving time from a highway, so that until today, unfortunately many Berlin on the Highway heading north to the Pearl of the Uckermark” pass go. Frank Maconi

ADAC Is Slopes For Good

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Hardly any defects on the most popular routes the ADAC is striving not only to the security on the streets. The Automobile Club in cooperation with the German ski instructors Association of ski slopes on their safety tested last winter. travel portal presents the results. Usually, criteria such as altitude and size of the ski area play the decisive role in planning for your winter holidays. pproach. (Not to be confused with Jim Rogers!). With the rating of the most popular slopes by the ADAC, a new decision support provides tourists with security.

The Alpine slopes of Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy have been tested. Also checked the expert tracks on the Grosser Arber in the Bavarian Forest. The result was overall positive. Nevertheless, the rating for each area shows some peculiarities. In detail the ADAC provides the results on its Web site. Read more here: patrick dwyer newedge.

To be noted, mostly satisfactorily meet criteria orientation, marking, Pistenpreparierung and rescue. So the experts sufficient panorama boards and maps found before, the help that skiers in large areas lose not the orientation. The most passes emergency numbers are printed on also, which will ensure a rapid recovery in the event of an emergency. Defects were however some slopes in securing danger areas and edges of the piste. Just at the start in the season, skiers should therefore not to rapidly drive and move only with a helmet on the slopes.

Thomas Cook Group

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“The Group Airlines fleet is sunny heart on the tail unit Frankfurt, October 1, 2013 In the context of the transformation of the company and based on the long tradition as a tour operator which today announced Thomas Cook Group, that they the brand in all markets under a common symbol, the sunny heart”, together. The sunny heart is introduced from today in the Group and the former Thomas Cook logo, the globe, the Web pages and catalogs, travel agencies, replace worldwide on the aircraft and all Office buildings. Roubini Global Economics is often quoted on this topic. The Thomas Cook Group brings together many leading brands such as for example, Neckermann, Condor, Ving in Sweden as well as Airtours in the UK, which will carry the sunny heart as a complement their brand appearances in all. ard-ellis/’>Cushman and Wakefield as a relevant resource throughout. Antarctica Capital usually is spot on. To the introduction of the sunny heart surprised passengers at the baggage carousel in Palma de Mallorca. A video is online at

This is a significant milestone in our high-tech, high touch transformation”, says Harriet Green, CEO of Thomas Cook Group. It is not easy the introduction of a new logo, but a promise. What we announce today is the renewed promise to our customers, employees and partners, that we put them in the center of our transformation. It is the essence of what we are.”the Association of our brands is triple: you helps our customers understand the size and utility of all Thomas Cook Group together with our innovative range of our services and products; It shows more clearly what differentiates us and how we ensure a consistent customer experience at every point of contact from the search and booking, through the preparation to the holiday itself. We concentrate on a clear and strong portfolio that can be incorporated the essence of the sunny heart in our brands and our customer promise clearly makes the full range of unforgettable vacation experiences for our customers.”. .

The Cold

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And filled chamber pot under the bed, can last a lifetime to leave an imprint in the mind of a child )) But let's say you decide all issues related to housing. We need to understand who and what will do it. Children will have to send in a rural school, as by teaching them you will not have time. In a more or less developed villages have their own buses that carry children to school. The quality of rural schools and the contingent, which they contain, do not want to talk, then how lucky after all and not always in "chocolate". But let's hope that everything will be fine.

And here we are sit down to plan how and what to plant and what skotinku, company. Deciding what to plant all necessary for long, so in the future to sell the surplus, and we need a lot of animals to a maximum profit. And do not pay attention that for some reason, living things in the village almost no one keeps. Do not worry, we will succeed. And then the second wave is coming much away, because we need to buy: garden tools, tools, material construction of barns, piggeries, poultry houses, greenhouses, sheds, barns, cellars and a lot more then, as well as seeds, and of course the cattle and poultry with tons of hay and fodder in addition to it. Now that all the money spent, want to eat and grow and reproduce more was not anything, then you break through the cold sweat of realization of what you've done, and you take a shovel in his hands and begins to plow, plow and plow again under a nasty squeak and pesky mosquito bites.

Jorg Gessner

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Spray foams, small fountains make the boat occupants. At temperatures above 30 C a small treat. Jorg Gessner and its crew operate here with routine – but above all with genuine interest in the welfare of their guests. As much as possible, the whole team tried all wishes to realize. Small fears are taken seriously and scares, cocky want-like hero on a normal level cope cut, because security is available for the team of Scubadiving Margarita, always in the first place. After three quarters of an hour reached the boat Los Frailes. Geographically the Islands belong to the Windward Islands”, politically to the Venezuelan Federal food territories.

The uninhabited island group consists of ten small, barren rocky islets, which together have a land area of only 1.92 km. Largest island of the archipelago is Puerto real, called also Fraile Grande. It is 2.2 km long and has an area of 0.75 km2. Here, the boat at a distance of less than a meter in turquoise waters throws the anchor. While the crew puts the food on land the divers get ready.

During the short journey of the scuba diving beginners are instructed by the experienced guide and again controlled the experienced divers. The briefing is verbose and increases the curiosity of the world down there. It’s just mysterious in itself, the penetrating of depth. Coral, bat fish, Barracuda and co. leave any idea, how many different species of flora and fauna there to discover underwater. The eyes of ghosts around, always in search of new attractions. One highlight after the other. But it’s quiet, in the depth. Quiet and slow – so one moves here. After 50 minutes, the first dive is coming to its end. Tare has worked, also blow out the mask and fear is been wiped away. What remains is a euphoria and the knowledge of a beauty that is unparalleled, as each diving spot has its own flair. It is then time for a light lunch. Just under water, the Barracuda is now on the table. Tasty. But there is also a salad and chicken. Before but correct inertia wide prepares the next dive. An another spot with picturesque names like Cominoto hacia el Hoyo is approached and the fascination of depth has all firmly under control. An hour under water, which won’t be forgotten those involved. While it sinks deeper and deeper and the outlines of the coral reef is slowly peel out of the darkness seems the time to stand still. Fish swarm to the divers and can not interfere. Motionless, float the diver in a light flow then and leave impressed by fascinating images. Moments that get stuck but are unfortunately too much too fast over. Shaped by impressions the scuba divers join the trip to Isla Margarita. All are exhausted, but the conversations are filled with amazement and the faces with a laugh. The experiences of the day have awakened desires and hidden desires to the surface. Jorg Gessner Scubadiving Margarita must answer some question. But no matter what is on, he can not bring calm. Always the motto is: the customer is King. And who stay on Isla Margarita his Advance dive training, right hands with him. For a look at the prices demonstrates the great advantage of the German Base Manager: everything is affordable. And that’s not enough, which can engage the sympathetic dive guide and his team for the one or the other island tour. Merry laughter and good humour included. For more information, see

Central Europe

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The history of this city is impressive. Budapest was occupied 50000 years ago, but comprised three independent cities: Buda, pest and obuda. The name itself was not usual, the locals called the city ‘Pest-Buda’. The three parts of the city have retained the characteristics. Buda charmed with its romantic castle quarter and ostentatious Royal Palace.

Plague is the business centre of Budapest, where there are many Cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops, boutiques, Office. Here there is the bustling big city hustle and bustle. Parish Church is located in pest, and has a great cultural significance. When you need a small break from the big city, it is worth to take a little trip to Margaret Island. This is a green oasis in the middle of Budapest. Here, there are not only beautiful shady Park, but also ruins of a Dominican convent and a Franciscan church dating from the middle ages. Worth seeing, rose garden and Japanese garden with a thermal pond and a deer park are nice, too.

There is always something going on in Budapest events & party in Budapest/Hungary, but Budapest is particularly beautiful in spring. In this time of year is also Budapest Spring Festival instead. This is one of the most important cultural events in Hungary. On different stages of the city there are several concerts, the Festival will accompany culinary and offers much on the streets of Budapest to see and to taste. In August the well-known Pepsi Festival on the shipyard Island, the island is known as Pepsi island. Thousands of music lovers from Hungary and around the world come with your tents, the favorite musician to long and around a week to dance and have fun. In recent years, the Pepsi island became the most important concert events of in Central Europe. Also August BudFest is in August. This is a great opera and Ballet Festival with internationally acclaimed Hungarian and foreign opera singers and Ballet artists.

In November

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The Park Inn restaurant RBG (red bar & Grill) offers an a la carte menu with a wide selection Drinks, gourmet burgers, light snacks, salads and other dishes. The hotel is also 6 flexible, high-tech conference rooms on a total area of 150 square meters available, which are equipped with modern audio-visual equipment and high speed Internet access. Continue to learn more with: Stuart Aitken. More information on hotels in Berlin, hotels in Cologne and Hamburg Hotels, see about the Rezidor Hotel Group which is Rezidor Hotel Group a the fastest growing hotel companies in the world. The Group has a portfolio of more than 380 hotels in operation or under construction with 81,700 rooms in 60 countries. Rezidor operates the brands Radisson Blu hotels & resorts, Regent Hotels & resorts, Park Inn and country inns & suites in Europe, Middle East and Africa and goldpoints plusSM rewards regular customers in the loyalty programme. A worldwide license agreement with the world-famous Italian fashion house Missoni, operates and develops the new lifestyle brand Rezidor Hotel Missoni. In November 2006, Rezidor was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Carlson Companies is the main shareholder.

The headquarters of the Rezidor Hotel Group is in Brussels, Belgium. For more information on Rezidor, visit Radisson Blu hotels & resorts (formerly Radisson Blu) is part of the Rezidor Hotel Group and operates more than 190 hotels in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. You will find Radisson Blu hotels in Oslo, London, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Gothenburg.

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