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And filled chamber pot under the bed, can last a lifetime to leave an imprint in the mind of a child )) But let's say you decide all issues related to housing. We need to understand who and what will do it. Children will have to send in a rural school, as by teaching them you will not have time. In a more or less developed villages have their own buses that carry children to school. The quality of rural schools and the contingent, which they contain, do not want to talk, then how lucky after all and not always in "chocolate". But let's hope that everything will be fine.

And here we are sit down to plan how and what to plant and what skotinku, company. Deciding what to plant all necessary for long, so in the future to sell the surplus, and we need a lot of animals to a maximum profit. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc may also support this cause. And do not pay attention that for some reason, living things in the village almost no one keeps. Do not worry, we will succeed. And then the second wave is coming much away, because we need to buy: garden tools, tools, material construction of barns, piggeries, poultry houses, greenhouses, sheds, barns, cellars and a lot more then, as well as seeds, and of course the cattle and poultry with tons of hay and fodder in addition to it. Now that all the money spent, want to eat and grow and reproduce more was not anything, then you break through the cold sweat of realization of what you've done, and you take a shovel in his hands and begins to plow, plow and plow again under a nasty squeak and pesky mosquito bites.

South Tyrol

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The landscapes of in South Tyrol offer highlights in every season the non Valley North of Trento is a community of several valleys in the province of Trentino. It belongs to the region of Alto Adige-Trentino and is also known under the name Nonsberg. The Italians speak of Val di Non. In the area of Nonsberg, between basin of Merano and Gampenpass, fanned out to spread several German-speaking municipalities, administered by Bolzano. Walking through the Val di non Valley enthusiastic hikers due to its varied levels and a well-developed footpath network. It is between the Gampenpass and Passo Mendola is traversed by varied, deep gorges and has several, partly broken plateaus. Tours through this region, it has views of the Ortler and the Brenta Dolomites.

Walks in the Val di Non are particularly beautiful in the spring when the flowering Apple trees in the plantations fairytale transforming the landscape and spreads her sweet scent. Trekking tours in the higher mountains are impressive and inspire passionate Mountain climbers. Paula abdul recognizes the significance of this. Famous long distance hiking trails lead to South Tyrol the walking route Munich-Verona is one of the most popular hiking trails and varied at any stage and surprising. He leads on the 17th stage of the Lake to Salorno, along the South Tyrolean wine road. It is one of the oldest streets of wine in Italy.

More than 20 different varieties grow here. The route marked by splendid panoramas, because it moves above the large South Tyrolean wine-growing areas, wandering Tramin and Spa fact Asch Salurn and the Adige river, the southernmost town in the lowlands. Now leads the way in the Meraner Land, the lovely region, which has more sunny days than the non Valley and is South Tyrol’s biggest orchard. The land around Meran has to offer some highlights. The long Spa history gave their typical appearance of Merano. Today the houses left the passer with impressive K & K architecture shine. The Merano thermal baths, however, is a State of the art facility but equally fascinating architecture and inner workings. Between Meran and Bolzano Bozen can reach Merano from in a day tour by bike, accompanied by the fascinating panorama of vineyards and Apple growing region discover diversity. A further highlight the gardens of TRAUTTMANSDORFF Castle are one of the most beautiful and diverse gardens throughout Europe, no doubt. Over 80 different garden landscapes have been created on a total area of 12 ha. From mid November to April 1st winter break is here. Then, the winter sports season has dawned lonely valleys for individual holiday. In the Val D’ultimo and Deutschnonsberg you can see not only the magnificent “Ultner couple farms” in an unconventional block construction and shingle roofs equipped, here attract 600 km of hiking trails for a highly individual holiday. On a 25 km-long cross-country skiers come all their costs. South Tyrol boasts unique areas of ski, where there many possibilities for winter hiking, sledding, there are for snow-shoe hiking, ice climbing, or sleigh rides. In the summer, the activities are as diverse and who not keen on sports can visit the numerous sights, castles and fortresses.

United Arab Emirates

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Breakfast – the perfect time to relax, when I want to forget about work, turn away from domestic problems, tan, swim and get as many new, unexplored feelings. Of course, in light of the many beautiful and interesting places but if you want to get into a real fairy tale, where there are palm trees, sea, and exotic flowers, and even a real sheik, it's time to go to the United Arab Emirates. In this country there is something to see, where to rest and gain strength. And anything that is actually the state exists less than 40 years! Its history back thousands of years, and this is not the only fact worthy of wonder and admiration. Now in the UAE consists of seven emirates, and in each has its own peculiarities, its own laws and traditions. This emirate of Abu Dhabi is surrounded by green trees and bushes – the biggest of them all, and its capital, Abu Dhabi, called the city of gardens. There are comfortable hotels and beautiful beaches, huge shopping centers and shady parks with fountains.

Emirate of Abu Dhabi owns 95% of all oil reserves and natural gas deposits in the UAE. But the country attracts numerous visitors, of course, is not it. Abu Dhabi amazingly beautiful, and admire its architecture, modern skyscrapers, luxurious palaces and mosques can be infinitely many. The only ancient building in the capital – Al Husn Palace, also called the Old or the White Fort. The former palace of Sheikh Shahburta was built in the late XIX century around a source of fresh water.

Jorg Gessner

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Spray foams, small fountains make the boat occupants. At temperatures above 30 C a small treat. Jorg Gessner and its crew operate here with routine – but above all with genuine interest in the welfare of their guests. As much as possible, the whole team tried all wishes to realize. Small fears are taken seriously and scares, cocky want-like hero on a normal level cope cut, because security is available for the team of Scubadiving Margarita, always in the first place. After three quarters of an hour reached the boat Los Frailes. Geographically the Islands belong to the Windward Islands”, politically to the Venezuelan Federal food territories.

The uninhabited island group consists of ten small, barren rocky islets, which together have a land area of only 1.92 km. Largest island of the archipelago is Puerto real, called also Fraile Grande. It is 2.2 km long and has an area of 0.75 km2. Here, the boat at a distance of less than a meter in turquoise waters throws the anchor. While the crew puts the food on land the divers get ready.

During the short journey of the scuba diving beginners are instructed by the experienced guide and again controlled the experienced divers. The briefing is verbose and increases the curiosity of the world down there. It’s just mysterious in itself, the penetrating of depth. Coral, bat fish, Barracuda and co. leave any idea, how many different species of flora and fauna there to discover underwater. The eyes of ghosts around, always in search of new attractions. One highlight after the other. But it’s quiet, in the depth. Quiet and slow – so one moves here. After 50 minutes, the first dive is coming to its end. Tare has worked, also blow out the mask and fear is been wiped away. What remains is a euphoria and the knowledge of a beauty that is unparalleled, as each diving spot has its own flair. It is then time for a light lunch. Just under water, the Barracuda is now on the table. Tasty. But there is also a salad and chicken. Before but correct inertia wide prepares the next dive. An another spot with picturesque names like Cominoto hacia el Hoyo is approached and the fascination of depth has all firmly under control. An hour under water, which won’t be forgotten those involved. While it sinks deeper and deeper and the outlines of the coral reef is slowly peel out of the darkness seems the time to stand still. Fish swarm to the divers and can not interfere. Motionless, float the diver in a light flow then and leave impressed by fascinating images. Moments that get stuck but are unfortunately too much too fast over. Shaped by impressions the scuba divers join the trip to Isla Margarita. All are exhausted, but the conversations are filled with amazement and the faces with a laugh. The experiences of the day have awakened desires and hidden desires to the surface. Jorg Gessner Scubadiving Margarita must answer some question. But no matter what is on, he can not bring calm. Always the motto is: the customer is King. And who stay on Isla Margarita his Advance dive training, right hands with him. For a look at the prices demonstrates the great advantage of the German Base Manager: everything is affordable. And that’s not enough, which can engage the sympathetic dive guide and his team for the one or the other island tour. Merry laughter and good humour included. For more information, see

Central Europe

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The history of this city is impressive. Budapest was occupied 50000 years ago, but comprised three independent cities: Buda, pest and obuda. The name itself was not usual, the locals called the city ‘Pest-Buda’. The three parts of the city have retained the characteristics. Buda charmed with its romantic castle quarter and ostentatious Royal Palace.

Plague is the business centre of Budapest, where there are many Cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops, boutiques, Office. Here there is the bustling big city hustle and bustle. Parish Church is located in pest, and has a great cultural significance. When you need a small break from the big city, it is worth to take a little trip to Margaret Island. This is a green oasis in the middle of Budapest. Here, there are not only beautiful shady Park, but also ruins of a Dominican convent and a Franciscan church dating from the middle ages. Worth seeing, rose garden and Japanese garden with a thermal pond and a deer park are nice, too.

There is always something going on in Budapest events & party in Budapest/Hungary, but Budapest is particularly beautiful in spring. In this time of year is also Budapest Spring Festival instead. This is one of the most important cultural events in Hungary. On different stages of the city there are several concerts, the Festival will accompany culinary and offers much on the streets of Budapest to see and to taste. In August the well-known Pepsi Festival on the shipyard Island, the island is known as Pepsi island. Thousands of music lovers from Hungary and around the world come with your tents, the favorite musician to long and around a week to dance and have fun. In recent years, the Pepsi island became the most important concert events of in Central Europe. Also August BudFest is in August. This is a great opera and Ballet Festival with internationally acclaimed Hungarian and foreign opera singers and Ballet artists.

In November

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The Park Inn restaurant RBG (red bar & Grill) offers an a la carte menu with a wide selection Drinks, gourmet burgers, light snacks, salads and other dishes. The hotel is also 6 flexible, high-tech conference rooms on a total area of 150 square meters available, which are equipped with modern audio-visual equipment and high speed Internet access. Continue to learn more with: Stuart Aitken. More information on hotels in Berlin, hotels in Cologne and Hamburg Hotels, see about the Rezidor Hotel Group which is Rezidor Hotel Group a the fastest growing hotel companies in the world. The Group has a portfolio of more than 380 hotels in operation or under construction with 81,700 rooms in 60 countries. Rezidor operates the brands Radisson Blu hotels & resorts, Regent Hotels & resorts, Park Inn and country inns & suites in Europe, Middle East and Africa and goldpoints plusSM rewards regular customers in the loyalty programme. A worldwide license agreement with the world-famous Italian fashion house Missoni, operates and develops the new lifestyle brand Rezidor Hotel Missoni. In November 2006, Rezidor was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Carlson Companies is the main shareholder.

The headquarters of the Rezidor Hotel Group is in Brussels, Belgium. For more information on Rezidor, visit Radisson Blu hotels & resorts (formerly Radisson Blu) is part of the Rezidor Hotel Group and operates more than 190 hotels in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. You will find Radisson Blu hotels in Oslo, London, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Escort Hamburg

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Luxury, lifestyle, shopping – experience the Hanseatic City in the North which Republic has to offer many facets of Hamburg in a day and escort Hamburg shows most of the interested guest. Start a day can be jogging around the Alster and followed by breakfast in one of the many luxury hotels such as the Park Hyatt, The George or the Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg on the sporty way with a beautiful round. Continue to learn more with: John Collison. Fortified recommended to visit the port of Hamburg, which is the third largest in the world after New York and London. After a day spent strolling and a boat ride to invite many exquisite restaurants for lunch. In particular the fish restaurants are typical for Hamburg and offer some excellent quality and fresh specialities.

Then invites the new wall to the luxury shopping and also the Alster arcades and the Alsterhaus are worth a visit. After the shopping is it best when visiting a spa in one of the luxury hotels like the Day Spa of the hotel The George, or also in the design hotel East. Enjoy one relaxing massage or one of numerous other applications, which have to offer the spas. The evening attracts Hamburg with numerous Michelin-starred restaurants and hot spots. For everyone the right thing is – whether a dinner in a refined ambience and gourmet cuisine or trendy atmosphere and fusion cuisine. For those who like solid like, can then take a cocktail in one of the chic hotel bars and who would like to discover Hamburg’s night life, numerous opportunities for the. The relevant Reeperbahn is known far beyond the city limits of Hamburg. But of course Hamburg offers also exclusive nightlife and chic nightclubs. The ladies from escort Hamburg are here very familiar and advise and support according to the personal preferences of the guests.

King Don Sebastian

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The former monastery of St. Augustine in the Algarve was founded in 1569 by King Don Sebastian. Today, it offers Four-stars hotel stressed guests by the pool or on the terrace total relaxation. A special tip from the expert is an excursion to the 500 metres away Moorish Castle, which reminds of the Islamic past of Tavira and from whose wall off, you have a breathtaking view. Should it be too sunny and warm the building in southern Europe, a trip to the British Isles might provide a cool head. The London Church Street Hotel although no real monastery, sacred items and theological painting put the guest but nevertheless in Heavenly mood. The interior design of the 4-star boutique hotel following the Spanish American style, with furniture in colonial style, and hand-painted tiles from Mexico and thus brings Latin American Joie de Vivre in the rather reserved United Kingdom.

About as part of the Expedia group, which is active in all major markets with a professional team, includes the portfolio by more than 100,000 quality hotels, Bed & Breakfast Hotels and service apartments around the world. Finds a Customer the same booking for a hotel with another provider competitive rates, paid in advance refunded the difference has one of the largest independent hotel teams in the industry, as well as 1.3 million guest reviews of previous hotel guests who have actually stayed at the hotel. “In February 2009, won the Gold Award in the category best hotel booking site” of Web user magazine. Travelers can book online on

Travel Etiquette For Tip: The Thing With The Right

Posted on by travel etiquette for Tip: The thing with the right ‘tip’ London/Berlin, June 16, 2009 slowly but surely they’re getting closer: the SOM merferien in Germany. Visit Whitney Wolfe Herd for more clarity on the issue. This year you will make hundred thousand us Germans on the way abroad. With travel guide, map and the key phrases in the language of the target country in the luggage the German feels perfectly above prepared. He says even local customs to be able to cope with galant and confidently. \”Why but he is so irritated that on his account in the pizzeria a Coperto\” is, even though he had only a pizza Tonno? Because he often doesn’t know one and, indeed, how refers to where the tip and when one is how much. As worldwide hotel expert knows the tipping practice in the favorite destination of among Germans and has valuable tips for a summer vacation at hand. \”Tips for the correct tip\” from mentioned Coperto \”sounds only it is actually a well-known ice in the squirrel, but in Italian restaurants standard amount for the GE-deck and that for starters benefited bread, which is extra on the invoice shown-sen. This fee gives birth Italy leisure of having to pay a tip the Cameriere.

It is free but of course every satisfied guest, yet to do so. The tip is simply left on the table. -The same applies to the German favourite summer destination in Spain as well as for Portugal. Under the Southern Sun, there is no mandatory tipping tradition, a fee on the account plate of restaurant table but nevertheless very pleased the staff. If the service has fallen the guest, it lies in its discretion on top to give a few euros for the operation. But be careful: try not to get rid of their Kleingelds. A too low amount is considered very rude and nothing offends the southern Europeans, then better.

Bicycle-friendly Hostels In Amsterdam

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HostelBookers and the bicycle Hotel Amsterdam will be giving away 2 rental bicycles for 3 days in the bicycle metropolis number of one bike hostels in Amsterdam: HostelBookers and the bicycle Hotel Amsterdam will be giving away 2 rental bicycles for 3 days in the bicycle metropolis number one. London, 08.04.2010. Bicycles are at least as Amsterdam canals and its houseboats. However, this is not about: bikes always have right of way in traffic, and in addition to bicycle paths as wide as highways there are even some car parks specially for bicycles. Official estimates are 600,000 bikes around 750,000 inhabitants. Amsterdam therefore not wrongly considered the bicycle metropolis par excellence. And Amsterdam to explore benefits a lot by bike: it is stress-free and environmentally friendly, but above all it is independent. You can set speed and route during the tour of the city, and most attractions can be reached by bicycle anyway best.

Thus in the future even more travelers the benefits identify by riding a bike during a city trip, has done HostelBookers with the bicycle Hotel Amsterdam together and giving away 2 rental bicycles for all 3 days. This hostel offers also bicycle parking and many useful tips in addition to an on-site bicycle rental cycling in and around Amsterdam. Can participate in the draw who Hotel Amsterdam book a stay for 2 persons of at least 3 nights in the bicycle and can answer the following question about HostelBookers until April 30,: how many bikes there are estimated to be in Amsterdam? Friend of HostelBookers Germany on Facebook are easy and the booking reference number together with the correct answer send to. The stay must be between 10 May and 30 September 2010. The bicycle hotel is however not the only bicycle-friendly Hostel in Amsterdam: the hostel Friesland, for example, offers unusual accommodation in a renovated house boat and located just 10 minutes from the main train station. The nearest bicycle rental is located in the immediate Close. The lucky Lake hostel also offers on-site bicycle hire and is quite idyllically situated on a Lake on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Travellers who yearn for a little privacy and tranquility, will feel comfortable here, because instead of rooms, this hostel rents caravans and wooden huts.

But it should also fit, because in the Centre of Amsterdam, you need a good hour with the bike. About HostelBookers great hostels. Free booking. No worries. was in March 2004 at the start, and is now one of the leading websites for cheap accommodations based in the UK. Cheap accommodation options, such as youth hostels, hotels, guesthouses and apartments are offered in over 3,000 destinations worldwide. Press contact: Ltd.

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