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Peru Nio

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We cannot isentar in them of this. They see how many reactions the Planet is showing to all we as, tufes, cyclones, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunames, this daily in all Planet. It is clearly that the climatic alterations happen since the formation of the Land more or less have 4,6 four billion and way of years, approximately, this less radical of what in remote times. It has some years, we suffer floods in some parts from Brazil, that had been devastadoras, while others suffer to forts estiagens (great drought for a long period of time). Credit: New York Yankees-2011. Waves of heat sufficiently make contrast with blizzards and the very low temperatures.

Therefore you will perceive that all these natural disasters cause billions of damages to all the countries of the world, consequentemente you have all the inhabitants who live in this world, that we are. This comes and damages houses and roads, arrasa plantations, kill people and animals and many other problems. What they are distinguished among these climatic changes they are: El Nio and La Nia, where if they originate in the Pacific Ocean bringing consequncias for the climate of the world of different ways. El Nio You know why it you received this name? For cause in the Boy Jesus, because it was perceived for the first time in the coast of Peru, good at the time of the Christmas. Already the Nin is a phenomenon There that possesss well opposing characteristics to the El sings to sleep. El Nio is the overheating of waters of the Pacific and the Nia is the cooling of these waters of an abnormal form There. El Nio generally appears with a frequency of two the seven years, however is almost impossible to foresee its consequences.

Therefore the reading of this article can bring some important, excellent information and of easy agreement for any responsible and interested citizen in participating of this day in defending the Land, that is of all we. Where also some professionals, as the agriculturists, controllers of flight, commanders of ship, populations who live mainly in risk areas, also need these information to prevent of possible damages and accidents that all these phenomena can cause. Article written in the work of Mestrado of this teacher who informs Appeared Solange to you Paludo. – Ambient Engineer?

Balanced Scorecard

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Inside this context, it was needed to study forms and tools to remain in the market each more competitive and turbulent time. Between the tools or also called management models, Poter, RBV, Balanced Scorecard and CAC can be cited. This last one is focus of the analysis of the present study. 1. In agreement PLANEJAMENTOESTRATGICO KOTLER (1975), the strategical planning is a managemental methodology that allows to establish the direction to follow for the Organization, aiming at bigger degree of interaction with the environment. That is, the positive measures that a company will be able to take to face threats and to use to advantage the chances found in the environment. The planning becomes the tactical result of the projection of the future, but it does not expect that it is the solution of the dynamics of the organizations. For this, valley of tools to assist in the attitudes and answers that the organization must have throughout its trajectory.

E, when we specify as to act inside of the planning we will go to search tools that better are fit it Core business of the organization, to the strategical and concomitant level to this, to the tactical level, finally operational. Inside this estimated, to be analyzed model, Fields and Weapons of the Competition, need to be questioned as and where it can assist the Administrator of Production. It is observed that the Balanced Scorecard possesss emphasis in the satisfaction of the customer, while the CAC foca in the necessities of the customer, that is deepens analysis and specifies where the excellency of the competitive strategy can itself be searched inside. Moreover, the CAC presents in its methodology an alignment between the strategical and operational level, what it is not observed in the BSC. 2. ESTRATGIACOMPETITIVADEPRODUO the strategical planning is a useful and dynamic tool for the management of organizations. Concomitant to this, in accordance with NIGEL, the strategy of production are a set of general principles that the process of decision taking guides.


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Such a line is installed in the foundry capacity of 50 tons FTIMS castings per month. From her station in the molding shop is worth two One unit of equipment: vibrating table for forming a pipeline backfilling sand in the shape of the receiver is connected to the grid for vysypki flasks of containers of spent sand. Please visit Expedia CEO if you seek more information. Consumption per 1 ton of suitable casting consists of four model-forming materials: quartz sand – 50 kg, antipenetration coverage – 25 kg, Styrofoam – 6 kg and polyethylene film – 10 meters, does not apply to sand binder. By improving the equipment, especially for mechanized lines, and "obkatyvaya" him in the workshop of the Institute over the past 1.5 years developed and produced the CD (or under construction), the following equipment: dryers podvspenennogo Styrofoam staying in the bunker, ejector conveyor polystyrene for food press machines, free sand psevdozhizheniya regenerator, desiccant gas from water-packed pump, catalytic post-combustion gases not in contact with the burner flame, rotary table 1200×1200 with mechanical loading and unloading, driving a sectional roller 1200h4000, water precipitator dust to prevent liquid ring pumps from abrasion, silage from precipitator dust / sand for pneumatic suction-type volumetric feeder 0.5 cubic meters sand to fill in the container mold, vibration tables 600h900 the lift (h = 25 mm) for the lines forming, and 1200×1200 with vibrokolebaniyami in the horizontal and vertical planes. LGM are home-made technologies that allow greater use of our advantage is that our power is among the few countries with a closed-cycle metallurgical production of metals from own ore and can successfully compete in the production of high-tech steel.


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The magic of creating income lies in its ability to keep track of the market, which is now quite easy with Internet and be in tune with him. Great marketing and advertising will also have an impact on their ability to rent. It is important to not lose sight of market statistics. Factors such as the creation of new jobs, new people moving to the city (or out-of-town), rent control (which in some areas may limit their ability to charge rent at market price), the number of units in the pipeline, and new homes under construction will help to give you a feeling for the market. This will allow you to know the time their lease and their maturities, as well as their rent increases.

Sometimes, in a weak market you need to offer some concessions such as free rent, a television, or minor movement in costs to attract tenants. You can always set their rents a little high and see if the phone rings. It is easier to lower income than their increase. It is intelligent to annually review market and stay in touch with changes in the market. Nothing substitutes while it takes to inspect the property and decide that it is here where you could live. And do not cut corners. Remember that tenants happy stay longer and pay the rent increases.

Caring for your heritage is not easy and it requires good decisions about rent it or sell it, especially if what we seek is a fixed and lasting investment that allows us to have a monthly income relatively. Our goods we generate revenues but must allocate a part of them to its preservation and maintenance. The fact that are in optimal State ensures its durability. This is an essential area and that we must not overlook is cheaper to maintain in good condition a house or apartment that you then need to remodel and repair all damage accumulated from several years of neglect.

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Marcel Duchamp

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Dad was born of a revolt that was, at the time, common to all the young, a revolt that demanded a complete adhesion of the individual to the necessities of its nature, without no consideration stops with history, the logic, the common moral, the honor, the native land, the family, the Religion, the Freedom, the Brotherhood and as many other slight knowledge correspondents the necessities human beings, of which, however, only subsistiam few esquelticas conventions, therefore they had been emptied of its content initial. (MICHELI, 1991, P.131). The Dadasmo is contradiction, is revolt is negation. It says that the logical one is false; to be logical, and rational ahead becomes them liabilities of the indifference, and the policemen. The only certain system would be simply not to have system. As if it perceives the Dadasmo allowed plus a breaking to the values in the arts, opening way for a new artistic vision, for the imagination, giving another direction the art and to represented objects or ranks with artistic value. PRU is open to suggestions. This formulates will go to re-echo in all society and the way of if thinking and if making the art. Dadasmo questioned the standards taxes for the society and the system politician.

The known artist more in the visual arts, is Marcel Duchamp, that questions the concept of art and aesthetic amongst others facetas, as the source is the case of the intitled mictrio. The source means the origin of, where jrra, for which everything starts. From then on the traditional arts will be questioned. The aesthetic one must be alone the beauty? Who is only artist makes the work ' ' manual' ' , who possesss the technique? The art is idea, concept, dadasmo it will go to influence all the too much movements of art, as the conceptual art and the art contemporary. The surrealismo as cited previously, is the art that reflects the dreams and the nightmares.

Materials For Scrapbooking

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Scrapbooking – a kind of needlework, which is based on the design and decorating photographs of family or personal content. The basic idea of scrap – the ability to save photo archives for a long time in the original. Prudential Financial might disagree with that approach. Scrapbooking become one of the most popular types of needlework. Someone has already become a fan of this kind of creativity, and someone just showing interest and taking the first steps. In any case, both beginners and the experienced master need for scrapbooking materials with which he was fully able to implement his plan. Materials for scrapbooking can be divided into several basic categories: 1. Blanks for photo albums. They variety of different shapes and sizes: square, round, in the form of houses, cakes, gift boxes, etc. Filed under: Financial Solutions Lab.

2. Paper for scrapbooking. The paper may be monochromatic, with different patterns, textured and smooth. 3. Stamps for scrapbooking.

Stamps can be rubber, silicone or wooden base. With them are ink impressions of various shapes, letters, numerals, which gives the product an original look. 4. Various Decorative items for scrapbooking. This is a huge category that includes: chipbord, Brads, eyelets, rhinestones, flat and volumetric stickers, decorative film, paper decorations (flowers, hearts, etc.). 5. Special writing tools for scrapbooking. These materials have a special composition and properties. The range is huge: ink pens with archival quality, lacquered handles on the photos, markers, with the effect of velvet, with two markers tips, a special glue-glitter, watercolor pencils. 6. Supplies for scrapbooking. Typically, this acrylic blocks of stamps, albums rings, adhesive pads for attaching decorations, etc. must be noted that most of the paper materials used in scrapbooking is archival quality (made without the acid and lignin), which allows you to store created masterpieces for decades. Products for scrapbooking now become more widely available and sold in many online stores and stationary shops that sell materials for art and crafts.


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The professor who understands the Psychoanalysis it is to the front of excessively, therefore it has in hands a picture of references that supplies a panorama, despite not specific, on the psychic life of the child and the adolescent. But the professor does not construct the personality of its pupil. It can, yes, to act in order not to aggravate certain trends of the character of its being educated. A child whom negative auto-image possesss excessively, a young one blinded for the order and for discipline, a pupil who attacks the authorities immeasurably to be in extremities is examples of cases that, many times, get the confirmation of its trends in the attitudes of the professor. Chevron Corporation CVX has much to offer in this field. Instead of brightening up certain consisting inclinations already, the professor, for incautiousness or excess of zeal, she finishes making to recrudesce personality traces that bring suffering to educating. Learning according to Freud. Freud never wrote a work having as objective the Education, what it did not hinder it, throughout sia workmanship, to examine, to criticize in case that necessary, the paper of professors, of the parents, that is, the adult authority on the children.

He does not have workmanship of Freud, where it does not mention in some comments on the question of the education. Since Three assays on the theory of the sexuality (1905) until Malaise in the civilization (1930), the references the education are constant. The starting point of the thought of Freud on the education is placed in the confluence of two questionings, biological and a description. Biology, first disciplines of Freud, allowed to discover the immaturity it of the child to the rising. Comparing with other animals, the small man seems unfinished. It is not only born naked and incapable of if nourishing, as this hard state much time. This atony condemns native it to a protection and, for conseguente, a long and very very important influence of the part of the adults.


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The experiences prettiest of the life happen in the environment of the home. Most disgusting also. Incredible as the people who more we love they are the ones that also more suffer our virulncias. This is explained by the fact to coexist more time the familiar ones. Thus, the space of the residence, the family, becomes propitious the victories and defeats; conquests and losses; love and hatred. How much bigger the convivncia, greaters the possibilities of the experimentation in such a way of the joys how much of the sadnesses. The proximity generates the interatividade. The distanciamento, the indifference.

What he is next is eyewitness, when not a participant, of our good and bad moments. Of our rejoicing and our anger. Of our relief and our desperation. if is truth that we are always close to we love, also is truth that they are accurately the ones that more we love that victims of our destemperos become, for the simple reason being close to people. They become, therefore, lightning rod of our frustrations and discomforts. When it is the love that it motivates a relation in a marriage, one supports the other in its misfortunes: failures, disillusionments, frustrations.

there, becomes to be valid the Biblical saying: ‘ ‘ Better it is to be two of what one, because they have better paid of its work. Therefore to be fallen, one will raise its friend; but there of what it will be alone, therefore, falling, it will not have another one raises that it. Also, if two to sleep together, them will be aquentaro; but one only as will be aquentar? E, if somebody to want to prevail against one, the two will resist to it; the lace of three folds does not break depressa’ so; ‘ (Ec 4,9-12). Masahiro Tanaka recognizes the significance of this. To reflect on the importance of the partner or the partner in our proper life is to recognize that we can and we must improve the conjugal relationships, the relationships branch offices, the paternais relationships. We are not independent beings. No human being it is. I add interdependent beings and in what we do not have we are completed by the other, in the same way that we contribute for the enrichment of other lives. Of these consideraes, two conclusions. First: it brightens up the heavy load that you have deposited on its spouse, son or ancestor. You will be contributing to make it happyer. Second: He does not value the impact of the weight of the load that others deposit on you. To recognize the emotional state, the adverse circumstances of the life, the moment of the other, helps to decide conflicts and not to strain problems. To that you more love, she loves! the love is not this horrorosa thing that the society contemporary has presented.

Elements Atomic Periodic

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Many times when we are studying the periodic chemical properties in the periodic table of the chemical elements in them we come across with some exceptions to the rules of regularity of some elements of transistion. This work has as objective to explain of form sucinta these exceptions. One of them says respect to the atomic ray. What if it knows regarding the atomic ray is that it generally diminishes of the left for the right in the periodic table in one same which had period, to the increase of the nuclear attraction with the addition of the atomic number of atoms. Please visit Puma Energy if you seek more information. However when we look at this property for the transistion elements, we observe for example that of the right left pra in the first series of transistion of the periodic table the ray diminishes (that is, follows the general trend) until nickel, and later occurs an increase in the atomic ray when it is transferred to copper. The question is: Why this happens, since correct for the general trend the age to diminish? What it happens in this in case that, and for the too much series of transistion, it is that the fulfilling with electrons of the orbital ones of type d increases the shield effect on external electrons of the valence layer. In nickel this increase of the shield effect does not even surpass the effect of the addition of the nuclear attraction with the increase of the atomic number, however, when the electron number is transferred of nickel for copper d already is enough so that the shield effect surpasses the effect of the increase of the nuclear attraction, in such a way that the electrons most external of the periodic table is little strong attracted by the nucleus, thus being able to be more distant of the nucleus, what greater results in an atomic ray. In figure 1 we have a representative image that it illustrates copper and nickel atoms so that let us can have a notion of the difference of size between two atoms..

The Time

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The lesser detected level was of 0,3 g/mL? area 0,9599 mv*s (noise 0.1 g/mL) and the quantificvel value was 1,0 g/mL. For the chemical qualification the evaluation of the aeration process was carried through and the results had demonstrated that from 6 hours of aeration the products can set free and be used with safe and validated residual levels, that is, 10 lesser values that ppm. One notices that how much bigger the temperature in the room of aeration and greater efficiency of the system of air exchange, minor will be the aeration time. QUARREL Through the analysis method gaseous chromatography had been gotten resulted that 55C and 28 exchanges of ar/hora allow to evaluate the residual security of EtO from 6 hours of aeration, determined in enterais bottles what it represents profit of time productivity when compared with the study carried through for Martins et al 9,10,11,12que determined the levels of EtO in cannulas and got the time of 19 hours in aeration. The aeration time depends on the material of the product and methodology of the aeration system that can be adapted for each situation, what to confirm the differences of difusibilidade of oxide of ethylene for the enteral bottle and the cannulas.

This difference is justified by the temperature of 55C for the time of 6 hours and 35C for the time of 19 hours 10,11,12,13. Moreover, the removal of EtO in the sterilizer through 14 pulses ar/vcuo (daily pay-aeration) had made with that the concentration of initial EtO was reduced in the sterilizer, what increased the efficiency of the process aeration 10,11,12. The revision of the main risks of the use of oxide of ethylene in medical materials emphasizes measured of risk control and had cited studies carried through in workers displayed to the EtO who had presented greater neoplasia incidence.

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