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Video Marketing

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You’re a business owner and you’re trying to increase the visibility of your business. For this purpose, it is essential to use video publishing on the internet. Each day an estimated thousand million videos are viewed by people around the world in places like YouTube and DailyMotion, what is the main reason as to the importance of the marketing of video. need another reason to use the marketing with online video? Sixty percent of all traffic that flows through Internet-based video. This number will continue to grow as time passes. Here’s a compelling reason to consider the type of campaign and other forms of marketing communications.Another fundamental fact of the importance of the video and its present and immediate future, are mobile phones. Each day increases the number of mobile phones that allow you to download your video in a message, so that video cannot be viewed in any instant.Some time ago, the reasons of not aplizar media in a company (too expensive equipment, programs too) difficult to learn, the need to hire additional resources) could have been valid.Times have changed and the companies, no matter what industry, have to change with them. Costs of equipment and used for video editing programs have fallen drastically, while reliability and ease of use has greatly improved.

YouTube, media, social and cloud computing have taken charge of the web and enterprises, regardless of size, need to capitalize and take advantage of these advances for their benefit. Blogs and Twitter are becoming increasingly important, but don’t forget the video, audio and presentations. Cisco says that in 2013, the video will be 90 per cent of all Internet traffic, 60 percent mobile. The barrier of entry to video production is almost zero. In the low-end all you will need is a webcam and a free account on YouTube or, for example, TweetTube. A step forward is to add some titles of base or perform simple editing in Windows Movie Maker. The variety of capable software to edit video for less than 100 is incredible and yet very simple to use.

On a more professional level, the Adobe CS4 Suite on PC or Mac and Final Cut Studio on Mac are amazing. Although they are not cheap, its price is 1500 2000, power within these applications is remarkable. Just 10 years ago, its price was between 25,000 to 50,000 for editing system for the computer, as well as special video cards. Now you can buy a few times more powerful system, a suite of software complete, all the off-the-shelf, by one scratch less and edit like a pro. Video cameras are no different. More Panasonic HVX-200a professional test with a FlipCamHD for a few hundred euros or a level high definition camcorder with close to 5,000 professional audio input. Original author and source of the article.

Marketing Policy

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MARKETING policy Carlos Mora Vanegas we cannot ignore the significance and scope that marketing plays in political activity, more if you want to obtain results that favour those who really know how it to use. The cost of the political activity of his campaign, is impressive what is invested in it, in order to achieve the proposed goals. It should not surprise us that points, on par with the relative success of incorporation of this discipline in the electoral political field, appeared a series of publications and writings dealing with reporting on the best techniques and strategies that candidates and parties must use to reach power. Prof. Andres Valdez Zepeda, Universidad de Guadalajara of Mexico, gives us information, that is the field of study of political marketing are infinite in so far as the political phenomena linked with the process of legitimacy, access and permanence of persons and groups in the structures of political power also. Its dynamism, diversity and constant renewal makes political marketing discipline that allows only an incomplete approximation of reality. However, as a first approach one can say that the object of study of political marketing is limited to the analysis of five fundamental areas: the process of political exchange that occurs between individuals and political formations before the democratic renewal of public representation; the process of political communication between elites and citizens at election time; (efforts) campaigns electoral politician and proselytising and strategy plans accompanying them; the process of access to power and legitimation of the elites; and market or sociopolitical diagnostic studies. These areas of study unfold in other major series such as public image and opinion analyses, surveys, propaganda strategies, campaign plans, the persuasion of the elector, segmentation of the market, forms as it receives and processes the elector communicative stimuli, political culture and psychology of masses and the theories of human behavior in society, among others.

Mail Marketing

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Email marketing is as old as the email itself. The use of e-mail for promotion of a product or service is known as marketing by e-mail. Marketing by e-mail over time has become a separate, specialized area. The emails are sent to new customers in order to persuade them to buy a product in particular. The emails are sent also to existing ones to keep in contact with them to achieve customer loyalty, and tend to improve the profitability of the business. Emails can be used both for B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business). There are many kinds of specific techniques for marketing by email as email marketing option.

If used effectively, the promotion by e-mail can improve sales and public perception of the company. What is important for a productive and successful email marketing campaign is the construction of a plan right from the beginning. Email marketing is not about sending large number of e-mail to large numbers of clients. Never do SPAM, mass mailing to people who have not requested information from your business or product. This is not only totally unproductive, but it also significantly decreases the image of your company. Marketing Plan by mail electronic, should be based on your target market, so you have to study your market as well as their interests and demographics, and the device of a plan based on these facts. Do not assume that the first wave of email marketing will do the job for you.

Be prepared to carry out a sustained marketing campaign, to achieve their goals. Regularly improve the quality of their service, both in terms of content and appearance. Always try to give their customers something extra, like a bit of practical information that can be used. There are many providers of email market solutions today. These consultants or companies from marketing by mail electronic, they provide a full range of services that are required to run the email marketing campaign. These services include bulletin board service. These have with e-mail marketing, and subsequent monitoring of the results of the campaign. Studies and email marketing courses are also offered by these agencies of e-mail marketing original author and source of the article.

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