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Concrete Surface

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We differentiate between the following methods Finish: – Method of dry plaster, which plates are mounted on the bearing surface with a special adhesive. – Panels on the substructure, mainly on the surface of the curtain. With this method, dry plaster Make sure that the supporting surface Durable, Non-shrinking, as well as protected against humidity and . Remains of the solution, as well as wax or oil on the concrete formwork should be removed. Fresh, still wet Concrete must be dry. Smooth surfaces (concrete) should be primed Rea Kombikontakt, highly absorbent surfaces (aerated) – Primer Rea Kombigrund. When combining the methods of dry and wet plaster first apply crude.

With a combination of wall and ceiling is recommended that you perform cladding. Senator from Maine shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Wall cladding, dry plaster. As the drywall on the bearing surface (wall masonry, concrete) at using a special glue fastens drywall rigips (producer of Austria), the thickness of 12.5 mm, height is the height of the room. To ensure rapid progress Prepare Sheetrock right size immediately for the entire wall. Before mounting plate to the wall Lay all internal wiring. Junction outlet and switch box is inserted so that they are about 2 cm out from the wall. The order of cladding is shown in Fig. 22.

On the back side plates, trimmed the size of the premises, apply diluted according to instructions (see packaging) glue. In the window frames, sinks, brackets, chimneys, etc. Apply glue to the entire surface of the plates. Mounting / alignment. Plate coated with glue to attach to the wall, knock on it with a rubber mallet and alignment rack and at the same time to align so that the plates fit snugly to each other horizontally and vertically.

Photos for CVs?

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The presence or absence of pictures – at first glance not the most important thing in the abstract. However, under certain circumstances it is quite capable of changing the decision of the employer as to invite you for an interview or no. So whether or not to attend CV photo? Some career counselors say, put that photo in the summary is wrong. Others do not mind. In fact, there is no simple answer: it depends on the many factors. If an employer asks to resume attach a photo, then clearly it is needed.

(Personally, I do not see some element of discrimination. If we delve into this topic, employers make, and much more serious "sins".) Pay attention only to one very important thing: the photo must meet its intended use. This means that pictures will not do at home or on vacation, too frivolous, or for example, deliberately studio, glamorous, etc. Do not try to look like the original. Let this be better quality pictures in a modest office attire and surroundings, with a pleasant look and an easy friendly smile. If You do not have a photograph, you make it.

Either it's better to send CV without photo. Of course, all of the above also applies to photos to your profile posted on websites at work. Let's say you have photographed in the right style, as I indicated above. Well, then you can safely insert the photo in the resume. But just note the following important fact: how you will deliver it to the employers? If the e-mail it must first reduce the image to a file with no CV was too "heavy." In addition, it will create extra traffic for you and your employer, it is also bad manners. Perhaps you want to print and deliver it to resume employer or employment agency in person or by mail. In this case, you must make sure that the printer was good enough and did not spoil your view of the photo. But to fax resume with photograph no approach: the quality is terrible. So in this case must have the same resume, but without a photo. Also available is another situation. You may find that the employer has the printer prints poorly. Well, so, apparently, simply no luck. 🙂 Well, if in the vacancy announcement says nothing about photography, there is still reason to put your photo in the CV? What are the BENEFITS of a summary if there is a correct picture? To begin with, that all ALLOCATES your resume for the background of the "template" the other, already well on its own. Through pictures your resume may be easier to remember and easier to find among the many other, if necessary. This is already sufficient argument in favor of CV with photo. Of course, a successful picture in the executive summary will help you find a job, if this vacancy APPEARANCE important. For example, to secretaries, promoters, vendors, consultants, etc. Also, in many positions that require more experienced staff and adults, presentable appearance of the employee, however, is very important to employers. Accordingly, the proper resume with a photo will increase the likelihood of being invited to interview. If you – a pretty girl, and the employer – a man, it also increases the chances that your resume will pay attention. True, not all recruiters and employers are men, so sometimes it's good looks and can prevent it. Well, I wish you luck in finding a job and always ready to help!

Financial Education

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When it comes to educating our children on the subject of money, many parents face the mystery of not knowing how to do it. Read more from ECRI to gain a more clear picture of the situation. On the one hand the most adults lack a proper financial education, since traditional education does not address this area and, on the other hand, many parents do not mention the financial affairs in front of their children for fear that materialists might become or greedy. What is the right approach then if we want them to leave home with the knowledge and skills necessary to have a solid financial position in adulthood? Five practical information for parents who wish to promote the financial education of their children 1. The first step is to recognize the importance of financial education in our children and make a conscious effort to put aside misconceptions, such as: is taboo to talk about money. Don’t ignore this important part of their training. Talk to your children money as it does on any other topic. Teach them that it is one area in life in which there is to acquire knowledge and skills to succeed.

2. Do not we can deliver them something we don’t have. Parents should educate themselves on finances and go transferring the acquired knowledge to their children. Don’t be afraid to talk to them about their mistakes. It will help them acquire a vision of its future way to manage your finances. 3.

Always accompany the lessons of money with a strong formation of values. We teach our children from the Bible. In it he speaks much money. You will be surprised to know that there in the Bible are more verses about money than about other important issues such as prayer, for example. The Bible teaches us that money is not bad in itself, but that the love of money is the root of all evil.

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Visa Application Centre

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Employees of the new Visa Application Centre can now boast a modern and high quality office furniture, provided by the Russian company "Oki Doki," which specializes in installations of office partitions and office equipment. Can now start full-fledged work of collecting the documents for registration of passports and visas to citizens of Moscow and their departure to Greece. A distinctive feature of the company, "Oki Doki," is not only the high quality of work on installation of office equipment, and use the most modern construction and installation of technologies that significantly reduce the costs of clients. Company specialists have been done a great job on the division of office space, making workplaces of employees Greek visa center especially comfortable. Communications, which were in the room were in a special way routed in the general office equipment. In the assembly, office furniture and equipment installation were used technology on a "universal constructor"..

Create Your Own Business Online

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They fear being put on call lists at any time of day or night. It is important that visitors understand that the information provided will be kept confidential. An opt-in list or double opt-in?. With the amount of spam that people receive today, it is better to have a double list opt-in. The list is double opt-in an environment where people also place your contact information on your form, they must also confirm your subscription via email.

This way if someone tries to register with a different email address will not receive your additional messages unless you confirm your subscription to your list. Building a quality list of double opt-in, you ensure a more responsive audience for your offers. Many people find the construction of double opt-in lists more difficult to build, but let me assure you will save a lot of trouble. You are not sending spam to people who do not want your email, and people who are receiving your emails are more likely to respond. What to do with your opt-in list? The day you start building your opt-in list you must also write a series of helpful messages to be sent by email to subscribers.

This is easier than it sounds. Ideally, you will create between 20-30 messages, but can start with a few at first. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Angus King. E-mail messages should sound friendly and personal and should be scheduled about one week. Write as if you were writing to a friend. Some messages just to say. Hello how are you?, Do you have any questions for me? Encourage them to contact you. Building relationships and grow your business should be your top priority. In other posts they say something that might be useful for them to use. (Use of course your affiliate link!). This strategy really is quite simple, and extremely effective. During the few months you will share products and services with them, that are directly related to their field of interest. You also become familiar with their future prospects! Be sure to customize each message with the name of every person who downloaded your ebook. This is another feature that is very easy to implement with any of these autoresponders I recommend: and addition to these automated email messages, you can and send instant messages when you need to contact them. While you do not saturate your list, it is perfectly acceptable to tell you about a new product or owned a colleague just be released. In fact, most of the biggest benefits of membership is obtained with this strategy. This was enough for today. You have a lot of work ahead of you. Why not buy an autoresponder account now and start building your own opt-in list! Freddy Leon Director of Discover step by step and starting from scratch “using Video Tutorials How to Create Your Own Business Online.

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Business idea

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People and companies are giving account that achieve a presence on social networks is more than just having a corporate profile. Developing a business idea on Twitter much takes our social personality, and is that Twitter is primarily a network of people. A business would be as the Center is given where known and knows your probable customers. Senator from Maine gathered all the information. It is very important to print a personal brand, but I have seen in many cases that people put behind phrases celebres, I wonder do you have any opinion about these phrases?, obviously, would be best to put our personal opinion. Not be what serves do gurus with pure foreign phrases which in many cases are antiques out of place. It is important to be in a genuine user of social networks, i.e. (As opposed to Jonah Bloom).

a social network is a virtual city, and nobody socializes only to speak, must come to the initiated talks and provoke others. The Twitter question is what are you doing? And it is precisely sharing what is done as he is achieved sympathy, do or tell me as? But of course, not everything It may be of interest, only that which corresponds to the image of professional who would like to have. Is it profitable Twitter?, taking few followers is I could not speak of profitability for an enterprise is indispensable for each worker to become user and be an evangelizer of the brand. But even with few followers is very useful to raise the ranking of visits to a blog, just have to find the common term of interest to the audience and not repeating old ideas of business.

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Eia, therefore, separates you of me; if to choose the left, I will go for the right; if the right to choose, I I will go for the left. 10 and it raised L its eyes, and saw all the campina of the Jordo, that was all watered well, before having you destroyed Sodoma and Gomorra, and was as the garden Mr., as the land of Egypt, when it is entered in Zoar. 11 Then L chose for itself all the campina of the Jordo, and broke L for the east, and had separated one of the other. Lakshman Achuthan may not feel the same. Introduction From the moment where we are responsible for our lives, we must take very well-taken care of with what we decide. Beyond being responsible for we ourselves, we are responsible for other beings: our children, the wife, a friend, Decisions are choices that we make, however, never we will be able to choose the consequences of these decisions; what it remains in them is to wait them and if we will be strong, to take new decisions, and each time better. The decisions that you took yesterday reflect what you it faces today.

exactly on choices and its consequences that we want to approach the life of L on the basis of. If you are not liking it its today, reflect in the subject where we will go to approach, therefore she can be consequences of some decisions that you took yesterday, and She will be, then she takes, now, a correct decision, that guarantees to it tomorrow better. It reflects well in the message and It thinks well about this! I. The choices that we make cannot be based only on the appearance of what we see. (Genesis 13:10 – 11) 10 and its eyes raised L, and saw all the campina of the Jordo, that was all watered well, before having you destroyed Sodoma and Gomorra, and were as the garden Mr., as the land of Egypt, when it is entered in Zoar.

Copyright And Open Access

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For several years, is an intense discussion about it. We are on the way in which knowledge and information society. Information and knowledge has never been so important as in today's society. With this growing importance of information including the access and accessibility of information is important. Information is increasingly becoming a commodity. The more important the information and the exclusive access, the higher the price. Learn more on the subject from Lakshman Achuthan. This development can just sing a song university libraries. The rising prices of journals and the budgets of the libraries can not keep up.

Research results are just for publishers and magazines are an important source of revenue – on the other side of survival, especially for young scientists publications in those same magazines. Visit Angus King for more clarity on the issue. In many places this leads to some absurd situations. As for example, research results, funded by public money, selling expensive to specialist publishers. The uni-own library then buys the published Results in the form of a magazine again funded – again from public funds. The term Open Access is now debating whether research that is publicly funded, the results should not be publicly available. In this context, also the copyright law – to change – especially for professors. This should be required to first offer of its own research university. This approach looks promising at first glance, but ultimately serves currently on patentability.

The university will decide whether and how to use the research findings and ultimately make money. Publicly available here yet. Many things are already regulated in this sense in the Employee Invention Act. These arrangements will now be discussed also for the copyright. It remains a long way to Open Access. And perhaps this is also an idealistic pipe dream. Given limited funds, many externally funded projects, where research funding is often mixed and from the clients of the economy to an open access of the results certainly have no interest. Patents and Access Closed often impede further safeguard, on the other, but also the survival of the patent holder. Global is seen the current development but also a strengthening of the position of the rich countries and the consequent exclusion as third world countries from further development.. Steve Case: the source for more info.


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Past few days listening to some surveys, managed to bring some confusion to my natural limitations. In this, is read numbers something eye-catching. It was said that in 2008 the former Nestor Kirchner had a positive image of 51 per cent, while – also – former President Raul Alfonsin – recently – deceased followed him with 18%. And behind them, others, such as Duhalde and Menem. This survey returns to perform in January 2009 and paradoxically repeated numbers in 2008, where people expressed that better governance was Nestor Kirchner and Dr. Alfonsin is – again – in second place.

A few days after the death of the Dr. Raul Alfonsin – made that shocked the country – polls are again made, always with the same purpose: that of governance since the advent of democracy was the best. And here the results take a twist or not. This time the numbers are reversed, emerge from the data that better governance was the Dr. Alfonsin with more than 51% and relegated is the second former Nestor Kirchner with 17% of image positive. The rest remains the same. Few things knowing much, I was surprised to see such a radical change – forgive the expression – in polls numbers. That thing happens we Argentines who face painful facts like the death of someone – us compassionate and we turn benevolent to the deceased? That so strong is the passion to reason that should prevail in these cases? Can it grow as citizens taking into account these parameters? Or we will continue expressing in this way, leaving aside the critical capacity to take charge of what happens to us as a society? I have many more questions, but few answers. I’m just convinced that this is not the way. A country is built with active, thinking citizens and clear concepts. Passions are filled with original author and source of the article.

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Sales Manager

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With the development of the flower business in Russia have increased demand for relevant professionals. In this area there is no equal to professionals in the Netherlands. They travel around the world, are spreading knowledge in the literal and figurative sense. And in Russia, they are now in demand, too, because here began to appear their own production. Two in one archive "However," The only thing that overshadows a career specialist rare today – it's the fact that the career prospects of staff, even in crisis severely limited. If you identify yourself as a rare specialist or intend to become such (for example, having learned the Udmurt language and learning to play the flute), then it should be borne in mind that the rare specialists, of course, are appreciated, but only in If they have a need. That is, should be prepared for downtime and does not exhibit pestilence price tag for their services.

Furthermore, such experts are rarely the head – the employer uses their skills, but not interested in moving such a worker on a vertical. True, today an excessive demand on the market there and in the broader professional profile. Crisis brought about changes in the labor market: employers try to get something like a universal soldier. "In the past year, this trend is particularly noticeable: wanting to save money, employers want to find a specialist on the principle of" two in one "- explains Yuen Skoblikova. – So, one of the hardest positions we are not so long ago closed – as director of logistics with deep mathematical knowledge and understanding of the subtleties of equipment. In fact, usually these are the requirements for the Director of Procurement We are looking for a man for a long time – four months.

" According to Una Skoblikova nominated "two-in-one can offer income is 20-25% higher, but this is not the basic salary and bonuses. In case, if the "narrow specialist generalist "is not found, the employer must answer the question: What skill is more important than the competitor? Say, in the case of the director of logistics needed to make it sensible a manager or technician? Often before such a dilemma are companies operating in the oil and gas industries. Promising young scientists are sent for training in Norway, America and other countries where they learned the basics of drilling and other wisdom this production. In general, taking more or less suitable candidate and are engaged in fitting the data to the prepared work place. In addition, the rare professional person can become, unwittingly. Often receive requests for as a sales manager with experience in specific markets, such as sales manager for chemical raw materials for the production of dry mixes, or consumable medical supplies (suture material, drainage, aseptic materials, catheters). Moreover, employers in the position they want to see a man exactly the same experience. Because rare special at any moment may be those who only yesterday were considered normal. Good employees is always a little bit, and excessive demand does not allow such people to overstay their jobs. According to research company Superjob, the most difficult now to find workers following specialties: Manager Sales (called 30% of respondents), a specialty workers (25%), engineering (15%) and laborers (13%). Right behind them are directors, managers, senior executives – 10%. It is understandable that doctors jerboas in these statistics do not fall – it is infinitely small. Source: However

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