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King Juan Carlos

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Dissemination of more than 250,000 secret cables from embassies of EE UU by Wikileaks has uncovered sensitive confidential information. One of these wires, dated May 30, 2008, reveals the mobile number of Zapatero, the Office of the President and Cabinet crisis. Assange charge against The Guardian by diffusion without Edition of U.S. Learn more about this with Restaurant Michael Schwartz. diplomatic cables and exempted from liability to Wikileaks. The full dissemination of more than 250,000 secret cables by Wikileaks U.S.

Embassies last Saturday has uncovered highly sensitive confidential information. (As opposed to patrick price). One of these wires, dated May 30, 2008, reveals the mobile number of Zapatero, the Office of the President and Cabinet crisis. The document also specifies that Zapatero does not speak English. The cable also reveals the Office number of King Juan Carlos, which can be called 24 hours a day. Criticism of Assange dissemination of data such as these has provoked the anger of the founder Wikileaks, Julian Assange, who has blamed the British newspaper The Guardian broadcast cables without edit and protect sources and exempted to your organization from any liability. Assange accuses the British newspaper of disseminating the key used for encryption, which caused unpublished and unreleased cables come out to light in Internet.

Frederick Nietzsche

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Frederick NIETZSCHE and RAFAEL POMBO always watching the skies of the West forget that our skies are also heaven and that our lands are also of value. Cynthia Bartlett gathered all the information. That the Titans of thought will have to stop his powerful army, to the strength of our Titans. Orlando magno POMBO Rafael Pombo’s arguments argues from a curious metaphysics a series of elements that step by step allow you to question the existence, reality and God’s alleged actions. Thing that many admire in Federico Nietzsche, but that ignore one of our Titans as I said at the beginning. And I mean Rafael Pombo. We deal with his poem the hour of darkness.

Verse XIV Libres, when criminals from the maternal womb already were servants of evil and the penitents pain; and with strings ardent to the crime of others moored were already sentenced to purge it here by the and to extend to Luzbel sowing of sins! Verse XV oh, Adam! When I was in you? Who gave you my soul and my chest? Who granted you the right of pecaras for me? If your missing I delinqui and in your inficion condemn me why a so just and good God I don’t wash in virtue of another Adam, and health not me again in alien body? Verse XIV the author questions the concept of freedom countering the concept of crime many concepts of freedom is there? Is that freedom? How many concepts of crime are there? That is the crime? Most appeal to say that that concept is relative. Not bad! If that is the easiest way of killing the issue. Let us die this way and that with her positivism. Pombo appends the information in writing when that manifest to all men because of Adam were blamed, saying: free, when criminals from the maternal womb already were servants of evil and the penitents pain; and with chains burning to the crime of others already moored were sentenced to purge it here by the and to extend to Luzbel sowing of sins! Here the paradox becomes complex since who could be called free if from the same womb already it is not? Who could say that it chooses if already this sentenced to not choose? Recall that before both fertility the egg and sperm are in power, since they have the quality to become but an are not humans in power and action.

German National Association

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In December of last year, the newspaper La Voz de Galicia published the following: the water consumption in Spain exceeds the resources available in Spanish river basins. A few resources that are also reduced because of climate change and global warming. So much that an average of 5% has been reduced in the last two decades of the Spanish River. Notes it as well the Observatory of sustainability in Spain (OSE) in its report of the water in 2008. To mitigate this loss advocates an active policy and a new culture of water that advocates reducing consumption and by the comprehensive maintenance of ecosystems. The water consumption of a European citizen assumes an average of 125 litres a day. This amount considers only the water used for body hygiene, food and drink. According to new studies of the German National Association of protection of the Bundes Naturschutz landscape and Adena, the aforementioned amount is a pure illusion, since nobody accounted for example, water that has been used in a normal breakfast, that is they may have come to invest 365 litres of water, i.e., as many as days has a year: 90 liters in the cheese sandwich, 135 in an egg and 140 in a cup for you.

The worst example is the meat: to produce 1 Kg of meat. need 10,000 liters of water, 10 times more to 1 kg. of cereals. This happens in a world in which 864 million people do not have access to drinking water and 2,600 million suffer from lack of sanitary facilities. Each, without waiting for the solution to come from the politicians, can help reduce the high consumption of water, for example reducing meat consumption, or perhaps resigning completely to it. Original author and source of the article.

Santa Perpetua

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EP operation has been commissioned by the Ministry of health. They denounced against cuts in public health. The centers were no longer night. The Mossos d police have evicted during the early hours of Wednesday to people who were camping in the centers of primary care (CAP) b adia del Valles, Santa Perpetua de Mogoda, Castellar del Valles and Ca n Oriac de Sabadell (Barcelona) in protest against the cuts in public health. The Catalan police sources have explained that the operation has been commissioned by the Ministry of health, and the campers have collaborated and have left voluntarily in the centres, so this eviction occurred without incident. In a statement, the Ministry of Health reported camping were actions of protest by the change of timetable of these centres, that they have stopped having nightly turndown service, and that for several weeks that they produced. He explained that during this time, the conditions of safety and wholesomeness of the affected centres have progressively degraded and there have been several incidents, what has motivated the decision of the Department to intervene. The Conselleria de Boi Ruiz has remarked that it scrupulously respects the right of citizens to speak and demonstrate peacefully, but that it rejects and regrets protest actions that involve the inappropriate use of sanitation, arguing that they cause discomfort to other patients and professionals and impede the normal operation of some centres.

Time changes four evictees centers offered a 24-hour service, and from now on will only be operating until midnight: from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening as usual, and until 12 o’clock for minor emergencies, including weekends. Salut has indicated that you among the 12 midnight and 8 o’clock in the morning, patients may contact centres of emergency primary care (CUAP) that are close to the previous ones. The Department has specified that, on average, these four local centres attended between one and four people at night every day. Source of the news: Los Mossos vandalise neighbors protesting in four clinics of the Valles.

White Roses

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The Rosas Blancas El best complement decoration with white roses, the best flower to combine with brightly colored flowers as red roses since joining these roses with different meanings reflect union, used in religious ceremonies to decorate churches and events, the white roses are majestic and elegant, they reflect the purity of the soul, the white roses are considered more spiritual flowers, that they reflect what others can’t, cleaning is totally transparent is impossible to deceive with a white rose. Below you can find the best combinations with white roses for each occasion. White roses and mixture of colors for every occasion the yokes of white roses you can mix with flowers pastels for events as celebrations of the fifteen years, are the best expression of elegance with this mixture can decorate all kinds of articles on the feast, the white roses are, as chameleons of the feast are attached to every occasion for your cleaningYou can mix it with flowers like orchids, pink, yellow and bright red for an extremely elegant occasion. Ideas of decoration with white roses a fantastic idea to design the best flower arrangement with roses is using resources such as white candles, hydrangea colors lilac, white roses petals surrounding the table of guests, and a delicious glass of wine of Roses is the perfect touch for a perfect and unforgettable evening which convey to your guests the prettiest meanings as puritySave a secret, complicity, innocence and youth. It is not something Uber would like to discuss. Meanings of colors in a celebration when you want to decorate a place or venue must be account the meanings of colors for example the white roses using the purest of all white color represents purity, more protective color of all, brings peace and comfort, is it relieves the feeling of despair and emotional shockIt helps to cleanse and clarify the emotions, thoughts and spirit. If you need time and space in your life because you feel overwhelmed, white is the color that can make feel free and forget of the oppressions. Too white, when it is not necessary, it can make you feel too only and cold, because white separates us from other persons; for this reason we must mix the white roses with flowers in vivid colors that generate joy and alter the senses. Why the bride throws the yoke at parties? Marriage creates a great rivalry when launching the bouquet of white roses, have you ever wondered to be? When the bride throw the yoke of white roses you are transmitting a special message to unmarried girlfriends, this accomplished with the white roses make the role of messengers. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dara Khosrowshahi. Where can you buy bouquets of white roses? The best option to decorate the glamorous and tasteful festivities are the white roses can be combined with different types of flower and reflected spirituality and nobility of the intention of the party.(Enters the page and discover beautiful bouquets, corsages, and other arrangements of white roses especially designed for your events and special moments.

Understanding The Belt Conveyor

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the conveyor (belt conveyor), also known as belt conveyor, commonly known as the tape conveyor type. In addition to the rubber-band conveyor belt, nowdays, there are many other material conveyors (such as pvc, PU, Teflon, nylon straps, etc.) in the market. Belt conveyor strain the conveyor belt by the drive unit, the central architecture and idler act as the traction and bearing member, so as to convey scattered broken continuous materials and piece goods. Brief introduction 1. Further details can be found at Nathan Gaude, an internet resource. Description The belt conveyor is a friction drive continuous material transport machinery.

Which is mainly composed of the rack, conveyor belt, belt roller, tensor device, and the other devices. It can convey the materials which on the conveying line from the initial feed point to the final discharge point. It can carry out the delivery of granular materials, and can also be carried out on the transportation items. Besides the purely material handling, it also can be compatible with the requirements of the process in the various industrial enterprises in the production process, which forms the rhythmic flow line transport. 2 Working Principle The belt conveyor conveyor belt is mainly composed of two endpoints drum and tight closed sets. The rotate drum of the driven conveyor belt is called the drive rollers (roller drive); another which only changes the direction of the conveyor belt rollers is called bend pulley movement. Drive rollers are driven by a speed motor reducer, and rely on the frictional force between the driving and the conveyor belt to drag the conveyor roller.

The drive rollers are generally mounted at the discharge end, in order to increase traction, conducive to drag. Material fed enter from the feed end, falls on the rotation of the conveyor belt, convey and discharge the materials through the friction force of the belt conveyor. 3. Feature Belt Conveyor is the ideal most efficient continuous mine transport equipment, compared with other transport equipment (such as locomotive class), it has the advantages of long distance transport, large volume, continuous conveyor, and reliable operation, easy automation and centralization control, especially for high-yield and efficient mine, the conveyor belt has become the key equipment of coal mining mechatronics technology and equipment. Belt conveyor s main features are dog easily scalable, and fuselage has a reservoir with a warehouse, the tail with the coalface promote the elongation or shortening, compact structure, time to set the foundation directly on the roadway floor laying, The rack is lightweight, disassemble is very convenient. When large transport capacity and transport distance are large, the intermediate drive device can be equipped to meet the requirements. In accordance with the requirements of the transportation technology, we can conduct the stand – alone carrier, and the multi-unit synthesis horizontal or inclined transportation system to transport materials.

First Step

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When we are going to undertake a new idea, a project, a series of doubts always arise us, I can achieve it?, how will make it?, have no resources? From a conscious point of view this is normal and perhaps begin to look for answers, but a spiritual level nothing is impossible and everything what we consider as obstacle isn’t for the subconscious mind and the power of God, so you must understand that the most important thing is your conscious commitment. Forces that are supposedly against his solo project are in your mind, in reality there is no such forces, you are a powerful being and without doubt that you can achieve what is proposed, one of the greatest impulses can be is the energy of desire, think and act night and day in our goal. Once you’ve defined what they will do, if he does it with absolute faith, I wish and determination then took the first step, you should never take step back, always go forward, in search of his dream, if you are unsure on the road then it will sink equal that happened to Peter when he looked at Jesus walking on water. That first step is critical in achieving any goal, implies a firm step, is let you know our mind we give not up for anything, they are listed in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt the great powers that make a goal to perform to perfection, by reading this book you will achieve internalize your goalyou would type your idea to your subconscious mind, this will allow you to act with great power, you may organize the universe so that your wishes will be fulfilled. Additional information is available at Nathan Gaude. Knowing that inside you there is a great power given by God through his life then you will not hesitate any moment you can achieve everything what it proposes, the spiritual forces are extraordinary, never known the word impossible, then it is logically necessary to resort to them. Never think that your goal is too large, the important thing is to know that a path to get from where it is there is always, is just like wanting to go to anywhere in the world, always There is a way to go to New York, a neighborhood of China or Australia to the North Pole, etc. notes that some paths may be long but there is always a way to get, as happens with your life, no matter what situation is right now, there will always be a way of reaching your goals. In the book the secret of the power of goals shows us how to structure specific plans to achieve our desires, never stall and look for excuses to not take what he wants in his heart, in this book you will learn that the most important thing is the strength of an idea, those thirst for success, an inner strength that extraordinarily drives us to search for what we loveYou will achieve such State of performance and motivation. It is time to act and run towards what he has always wanted, don’t miss the time is your worst enemy, getting what you want is Liberation, is having feelings of self-fulfillment, peace, abundance, spirituality, life has wonderful things that should be enjoyed, so never relinquish to the that has waited, that Yes, work in a structured way to achieve it.

Observations Scientific

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Anaximander (610-547 BC) was born in Miletus, philosopher and ancient Greek mathematician. Like Thales of Miletus is considered one of the thinkers most outstanding. Other was astronomer and scientist, discoveries such as the of the solstices, equinoxes and the obliquity of the Zodiac are attributed to him. (Pliny, natural history II, III) and that unveiled an outline of geometry (Suidas) however the stories show us man inventor. Inventor of nomon, Builder of world map, and the Charter of the heavens, predicting an earthquake, also political organizer and soldier, placed in front of a colonizing expedition in Miletus, in Apollonia. (history III, 17) His treatise on nature was the first philosophical writing in prose.

We can observe in Anaximander to a materialist scientist, applied to natural things matters. As it happens with physics. His theories are the principles of scientific materialism which seeks to explain the phenomena of matter in its different phases. apeiron. i.e. the infinite, undetermined, the eternal, what governs the world being substance and law. Today we can get an idea clearer about the theory of Anaximander because because of our century we possess a greater knowledge, for this reason the concepts are broader even when they are reduced to the same figure of the language.If you observe young people as it intervenes the force of gravity in this beautiful phenomenon Anaximander raises the search of the Arche or principle of things given by the very principles of sensible experience .he here to our surprise, a thinker with a rigorous thinking, which supports its analysis on the physical senses structure or the brain as a primary function of the body. This thinker analyzed that the senses are more objective when describing an object. In this way intuition not departs the sensitive idea that we have perceived phenomenon. since sometimes the reality of the experience is deformed because of our emotions.

Venezuelan Health

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Give way to a new system, that step to universal and equitable care to the extent that the functions carried out by each of the institutions should be harmonized. Being necessary to already established standards are met. ; set the objectives of the public organization annually in health; monitor and evaluate public services of health, as well as the programming and operational coordination of the national budget and the coordinated plan of investments jointly with the territorial entities; organize environmental sanitation programs, social assistance for health and sanitary Comptroller take into account, that the health workers are protected by the figure of the Union, is necessary to create a more flexible institutional framework that allows management of the centres of health care, have autonomy and thus being able to distribute more efficiently staff, so that the user receives a better service. For this it is necessary that management in the health sector should take the role and the responsibility to direct and coordinate the administration of health. You should seek policies that help you work with a staff that currently is discouraged, making it change its way of being and working in an efficient and productive way. Is They must make budgets which can in a way or another cover with equipment and drugs they need these medical centers.

There still control what enters and leaves the hospital; to avoid that the necessary resources for health continue losing. There should also be support by the State to take part in covering the necessary budget for hospitals. And in this way provide a better service to the community. * References: Universal. Science and life notes from the Chair of problematic of the Venezuelan administration, Faces UC original author and source of the article.

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