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Chile Chico Luperciano Munoz

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In an agreement that endorses the position taken by the previous administration, the Mayor of Chile Chico Luperciano Munoz and the unanimity of the Councillors agreed at the last session express publicly their opposition to the construction of hydroelectric power plants in the basin of the Baker River, which in large part is located within the municipal limits both in the namesake River and Lake General Carrera and considers the localities of Chile ChicoBay Jara, Mallin Grande, Fachinal, Puerto Guadal, Puerto Bertrand, Sector Ceballos and River Lions. The Mayor explained that this decision is, in general terms, that this is a region that has a concept, a seal. It is a reserve of life to our planet so it will not accept that these mega stations, whereas all instruments of regional planning that exist, since the PRDU (Regional Urban Development Plan) down, we emerge as a tourist place, that’s already not going to be with these mega power plants are built. He added to this argument the ecological disaster, all the social intervention in the various commune. We are because this region follow pollution-free and do not pay for the mistakes that have made both the Governments of the Concertacion and the military dictatorship, which didn’t in an energy development balanced with nature, which have not invested in research. He pointed out that in the Region of Aysen cannot be an experiment from the rest of the country as soon as to pay for those mistakes. And basically when this energy is not going the more humble of this country populations but to large multinational companies.

On the intervention of communities by the company Luperciano Munoz said that we do not negotiate or transamos with HidroAysen. We don’t accept their gifts and how they have been handled with an international consultant who is behind of changing mentalities, buy consciences in the various communes well, continue to do that. He added that people is that you will know if it welcomes the call of these mega stations, if participates or not in the call made to them, is that will exclusively people and us we are not going to put there, but as a municipality does not accept any aid or donations. We can not betray the decision by money or help of any kind. He recalled also the query citizen who was held in Tortel, where nearly 80 percent of those who voted rejected the dams. Those are gestures of courage in these times where everything has an economic value. May they know that there are people, politicians or representatives of the community who are not willing to compromise nothing about a subject as important and sensitive as it is to keep our region as a reserve of humanity, reserve life or as a region free of contamination. In the agreement adopted at the April 13 meeting voted in favour of the rejection of the dams in the Region of Aysen, in addition to the Mayor, Councillors Fidelina Roco, Jorge Vargas, Jorge Hereme, Cristian Jara, Marina Loncon and Ricardo Ibarra.

Consumer Behavior

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For the students of the function of markets, especially those interested in the behavior of the consumer, the economic crisis that has been provoked and affected the countries, even padoresos economically, must be a reason for study, analysis, investigation, put originates that the management of markets of step to new strategies, plans that they collaborate with the behavior of the consumer, favoring to him in its decisions of purchase, generating confidence to him in all those products, services that are offered. On it there is an interesting writing presented/displayed by Marketing Universia Knowledge Wharton, where it is indicated, that although the consumer is used to dissuading itself during the low phase of any economic cycle, the gravity and the uncertainties of the present crisis will have majors effects prolonged in its attitudes that in previous crises. The consumer, says, will end up again spending, but without the same spirit provided by the easy credit of frenetic years 2000. Of agreement to Wesley Hutchinson, professor of Marketing of Wharton. " It is in a moment for knowing if the present crisis will leave the same scar psychological, but is a precedent of a great change " The Great Depression changed to the behavior of the consumer and its attitudes during all one generacin" , In next the 18 months, it considers Hutchinson, the consumer will learn to behave of more frugal way and it will not even leave that attitude after the economy becomes stabilized. " In a certain sense, everybody now knows to some thing on the financial markets and the abusive use of the personal credit: in that matter, the American consumer always has shown to be a terrible student. We had the habit of not paying much attention to the cost of the money prestado" Of course, these declarations are interesting and it entails that the students of markets, especially those that live in the United States will have to be more kind as the present crisis has affected the behavior of the consumer, aspect that will have widely to be studied in his it reaches and repercussions, in everything what it can help to restitute the confidence and to predict the new style of behavior, that doubtless will arise.

Internet Money

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Earn money answering paid Internet surveys is one of the topics most searched lately by many people. However, behind the majority of related ads that you can find on the Internet, under the slogan free paid surveys, you are finally with the same thing: they try to sell you an ebook (and free it has nothing) in case outside little, almost all, announce the same ebook by what if you decide to search for information related to the topic end up over and over again in the same placeno matter how much the option you choose how to find information on making money with surveys? As consequence of this increasingly are less pages that offer good information, and free, on make money answering paid surveys online ended up fortunately discovered a web site that makes available to its visitors all the necessary information (and free of charge, you can even download an ebook) about how to make money answering surveys on the Internet. Basically earn money answering paid Internet surveys is possible because large companies and multinational companies are highly interested in the opinion of consumers, since it is an information of great importance when it comes to bring new products to the market or checking the degree of acceptance of existing ones for this reason, these large companies that spend millions to their campaignsthey are willing to use a small part of that money to pay for directly know the opinion of consumers. Usually these large companies responsible for carrying out surveys and studies of this kind to specialised companies, which are responsible to eventually recruit participants (and also pay them) in exchange for their collaboration. This is a fairly common and widespread practice for years in some English speaking countries and, to the delight of many, it seems that in recent times is beginning to also be extended to the Hispanic market. How to recognize and correctly identify what are the best companies to register and receive surveys?

Venice Marco Polo Taxi

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Sitting in traffic jams, which in Italy incredible amount a passenger pays for a taxi too. Provides 10% discount for single women. But about her need to remind the driver. The taxi driver is obliged to your request provide a written list of prices for all the extras. Do not hesitate to ask, perhaps, that way you will save money. Also, sitting in an Italian taxi, you need to get small denominations – enterprising carriers are often under the pretext of lack of change money trying to prevent the tourists hit back. The taxi driver to leave a tip – 10% of the order. Recently popular service "order taxi online.

" The client can book a transfer via the Internet before the trip to Italy and even select the language in which you will say the driver – Italian, English, French or German. Transfer usually costs a lot less than a taxi. With the shuttle can reach the most remote places in Italy, while ordinary taxis not go. In Italy there is a very unusual taxi – water. Naturally, his services can be used in romantic Venice, the good, parking lot of the transport around the city. During a trip on a small four-seater boat, equipped with a meter, will have to pay about 15 euros. For about 4 euros you will be charged for the water taxi booking on the phone. The trip will last no longer than 10 minutes – just the right amount of time needed to overcome the way from one end of Venice in the other.

However, this method of movement through the channels is still much cheaper than a trip to famous gondola. But the heat on a water taxi from the airport to Venice Marco Polo to Piazza San Marco in Venice during the day can relieve your purse of between $ 60 to 100 euros. At night, twice as expensive. But it is possible and to bargain.


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I am Paranaibense citizen has 27 years and I hear with extreme indignation the rumors of that Paranaba will be without the medicine course veterinary medicine because of me the will of the municipal administration. Our city lives estagnada in a retrocession that seems not to have end, cause of the disputes politics that are installed here. The politicians had that to have conscience that these briguinhas, or picuinhas as they want to say, only make badly the Paranaba. The coming of the course of the medicine course anger to alavancar the evolution in all the pursuings of our city, therefore Paranaba will receive hundreds from new inhabitants, generating prescription for our city, the markets will go to more vender, the branch of the civil construction if alavancara with the construction of Kit nets and inns for the colleges student etc. Will be that nobody enxerga this, finds that not, therefore I do not see nobody to disclose itself about this subject. I believe that Paranaba will not leave this possibility of success to go even so for the thin one, therefore never more I will have another equal one, the coming of the course of medicine veterinary medicine will be a positive landmark of the administration of Mayor Jose Garci’a de Freitas and that he is in the history of Paranaba, and will be a test of that the critical ones that it receives from some people are not true jousts nor, bad, if to happen of Paranaba to lose this chance our mayor he is marked of a very negative form and will be the test of that the critical ones that it receives are more than what true jousts and, wait of the deep one of the heart that this does not happen, therefore ours mayor are a good governor, can see this in psfs constructed in its administration and other workmanships, that they are deriving of mounts of money federal, state or municipal, they had not been made in the last administrations. Old, the people said that Paranaba did not grow because it did not have no representative in the assemblies, today has a State deputy that he is son of Paranaba, without counting the Representatives that had come here, they had asked for and they gained many votes, will be that these people go to leave Paranaba to lose this chance of growth, the society has that to disclose itself when something this wrong one in the city and not to wait everything to go for water below stops later criticizing what it gave wrong. If somebody was felt attacked by the written o above forgives, me, therefore it was not my intention, I only want to reveal my dissatisfaction on our beloved city to lose plus this visible chance of growth. Wilson de Paula? Paranaibense citizen infuriated with the situation of our city

Catalan Capital

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The Catalan capital is a city with a very own personality: if outside a person we would say that very it is abierta, who is related type of people yet, who that wears very modern clothes and that goes to the premises chic, although also it likes the most traditional places. Barcelona, then, characterizes by its great variety and diversity of sites that to visit, even at the time of eating. The temperament of Barcelona goes bound to its cooking culture, combination of the modern thing with the old thing and antithetic mixtures in plates. The procedures of the Catalan kitchen are known from the century XV, moment at which already there were foods as much of the kitchen garden and the mountain like of the sea, as well as the mixture both. The best example of the product combination both is the plates of ” sea i muntanya” (sea and mountain). On the other hand, l” Escudella (cooked typical of the Catalan kitchen.

It is especially characterized to use butifarras in boiled and a mass of meat minced with spices called ” pilota”) she is another one of the famous meals, as well as the calotada one takes a end during the end of the winter and beginnings of the spring and consist of eating calots, a variety of chives especially cultivated for this intention that roast directly on live coals of vine shoots and they eat with the hand is advised to eat both meals, the Escudella and calots, in house of some Catalan, but that is not possible, also are restaurants that have these typical plates, like the Paradis Dog Amat, one masa Catalan located in the Street of Montnegre (Ca n” Amat), in Sant Esteve Sesrovires. We cannot forget to us traditional ” pa amb tomquet” , bread with tomato that accompanies to many plates by meat or inlays, and with that the sandwiches are elaborated. The inlays, the majority coming from the region of Osona, especially fuet of Vic and butifarras of diverse compositions (butifarra of egg, butifarra white, butifarra black ) also are very habitual in the Catalan community. In addition, the sauces as allioli and romesco is own of this kitchen. Difficulties in choosing the plate more typical or better of fish? The election will be complicadaporque the Catalan kitchen has a great amount of typical plates of the region with fish stews, like zarzuela, estofado of diverse fish and seafood, or suquets, a typical sauce of the coast of Tarragona elaborated in its origins by the fishermen. A good restaurant where to taste these plates it is the Suquet of l” Almirall, located in front of the sea, in Passeig de Joan de Borb Comte of Barcelona, number 65. In addition, by this district there are many apartments of rent, if it interests alojarte to you in front of the beach, so you can see the following page to rent a lodging in Barcelona. Finally, it is important to remember that Catalonia has a great diversity of restaurants with kitchen of all the Spanish regions. Although Barcelona is the city with more restaurants, most prestigious and distinguished with more Micheln stars they are the restaurant ” Dog Fabes” of Santi Santamara, located in Sant Celoni; ” The Bulli” of Ferran Adri, that is in Roses (Girona) and ” Sant Pau” of Car to me Ruscalleda that is in Sant Pol of Sea.