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Adds teaspoon of Salt and the remaining sugar. Immediately add the flour and mix with your hands or in a blender. The first is added It is mixed with yeast and continue mixing until a dough. If it is very dry, you add a little more milk, but if left loose mu, add more flour. Then place the ball of dough on a table or on a table and knead until the mixture does not stick hands. It is covered with a cloth and let stand until it pops up. (approximately 1 hour) The dough is divided in 4 parts of equal weight.

It is flour rolling table or any other surface smooth and stretches well with a rolling pin until obtaining a layer or rectangular shape. You Saute in a skillet or heats the bacon but without leaving toast, only to melt some oil. Dough smeared with oil from the bacon and placed the fourth part of ham, the fourth part of the olives, 5 strips of bacon, the fourth part of the raisins and the fourth part of the capers if you decide to put them on. All well distributed. Rolled the dough carefully as a spiral. Press the ends down to close bread. Repeats the operation for each of the other parts of the remaining masses. Placed the loaves on a greased tray and small gaps on each bread, open evenly with a fork.

While the bread ferment again, in a saucepan over medium heat, heats water to dissolve the papelon, until you achieve a consistent melao. Strain. Preheating the oven at 225 degrees Celsius, and the breads are introduced. Left for 30 minutes, until they stand up and starting to Brown. Then, remove them and with a brush, smeared over with the Lam of papelon. They become in the oven to finish cooking, about 10 minutes more. Tips: When placing this bread stuffing, a space without filling of 2 fingers more or less and a brush with beaten egg. The reason for this is to facilitate the mass from sticking properly. In case of not liking sweet the papelon, can spread the bread with butter-bleached. (melted) Recommended to leave the bread to cool a bit before slicing it. Original author and source of the article.

Armagedon Final

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Bezerra de Menezes (1831-1900): here comes a new geopolitical situation * 4 few are paying attention. But if we read the Revelation of the Christ, our brother Mayor Paiva Netto understands well and explains, and we analyzed, based on his preaching, the chapter and verse that focus Armageddon (revelation, 16: 16), we will see that, shortly before the terrible event, the Kings of the East are interned in the Euphrates (revelation, 16: 12). Recent developments in the Mesopotamian region are not a mere coincidence. The consequences are historical, complete. The same personalities develop in formerly, by the redemptive process of reincarnation * 5. The river Euphrates dried up already * 6, as it announces the Apocalypse.

The Kings of the East, facing the military might of unbridled capitalism, will advance in a bloody and terrible battle that will result in the Guerra Total. The most lucid rulers of the planet are trying to block the event, because they know that soon will come bigger problems.In a first moment, a wide devastation. Carnage ever seen in the world. Later, large blocks never imagined will begin to draw a new geopolitical situation in humanity. Only the intervention of God to save us not forget that the nuclear issue is a cry of anticipation of the scary facts that human beings may not help for long. The world will be shaken and will look like a small ball by shaking through sidereal space.

Only the intervention of God, through multidimensional forces capable of livening up drastically and impiadosa human action on Earth, cool the catastrophic results. The ORB will be not destroyed, because before that Jesus will intervene on this planet about which claims the illustrious Dr. Bezerra de Menezes: before that, Jesus will intervene on this planet. The well-remembered Zarur, preaching shaped improvised at the last battle of St. Michael, the Archangel, which I published in 1982, in the book of God, says: (Miguel) will be present in the Armagedon Final, than approaches.

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Republic Relations

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The President of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega ordered the suspension of diplomatic relations with Israel. This as a result of the israeli attack on a flotilla with humanitarian aid to Gaza. The funny thing is that to be reported the israeli Government of the Nicaraguan decision, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of that country, he explained that they do not well understand the term suspension of relations. Even the former Minister of defence of Nicaragua, Avil Ramirez, who was Ambassador in the early 1990s, described as aberration or horseplay the term used by President Daniel Ortega, because it doesn’t exist. It is an act of public international law as aberrant when this Government need to normalize relations with the State of Israel will need des-suspender, because not even the legal term can be used in restore, for that is not broke, he said the former – Nicaraguan diplomat. Not can go inventing antics without handle juridico-Diplomatico.

We are ashamed and we are the laughingstock of the diplomacy. Subsequent to the suspension of relations with Israel, the General Assembly adopted a declaration of peace and solidarity with the Palestinian people. The Declaration concludes as follows: urge the United Nations to continue researching and providing inquiries into violations to human rights with respect to the economic blockade, food shortages, as well as the use of non-conventional weapons by Israel, in order to propose alternative solutions for both peoples. Respecting the law and independence that Nicaragua has to take such decisions, I wonder if the same will not be part of the ideological alignment or a form of submission to the Government of Venezuela Hugo Chavez Frias comanda. With the rejection of the action, just a diplomatic note to such condemnable israeli action, was more than enough. The ex – Chancellor Francisco Aguirre Secasa said that it will be the perception that Nicaragua is still a hostile plan with Israel; and hostile because the Government supports to Hamas, which has said it wants to erase from the map to Israel; and hostile because it has close relations with Iran, whose President has also said that he wants to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. Then, it is in a dangerous neighborhood, as he is Middle Eastern, and Nicaragua is getting into the legs of horses. No other country has broken or supendido relations with Israel, Turkey or even where they are originating the majority of the victims of the attack. Moreover, Nicaragua does not even have Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, for its part, maintains a concurrent diplomatic representation whose seat is in the Republic of Costa Rica. I have no doubt that the measure rather than ethical, is an ideological reaffirmation of the Government headed by Daniel Ortega, an ally in Latin America of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Palestinian cause (read Hamas). Author original and source of the article.


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Gratuitous storage Those that we lived in great cities like the CD. of Mexico, we have an accelerated rate of life, takes which us to the necessity to have our information available at any time and of a safe way. To it we have three services of gratuitous storage to this aim, to these I have proven them services, two of them emphasize by service and capacity of storage as they are ADrive with 50 Gb and MediMax with 25 Gb. Also it is important to indicate that those that we arrange of an account of mail of Gmail, that gives a capacity us of storage of 2 Gb and is increasing, we can use a program or an extension of FireFox that allows us to use this space to store our archives. Sites of Storage ADrive: Capacity of Storage: 50 Gb Service: Gratuitous Access: Web Raised speed: 16 Kb/s Lowered speed: 4,42 Kb/s Type of Archives: Photos, Video, Audio and Documents MediMax: Capacity of Storage: 25 Gb Service: Gratuitous Access: Web or Application Raised speed: 66 Kb/s Lowered speed: 128 Kb/s Type of Archives: Photos, Video, Audio and Documents Microsoft Live Skydrive: Capacity of Storage: 5 Gb Service: Gratuitous Access: Web Raised speed: 21 Kb/s Lowered speed: 22Kb/s Type of Archives: Photos, Video, Audio and Documents Gmail Drive: Type: Gratuitous Operating system: Windows Description: Already having our account of Gmail mail, we come to unload and to install the program Gmail Drive, which connects to our account and behavior to raise our archives, this program sends an electronic mail to us with the attached file, I recommend to them that they only abran to an account this aim and thus to take advantage of the space that has assigned to us. GSpace: Type: Gratuitous Operating system: Windows, Linux, Mac You X Description: It is necessary to count on an account of mail of Gmail and to be able to make use of Gspace extension, is necessary to have installed FireFox navigator who when installed being allows to raise and to unload archives us to Gmail. The gratuitous storage is a very viable option, but in some cases it does not satisfy our requirements, in that case we will need to use services of payment, that is generally a monthly payment for the storage. If accounts with a plan of hosting with good capacity can serve it stops the storage of your archives or documents; the conditions on watch of your hosting and the rights of author only ten in account. Original author and source of the article.

Tiredness Attention

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White will give you fresh, if you do not get enough sleep and want to hide the tiredness. This color is also very good for the sport and informal meroprity to fresh air. Comments stylist. Tanned body perfectly accentuate white. None of these people who would not go with this color. The only thing worth paying attention – kipelno-white color can accentuate wrinkles and skin imperfections, in addition, if you do not perfectly white teeth, the better to choose a white, diluted with other shades – beige, brown, yellow, ivory and other light shades.

And in a suit of that color you conquer all in any situation – and at business meetings in the office and at a party and on vacation. YELLOW. The color of joy, happiness and wealth. It represents the lightness and inconstancy. Preferences stars in the new season trend setters supports most – on the runway has never appeared so many yellow dresses, coats and blouses. This color always attracts attention. Allow yourself a little hooliganism! Put on a bright yellow top on the first date. Then he just you will remember for a long time.

Want to pass for a good girl? Again, yellow! In combination with the gray and blue, he creates the effect of intelligence. But do not overdo it – in large quantities yellow tires. Comments stylist. Joyful! yellow most suitable tanned girls, will highlight the brightness of the brunettes. But do not wear it from head to toe – so you'll look like a canary.