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Chief Operating Officer

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As new Managing Director (CEO) Dr Michael Breyer takes over June 1, 2013 the sole Director of HR new media GmbH. Berlin, the 13.06.2013 as new Managing Director (CEO) assumes Dr. Michael Breyer to 1st June 2013 the sole Director of HR new media GmbH. It replaces Breyer Florian Behn, who had 2008 co-founded the company. Florian Behn retained the company as a shareholder and strategic adviser in the Advisory Board. has evolved under the leadership of Florian Behn to one of the most successful media agencies, that helps businesses with more than 60 employees at the targeted recruitment.

During his time as CEO, he has collaborated to the realization of over 1500 collaborations and is responsible for building the sister brand Breyer will be dedicated especially the expansion of further market potentials. He has more than 15 years of experience in the top level management and strategic consultancy in the IT industry. Media and trade. Most recently he was responsible for building the special B2B marketer as founding CEO Deutsche Messe interactive in Hanover, which was positioned under his leadership among the top 10 companies for B2B business development in Germany. We are pleased to have gained an experienced CEO who has already impressively demonstrated in the past that he can successfully develop brand and strategically manages company with Dr.

Michael Breyer”, so Dr. Ralph Hartmann, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Press contact: HR new media GmbH, Tel. + 49 (0) 30 884 940 447 fax + 49 (0) 30 236 350 58 about HR new media GmbH: is a full service agency for performance-oriented media planning. You realized targeted media plans for the effective employee recruitment for their customers and taking all disclosure requirements. All online recruitment channels are individually and specific target groups combined. Under the premise, to optimize the candidates return to their customers and to avoid wastage, the Agency implemented since 2008 solutions for more than 20000 items. Refer to for more information.

Observations Scientific

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Anaximander (610-547 BC) was born in Miletus, philosopher and ancient Greek mathematician. Like Thales of Miletus is considered one of the thinkers most outstanding. Other was astronomer and scientist, discoveries such as the of the solstices, equinoxes and the obliquity of the Zodiac are attributed to him. (Pliny, natural history II, III) and that unveiled an outline of geometry (Suidas) however the stories show us man inventor. Inventor of nomon, Builder of world map, and the Charter of the heavens, predicting an earthquake, also political organizer and soldier, placed in front of a colonizing expedition in Miletus, in Apollonia. (history III, 17) His treatise on nature was the first philosophical writing in prose.

We can observe in Anaximander to a materialist scientist, applied to natural things matters. As it happens with physics. His theories are the principles of scientific materialism which seeks to explain the phenomena of matter in its different phases. apeiron. i.e. the infinite, undetermined, the eternal, what governs the world being substance and law. Today we can get an idea clearer about the theory of Anaximander because because of our century we possess a greater knowledge, for this reason the concepts are broader even when they are reduced to the same figure of the language.If you observe young people as it intervenes the force of gravity in this beautiful phenomenon Anaximander raises the search of the Arche or principle of things given by the very principles of sensible experience .he here to our surprise, a thinker with a rigorous thinking, which supports its analysis on the physical senses structure or the brain as a primary function of the body. This thinker analyzed that the senses are more objective when describing an object. In this way intuition not departs the sensitive idea that we have perceived phenomenon. since sometimes the reality of the experience is deformed because of our emotions.

Indian Staff

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It is well known that the story is literally a country rich with oddities and interesting facts. Something eventually turns into a legend, as, for example, the famous geese who saved Rome, but something is documented fact. American history is also rich in fun facts, which, because of youth of the country has not yet become legendary. In every state you proudly will tell some amusing episode that happened a couple of centuries ago. One of the most the original historical facts can boast Oklahoma.

The story of its capital is truly unique: the city appeared in one day! Only the government promulgated a decree authorizing the settlement of these former Indian lands, crowds of settlers began to post the border areas. It was in the late xix century, but since the day the contours of the state capital has not changed much. What else interesting can be found in Oklahoma, you and to learn by going on a trip to the state. "The staff zemlezahvatchikov" – that is the official nickname of Oklahoma – has become one of the last states have joined the United States. It happened at the beginning of xx century, and before that time staff was Indian territory. To pay tribute to the indigenous inhabitants of these places, the flag of Oklahoma depicted a shield of a warrior, which crosses the peace-pipe and an olive branch. Copies of this flag with a shield made of skin, this olive branch and a wooden, even flat tube of the world, adorn many products of the state.

Multilayer Blown

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Reduce raw material costs can be done not only by reducing the weight of the product. In most cases, a mixture of blowing products include not only basic material, but also supplements (usually dyes). As a percentage of additives in total weight of the product is not as large, usually 1-3%, manufacturers often do not attach much importance to their purchase costs. On the other hand, when a small percentage of additives by themselves cost quite expensive, many times expensive in terms of 1 kg compared with the basic polymer material. In this case, one thing is the price of titanium dioxide (a normal white dye), the other – the price of special dyes rare flowers from all sorts of visual effects (pearl luster, etc.). That is why, especially in the cosmetics industry, manufacturers of bottles today generally go on two-layer and three-layer technology. Coextrusion blow molding machine configured for two-or three-layered product can reduce the consumption of costly additives than 10 times, since these additives are included only in the thinnest outer layer of the bottle. For the production of bottles with special surfaces, such as soft touch, two-or three-layered method of production is almost mandatory, since expensive materials that form the surface, are introduced not as a supplement, but as a basic material.

Can imagine the difference in the cost of a bottle containing 5 or 10% of special material + rest mass of ordinary polyethylene bottles and 100%, consisting of a special polymer is very expensive. A three-layer technology for compared with two-layer provides a larger scale of economic efficiency. Three-layer bottle in its middle layer can contain more recycled materials than the standard 20-40%, obtained by grinding and spew marriage with the same production of the same bottle. In the middle layer can be placed or “flakes” from other products of the same company (regardless of color, because this layer is not visible), or secondary raw materials, purchased in the market from specialized processors at a lower price than the full primary raw material. Prospects and opportunities Multilayer Blown capacity opens up new opportunities for producers and consumers. Application recycled through a separate layer, except the obvious benefits for the manufacturer to save raw materials, encourages the development of an independent branch of reprocessing of polyolefin waste and selling high-quality “secondary housing” one of them. Using special plastic canister in the agro-economy eliminates the awkward on most parameters of metal containers. Multilayer bottles for food products make it possible significant increase in shelf life of products while simultaneously getting rid of preservatives, making the products more natural.

In particular, the 6-layer bottle based on polypropylene and evoh can keep the juice in During the year, and this, coupled with the possibility of a painless hot filling. Coextrusion blow molding is the only way to manufacture multi-layer bottles with the top pocket sealed aseptic filling; natural dairy products in these bottles can be stored for several months. As a result, barrier packaging and extended shelf life open up entirely new opportunities for retail and logistics marketing of food products. Summary of Today is invited to a sufficient number of options to optimize blow molding industries, to reduce costs while maintaining or improving quality. It is obvious that in order to advantage of these opportunities, you must first invest in them. To follow the path of production efficiency, the principle of “save, then to still save in the minds of enterprises will gradually be replaced the principle of “invest to reduce costs and increase efficiency.”.