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House Electricity

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You are a lucky man, you built a house or cottage. There is not much – to connect the electricity. Let's try to figure out what you need for this. If you have a wooden house, it should be memorable, that the wooden house are combustible, which affects the wiring. There are special rules that must be followed. Power lines are laid on poles, they are also called overhead (overhead line). From the nearest pole to your home to bring the cable. For this we recommend cables SIPs stamps.

Moreover, section starts from 16 mm2, which corresponds to the current rules and regulations. This cable is easy to use. Self-supporting design simplifies electrical works and makes a supply to your home safe and durable. When the cable is routed to the home, you need to do input. Inside the house wiring must be copper and the house is suitable aluminum cable. Yes, and he should enter done in a steel pipe. For all this, there is a special fixture, which will help you do it without much difficulty.

Electricity is already in the house. Next you must install shield. And we must not forget that this board should be enough space for the rcd and protection devices, and for the counter. When you select a counter, we recommend staying at the brand 'Mercury', since this manufacturer has proved to be a good side. If you are not convinced, visit Uber. As security devices better and more convenient to use equipment from abb, Legrand, iac. Network security should include the differential circuit breakers, which combine two devices: rcd (protective device off) and the circuit breaker. The room in which to contain your switchboard, should be available for .kabel brand nym or VVGng-LS. A distinctive feature of these cables is double insulation, as well as incombustibility that will greatly enhance your peace of mind. You can also use pbpp (PUNP), pva. The wire used for the internal wiring can be one-, two-, and stranded. These veins isolated from one another in different colors insulated and have a common seal. In most cases, for electrical use two-or three-core wire, where a vein is conductive and the second is zero. Also, more a vein may serve as a ground wire, which allows a maximum of secure operation of household electrical appliances. In the case where the connection is assumed in the three-phase network, the conductivity should contain at least four strands, three of which are current-carrying, and one to act as a zero, or as it is called a neutral wire. But best of all, on the basis of safety rules, use wire. Where one fifth lived to play the role of grounding. For posting on the house we propose to use for wiring you can use the cable channel, or pvc pipe corrugation. Mounting the wiring in the cable channel, you always be able to easily replace the wiring harness and move the sockets and switches. As a cable channel with a small Number of wires you can use regular plinth.

Creating An Online Busines

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Any person who for various reasons, not easy to start your online business. Jonah Shacknai Los Angeles is a great source of information. To learn how to earn online for real, and stop rushing from one inefficient way to another, it is necessary from the beginning to understand one very important thing, namely that the bulk of earnings in the network is specifically income on a website. It is available from permanent residents to earn money online. The main reason for the presence of a myriad of sites on the Internet is the intent of their creators make money on them. I can prove my words to read. For assistance, try visiting Dara Khosrowshahi . Web site creation, and then continued his advance (purchase domain, hosting, design, custom scripts, etc.) worth some money. The owner of a good site to pay for its upkeep at least $ 20 a year or more, if he intends to some of the work entrusted to professionals. And you're no worse than me know that no one would not spend that $ 100-300, but even $ 20 a year at a loss.

Most likely, the site owners, at least most of them, something to get their creations, just pay such money for their content. Other words, the sites pay for themselves, and in addition, also bring a profit. It is in this is the reason for the appearance at this time more and more new sites on the Internet. Creating your own collection of quality sites, give you the result the possibility of a nonlinear income online for life. After spending some time to build the necessary systems, then you will long to get her money. But, do not worry, please, that you should not treat to this subject seriously, and that you have it not work.

Believe me, arguing this way, you are making a big mistake. Once you understand for yourself just a few moments, and you'll learn that creating a simple website is no more difficult than learn how to use a computer. If you really want to earn money online, then in any case, sooner or later learn to make websites. Or, you order a case from professionals who are a lot of money will develop a fully profitable website. If you want to receive a lifetime income on the internet, the other option is simply not there. Otherwise you will have to deal with scams or jobs nahalyavu, such as earnings by filling in forms, reading letters, click-sposorah etc., which do not earn anything decent. Do try, try, spend some time searching for necessary information on the web, read articles on this topic, ie continually learn, and you will certainly succeed. Please note that any person who derives its main income from the Internet, once started from scratch, so that you are likely to be able to achieve those remarkable results, which they reached.


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To date, cms Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems. Its main advantage is that virtually all the work on filling the site content (content) can make a person with no special programming knowledge. If you manage the content of the site, using the cms Joomla, maybe even the kettle, then to create a site template, you must have a minimum knowledge of html and css. So what do the poor teapot? Especially in those Where there is neither the time nor the inclination to delve into the programming, for the sake of creating a website. The output is always there! The first variant. You can turn to professionals and they will do for you any site template.

However, for all you have to pay, and work of the programmer is not cheap. If you do not want to shell out, this is the option you obviously do not fit. Option Two. cms Joomla is remarkable in that the network has thousands of ready-made templates for websites of any complexity, with different designs. And most importantly, that you can find plenty of free templates. But I want to warn you that there are some pitfalls. Follow others, such as Dara Khosrowshahi , and add to your knowledge base.

As a rule, free templates, no description, and how to configure the template. One possible option that installing the template in the cms Joomla, you'll be unpleasantly surprised when they discover that the appearance of some elements of the site is very different from the image in the screenshot template. And all because it requires additional configuration of modules for this template. But if you are far from the css and html, then the solution of this problem – you do not have the teeth.

Web System

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And part of this 'general', we take as a basis. This will be a small set of features that characterize For most social networks. Roubini Global Economics often addresses the matter in his writings. So, here is a list of these features: – users can log in and have your profile – users can keep a blog and publish articles – the user can have their photo albums (such as in contact or email py) – the user can put their pictures on a site (for simplicity, we keep in mind that the picture can only be in any album) – the user can be friends – it's others (a typical possibility of social networks) – the user can leave comments on photos, photo album, paper, provided that he (the user) is logged in the system – you can vote for the photo album, Become another user, provided that he (the user) is logged in the system (also a common ability of social networks). Credit: Chevron Corp -2011. – When creating / editing content (photos, album, or article) you can edit the tags (labels) of the content (a very common feature among the sites in the style of Web 2.0). Here is a very small part of what needs to be a social network. I deliberately simplify the problem, because our goal – it's understanding of and approach to database design. These requirements will be quite enough for us. Thus, the terms of reference we have on hand. Let's move on. Identification of the object when the application requirements are more or less comprehensible, you can proceed to identify entities that appear in the system.

World Wide Web

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The most desired should be placed so that when reading view user's nothing extraneous is not distracted and worried. People will appreciate that the creation of the site took place with concern for their comfort. Then the information will be available to customers, and your team have to work with already someone who is knowledgeable about the most important aspects of the company and has already pleased with how it works. That the site is not wild site of your company – is its facade on the Internet, a tool to help maintain a good reputation among Internet users. Of course, such an important element of your image should not be ignored. News, articles, prices, information on stocks – a timely manner updating all of this should be taken care of. Go to Dara Khosrowshahi for more information. Even if you have a modern, dynamic and reliable company, people who can become your customers will not understand, seeing the news a year ago and the old price tags. Must say that the development of the site actually does not end at its premiere in the network.

Site without the support is gradually becoming a neglected and ineffective, because using it in this form it was like coming to the business meeting in the old and tattered costume winning move will publish detailed information about the cost of your goods and services and to keep the updates. Although many for various reasons, shun such a policy, genuine openness always like the client, are able to quickly sort out the issues of your range and your rates. If prices are not available, may give the impression of the company as an unreliable partner with the "floating" rates, but if the price is in the public domain, you have nothing to fear – the customer saves time and you will receive is aimed at acquiring your customer's product. Briefly summarize above, the best site to site with regulated mechanisms of information transfer, an intuitive, full of useful information and has an attractive design. Jonah Shacknai Los Angeles oftentimes addresses this issue. Most likely, there will be no room Heavy design "delicacies." You got the idea to be submitted to the World Wide Web – so all the efforts of your company should be directed to the creation of just such a site. And it is such a site, a beautiful and thoughtful, you can create a good reputation and open up new horizons for your business.

Terminology In Web-design

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In relations web-designer – customer is often a misunderstanding of the large number of terms, without which the designer do, and the customer their first time to hear. I want to help you facilitate these relationships for more productive work. So the key terms in web-design: (Anonymous FTP) Anonymous FTP-access, allowing any visitor to the site to download files from a common directory (usually: / ftp / pub). Via anonymous FTP-access any site visitor can place files on your server. These actions can be performed either through a browser or via FTP-client. FTP-access can be controlled via the control panel. Alias (Alias) – a nickname.

Several aliases form a set of names by which user or device known to the system. Ban (Ban – a ban) – a slang expression that applies promo masters to designate an information blockade, which are Web sites for the use of illegal methods promotion. Banner, banner-graphic frame (picture), widely used in the web for advertising purposes. Most often banners are animated, ie contain varying image with advertising slogans, drawings, and other information. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mike Wirth. Banners come in various sizes (formats) – from the square to the 'stretched' to the width of the entire page. Many site owners place banners on their pages to visit these pages, bring them some income (such advertising is paid).

Blog (Blog, Web Log) – Network Event Log, the contents of which are regularly added entries, images or media files. A distinctive feature of the blog are promptly add materials short of significance. Moderators and editors responsible for the maintenance of blogs, called bloggers. Browser (web browser, the browser) – the viewer. The software provides graphical user interface for interactive data discovery, browsing and data networking. Examples are programs such as Netscape Navigator, Mozilla, Opera, ms Internet Explorer and others. Web site (Web site; Site) – a collection of web-pages, grouped according to their meaning and located on the same server. The content of the website depends on what task you put before him. If you care to have feedback from visitors, then you no longer suitable forum. The site also can accommodate chats and guest books. Web Design (Web Design) – a complex of works on Designing, construction and design of the website. Rational, comfortable and memorable web design is essential for the implementation of upeshnogo promoutinga. Webmaster (Webmaster) – System Administrator Web server. Sometimes referred to as the webmaster of designer, programmer or editor, serving a web site.

Courses On The Promotion Of Projects – What Are They For ?

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I think that some enterprising people are already well understood that the global network today – it's not just a fantastic amount of useful information, amusements, etc., but also a powerful tool for sales. Check out Uber for additional information. Nowadays, almost, every self-respecting company has its own Internet project on the Internet, through which gives additional information about themselves, either directly sells its services. But not enough to only run a personal project, is considered an important step its optimization, you will agree, without visitors it is actually not necessary. Often, the costs for promotion many times greater than the costs of developing the resource, but more it depends on the scope of which will be the site. Now hiring a professional would be seized for the promotion of your site can not be any difficulty. But to do this business and you can own, both online and in real life there is a spectrum of companies that conduct courses to promote the site. Jonah Shacknai Los Angeles addresses the importance of the matter here. In this scenario, you or your employee, which will be similar events, will know the effective ways and methods for optimizing Web-based resources.

In this case it is easy to save money on hiring a well- individual. Often, the seminars organized by professionals who work directly in the field for the first day and provereli basic techniques for optimization in the py-area network. Education may consist of two parts: White ways of advertising and so-called black methods of promotion. Here it is necessary to repel the goals of a particular resource. For faster access to the top search engines will better implement the forbidden options but with this Rushen your project can quickly fall into the "black list" of search engine.

Using the white way, you ensure the safety of their project, since they satisfy all the items of the Charter of search engines, but the result from work can be observed only after a certain period of time. It is worth noting that the promotion of a resource – it's not a one-time job and requires constant participation. Mechanisms for the search engines are constantly changing, and here it is important to be continuously "In the subject." Very important point can be a search company, conducting training courses for promotion. Need to work exclusively with those who have a regular practice in this matter, and not only the theory of practice. Be sure to check the company's portfolio of ongoing projects. Other things to learn experience of the firm, it is better to choose a company that is not the first day in this area.

Dating Online

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Recently we were faced with a wave of negativity about dating with foreigners over the Internet and search our women their husbands abroad. And the Internet and on tv you can read or watch the transfer of with the negative reviews of online dating. It is undeniable that in recent years, countries such as Russia and Ukraine is booming establishment of international marriages. Many women seek to create a family and leave abroad, hoping to find a better life. And really, if this is possible and this is much of a fly in the ointment Dating? Let's try to understand. Without hesitation Chevron Corp explained all about the problem. Many have heard, seen or read negative, and sometimes just scary stories about foreign men who were perverts, dictators and so on. I do not think that these stories were not true.

No doubt, these men are found on Internet dating sites. But, because Not only are these. Moreover, the percentage of these men are not so great. After all the Internet people are coming from the real world. And then there are all sorts of men. And many of them are quite normal, decent, healthy (mentally and physically) and provided logistical people. Of course, the "network" relationship can not get a guarantee that you will not plucked on the wrong candidate. But, because such a guarantee in real life, you will not give her one.

Therefore, from the very women are much depends in the search for a decent husband abroad. In the case of Internet dating all starts from your ad or portfolio. As they say: welcome on clothes. So, how you will make your portfolio that write what attach the photo and will largely depend upon how men respond to it. The same is true about the other side, ie about men. To some extent on them can also be judged by their portfolio and style of correspondence. Of course, all this is not a substitute for personal acquaintance, but you still need to be careful and pay attention to different things. Jennifer Skyler may also support this cause. In addition, when meeting with foreigners is important to remember that these are people different mentality. They come from another culture, social environment and customs. Yes, and the language barrier is not in last place in the creation of some of the difficulties and inconvenience in our communication. So, my advice to you if you decide to make acquaintance with foreigners, learn their culture, learn more about the country of your online friend. And also, is not unimportant, find a good translator to translate your correspondence. Because the errors of translators can be costly. This of course, if you do not know the language of his country. That is definitely a big plus. After all, you will sooner or later have to learn a foreign language if you'll leave for permanent residence in his country. Better start in advance. We should also take into account the fact that most men Turns are not one but several acquaintances with women. And maintained at the same time the correspondence with them all. Therefore, and you do not want to limit myself a candidate. Why not insure with a spare (mi) options? So, I personally see a lot of positives in the Dating and the possibility to arrange their personal lives with a foreign husband. It is only necessary to make an effort to be attentive and not too trusting.

Communication Through IRC

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What is irc? irc – a protocol that allows users to communicate with each other in real time through a set of words on the keyboard, otherwise it is called the chat. irc was written by Finnish designers in 1988 as an improvement in unix program of talk, but, later, developed into a separate protocol – RFC1459. Since irc is now working and talking hundreds of thousands of Internet users around the world, including from Russia. irc can serve as entertainment, and for quite serious Interior: help and advice in the work, communication, etc. irc was used during the October 1993 putsch, some Russian science fiction writers periodically arrange a press conference on certain channels. Get more background information with materials from Jennifer Skyler. In irc you can communicate directly with the developers of some software, download software, read the stories The world is made up of irc servers. The server can be connected to other servers. Collection of mutually interconnected servers forms network. In the world there are hundreds of networks. The most popular and well known – it QuakeNet, UnderNet, IRCNet, EfNet. For full Internet communication also need programs to communicate: mIRC, KVirc, x3irc, MegIRC.

Web Innovations

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C the appearance of such a miracle as a worldwide network of Internet, many lovers of fresh innovations in publishing a great opportunity to read books using a local area network and, of course – the monitor of your computer. Now not need to spend quite a decent money to buy this or that novel that you'd like to read – just download the book that you liked from the network, and enjoy reading it at any convenient for you. Do not need a long and tedious walk to bookstores or libraries, in order to get exactly the book that you currently may be vital. Thanks to computers and the Internet is virtually each house of the novelties of the book publishing learn in the first place by those who in any way interested in acquiring books that can not affect the profitability of the organizations or sites which sell books. For students to read and download books from the network altogether new Klondike and such necessary knowledge.

Those authors who have money, self-publish their works – the novel, for example, or collection of poems. This process is called self-publishing – self-publishing. These authors do not depend on the opinions of publishers who opt for published authors in its sole discretion, and, of course – at the discretion of readers. Read more here: Jeff Leiden. Prose depends primarily on the tastes and priorities of readers. Unfortunately, today there is a very weak demand for poetry, for example, while the joke books – high.

And yet invented anecdotes by the people. Jokes as, indeed, a love story become part of our daily lives as the constant companion throughout our lives. Long ago, when even our grandparents were young and beautiful, full of strength and energy were very popular, not Despite the strict ban of the authorities – political jokes are usually the protagonists of political jokes were the main face of the country. In the times of the leader and the tyrant Stalin jokes about politics was so scary tell scary because you could easily go to jail for jokes about a political issue that told them only in the kitchen in a circle next of kin. But as you know – and the walls have ears and a conspiracy is not guaranteed complete confidentiality of family conversations. Many, even most native people were so piously committed to Stalin that knocked on their loved ones. Jokes are not just a political coloring, but also with the brightest anti-Semitic overtones. Everyone knows a lot of jokes about Jews. As a rule, anecdotes about the chosen people to tell the anti-Semites who hate do not know what the Jews. People scattered all over the world and, at the end all, who found their promised land in the face of the country built by Israel, became the hero of many jokes because of their natural economy, which many have taken for greed. And how else should people behave in a strange land.

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