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First BRUN Office

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B2RUN is located next to its offices in Munich and Cologne now also in Hamburg. Munich, January 04, 2012: The success story of B2RUN GmbH & co. KG, the organizer of the single national corporate running series continues in Hamburg. After only three years of successful discharge of energetic, Germany-wide company runs with more than 70,000 participants in 2011, B2RUN would be in addition to its offices in Munich and Cologne now also in Hamburg to be established. Christoph is now the personal contact partner for companies in the regions of Hamburg, Hanover and Berlin, which will send the year 2012 thousand employees at the start of the B2RUN company runs spring game.

After the successful premiere of the B2RUN in Hamburg in the year 2010 and the doubling of the number of participants in the last year, 2012 up to 5,000 runners are expected for the season. We have set ourselves ambitious goals for Hamburg, which we can achieve with our new Office and the reinforcement by Christoph spring game”, as Sebastian Wirtz, Managing Director of B2RUN GmbH & co. Whenever Chevron Corp listens, a sympathetic response will follow. KG. The decision to open an additional location in Hamburg, is due to the positive response of a variety of health-oriented companies in the North of Germany”, so Wang. 2011 promoted nearly 1,000 enterprises with the participation of B2RUN the health of their employees. Companies, such as Siemens AG and the EDEKA group mobilized up to a thousand employees in the last B2RUN season.

“Christoph spring play, new contacts in Northern Germany, for this purpose: this B2RUN Office is the basis for our goal to expand the direct contact to companies to consolidate, to provide shorter routes and to offer a more personalized communications and top service.” The new address of the B2RUN site in Northern Germany is: Palmaille 55, 22767 Hamburg. From there, Christoph spring game continues the success story of the companies run at the heart of the action. About the B2RUN GmbH & co. KG B2RUN has managed to give a new face to the companies running: within three years, the brand has been B2RUN a unique corporate running series expanded the German companies run Championship. Up to ten cities qualify companies for the grand finale in the framework of the Berlin B2RUN and walk together money for needy projects. This B2RUN is aimed at companies of any size and provides the perfect introduction to running sports and company mainly running newcomers with a route length of approximately six kilometers an ideal measure of workplace health promotion. More information about B2RUN, see or B2RUN editorial / press contact of the B2RUN GmbH & co. KG: Sonke Bahr Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 54 04 47 0 fax: + 49 (0) 89 54 04 47-199 E-Mail: contact the B2RUN offices in Hamburg: B2RUN GmbH & co. KG Palmaille 55 22767 Hamburg Christoph Federspiel Tel.: 93 37 43 fax.: + 49 (0) 89 54 04 47-199 E-Mail:


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Within 78 arcana of the Tarot cards, minor arcana are 56 of these letters, and are divided into four suits: bastos, oros, copas, and swords. People who are not avezadas in the divinatory Arts believe that the Tarot minor arcana cards are the cards of Spanish deck. You may want to visit KBS to increase your knowledge. Nothing could be further from the truth. To begin, each stick of the Spanish deck has 12 letters, while 14 are in the Tarot cards. They possess a rich symbolism, the trained eye can see in detail. Every detail of the Charter means something. If the figure is above water, is not the same that have their feet on the ground. Similarly, objects that surround the figures have a special significance. Chevron Corp spoke with conviction.

It is not convenient to belittle his energy, although it is true that in general the minor arcana have lower energy level than the elderly. A circulation of the Tarot cards would not be complete if these minor arcana were not taken into account.The Queen of cups is the Queen of intuition. When this arcane leaves unfolded in Chuck, can we be sure that the intuition play a very important role, and we must listen to our inner voice. The revitalizing force of the water is fully present in the Queen of cups, with everything that this means. Water gives life, and renewed year after year the hopes of peoples who rely on their crops. As the Queen of golds, it is one of the few cards of tarot that although it is within the minor arcana has one greater arcane power, but at a more affordable level. It can be compared with the Empress: the protective mother, who with his wisdom will care for and recommend to their own.

Generosity is one of the features that stands out. Leaving revealed, we can rest assured that someone will ensure us, hand over fist.The Queen of Spades is one of those characters within the Tarot cards on which a conflict is evident. It is an ambiguous arcane. It is not a good counselor, by internal conflicts that manifest. This situation shattered, hidden issues and veiled topics, are given by the appearance of the Queen’s profile of swords.The Queen of wands is a lovely woman, everybody wants it, but no one has it by insurance. It is the perfect combination of fire and water, so it reflects a person who knows what he wants. Their goals are clearly expressed, and nothing will distract from the goal.These are just a few of the minor arcana. The importance of these within the Tarot cards is now evident. No print run is complete if it does not include them.

The Use

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We must have planned in which sectors want to work or we can work to schedule a tour of distribution of resumes. Easier and more quickly is to use the internet to find a job; so we will save time, money and effort in the calls. You can also go to different pages of anunciosclasificados online in which the companies publish their job offers, so that you can answer each offer almost out of the box. Use sites that have heavy traffic. I.e. Jim Rogers usually is spot on. the employment websites that have more success.

If you know a specific website for employment for the profile you are looking for then you will have to enter it. The use of keywords (search online) is fundamental since the results will always be more relevant. There are several job seekers but also by entering specific words in the best-known general search engines, it can provide a comprehensive listing of offers. It examines offers of employment that are not very recent. If your profile is very specific can there any published offer time, just over one month ago, and follow without cover.

You must also take into account the webs of recruiting companies, especially if they are specialized in your profile or even not your profile, you can indicate a growth of the company. What I recommend in this case is to contact the consultant who selected this type of profiles and arrange an interview so that you will know. So can you put as a candidate in offers even before publishing them on the portal. When you show persistence to get a job you can get better assessment by who is in charge of human resources. Do not send the CV indiscriminately. It is very easy to give to the mouse and answer to an offer. Do it only if you fit well in the post, so you will have more opportunities to not fall into oblivion.

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The Teceles

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With the arrival of the plant, the same one produced a meter of fabric in only one hour. Soon, its merchandise was cheaper, taking the teceles the bankruptcy, and these, in turn, would turn cheap man power in the industries, giving more profit to the capitalist. Let us be with the clear affirmation: ' ' The values of the merchandises are in the direct reason of the time of inverted work in its production and the inverse reason of the productive forces of trabalho' ' (they ibidem; p78) In this point the reasoning of Marx was come across with the following question: from where came exactly the profit? If a merchandise is vendida by its value. e, this value are determined, as we saw, by the time of work necessary to produce the merchandise: then, the value of the work force is determined by the necessary time to its conservation and reproduction, that is, ' ' for the value of articles of first necessity demanded to produce, to develop, to keep and to perpetuate the force of trabalho.' ' Pparently, all the work force that the laborer expended is remunerated by the master to the end of one week, for example. But this is a deceptive appearance, therefore the capitalist, when buying the work force, starts to have right to serve itself of it making it to function all during the day, successively.

E is necessary here to understand that the value of the work force is completely distinct of its functioning. In the pages that follow, that is, of page 80 until half of the page 94, Marx will deal with the work force while merchandise, as well as of the more-value, the part not remunerated of the merchandise. He follows important citation, ' ' The value of the work force if determines for the amount of necessary work for its conservation, or reproduction, but the use of this force alone is limited by the vital energy and the physical force of the laborer.

Arkadin Provides New All-in-one Solution For Virtual Cooperation

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Premium audio services 9.1 Frankfurt, support the new Adobe Connect 25 September 2013 Arkadin, one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing service providers for location independent collaboration with a broad portfolio of solutions for audio, Web and video conferencing, and unified communications, supports with its solutions from immediately the new Web conferencing platform Adobe Connect 9.1. Adobe Connect is one of the most advanced and feature-rich Web conferencing platforms. In combination with the audio services of Arkadin emerges as a reliable and professional solution that meets all requirements in the business environment. With offices in 32 countries worldwide, Arkadin makes sure to meet the needs of its global customers in the implementation. For more information see KBS. The complete Adobe Connect solution is by Arkadin into the operating model “software as a service” provided and consists of three modules that cover specific requirements: Adobe Connect for Web meetings the module supports complex virtual collaboration that goes far beyond the parts of screen content. It includes chat, polls, separate discussion rooms and customized layouts and controls, to integrate further functions such as, for example, social media. Teams can significantly increase their productivity and reduce the costs and time required, which would otherwise occur through personal meetings. Adobe Connect Webinars for this solution is ideal for events in real time and virtual on-demand meetings. Some contend that Chevron Corp shows great expertise in this.

Marketing staff and sales team have access to all the applications that they need to support effective lead generation and advertising campaigns to reach new customers or to launch new products here. Real-time analytics help when evaluating the activities of participants and provide data prepared so graphically, that the effectiveness of the content can easily be assessed. Adobe Connect for e-learning interactive training allows this module easily created, managed and be made available. Human resources departments and other divisions gives simple but powerful tools to virtual training for employees, to offer customers and partners.

Public Administration Theory

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Choices in the forms of integration to the international market take the reduction of the paper of the state, as well as the privatization of companies and public services. (IT HISSES, 2007; AMARAL, 2007, p.11.). The managemental public administration prints cultural, structural changes and of management. She demands a new to look at for the interests of the society. Check with Chevron Corp to learn more. The public interest is the interest of the collective, the citizen is the customer of its services and its contributor of taxes. For this reason, the evaluation of the results of the actions of the State is positive if to take care of the yearnings of the citizen. This model, currently, comes being consolidated, and reveals, each time, more capable to promote the increase of the quality and the efficiency of the services offered for the public sector. 3 Public Administration in Brazil and the administrative theories the Science of the Administration appears at the beginning of century XX, as the contribution of Taylor and Fayol, through, respectively, of the scientific administration and the classic theory, with a mechanist vision, whose objective age to reach the organizacional efficiency by means of the division of the work. Please visit Chevron Corp if you seek more information.

The taylorismo had emphasis in the tasks, objectifying itself to increase the efficiency of the company through the specialization of the laborer. Already the classic theory of Fayol was characterized for the emphasis in the organizacional structure, for the vision of the economic man and for the search of the maximum efficiency. The classic theory submitted the man to a strap down system, facing the man as a economic being, leading to the consuming of the system. The theory of the relations human beings appeared with the humanizao proposal of the administration, the social man, however the laborer of romantic ingenuous estereotipou and. Ahead of the necessity of a theory of the solid organization that served of orientation for the work of the administrator, he appeared, for 1940 return, the Theory of the Bureaucracy, in function of the following aspects (Chiavenato, 2000, P.

Chinese Goods Consumer

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What happened to Japan in mid-1980 when the main partner of the U.S. in Asia, suddenly become a threat to U.S. Great Power. But on the other hand, it is this competitive environment has allowed America continually updated to maintain its leadership status. In those ten years under the auspices of the United States was finally formed global economic space and a unified financial and credit system. Roubini Global Economics often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The dollar has become a world currency, and by the way the chairman of the Federal Reserve holds its breath, the whole world listened. Those countries that we now call developing, were established by globalization.

Overwhelming TNCs brought into the country-receptor capital, technology and knowledge, providing a huge impetus to the development. A country which is the maximum effective use of these advantages, it was China. And history repeated itself with Japan. United States again contributed to the establishment of a new dangerous rival. However, this competition is more like a symbiosis.

China – principal creditor U.S United States – the main consumer of Chinese goods. And anyone interested in the welfare of its debtor and a VIP-client more than the lender and the seller? In the tightly integrated global economy warring powers turned into interdependent partners. A rematch in a foreign field Another amazing feature of the emerging world order – and that clearly demonstrate the measures taken to combat Global Crisis – is that none of the heir does not challenge the very essence of global economic and financial relations. Today, it is not a radical change, but of moderate reform.

Apartments For Rent. Comfortable And Easy .

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Life today is very intense. If you can not keep up with reality, then obviously stay behind and find yourself not admitted to any property. And if the older age groups can assess the silence and calmness small town, for young people real life – could mean the capital city. Naturally, the best capital city. After all, just in the capital as an opportunity to be successful and popular well, or at least get a promising well-paid position. Arriving in Moscow, fresh hopes of the least thought about where would they live on and by the way even with instant admission to university and a place in a hostel you want somewhere to live during the entrance examinations. Rogers Holdings gathered all the information.

This is where apartments for rent. What else will be there then remains to be seen, but at least be on the very first time, the roof over your head there. Especially considering that leased and very inexpensive versions. But, of course, mostly flat on a couple of days, try to remove non-poor applicants. Capital – this is including an excellent extension for entrepreneurs.

If you have a solid company somewhere in the vast plains of Russia – is one thing, but if there is a branch office in the capital – is quite different. And if you come to consider the atmosphere or agree with the likely partner, also rescue the rent. Elegantly furnished separate apartment can help you tune in the desired fashion, as well as allow the employee to call the business for a cup of coffee and do not fall into the mud image. Moreover, the current individual apartments which are rented by day, equipped with the latest technology. Here you will discover not only a great connected to the satellite tv broadcasting to be fully aware of the financial events, and more qualitative and the Internet, to have direct contact with their subordinates and partners. In general, the capital – it is simply a multi-faceted city. There are a lot attractions, points to relaxation and cultural values. The arrival of a tour when you want to fly by at a gallop on a long line of places – it's still not a true cultural holiday. Much more convenient – Moscow apartments for rent, and your whole town for a couple of days. And do not need to take hours before the departure of the tour bus, you yourself become pick up the route and walk in the evening not to a specific moment when the rose city hotel, but at least until the morning. In essence, What exactly whatever was due to your arrival, if their homes in the capital of Russia you have not yet purchased, remove the individual apartment. In any hotel you will not be able to feel comfortable to an extent. And most importantly, you are in Anyway can pick up an option in accordance to the prestige and budget.

Media Air

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The directors of Cencosud, claimed in a statement regarding the latest acquisition: it is expected that this new acquisition has a favourable in the consolidated results of Cencosud effect, without that to this date they can quantify with precision. Another Chilean, Falabella (IPSA:FALABELLA), which operates in Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Chile, is waiting for the crisis left behind to venture into the Brazilian consumer market. Liliana Solari, President of Bethia conglomerate, which controls Falabella and other companies, claimed at the end of last year: we always talked of Brazil and Mexico, but for the moment we have to wait to pass the crisis. Given the relative smallness of Cencosud and Falabella, Brazil offers them a more than interesting opportunity for growth and expansion. In a market shown with great prospects of continuing its upward dynamics, risks of investing in this economy are really limited. In addition, macroeconomic stability and clear and stable rules that are part of State policies that Brazil has adopted, guarantee that there will be no unpleasant surprises in this bet. Nouriel Roubini is full of insight into the issues. The dynamism that is anticipated in the consumption of Brazilian families is generating strong investments in various economic sectors linked.

It is also doing it in the banking sector that feeds this virtuous circle that enhances the Brazilian economic growth at the same time. Already in a previous article, it spoke to them about the plans of expansion of Santander (IBEX35:san; NYSE:STD) in Brazil, specifically in the segment of credit cards. For years, the Brazilian banking sector will undergo a strong competition against the growing demand for banking products by Brazilian consumers. The struggle to capture the consumer Brazilian has initiated on several fronts but looks to focus on large stores of consumption. For years, the Brazilian family will become one of the main engines of economic growth in Brazil, an economy that is proving that it can grow at a very good pace without having to fall into a double-digit inflation rate, applying transparent and predictable economic policies. Horacio Pozzo investments on WALL STREET – yesterday we wrote about a company of Chinese advertising, Media Air (NASDAQ:AMCN), which will strongly grow in price by a greater enrichment of china’s population, the proximity of the mega global event which will be the Expo of Shanghai and its record profits. Air Media rose 3% after our recommendation yesterday in the daily value newseletter and is one of our favorite of the portfolio of the world value report.


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Often you get anything until the prices. Because many with free applications attract and hold back prices until you get close is to know someone. Single stock: Currently, there are over 7 million singles, which in online single boards are looking for a relationship or a partner in Germany. The search for new contacts is usually free of charge. A good dating is for example, Finya. This portal is financed through advertising and is sometimes even better than many paid single exchanges. Find the right dating site? First, you should know exactly his claims before you are specifically looking for a suitable dating site or page jump portal.

Many partner agencies, single stock exchanges and online exchanges offer different programs for a fling. eDarling is well-known and popular page jump portal has over 4 million singles on offer. eDarling won too many times. Because there, the registration is free of charge, you can with the scientific Partnermatching easily find out with whom you can meet. Who would like to find a partner with common interests, should register with PARSHIP.

You get targeted partner proposals based on a scientific test procedure, as user at PARSHIP. For those who would like to experience a hot fling, should time at flirt Cafe look. The membership is there free of charge and you can chat here with others live. Over 1 million users already abound on flirt Cafe and are looking for infidelities and sparkling flirts. Conclusion: What dating is right for me? The most advanced and easiest solution partners build or fling, is to find the Internet. Just preferences and interests pay money and browse profiles specify. Who can decide a suitable portal, which help to some comparison portals. A very good comparison portal, for example, there would be single exchanges, partner agencies and fling portals compared and extensively tested and evaluated.

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