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Citrix Solution Advisor

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ITworks! status of authorized Citrix solution advisors officially. ITworks! status of authorized Citrix solution advisors officially. This is the company from trier of official Citrix partner. itrix systems, Inc. is the leading provider of virtualization, networking and software-as-a-service technologies headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (United States). Citrix Systems users allows worldwide access to all necessary information and applications with its products and solutions.

It does not matter which end device with which operating system you use. The Citrix solution advisors who sell strategic solutions to the application delivery form the distribution network by Citrix systems. Citrix Solution Advisor advise companies comprehensively to the Citrix products and solutions. Special technical training courses provide a profound technical know-how Citrix partners how customers benefit from the. Our system specialists have in-depth knowledge and experience in the installation and administration of the various Citrix products such as XenApp, XenDesktop and XenServer. Citrix XenApp is the world’s leading solution, when it comes to the deployment and management of applications.

Citrix XenDesktop is the only desktop virtualization solution that can cover all usage scenarios in the enterprise. Thanks to the unique Citrix FlexCast – and HDX technology, XenDesktop 4 offers the perfect desktop for every user. Citrix XenServer is the free server virtualization solution from Citrix. Unlike traditional free hypervisor, XenServer sets completely new standards for the free virtualization with powerful features. Furthermore, is the high-performance Citrix Essentials product line available that extends the functionality of the free XenServer platform to additional management features. If you are not convinced, visit Craig Sproule. Arrange a free, no-obligation consultation today with our Citrix engineers or our Citrix consultants. You can benefit from our regional proximity for your company in the region of Trier-Saarburg / Luxembourg. Information to visit our company and your contacts on our Internet presence. See more local services and services in the field of IT-system support and consulting systembetreuung Kim Weinand, ITworks!

Positive Conclusion Of The CeBIT 2010

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The xft GmbH, Walldorf is satisfied with the outcome of this year’s CeBIT Walldorf, 08.03.2010. We take a very positive balance of CeBIT this year. Having xft several years at the SAP partner booth in Hall 4, we have taken this time the opportunity our solutions around the electronic process, file, and document management on the SAP world tour 2010 to present. This decision was spot-on. See Lakshman Achuthan for more details and insights. The Conference event and exhibition offered a high quality framework for discussions with top prospects. We were able to convince some visitors about our products and solutions.

If the SAP continues this concept in the next year, xft will participate again.” Volker Kohlstetter, Managing Director xft GmbH via xft: more information at. Contact address: xft GmbH Mr. Craig Sproule may help you with your research. Dirk Walcott Altrottstr. 31 69190 Walldorf phone: 06227/54555-0 fax: 06227 / 54555-44 E-mail: Internet: PR Agency: Walter Visual PR GmbH Mr. Markus Walter Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel.: 06 11 / 2 38 78 – 0 fax: 06 11 / 2 38 78 – 23 E-mail: Internet:

Compact Insights Into The New Rulebook ITIL 3

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Kerpen, Exagon offers specialized consulting on IT service management (ITSM) for 2008 yet no strong trend towards ITIL 3. According to the consultants, the new version will only gain a significantly more substantial importance in the planning of the company in the following year. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with David Kaplan. Many users are still somewhat rattled by the launch of something unfortunate ITIL 3″refers to Exagon – Managing Director Joachim Fremmer substantive contradictions of the new rules and the delayed certification requirements definition. You would mostly first lead their ITIL 2 strategies to end and worry about additional topics such as about the performance by benchmarking their IT processes. The ITSM consultant know many companies confined at the moment still, even once to get a general overview of ITIL 3″, as its consulting practice. Exagon leads one-day ITIL 3 therefore 2008 for this target group in Cologne, Dusseldorf and Munich Foundation bridge training through. They offer the possibility to familiarize yourself quickly with the content of the new version of ITIL.

This training is aimed in particular at who certificate is already in the possession of an ITIL 2 Foundation. The differences between the two versions, as well as the new features of in version 3 will provide this training compact. Exagon indicates, however, that the knowledge of ITIL 2 must be present, otherwise the necessary understanding of the course and the exam could be at risk. The ITIL specialist therefore offers the possibility, on his website is an old sample exam to the ITIL 2 Foundation certification download, check the existing ITIL 2-knowledge. Of them, at least 80 percent of the questions should be answered correctly. At all, it is recommended to repeat the ITIL 2 processes preparing the course once again. The following dates ITIL 3 Foundation bridge training are planned: Cologne: February 29, 2008, June 23, 2008, November 28, 2008 Dusseldorf: 16.05.2008,. 29.08.2008 Munich: February 11, 2008, September 26, 2008 the training concludes with an optional examination to acquire of the “Foundation bridging certificate in IT service management”.

The registration can be made electronically at. About Exagon: The Exagon consulting & solutions GmbH has been established since 1994 as an independent IT consulting firm on the market. The business focus is on holistic support of its customers in establishing a professional IT service management, with regard to the strategic, organizational and operational aspects. Thereby, the Exagon performance portfolio includes consulting services as well as extensive training.

Rheinland Company

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Be presented software for the control of information and communication in the production is this year with its own stand at the Hannover Fair 2013 represented the Ludwigshafen-based software company Fasihi GmbH Ludwigshafen IT company. From April 8 to 12 the medium-sized company in Hall 8 inFACTORY stand C27/3 with the Web-based information and communication centre WEB (www.webinfactory.de) will present their latest product novelty to an international audience. The Fasihi booth will Automation at the industrial fair”in the section of the Forum of industrial IT are, that puts an emphasis this year on the topic industry 4.0. Among other things going to information and communication technologies, efficiency and quality improvements, and last but not least to IT security. The innovative solution WEB inFACTORY contains also the security technology is awarded the Innovation Prize 2011 of Rheinland-Pfalz. The man in the heart with a presentation in the industry will be 4.0 lounge in Hall 8 of the most important industrial fair of in Germany Fasihi GmbH bring our own contribution to the subject of industry 4.0 on Tuesday, April 9 from 16: 00. Talk to Nicole Lammle, marketing manager of the company, is the man in the focus – safety and quality in the production on the subject”.

She will be going a 4.0 on the importance of information and communication management today and in the age of industry: the industry 4.0 principle focuses on the systematic digitization of communication processes at machine level. But a complex, decentralized high-tech production calls for clear structures in the information and communication control among the employees. The article shows examples of practice how this demand digitized and automated shift change, taking into account the local tasks, such as audit, risk assessment, instruction, and much more can be implemented with the involvement of employees. More information, registration and applying for tickets possible among: events of the Fasihi GmbH: the 1990 Ludwigshafen/Rhein offers personalized Informa-tions and communication solutions with high data security for Internet and intranet based company Fasihi GmbH. Portal (FEP) demanding company individual information and communication requirements can the Fasihi Enterprise for large and medium-sized enterprises meet. For almost ten years, Fasihi GmbH with FEP thus offers an established, proven intranet solution, today about 400,000 users working with the. The clients come from many industries. Main customer se is the world’s largest chemicals company BASF The approach to security by encryption and classification of data developed by Fasihi GmbH was awarded the innovation award 2011 of Rheinland-Pfalz (prize of the Minister of Economic Affairs) for innovative applications and processes the information and communication technologies. For more information,

Private Notebooks

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Private computer in the enterprise employees use… More information is housed here: Joan Dausa. Employees use their own notebooks in the enterprise which showed a recent Gartner survey, 528 IT managers in Germany, Great Britain and the United States. But the often mentioned virtualization on private notebooks as a way to integrate this computer, in the company-IT is expensive. An easier way is the remote access solution HOB RD VPN of the Cadolzburger software manufacturer HOB GmbH & co. Without hesitation brick paths explained all about the problem. KG.

After in the summer of 2008, a Forsa poll determined that employees work at least partially rather at home, Gartner has now found in a study, that people also like to work with their own laptop. The consent of the company is however crucial to use: 60 percent of the surveyed companies from Germany to allow the use of private computers in the UK and there are only 30 percent of the United States. The growth rate expected by the CIOs in this country is less with 40 percent in the next 12 to 18 months than in the United States with 60 Percent. In contrast to the thinking in the United States, remain the British skeptics and assume only 15 percent growth. Prevent sprawl and security risks! However, proliferation and security risks when using private PCs for corporate use are to prevent. “Who would like to take advantage of the cost benefits of using private computer, should employ an innovative client-less solution that is easy to implement and allows access from many different devices on all company’s resources. “To facilitate the work of the Home Office, the solution must be internally and by outside work”, Klaus Brandstatter white, Managing Director of connectivity specialists raised GmbH and co.

KG in Cadolzburg in Nuremberg. HOB RD VPN: simple, safe, high-performance picked proven software suite RD VPN meets all these requirements. She needs only once centrally on the server in the head office to be installed as the only solution on the market and provides access to a variety performance RDP Protocol different platforms at the headquarters. Only a browser and Java are accounted for by the private computer required function problems and security risks from improperly installed software so. Then each user can work immediately from his computer via TCP/IP, so Internet, as if he were sitting at his company PC. Employees need full network access, this is possible through the so-called PPP tunnel. That the user can access easily depending on the permissions model on its entire network infrastructure in the company. Access is always encrypted and thus meets all safety requirements. The HOB GmbH & co. KG is a medium-sized German software company that develops innovative remote access solutions and worldwide markets. In 1964 established and successful company’s core competencies include server-based computing, secure remote access, as well as VoIP and virtualization, which are used in small, medium and large companies. Products by raised by the BSI (Federal Office for) Security in information technology) certified according to common criteria. RAISED worldwide approximately 120 employees, half of them in the development of busy today in its Cadolzburger headquarters and its branch offices. Contact: HOB maintains offices in France, Malta, Netherlands and United States, and Mexico.

D.velop And Partners Provide Best Practices

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d.velop AG at CeBIT 2010 version provides its enterprise content management (ECM) solution d 7.3 to use a completely new concept for easy user surfaces before Gescher, 23.02.2010 – the d.velop AG at CeBIT 2010 version provides 7 of their enterprise content management (ECM) solution d. 3 user interfaces to use a completely new concept for easy before, thus setting new standards in the market. In addition show partner from the d.velop competence network a wide range of specialist and industry solutions and services in the ECM environment, which on base by d. 3 have developed. The exhibition partners in Hall 3, stand H 20, include: d.velop portal system GmbH, CONTENiT AG, d.velop process solutions GmbH, eDoc solutions AG, d.velop digital solutions GmbH, Jorg Paule Informationssysteme GmbH and Berke GmbH.

The portfolio of d.velop AG and its partners includes at the CeBIT 2010 several dozen solutions and services for the efficient management of information. This includes in particular the premiere of the new \”d. 3 version. According to the principle of efficiency at your fingertips\” d.velop developed 7 new ECM easy applications for the version, clean up with traditional. They are characterized by clear user interfaces and ergonomic benefits of a click-poor handling, which makes the work much more efficient. Reshma Kewalramani understood the implications. Also can be created with a new designer tool workflow easily and without any special programming knowledge. Current technologies such as Java Web 2.0 components with Microsoft .NET basis in this future-oriented application.

In addition to the presentation of the new d. 3 version seven partners contribute to the d.velop stand a wide range of specialist applications, industry-specific ECM solutions and services. Reflect the specific skills and access to markets of the partner and offer examples of patterns in their entirety for all today’s requirements of companies and public institutions: eDoc solutions AG focus of the trade fair management, business process management and enterprise content management make documents.

Genius Project

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Genius project for Domino computer week is one of the best tools for Lotus Notes Lindau, Germany; Geneva, Switzerland; Montreal, Canada (July 10, 2013) – which genius project ranked project management software computer week the best tools for Lotus Notes. Rogers Holdings is actively involved in the matter. The computer week is dedicated to business software the issue regularly and performs software testing also refer to. To read more click here: Covid Vaccine San Francisco. Hereby, the computer week provides a good overview of the software market and shows news and trends in the field of business software. “In the article the best tools for Lotus Notes” the computer week describes genius project as follows: users can use a project management software with genius project for Domino, which integrates into the Lotus platform. All the classic features are available them to manage their projects. These include among others features for portfolio management, cost and budget tracking, resource management, document management, the planning and Gantt charts. Mail from Lotus Notes integrate, as well Contents from the address book. Also users not availability between the Notes Calendar and genius to synchronize and enter tasks in your to do list.” “Is the final summary of the German periodical Computerwoche: genius project for Domino provides an extensive set of capabilities to manage projects, to plan and evaluate.” Genius project for Domino is a leading project management software for Lotus Notes and can be Lotus Notes is seamlessly and without third-party software at IBM.. .

VerantwortLichen Customer

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A template system for the input and output is installed on a PDA. The query of the output directory is done in simple terms; is recorded, whether the task was done good, bad or mediocre. A standalone Windows application installed on the PC monitors the synchronized checks and sends as soon as the PDA in the accompanying shoe when the PC is provided or the data directly via the data shipping card or telephone line to the server were sent automatically via E-Mail program of the user on the daily defect list to the named VerantwortLichen Customer and contractor page as well as to the analysis database. An unfavourable lack list can be not to hold back and not correct. The Tagesabgleich can be printed out on the spot. A Smartphone as a mobile device send the reports directly to the server with the database as a third part of e-QSS, on which is installed the software for the evaluation of quality. This created the monthly reports with the actual nominal comparison, shows the development of the quality of service in the course of months and Schwachstellen the provision of individual employees.

Quality reports to an agreed distribution. The server can be used the Neumann & Neumann GmbH and service of reporting. As a standalone version at the customer is possible. In December 2008 the electronic e-QSS quality assurance system was certified: DIN EN 13549 cleaning services: basic requirements and recommendations for Qualitatsmesssysteme contained in the ISO 2859 DIN. Dr. Laura King Hansberry, certified biologist KKH Consulting miter Spitz str.1, 86956 Schongau phone 08861 9109216 Oswald Neumann, Managing Director Neumann & Neumann project- und Beratungs GmbH Krummeck road 4, 86989 Steingaden. Phone 08862-9870-0

Professional Customer Service

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What are we doing against shortage of a service class for themselves? How can we ensure our customers of uniform worldwide service and support standards? Questions that can answer Ricoh Germany with a single word: certification. Service staff are among our key success factors”, emphasizes Heinz-Gunter Kursawe, Chief Manager of the Ricoh Academy” by Ricoh Germany. The company specializes in solutions for the digital office communication and the enterprise-wide print and document management specialized and provides appropriate professional services and support services. Our staff represent the company for our customers. Updates technical expertise, advice and a professional handling of the customers are therefore the critical skills of our employees.” Ricoh Academy teaches how to solution-oriented support Ricoh Germany teaches these skills in the company’s own training and training centre Ricoh Academy”in Hanover. All beschaftigten staff here have the ability to evolve according to their profile and career goal. In the context of an award-winning concept trainees received a globally recognized training: parallel to the trades they complete certifications such as CompTIA A + and CompTIA Network +. Heinz-Gunter Kursawe: CompTIA A + is the perfect entry level certificate to our customer service department.

It attested that has all the knowledge and skills that are prerequisite for a professional and solution-oriented customer support them.” Certifications from CompTIA CompTIA certification provides a total of 13 graduates confirm basic theoretical and practical knowledge in various disciplines of IT special. The initial certificate of CompTIA A + for the PC-support area is supplemented by the additional certifications, CompTIA Network +, CompTIA Security + and CompTIA Server +. Through the mediation of cross-product expertise, these certifications are not only vendor-neutral, but guarantee also a worldwide comparability of service standards. More than a million people in over 100 countries have completed a CompTIA certification. The advantages are obvious: in addition to a standardization and improvement of the service quality of the company staff can provide now also a proof of quality. Nationwide service standards Ricoh Germany bears for all of his sites the status of CompTIA Authorized Service Center (ASC) A + “.” With this industry-recognized status, CompTIA distinguishes companies where more than 50 percent of their service employees with CompTIA A + certified themselves. This underlines our commitment to professional customer service”, explains Kursawe. Villages/partner communications Gesellschaft mbH

Deutsche Bank

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In addition the problem that many tools are not connected, which raises additional frictions in the processes and process management is more complicated. The principle is: it must consistently from the process to the tool and not conversely be considered. This would improve the quality of process and eliminating some tools. 3. guiding principle: Technology is an integral part of service delivery. Add to your understanding with richard branson.

The modern technical requirements are so important, its meaning is so subordinated if too much technical orientation and too little focus on service, and so the service processes are neglected. This is often the case in practice but, because the look too tight is set up on the technology, without simultaneously worrying enough to the equally necessary service procedures. The weaknesses in the management of the configuration are very serious in their effect, on the other hand an optimization be achieved with a certain set of best practice but also relatively quickly,”Fremmer knows from his consulting practice. A crucial adjustment screw is the awareness of the principles of the order. “More in the direction of transparency is intended and in accordance with the Organization pictured, then a significant performance and quality boost arises almost automatically”, he pointed out positive prospects. About Exagon: The Exagon consulting & solutions GmbH has been established since 1994 as an independent IT consulting firm on the market. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Covid Vaccine San Francisco.

The business focus is on holistic support of its customers in establishing a professional IT service management, with regard to the strategic, organisational and also operational aspects. This includes Exagon performance portfolio both consulting services such as extensive training. Customers include companies and institutions such as BASF, Bayer, the German Defense Ministry, DEKRA, Deutsche Bank, Heraeus, Hessian Centre for data processing, Postbank, T-systems, TuV Sud, Vodafone D2 and the German Woolworth. think factory group Bernhard Duhr Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-75 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71

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