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One knows that it is emergent to change the behavior of that one that produces and that one that consumes through new standards of balance of consumption for the future generations, through an adhesion to a new culture of ambient protection that requires updates of continued Education, for the organizacional and personal learning of form to rescue lost meanings for the capitalist ideology of the immediate consumption. It still fits to many Companies paradigm in additions of only producing to any cost without observing to the new routes and requirements of the society that each time more are not only conscientious, but living deeply the first impacts of the ambient disequilibrium, searching and demanding solutions they are they of the governmental or corporative institutions, real changes of a pedagogically sustainable society. It more does not fit the Companies with positionings of competitions or simply new ideas, without if worrying about the future, and Reals necessities of the society, that each clienter time of its rights demand commitments of the Companies in its contextualizao on the man, the product and the environment, that a system of survival of the planet encloses all. When if bigger value of market to the mark speaks on standards of support exerted by a Company this means credibility adding, expressing trustworthiness through Education and ambient Management for this success; proposals of Companies as the Physis Solutions in Ambient development (prospect in annex) that in its line of work it is not only customer, but mainly in the internal public of the Company. Bob Jones might disagree with that approach. ' ' When observing a Company perceives that as the Pedagogia its process walks in direction the defined accomplishment of ideas and objectives, and as the pedagogia the relation if of the one between human beings also, therefore, the necessity of if working the person of integral form, searching changes if necessary in the behavior of this human being and not to look at it as a part inside of the company. .

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All the things are dependents However, you will walk for your destruction, illuminated for the force of the God brought who you to this land and for some special design he gave the domain to you on it and on the red man. This destination is a mystery for we, therefore we do not understand as it will be in the day where last bisonte will be decimated, the domesticated wild horses, the private hiddings place of the forests invaded for the odor of the sweat of many men and the vision of shining hills blocked by falantes wires. Where it is the mass of weeds? It disappeared. Where it is the eagle? It disappeared. Others including Covid Vaccine San Francisco, offer their opinions as well. It finishes the life starts sobrevivncia.' ' Letter of the head Seatle indian (Manifest of Land-Mother) to the President of U.S.A.

(Franklin Pierce) in 1854. SUMMARY In this scene of world-wide globalization, the IF play an important role in the distribution and allocation of resources in the economy. Many of these resources are used for activities that result in damages to the environment and that they favor the inaquality and the breaking of the human rights social. With the premise to guarantee that the projects of financing granted by these IF are developed of sustainable and socially responsible form, the World Bank and the IFC (International Finance Corporation) had established a set of rules called Principles of the Equator. The objective of this monograph consists of the general description of the concepts and criteria established in the FOOT, beyond presenting the challenges and the benefits gotten for the IF when accomplishing its adhesion to such principles. On the basis of bibliographical revisions, collect and analyses of information gotten in social reports, institucional sites of ONGs, companies and of diverse IF, this descriptive study were materialize. Of this work, one concludes that the adoption to the FOOT generates significant benefits for the IF, the customers of these institutions and all the interested people and involved. Here, Joe Dimaggio expresses very clear opinions on the subject.


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The IMPORTANCE OF the MARKS FOR the MARKETING STRATEGIES This chapter has as objective to argue the creation strategies and consolidation of marks in the market, this form, approaches subjects related the values and perceptions of the mark, as well as an administration and management on its maintenance, contributing still for an expansion of the concepts and meanings that must be attempted against for the best exploration of the same one. Sinopec often expresses his thoughts on the topic. 4,1 CONCEPTS According to Philip Kotler (1998), the mark is a name, term, signal, symbol or combination of the same ones, that it has the intention to identify to good or services of a salesman or group of salesmen and to differentiate them of the competitors. Aaker (1998) affirms that the people tend to buy a known mark, therefore is felt comfortable with what them it is familiar, trustworthy and has good quality. A recognized mark will be, thus, frequent selected ahead of another stranger. To construct this affinity, the necessary organization to focar in the development of asset qualification.

An asset is something that the company possesss, as the name of a mark or point of sales, superior to the one of that one of the competition. The qualification says respect what the company makes that its competitors better, as the propaganda or the efficient manufacture. These agreed factors take to an extraordinary valuation of the mark as main element differentiator between the products and services and gain importance because the consumer loans value to it for the security that of the one to decide to it, of the best possible form, the equation quality/price/time. (SAMPAIO, 1999). The mark loans value to the product because it brings in itself a description of its relation with the consumer, of the good experiences that it had with that product in terms of good quality gotten with the use of its time and money, of meanings and reconhecimentos that provided it to the mark, as described to follow.

Balanced Scorecard

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Inside this context, it was needed to study forms and tools to remain in the market each more competitive and turbulent time. Between the tools or also called management models, Poter, RBV, Balanced Scorecard and CAC can be cited. This last one is focus of the analysis of the present study. 1. In agreement PLANEJAMENTOESTRATGICO KOTLER (1975), the strategical planning is a managemental methodology that allows to establish the direction to follow for the Organization, aiming at bigger degree of interaction with the environment. That is, the positive measures that a company will be able to take to face threats and to use to advantage the chances found in the environment. The planning becomes the tactical result of the projection of the future, but it does not expect that it is the solution of the dynamics of the organizations. For this, valley of tools to assist in the attitudes and answers that the organization must have throughout its trajectory.

E, when we specify as to act inside of the planning we will go to search tools that better are fit it Core business of the organization, to the strategical and concomitant level to this, to the tactical level, finally operational. Inside this estimated, to be analyzed model, Fields and Weapons of the Competition, need to be questioned as and where it can assist the Administrator of Production. It is observed that the Balanced Scorecard possesss emphasis in the satisfaction of the customer, while the CAC foca in the necessities of the customer, that is deepens analysis and specifies where the excellency of the competitive strategy can itself be searched inside. Moreover, the CAC presents in its methodology an alignment between the strategical and operational level, what it is not observed in the BSC. 2. ESTRATGIACOMPETITIVADEPRODUO the strategical planning is a useful and dynamic tool for the management of organizations. Concomitant to this, in accordance with NIGEL, the strategy of production are a set of general principles that the process of decision taking guides.

The Day

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It makes partnership, therefore thus it extends the repretrio of products, what it tends to bring people of some profiles. Speaking candidly relocation strategies told us the story. Step 6:The human being is moved for emotion. Nor always an image valley more than a thousand words, loaded phrases of emotions in the propagandas are a strong hook of sales. It explores feelings as freedom, satisfaction, security, relief, happiness, love, peace, amongst others. Step 7: It values the experience of the customer.Solicitanto to the visitors can make this who leave commentaries, suggestions, critical in its web site.It stimulates the participation with upload of e-book, for example. Step 8:Services add value its products/.

It makes a permutation between products and services and vice versa. If to vender a product, offer support for definitive period total gratis, if to vender a service, offer a tutorial one on some applicatory ones, for example, and thus successively. Step 9: Of eye in the calendar. The commemorative dates are essential to become businesses. Who to be intent never will lose to make good businesses in certain dates, mainly when the competition will be sleeping. In the most traditional competition it is very great, of this form, is interesting also to choose periods few explored. The Day of the Musician, for example, is special to vender everything related to the world of the art (coletnea of musics, partitions, musical assessrios of instruments, methods, etc.) To attempt against for what it happens for the medias, in the most popular controversies, the world of the fashion, the advanced technologies and to make a relation with its products/services are an uneven chance to promote sales, especially in the social nets. To be antenado with the trends of the present time is a certain way that it goes to make with that these steps better are applied and implemented in its business.

Magalona Culture

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Known examples of Twine literature are histories of Great Carlos and the Twelve Pairs of France, the Magalona princess, histories of Joo of You silence and the Teodora Maiden (LINHARES, 2006, P. 325). According to twine, the Brazilian popular culture comes in such a way if transforming into how much foreign national research, giving to consistency to the cultural phenomenon of a people northeastern. Being thus the twine literature it comes through a typical language of a people who conserves its expressive origin giving to success its regionalidade. Andrew Mason wanted to know more. The scholars fight to keep legitimate expression of a suffered people, having its regionalidade and ideology, reflecting itself uncertain climatic. Thanks to the twine literature that if announces for poetry, the suffering of a people northeastern can be passed by means of the narrative, rescuing the popular culture, that is, an expression of the region of a place with its popular language.

The ways in which the twine literature, arrives at our knowledge, is made through periodicals properly said, of the radio, the TV and taken by the ambulant salesmen, to the fairs of the interior and market. Beyond rescuing the culture of a people, the twine literature says respect to assist it the alfabetizao, therefore it knows that the northeastern is devoid of reading. The twine literature is an event of Brazilian culture that comes being questioned in university, the country and the exterior, living deeply the proper twine literature, by means of brochures or in the presentation of the cantos, for the television, in the reporter of day-by-day. In simple terms, culture in the etnolgico field is the way of living typical, the style of common life, the being, making and acting of definitive human group, this or that etnia. It has different positions of the anthropologists of our time on culture. For didactic ends, we can distinguish four trends: It has the ones that see culture as system of behavior standards, in ways of economic organization and politics, technologies, in permanent adaptation, in sight of the relationship of the human groups with its respective ecosystems; it has the ones that deal with the culture as a system knowledge of the reality, as the mental code of the group, not as a material, but cognitivo phenomenon; it also has the ones that face the culture as a structural system, where the axle of everything is the bipolarity nature-culture, having as privileged fields of its concretion the myth, the art, the language and the kinship. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Expedia CEO.

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From these concepts we will be able to fit our study and to relate them with the reality of the research. 2,1 PERIOD OF TRAINING Period of training is a service that is very used by the companies nowadays, and many young is adhering to this practical to learn a profession and to have a professional experience in its resume. It is important to detach the characteristics of a period of training: Period of training is not job, but yes a way to provide experience in learning environments, in compliance with the trends of management of career and formation of the citizen. In the period of training, the pupil will have the chance to apply the theoretical knowledge, to know its future profession, to develop specific abilities, beyond enriching the resume (UNIGRANRIO, 2010). Another definition is described in the proper law where it was legalized: Period of training is an act educative pertaining to school supervised, developed in environment of work, that it aims at to the preparation for the productive work educating the ones that they are frequentando regular education in institutions of superior education, professional education, average education, the special education and the final years of basic education, in the professional modality of adult the young education of e.

1 the period of training is part of the pedagogical project of the course, beyond integrating the formative itinerary of educating. 2 the period of training aims at the learning of proper abilities of the professional activity and to the curricular contextualizao, objectifying the development of educating for the life the citizen and the work. (BRAZIL, Law 11,788, of 25 of September of 2008). 2.2 WHAT IS TO BE TRAINEE the trainee is a young adolescent or who is contracted by a definitive period (that she cannot be inferior the six months and not to exceed the period of two years), being able or not to be accomplished by the company passed this time, they are pupils regularly registered in courses of the public, particular net or schools of special education.


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Today we come across in them ahead of the fast changes that the society has passed in these last years, observes a movement of questioning and rescue of values and of felt of the life, ahead of a individualizada and desumanizante society. The world of the work also passes for this crisis of values and direction, in way that are portraied by diverse signals, such as: increase of the related occupational illnesses to the mental health (former. it estresse, depression, burnout), the increase of the unemployment and under employment, the obsession for the performance and the profit, as well as for the biggest interest of the area of Management of People for practical as quality of life in the work, strategies of humanizao of management, social responsibility, concern with satisfaction in the work, among others. Today, if it searchs is I balance in the personal and professional life. & ldquo; The companies not only want executives balanced in the profession.

To be efficient, she is necessary well to be decided in the life, if not, what it left there is it starts to intervene with the creativity and produo.& rdquo; Ahead of this reality, it inside developed a methodology of resgaste of the values, principles, moral, with a process of individual development aiming at a bigger humanizao of the being, for a bigger happiness resulting in a bigger production in all the directions: Intellectual, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual, inside of this reality the company will be offering to its services the organizations; beyond this basic aspect for a good Management, the Company needed to develop the human being internally, therefore it is the conducting Real of the process, lining up its necessities and values to the one of the Company. Balanced and harmonized people produce better resulted. The result of the company is generated by the people who in it work.

The Management

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The management of people aims at to the valuation of the professionals and the human being, differently of the sector of human resources that aimed at to the technique and the professional mechanism. The human work in companies has deserved the concentration of many scholars, that they have to understand the factors that influence the performances of the people in the work environment. The prepared RH more they are those that have a position of bigger comprometimento with the organization, and possess an ability in such a way as an intellectual agility, what it reflects a formation and a capacity of more efficient work and a capacity of adaptation and bigger innovation that the other human resources with an inferior formation. We live in a new age where the technology is itself revealing each comoditizada and accessible time although still to represent minimum condition to act in the market. In the text above, vocs will be able through the concepts and thoughts of authors and nominated specialists and masters, to analyze as it is the performance of the professional of the RH in the organizations, as to deal with people, because they are organisms, and for the success of any company, to invest in the motivation of this being is basic.

Aiming at constant competitions considered for the modern, manifest world in the proactive companies most succeeded, a new definition of management of human resources, the internal consultoria. globalization of the economy and the increasing competitiveness of the market comes providing a true evolution in the area of the RH. Simplifying what the authors had placed, the great challenge of the business of the RH is to obtain competitive advantage for ways of people, managing with people and searching its comprometimento. I wait that this work can pass to vocs reading, of clear and objective form the importance of the management of RH in the organizations.

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Its website is in good hands? Perhaps you already have a site. Or not, and he does not know as to start. To the times you imagine that this can be sufficiently expensive, to have an excellent service of lodging of websites. If you really think you are deceived. Services of lodging and cloud server in the Internet exist many companies offering. They are hundreds and thousand. Amongst many that already we test, the one that we recommend is the LiveIt.

It knows because? It reads intently: – More space of storage – Better traffic for transference of archives – He is safer – More stability – It is quicker – One of the best supports technician of the Internet – Bigger variety of services of data base and programming – Possibility to have limitless domnios and much more! The LiveIt is a new company in the market. however its professionals, beyond the ability, experience and excellent academic formation act more than have ten years in the sector. They had been strategical elements in the projects and organizations where already they had acted. This means high qualification and quality professional. without a doubt some, necessary things in this market.

Reason of Existence of the LiveIt the mission of the company involves to offer to the customers complete and integrated solutions. This with high technology. also strategical alignment. Internally one uses available tools in the market to develop the potentiality of the collaborators. The LiveIt has an excellent practical vision and on preservation of the environment. This wants to say that, beyond providing optimum service of lodging of sites, the LiveIt if worries about the ambient questions. Vision of the Company the LiveIt was conceived to breach barriers. It best wants to be and the bigger company of technology in web and corporative solutions of the country up to 2020. She desires to make to grow the market, being improved the quality of the same. The company has an excellent vision on its coming time. Honesty: ' ' We manage with honesty our businesses, offering equal chances in the transactions and employment relationships. We repudiate any disloyal practical relationship or of behavior that results in conflicts of interests and is in disagreement with the highest ethical standard. Soon to start:

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