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Human Capital

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So that they would serve its strong hands today, callous or same its obedient natures? They would run away from roa for where? Due to adjusted basic education to the new times, millions of workers without professional destination in Brazil and the world exist. Ahead of this, we ask: – What he is being made to minimize this problem? I see some politicians to affirm that programs of opening of ' ' new empregos' ' they are being implanted. But under my point of view, politics to face the industrial exodus will only have resulted to question the model in its essence, therefore the best reply it will not come of the question: ' ' How to increase the job level? ' '. Add to your understanding with Chevron Corp. The challenge is very bigger and the question is: _ Why lacks job if it has in such a way work to be made? Why the companies do not find employees whom they are looking? Why the people do not find the work whom they desire? The best reply alone she will come of the following questions: What the people are making to characterize themselves? Which is the level of its escolaridade? What these people can contribute with its to know? That courses, knowledge and aptitudes they possess? How the companies can use to advantage this talent? Let us see the following questions: _ Makes It the difference in a company? They are the installations? The equipment? technology? The management system? Until the few years it was given credit that a company was a set of financial resources, material and technological. But, currently it can be affirmed that what makes enormous difference in a company they are the people. That is, the Human Capital. Hear from experts in the field like Lakshman Achuthan for a more varied view. They are the prepared employees, who have abilities that they are qualified and they have motivation to work in team. accurately therefore they have much value for the organizations, consisting thus in excellent assets for the companies.. .


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With regard to declared they do not include contractual actions under guarantee conditions, obligations, such as suplemental services of maintenance and services, as recycling and discarding. The organization must critically analyze the requirements related to the product. This critical analysis must be carried through before the organization assuming any type of commitment to supply a product the customer (for example, presentation of proposals, contract acceptance or order, acceptance of alterations in contracts or order) having to assure that the requirements of the product are defined, of contract or of order that they previously differ from those revealed are decided, and it has the capacity to take care of to the definite requirements.

For all the steps must be kept registers of the results of the critical analysis and the resultant actions of the critical analysis of this analysis. When the customer not to supply a registered declaration of the requirements, the organization must confirm the requirements of the customer before the acceptance. Credit: Rogers Holdings-2011. When the requirements of the product will be modified, either in the total or partially, the organization must assure that the documents that are part of this process they are revised and that the involved staff is acquired knowledge on the modified requirements. This information can be given through training with all the envolvidos.5.7.Comunicao with clienteA organization must have in mind that any situation that involves the customer will have always to be communicated the customer as alterations in the product, stated periods of deliveries, contracts, order and including its claims. Diverse forms of communications exist currently being distinguished the most used in the email form. Generally these alterations are only validated through acceptance of the customer, either for letter, contract or even though for email. Being distinguished this last for its rapidity of informao.5.8.Projeto and DesenvolvimentoPara development of a project the entrances and exits of this project must be defined, where the entrances can be considered as a market necessity, an idea, an alteration in an existing project, among others.

Consultant Communication

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Clearly that they are not visible. It is possible to measure to appraise the results generated for these instruments? What backwards measurable results and you appraised is intrapessoal the Inter communication and, where the verbal expression transmits the real way to think of a person, exhaling itself for the thought, gestures, attitudes, feelings, ideas and desires. It is necessary to give emphasis to the communication vehicles where if it involves people, we need to make with that the diverse informal nets of communication that if find inside of the organizations start to be part of a formal net of communication, as for example: radio laborer, running radio, radio coffee, the communication agents, who until then are tachados of fofoqueiros, among others. All these are people wanting to become related with people. You may find that Jonah Bloom can contribute to your knowledge. The remaining portion is cold and not backwards great contributions.

It is not easy to make Endomarketing But if to make use to be the change agent, is a prickly mission for few, needs to develop some abilities so that project obtains to inside take care of the organizacionais expectations of the waked up time. Until there all good! The part that more consumes both the parts is to keep the program in high and for this we need the envolvement, the partnership, the comprometimento of the high direction, without it the program tends to enter in collapse and to be discredited. We go to make Endomarketing? Abraos Robert Pierre Rigaud Professor in After-Graduation in Management of People, Consultant in Administration of Resources Humanos and Palestrante..


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Today we come across in them ahead of the fast changes that the society has passed in these last years, observes a movement of questioning and rescue of values and of felt of the life, ahead of a individualizada and desumanizante society. The world of the work also passes for this crisis of values and direction, in way that are portraied by diverse signals, such as: increase of the related occupational illnesses to the mental health (former. it estresse, depression, burnout), the increase of the unemployment and under employment, the obsession for the performance and the profit, as well as for the biggest interest of the area of Management of People for practical as quality of life in the work, strategies of humanizao of management, social responsibility, concern with satisfaction in the work, among others. Today, if it searchs is I balance in the personal and professional life. & ldquo; The companies not only want executives balanced in the profession.

To be efficient, she is necessary well to be decided in the life, if not, what it left there is it starts to intervene with the creativity and produo.& rdquo; Ahead of this reality, it inside developed a methodology of resgaste of the values, principles, moral, with a process of individual development aiming at a bigger humanizao of the being, for a bigger happiness resulting in a bigger production in all the directions: Intellectual, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual, inside of this reality the company will be offering to its services the organizations; beyond this basic aspect for a good Management, the Company needed to develop the human being internally, therefore it is the conducting Real of the process, lining up its necessities and values to the one of the Company. Balanced and harmonized people produce better resulted. The result of the company is generated by the people who in it work.

The Management

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The management of people aims at to the valuation of the professionals and the human being, differently of the sector of human resources that aimed at to the technique and the professional mechanism. The human work in companies has deserved the concentration of many scholars, that they have to understand the factors that influence the performances of the people in the work environment. The prepared RH more they are those that have a position of bigger comprometimento with the organization, and possess an ability in such a way as an intellectual agility, what it reflects a formation and a capacity of more efficient work and a capacity of adaptation and bigger innovation that the other human resources with an inferior formation. We live in a new age where the technology is itself revealing each comoditizada and accessible time although still to represent minimum condition to act in the market. In the text above, vocs will be able through the concepts and thoughts of authors and nominated specialists and masters, to analyze as it is the performance of the professional of the RH in the organizations, as to deal with people, because they are organisms, and for the success of any company, to invest in the motivation of this being is basic.

Aiming at constant competitions considered for the modern, manifest world in the proactive companies most succeeded, a new definition of management of human resources, the internal consultoria. globalization of the economy and the increasing competitiveness of the market comes providing a true evolution in the area of the RH. Simplifying what the authors had placed, the great challenge of the business of the RH is to obtain competitive advantage for ways of people, managing with people and searching its comprometimento. I wait that this work can pass to vocs reading, of clear and objective form the importance of the management of RH in the organizations.

More LiveIt

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Its website is in good hands? Perhaps you already have a site. Or not, and he does not know as to start. To the times you imagine that this can be sufficiently expensive, to have an excellent service of lodging of websites. If you really think you are deceived. Services of lodging and cloud server in the Internet exist many companies offering. They are hundreds and thousand. Amongst many that already we test, the one that we recommend is the LiveIt.

It knows because? It reads intently: – More space of storage – Better traffic for transference of archives – He is safer – More stability – It is quicker – One of the best supports technician of the Internet – Bigger variety of services of data base and programming – Possibility to have limitless domnios and much more! The LiveIt is a new company in the market. however its professionals, beyond the ability, experience and excellent academic formation act more than have ten years in the sector. They had been strategical elements in the projects and organizations where already they had acted. This means high qualification and quality professional. without a doubt some, necessary things in this market.

Reason of Existence of the LiveIt the mission of the company involves to offer to the customers complete and integrated solutions. This with high technology. also strategical alignment. Internally one uses available tools in the market to develop the potentiality of the collaborators. The LiveIt has an excellent practical vision and on preservation of the environment. This wants to say that, beyond providing optimum service of lodging of sites, the LiveIt if worries about the ambient questions. Vision of the Company the LiveIt was conceived to breach barriers. It best wants to be and the bigger company of technology in web and corporative solutions of the country up to 2020. She desires to make to grow the market, being improved the quality of the same. The company has an excellent vision on its coming time. Honesty: ' ' We manage with honesty our businesses, offering equal chances in the transactions and employment relationships. We repudiate any disloyal practical relationship or of behavior that results in conflicts of interests and is in disagreement with the highest ethical standard. Soon to start:


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Indeed, the administration is one of the most important areas of the activity human being, therefore it makes possible taken of decision, coordination of diverse activities, to manage people, to evaluate performances and results, allocation of resources etc’ ‘. The abrangncia of the managemental activities becomes it complex and excellent, making with that it has greater dependence of the managers to its collaborators, therefore in such a way will only obtain to efficiently act in all the sectors of the company. However, in the participativa management the collaborators have active place in the organizations, therefore the decision taking is not function only of the controlling or the managing superintendent of the company. This managemental model lode to revolutionize all the others, therefore, more than what to manage people it is to manage with people.

In such a way, Mentzberg (2003, P. 113) questions: ‘ ‘ … why an organization must decentralize? Simply because nor all its decisions can be understood in a center, in one crebro’ ‘. The managers do not have as to need the real difficulties and necessities in the diverse sectors the company, and this will make it difficult in the elaboration of strategies of functioning of the same one. But, with the participation of the involved people in the diverse levels, it will have increase of quality in the decisions and in the administration, why the decisions will not be based on one diagnosis intuitivo, but real. In the participativa organization all the ones that are involved in the process (internal, external, supplying customers) they have the right to share in the taking of decisions, not only of sporadical form, but, routinely. For Mentzberg (2003, p, 129) ‘ ‘ the decentralization is complete when the power is not based on position or knowledge, but in the filiation.

Mrs Think

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Today the COMIPAC diversifies its production in several cultivos as: acerola, graviola, pineapple, cupuau, caj, sleeve, tamarindo, beyond maracuj and caj that it is the main product of the city. With the support of the Coopservios, cooperative that gives to assistance agricultural and ambient technique for small agriculturists, the COMIPAC comes extending its businesses with the beginning of two projects financed for the World Bank. The production of alevinos inside of the piscicultura and production of chickens in small farms. Beyond the fishery that is being constructed for production of thirty a thousand changes, that it aims at to take care of the necessities of the fruticultura and the reforestation with the production of forest essences. To the being questioned on the vision of the future of the COMIPAC, Mrs. Ctia visualizes an organization strong, manufacturing and commercializing its products with structure and proper mark adding each time more value to its business. I think the cooperative … as a strong organization.

I think about our agriculturists keeping the families here without necessity to go pra another city pra to obtain a better job. I think about the cooperative in an entity with being able of organization, its plant of improvement of the fruits, … Vendendo its products … in the market with a proper mark. That it adds value. … I think great, in terms our products benefited in the shelf.

(Stretch of the Interview) 4,2 conceptual Analyses After the boarding of the description of the COMIPAC, had been carried through the questions related with the concepts: strategy, innovation, differential of market, competitor, suppliers, new substitutes and customers (market niches); inserted in the theories on strategy, that are practised inside of the enterprise management. The first conceptual question to be answered by the manager was ' ' What it is strategy? ' '. The boarding made for the manager indicates the main difficulty that the cooperative faces to if developing, that it is the knowledge lack.

Company Productivity

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A not motivated collaborator contributes so that all one has equipped if desmotive, what it directly affects the productivity of the company. Research points with respect to important data, employee not motivated uses only 8% of its productive capacity whereas, motivated employees present 60% of productivity. (CLIMATE Organizacional x Motivation? 2009, available one in). It is identified in these data that the Mint if worries about the satisfaction of its trainees and intent for its development, exactly knowing that the presence of the same ones will be temporary and with little aggregation of value for the company. It invests in courses, training and lectures, and makes with that the majority if feels motivated, with this the company obtains well to be seen in the market and thus people are interested in entering this organization. Already we saw that the motivacionais factors are related with recognition and to the professional valuation, together with the auto accomplishment. The collaborator is satisfied and this necessarily implies in the increase of the effectiveness and productivity.

Examples of this: low wages and inadequate physical conditions do not leave to motivate, even so create an atmosphere of insatisfao, what it motivates is the progress/growth, accomplishment, recognition status. If to observe our scene and the factors that really motivate we will perceive that, a public company will be very difficult to keep the motivation of its trainees a time that, does not have growth. Therefore this organization has invested in the professional formation of its young, being worried about its learning, creating a pleasant environment for a personal relationship where the employee has possibility to explain referring things to its function, in intention to add knowledge to the trainee. A valuation of this function in the company exists, counting that the young is a college student whom it needs to get knowledge of its area of study and everything this takes the auto accomplishment, and for consequncia the motivation in working to learn.

Transformation Seems

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Mainly in regards to the corporative enterprise world. All transformation generates a change but nor all change generates a transformation. A change of politics of relationship with customers can generate transformations of behavior of the employees and also of the proper customers bringing mutual benefits, but, case this new politics is very not well understood and ‘ ‘ vendida’ ‘ to the internal customer (employee) its trend is of being only one change, without really transforming, for better. The ability in modifying concepts firmed in experiences of success in diverse years, or decades, for one determined organization, it must, first, accepted and be understood by the managers, that is, for the entrepreneur and the administrative team, for only after, duly tested, modified for the specific end of organization, and approved, to be implemented to the too much members. Pendant of the type of change, the process can be of curtssimo stated period, the 30 90 days, as even though of long stated period, 24 months or more, in view of the transport, as much of the change how much of the organization. The concept of ‘ ‘ mudana’ ‘ it can be visualized under diverse aspects, that is: ) Physical change properly said? Alteration of the layout of offices, plants, lines of production b) mannering Change of the organization in relation to the production politics, delivers, sales, purchases, relation with suppliers, customers, community c) Change of internal criteria for evaluation, promotion, training, act of contract, dismissals All the changes, ‘ ‘ a priori ‘ ‘ they must generate beneficial transformations for the biggest possible number of the involved ones in the process, generally, for the organization in itself, its employees, for community, customers, consumers and suppliers.

Logical that, not necessarily, in this order. Some organizations when in the height of its development, here including since the most humble workshop mechanics, bar, restaurant or store of clothes even though to the conglomerated greaters multinationals, practically ‘ ‘ estacionam’ ‘ its productive forces for the development of generating actions of organizacionais and mannering alterations, initiating itself, from there then, the descending curve for the finishing of its objectives, that is, the inexorable death of its products or services and, for consequence, the death of the proper organization. The change, the training, the brainstorming, the creativity, the perseverance – and not it stubbornness – would have to be integrant part of any company, either public or private it. Of any enterprise course. Its company acts in such a way? She considers external and internal solutions to the customer?

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