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First Resident

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The nurse – the visa of this category is for those people who are in Australia relatives in need of supervision. They need your care, because they can not care for themselves their own – or for health reasons, or because of any physical or moral deficiencies. Visa returning resident – This visa is for people who had been permanent residents or citizens of Australia and have lost their citizenship. Visa of former residents – to get a visa of the former resident, you must have either: live in Australia 9 of the first 18 years of his life as a permanent resident of Australia, to be younger than 45 years at the time of the visa application has never been an Australian citizen and had close ties with Australia, or have served at least 3 months in the army or were discharged before completing three months in the army on the basis that your condition has worsened because of the service. Visa for elderly relatives – this visa allows elderly relatives reunited with his family in Australia.

If you – an old man, you have to be largely supported financially by your relatives in the Australian over the past three years. Your relative must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia for at least 2 years. Visas for moving elderly parents – this visa is designed for the elderly parents of a citizen or permanent resident of Australia who want to move to their children in Australia. If you have children who live in Australia, you may be able to reunite with his family and bring up grandchildren. To apply for this visa – one of you if you a couple – must be over the retirement age established in Australia.

Visa requirements for working parents – This visa is for parents of able-bodied citizen or permanent resident Australia, who wish to be reunited with his family in Australia. The migration of children – orphans – This visa is for children – orphans over 18 years without parents, which they must take care of outside of Australia, but There are families in Australia. Relatives in Australia, they should be a grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew. Visa for adaptation – This visa is for citizens or permanent residents Australia, who wish to bring to Australia a child under 18 years dyal adoption. All papers for the adoption of a child must be prepared to apply for a visa or be in the process of completing registration.

Ten Orders

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And when you finish you will be able darte tells that a long time ago that relation no longer it was so. In short, now that you are there, you require, to begin to think again about you. The sadness and the downheart will be your companions by a time, but all it happens, and this also will happen, by complicated that seems, is a reality. ” it does not have bad that lasts one hundred aos”. Once, that you have concluded with that reflection.

Now, pregntate one and thousand times more, what you want with your life, how you want to take it a end, what you need, what you you would like to undertake, what things you want to obtain, to what places would like to go. And then, you will realize everything what it stopped doing so that your pair did not want, did not like or simply did not agree so that you did your it, and you do a list of everything what your would like to undertake. You can begin by very small things, to leave to take a coffee, to visit a bookstore, what I, most important, am than you do not isolate all the day, to have obsessive thoughts about your so displeased love. The first abandonment towards the life, is the one that your you have become, same when wanting more to your pair than. Your interior is bad stretch, because the first person who stopped itself loving and key in the true lack of affection, you were you yourself.

The recovery of the personal value and the self-esteem, is the unique condition to surpass the lack of affection you do not become your worse enemy, already has been enough, whereupon your pair, has gone away by lack of affection. You require, now, to initiate a process of encounter with your own person. It is worth the pain to try it Thanks to read to me, my mission and intention is the quality of emotional life Cecreto. Inc. Cecreto is center dedicated to the quality of emotional life and counts on diverse series of present time subjects, like the relations parents and children, the relations in pair, etc. Yes some of the subjects seem to him interesting would be good that it wrote to me and if no, also. Also we counted on electronic equipment where we abounded more on this subject and how to surpass it. How To recover the Confidence in the Love: Hurt and Scars in the Relation of Pair. Entrate here Suscrbete to our bulletin and you will receive from gratuitous way: The Ten Orders of the life in pair.


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Sometimes I have the impression that today, only babies and dumb not talk about the financial crisis … All complaints. To be honest – in the first place had enough. Secondly – much like the economic downturn for many only justification of its own passivity. And sometimes dishonest acts (well, from the series: where wages (account, payment order …) What do I pay? Crisis !!!).

So today the positive. This is a collection of mine, and not just my thoughts. So. 1. Significantly Real estate prices dropped for rent. By the way, and rent office space 2. Employers are much easier it is to find a suitable employee 3.

Employed workers have become more responsible attitude to their duties 4. Dismissal from work, for people thinking positively, often became an occasion to change the long boring job and find something more interesting (well not always have the strength and confidence to quit, with a stable work motivation "tired") 5. People became more careful and responsible attitude to their spending. This is a chance to stop "seize" all that imposes on us the advertisement. To stop and clear their minds. And finally to understand that not everything that we did strongly suggest that pleasant, helpful and necessary … 6. Financial difficulties – an opportunity to be creative. It is not possible to buy a new dress? And what is in the closet and how to combine to make it in new ways? And what delicious prepared from the fact that there is in the refrigerator (not pizza)? By the way, home cooking and healthier … 7. There is less work? Finally, it is possible to do so at that pace of modern life was not enough time: hobbies, reading, language learning (by the way, there are many inexpensive and even free options at all). Or maybe you have something long dreamed of learning? 8. Again – free time – a great time to do them. I mean not only an additional trip to the barber shop, but your inner world 9. Hooray!! Finally, the family would see my mother (my father), wife (husband), not only in a dream … 10. And here pozitivchik for employees of MLM and network marketing 11. Stop production – so how much better the environment is … These are just some thoughts that occurred to me, made my friends read me … I hope that you will encounter on your own positives. And let's remember – ZHZN BEAUTIFUL …

Some Time After His Departure

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God has given me the gift of service, say my friends and people that daily treatment in all areas of my everyday life. And, for what they say others, I also have the gift of host. At my house are welcome friends, family and, of course, friends of my friends and family members of my family. When we have guests we are celebrating. Our visitors are usually friendly, attentive and very friendly people. However, comes when someone like that lady who comes to my house one day and doesn’t take long in starting to subjugate us with their rules.

Me scolds as if it were a child, for any reason, for all and so does with my children. Complains that the water is too hot or too cold and criticizes everything: decoration, painting, the quality of food and any movement of children. Also you Lossing your TV and not allow anyone to see your favorite program, except her. When he conversed with other people gave very poor references for me and my family. Most of the time was going the House in the middle of a tantrum and threatening never to return.

But shortly after he returned and began again with its impositions and terquedades. When it was lunchtime invariably reproached the quality of food and complaining about the amount of serving him. . While she was the phone could not be used and made remarks standing on expenditures of the House, as if the money out of it. Also had a shape somewhat attached to the old to correct the guys and, while these were very naughty, behaved like little angels while Lady kept them the view above. Despite his seventy-two years it retained a huge fortress and his look, his gestures and his voice invited to respect. It is fair to recognize in it your loving words, his kindness, his sacrifice and great love for his people. It looked like iron when it was applied the discipline but he was a Saint when it comes to love. One day, he was in the House. He did so without rancor and resentment. Before leaving we entrusted to God, we threw the blessing, he told us how much he loved us, and when said goodbye to return, let us mired in the deepest sadness. That a few years ago. How much I’ve missed my mother since then. By: Alejandro Rutto Martinez Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a writer and journalist italo-colombiano who also teaches in several universities. He is the author of four books on ethics and leadership and is contained in three anthologies of Colombian authors. Contact to the cel. 300 8055526 or email. Please read their writings in MAICAO to D?A page in which you will find writings, chronicles and beautiful parts of the Colombian literature.

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