Month: February 2012

Plastic Frame

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The foundation of any structure is a greenhouse frame. When you choose a frame greenhouses should decide what kind of load will experience a whole design, whether stationary or greenhouse in the spring to gather and understand the deposit in the winter season. Today, manufacturers offer a large selection of materials for the frames of greenhouses. Consider some of them. The classic and most traditional material – a wooden beam. This framework gives confidence in its foreign massiveness and strength.

You can purchase bar in almost any suburban array of Leningrad region. However, it should be noted that not every summer visitor is able to independently construct the wooden framework of beams, but is it worth spending time on it, if there are professionals. Spending is not complicated reckoning of the cost, you can safe to say that eventually the cost of such a frame is equal to or even more than a skeleton of metal. Moreover, that in addition to the cost of building material itself and pay the workers for the construction should take into account the costs of antiseptic treatment timber, taking care of him after the winter cracking, etc. Therefore, most gardeners are choosing more modern materials for the frames of greenhouses. One such material is a plastic tube.

Frame of Plastic pipe is going quickly and requires no special tools. Easily transposed from one place to another, does not rot and requires no painting. At first glance, what could be better? But there are some serious deficiencies that should be mentioned. First of all, this framework is intended to cover with plastic wrap. Of course, the film can be used for several seasons in a row, but usually the fall portion of the film comes into disrepair. Secondly, the ease of the frame has a significant drawback – the lack of rigidity. This fact is largely played a crucial role in selecting the greenhouse. After all, a beautiful appearance greenhouse must be strong and robust, wind and snow loading, and most importantly, do not require special care. All of these qualities apply to the frame of a metal profile. The next issue we will focus in detail on design features of the greenhouse frame of metal profiles, as well as consider various options for frames.


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Cut form stresses the stone, its crystalline structure, with cut stone wins in color and much more shiny. In the most expensive precious stones such as diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, and some other there own glow. Cabochon – it cut a hemisphere with a flat bottom surface, usually inserted into a frame and a rounded, polished top. So the verge turquoise, opals, moonstones, cacholong, etc. With this type of they show better cut their own unique color and shimmer.

Cut into account and building stone, as some crystals are highly stratified and crushing, and other stones simply no clear crystalline structure, allowing beneficial to emphasize its precise bounds. If you're going to wear a stone, keep in mind that it must have the correct form. This applies both to individual pebbles and stones that make up the beads. This is especially important if you use a stone in the medical or magical purposes. It is true that in India there was a custom not to touch the stone with a chisel. The Indians left the stone its natural form, and only occasionally slightly polished. Cut precious stones – is a European invention. Choose stones for serious purposes preferably by a specialist astrologer who will advise you to stone starting from a detailed analysis of your horoscope, as well as a geologist or stone-cutters, which will help you choose a good copy – not a fake or a stone without flaws. But you can do it yourself if you use some of the rules set forth below.


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Sure, you're going to shut a few people, but since you're off people who do not want is a little more in reality. At some point early in the proceedings in a phone call or first date, it is essential to ask the question great indifference in the conversation. Just be relaxed and not treat the whole thing as the Inquisition – men, especially, hate to be "Inquisition." Tell me about the kind of relationship you are looking for at this time? "(Oh my God, how do I ask?'ll think want to get married on the first date!) If you get nervous, just explain that, despite his good body looking extremely sexy, Rolex watch and bursting bank account, you do not want to marry them, however, only wants to know if are in the idea, in general, ie be in a committed relationship if you met someone with all the boxes marked? Then, if they really say they are interested in having a committed relationship with the right person to ask? "The relationship Why do you want to commit? What is the objective of a committed relationship for you "As coach, I'm not often a fan of 'Why?.? Questions, but this situation can be very useful for two reasons. First, you can be a great way to decide whether the potential partner is saying things that sound good (ie lying, so they can come to seem a good person who just wants decent good, decent committed relationships when in fact they want another date, or take you to the bed)?.