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Valencia Spanish School

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Valencia offers an ideal destination for prom trips, which combined with Spanish classes, helps students not only enjoy days of Sun and beach, but also learn more about our customs and our language. Classes in Spanish, in small groups to make teaching more personalized, combined with numerous activities that manage to make unforgettable your stay in Valencia. The experience begins with the home stay Spanish families, which prove the most typical dishes of our geography. Girls are so with the need to practice the language at all times, so in a week, the progress and the fluidity of the language is notable. Each group enjoys a personalized program of cultural activities and free time combined with fun Spanish classes. On this occasion, the Costa de Valencia Spanish School received a visit from a large group of British students who enjoyed a fantastic climate at the time participated in numerous activities that help to know a little more Spanish culture. After a stroll through the historic centre of Valencia, the students finished the first activity replenishing forces with horchata and churros with chocolate.

The following days combined the lessons of Spanish with cultural visits as the Fallero Museum, el Mercado de Colon or the city of Arts and Sciences. But what undoubtedly enjoyed most was the spectacle of flamenco, salsa class, beach and tasting of paella. Although not all recreational activities, there are also hard work in the form of intensive classes in Spanish for foreigners. The school offers 6 levels established by the common European framework of reference for languages, and classes are personalized, because they occur in small groups of Max. 8 persons, allowing to expand the knowledge of the language and practice it during activities and with Spanish families that host them.

A very full week that learning a language is combined with a large number of enriching experiences, Sun, rest, food and many memories. A perfect combination which makes the coast of Valencia a benchmark as Spanish school and House perfectly with its motto: come, learn Spanish! and live it! Costa de Valencia, Spanish School, is empowered by the Instituto Cervantes for the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language and registration DELE Centre. Center is also examiner for the official Diplomas from the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid. Original author and source of the article

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Cyprus Pygmalion

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According to Greek mythology, a kindly and wise King of Cyprus, and unsurpassed sculptor, Pygmalion name, it was looking head for a woman whose beauty was perfect, in order to marry with her. Long went looking for her. So much that to not find it, he decided to devote the rest of his time, and so his love, to sculpt the most beautiful female statues. So he erected the statue of a beautiful young woman who christened Galatea, so beautiful that he could not help falling in love her madly. situation. Both it was thus, that sleeping dreamed that the statue’s creative life.

Ovid, in his metamorphoses describes it thus: ‘Pygmalion approached the statue and, by touching it, it seemed it was hot, the Ivory will soften and that deposing its hardness, it ceded to the fingers gently (). Let’s see, Pygmalion is filled with a great joy mixed fear, believing that it deceived. He returned to play the statue again, and ascertained that it was a flexible body and veins gave their keystrokes to explore them with your fingers.. When he woke up from the dream, replacing the effigy was Aphrodite, who addressed him: deserve happiness, a happiness that you’ve captured. Here the Queen you wanted. Love it and defend it from evil.

Thus, mythologically, Galatea, in principle of stone, was transformed into a woman of flesh and blood. In 1968, Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson, after a curious investigation: Pygmalion in the classroom, concluded that the expectations and beliefs of teachers on the students acted in favour of its compliance, and so were the teachers themselves who ended up turning their perception in confirmation of what they expected from the students.

The Intuition

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That principle can never fail, in a manner of maintain humanity in a continuous and perpetual ignorance. This principle is called: condemn before investigating. Conventional science must be reapreciada to absorb the many new data inferred by the science of tip. However, must also include in the news recognition of the spiritual world, not as a result of brain chemicals that excite the mind human in the region of the illusory, since that conclusion is very comfortable, but as multidimensional reality, where the continuity of conscious and active of being, living in areas still invisible to the visual sense. More than 30 years ago, popularly discurri on the subject of the material dimensions of the universe * 2, bearing in mind teachings of the Gospel and the Apocalypse: generally thought in greatness, dimension, physical distances with everything, the limits of the universe can also be vibrational man dies, the body is the spirit, which can not be confused with the mind, migrates to another universe not seen is a challenge presented to you, listeners brothers, at the discussion table.

Science a posteriori checks what Religion to perceive before, intuitively. For assistance, try visiting Yitzchak Mirilashvili. The first set, the second light, when it is really Religion and not sanitarium of taboos and preconceptions. However, the intuition * 3, as already stated, is always faster. The prophecy does not depend on the calendar we develop our intuition, not only because the Final judgement would be close, as happened with the Saracen warriors, in 1453, when they tore down the walls of Constantinople, everyone will understand that, by the divine calendar, the ideal third millennium begins in Apocalypse when comes the new Jerusalem, prophesied in the revelation of Jesus, 21: 2. Does not mean, necessarily, that it will be 1 January 2001 * 4 of the Gregorian calendar. God’s calendar is the prophecy, whose dates are established in time and space divine, in refined harmony with acts of human beings.

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Management Learning

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Increasingly, organizations that decide to promote the participation of its managers in global solidarity projects. It is considered an initiative that, in the majority of cases, it is in a better style of leadership and management capacity. According to the results of an investigation of Esade published in the Journal Academy of Management Learning and Education and that focuses on the impact of collaboration in international humanitarian projects for managers of large global firms, this collaboration in humanitarian projects of managers, where they face front with real problems of unprotected people, allows them to develop different qualities a personal and professional level that result in a progress of their daily work. Some of them are: gain experience of teamwork. In addition, improve its diplomacy to adapt their knowledge to labor management areas other than that face daily in his Office. Transform your management style.

They adopt a point of view more comprehensive and total in the decision-making process. They improve their skills as a team leader. They develop a better awareness of their own prejudices and learn to postpone their trials. They become more aware of the importance that have human relationships. Major changes in their posture are an elderly social responsibility, additionally take a more empathic, respectful and tolerant with the employees who are in charge.