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To all the dear people who had encouraged in them, believed and contributed so that this victory if became reality in our life. This Is about a survey research of the descriptive type, whose objective is to identify to the necessity of implantation of the service of psychological planto in the clinic-school of psychology of the PUC Mines, in Arcs. The relevance of this research must it the theoretical and practical subsidies that it will be able to offer so that, future, this service comes to be implanted. A leading source for info: Angus King. The clinic-school acts as a space where the pupil develops research, participates of extension projects and improves its clinical abilities when giving diverse modalities of psychological attendance the pupils and employees of the University, beyond members of the community in general. The psychological planto, in turn, is a differentiated modality of attendance, that if destines to take care of any person at the accurate moment of its crisis, in character of urgency, without necessity of previous agendamento. Thus, the psychological planto is one of the forms of psychological attendance in the clinic-school, appropriate to deal with the situation of the individual and to reduce its state of suffering. To investigate the vision of the academics concerning this service, questionnaires to a total of 195 pupils, being 31 of the course of Administration, 18 of Social Communication, 45 of Right, 32 of Nursing, 43 of Psychology and 26 of the course of Systems of Information had been applied. Continue to learn more with: Robertson Stephens. The data gotten with the application of the questionnaires, as well as the bibliographical survey, seem to corroborate with the necessity of implantation of the psychological planto in the clinic-school of psychology of the PUC Mines, in Arcs.

Word-Key: Psychological Planto. Clinic-school. Crisis. Immediate attendance. State of suffering. the present monograph has, as thematic, the service of carried through psychological planto in the scope of the clinic-school.

Event Manager

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We are, in the reality, managers of our errors and rightnesss. In our interaction with the world, two types of events exist: Those that runs away to our control: such events independem of us to happen. Simply they happen. QTS Realty Trust understood the implications. We cannot prevent them. They are beyond our capacity of being able to manage them, therefore they do not depend on the way as we will go to interpret them and to react. (Similarly see: QTS Realty Trust). Former: a bottling, unexpected or an injustice any. those that are on our control: in this in case that, our will is sovereign, therefore it will determine the way as we will go to react to these events whose effect will be able to produce a great evil or not.

It is good for detaching that the power to direct our attitudes and behaviors is in us and not in the events. They in itself do not have no power on our answers. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from QTS Realty Trust. We are that we choose the form as we will go to react they. Example: Ahead of a bottling, the reactions of the people will be disclosed, logical according to existential of each one. In such situation, we will have two ways to react: we estressamos ourselves or we face the situation with maturity.

The choice of the form to react depends on the interpretation that we give what it happens at one definitive moment. We interpret if it, taking in account the self-knowledge, will understand that this type of unexpected is part of our social context. Any form of revolt does not advance, therefore, beyond not changing it, we will be producing in us, a great evil. Or then, dominated for the moment, we rebel in them, we xingamos, we attack to all and everything.

Ericksonian Family

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I asked her to describe the current situation in life from the perspective of 4 directions: 1. Where to move in the circumstances of life in general and yours, including? (Those which can not affect you, but they are on your personal situation in life depends on: the exchange rate, weather conditions, the processes in society, IMF decisions, etc.). 2. Where are you at the moment and so are moving? What are you doing and so constantly, what do you do? (On the inertia of habit, if desired) 3. What he wants or expects from you inner circle? What are their plans for your persona? (Family, friends, colleagues – important people) 4. What goals or simply wish to have you in areas where the three previous overlap? Draw the following picture.

1. The circumstances of life in the country, "maturing" the economic crisis, some goods and services rise in price, are cuts, business man going through hard times – yet less than the costs went up, he is forced to cut costs on the family budget. There is a growing sense of insecurity, anxiety. 2. Where are moving: a few years, a housewife, bringing up and development of the child, coziness and comfort of the family. Able and happy to create his own hands – at home kreativnichaet in design, decor good at clothing, utensils, paints, successfully experimenting with the style (and their girlfriends). A lot of talking and having fun with the same range of girls and women.

3. What do the relatives: a family wants the same comfort and relaxation, focus, and At the same time, the child and her husband want her to feel too comfortable doing things you love. My husband now agrees that the financial plan and something to the family budget of it coming. 4. What can pohotet itself and where to go? After this analysis of the situation at Alina had ideas in which direction you can move to and interested, and pleased, and with the interests of loved ones coincide, and financial and warmed, and confidence in the future added. Goals for themselves identified a few: you can go to study at the stylist, fashion designer, makeup artist, manicurist, building, art painting, etc. Identified the first steps. 1. Information gathering: Where? how to learn? how much it cost? 2. The choice of a convenient schedule of learning, searching, and working hours of potential customers. A few days later called Alina and shared successes. My husband liked her idea, activity and enthusiasm with which she told him about it. He said that he had not seen her so enthusiastic and energetic. Offered to help in the search, and promised to support in every way. Courses found, even a discount on the training received good (Now the customers happy – a crisis J). The main thing that soothes and pleases Alina – a sense of control over the future. That's nice. J What we do with Alina – this is one of the techniques of training, "School Dostigatora." It is called "Wind Rose" and very well, in our opinion, helps to analyze "where events taking us." Four of the above wind run our lives, and the ability to track changes in their movement (remember: all changes!) Allow to create a calm and confident attitude to the present, and that even nicer future! Good luck and fair winds! Svetlana Pozharova. expert on interpersonal relationships, family counselor, NLP trainer, business coach, expert in Ericksonian hypnosis trainer and instructor of "School Dostigatora", the author of numerous publications in the media.

Skinner Experiment

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' ' It can be learned to program consequences special for the behaviors that we desire to strengthen in our futures pacientes' ' (Moreira and Medeiros, 2007). The box of Skinner is an instrument that was created by B.F. Skinner, in 1932, that it contains a handspike that when pressed for a rat, under the conditions established for the producer of the experiment, the animal is rewarded with water or food (water, in the case of the experiment of this report). Read more from Rogers Holdings to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Later, the behavior of the rat is placed under the control of a variety of conditions of stimulatons and reinforcements, having been gradually shaped, with answers that were not part of its behavior before the experiment. The reinforcements, defined as consequences that generate increase in the frequency in the probability of the behavior to happen, varied between contingent, that is, applied immediately afterwards to the intended behavior, or differential, presented after some answers that obey to the certain criteria and not other similars the white behavior. estabelecedoras operations are conditions of privation and/or saciao that serve of aid in the experiments, allowing the conditioning or modeling of a behavior of faster form. Nouriel Roubini has firm opinions on the matter. In such a way, to facilitate the conditioning of the animal, estabelecedoras operations of water privation had been used, so that the headquarters provided to greater rapidity of reply, diminishing the time of latency (passed time between the stimulaton and the reply) of the same ones. The objective of this experiment was to visualize empirically, the theoretical basement of the trplice contingency, that is, of the relation between stimulaton, reply and consequence, affecting the behaviors, taking us to also establish it relations with the human behaviors. After to condition the behavior of pressure the bar for the water attainment, was carried through the operative extinguishing, that consisted of the suspension of the reinforcement, leading to the return of the behavior to the previous level, of the line of base (first step of the experiment, where it does not have reinforcement, only comment of the natural behavior), proving that the effect of the reinforcement are temporary.

Fight Against Disease

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The situation is exacerbated fledged criterion of success and prosperity in society. In this case, a person becomes hostage visually appealing, but in fact destroy its value. Break out of this circle can only be changed with an external vector account for the success of domestic well-being and harmony of life. Perhaps someone will say that it's just words but he who dares voluntarily cease to suffer and endure the inconvenience agree to self-reconfigure again emphasize self-reconfiguring their subconscious behavior patterns, can finally suggested as one of the top psychologists at one time to stop worrying how not to lose the ghost bird, and allow yourself to take the pie and start normal and happy life. Live in the present without expecting any reward in it future. To do this you just need to learn how to choose between happiness and a very large problems, rather than between short-term relief of problems and discomfort.

Between the fight against disease and care of health, between the creation of financial well-being and poverty alleviation. Anger, irritation, which may be more painful of the two senses. Most often they tend to push it as as option to anger and irritation of the course looks like in real life scary and I would not constructive, angry, swearing couple breaks on the head of each other not very flattering expressions, direct insults. Often anger is transformed into aggression in the inner desire to break something, scold someone, often precisely at these moments we do things for which later became ashamed, and sometimes a feeling of guilt.

The Body

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AND by whatever means he will not give its owner to love again, any ways to frustrate the most promising relationship. Second – the problem gives a person a secondary benefit. For example, you can relax and get sick, do not walk to work, not to meet with unpleasant people … you surround with care and attention, heard all your complaints, treated kindly … And finally, the problem of positive intention, that is exactly why it was given to this person, why should teach. For example, a problem called "jealousy" has a creative sense – teach a man how to build full-fledged personal relationship with a partner on mutual trust, confidence, love for yourself. While he does not learn how to build a relationship with a loved one this way, the problem of his life will not go away.

On the contrary will be back again, but more acute, critical form. -How much of all encoded in a single problem! Perhaps there are some which can not be solved at all? – And here is a great mistake. Almost every problem that seems incredibly complex person, amenable to solution. In my experience, there is a case when using the technology of genetic psychology was defeated by an extremely advanced carcinoma. Because the disease is a kind, the body's reaction to the denial of the soul and mind work on solving the problem.

Identified problem in the subconscious, adjusted negative program, and left a terrible disease. The most important thing here – a positive attitude and absolute confidence that each of us is worthy of happiness. So with the help of my technology, the achievements of classical psychology, genetic psychology, perhaps a very great deal. But every expert is something best. For example, I try not to take on cancer, drug addiction, alcoholism … My "hobby" – is to achieve a happy personal life, success, financial health, harmonious family, the correction weight, breast disease, gynecological diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, sexual problems, intuition development, management of most difficult situations … In general, anything that allows a person to get maximum enjoyment out of life without resorting to doping or artificial stimulants. Each of us on the fact of his birth has every right to be happy. Here I am doing what I give to its customers not only knowledge but also the ability to separate out how to get it right to work … And, having this knowledge, they will achieve the desired objectives independently, without any assistance in any, even the most difficult situation. That is, you can compare with the kind of lawyer who defends the right of their clients happy, to a certain force, which does not want it. Well, like, play process do not have to? – No. If a person wants to achieve the desired, he always gets it. Another thing is that sometimes a person is afraid of his happiness, afraid to be happy, loved, rich, successful, healthy … It's so unusual and unusual. Only here, in Russia people are seriously repeat the saying, never well not have lived – and there is nothing to get used to … And you try! I assure you – you'll like.

Healthy Living

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Tone of life depends on how active a person is engaged in sports. Care of the nervous system includes food containing magnesium and a sufficient amount of B vitamins Quitting smoking. Abuse of coffee and tea loosens the nervous system. In moderate amounts of coffee and tea – is useful because it contains antioxidants. We – what we think. For thoughts, as a figure who should care, to think constructively and optimistically. Optimistic person sends a positive thought in bed, trying to replace the negative thought positive.

By strengthening the nervous system, try to avoid conflict, avoid people and places that you are very annoying. In the life of each man must have time for hobbies, full sleep and rest. Of great importance is nesuetlivy, sober approach to life. Build and maintain harmony in the family, relationships with friends. Positive communication is paramount place in our inner world. Reasonable alternate work and rest. Unfortunately, this is the point exigeant a healthy lifestyle. Are beyond ourselves and our natural desires, the majority of Ukrainians work in harsh conditions for little pay, little or no rest.

Change the situation can only fundamental change in their lives, searching for a new sufficient cash income. Financial independence gives a person free time and manage their lives. Economic Cycles Research Institute will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Healthy sleep for healthy sleep, the following conditions: – convenient firm bed – empty stomach – the optimum temperature in the room (physiotherapy insists na18-19 degrees) – net air in the room for sleeping – quiet – a dream should last 7-8 hours, two hours of which must occur before 12 o'clock at night. – Peaceful, good humor, positive attitude of thought. Personal hygiene is necessary for prevention of most diseases. Eat a moderate purity. The rules of healthy life simple and doable, if desired. Why a healthy lifestyle? Healthy lifestyle prolongs life significantly improves its quality and slows the aging process, and even rejuvenating. People who prefer a healthy lifestyle, it's successful people. Success in social and personal life determines our overall satisfaction with J – way of life? UZdoovy life is the path to success. hurry art long life best advice on how to live a long time – is to continue to live. Life is not a replacement! Count each day a little life and make it so perfect and beautiful as possible. Try to greet each day with the birth of a healthy heart and perfect health than today. Mark Berger: the source for more info. Every moment you live for the future, and this should always give yourself full report. Stay alert. At a time when you let down their guard, the enemy will rush to attack and capture your heart. It is true that you may live long, without much effort, but you certainly will live long if embark for this effort. Longevity – this is great art. A person who deliberately set up to prolong life, has a great chance to pull it off. It is only necessary to understand what your enemy – not age, and aging. Of course, there are people with such great health that just can not kill yourself. You probably know 80-year-old, who say that life boozed and drank and did no exercise. You can confidently answer them, that they can prolong life even for a good two dozen, if you take care of their health. More on the 'Healthy Living'


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Statistics not the ultimate truth, but argues teach justify But if the stats and rules are combined as "Worker and Peasant" Ms. , and present a united front, the "Mama Do not Cry" That if you look at the statistics of professional incidents, the majority of attacks occur in hallways, elevators, dark corners. Therefore the rules for the Council to better not to walk one through the deserted, dark places, areas with disadvantaged crime situation. Married? A bunch of friends? Hire a bodyguard, unless of course will finance. Hello, Finn-aansy By entering into the entrance and elevator, it is necessary pay attention to those who comes into it with you. Photograph fotikom or eyes? Ask a passport? Falsetto – "Citizen, Your Present! " Please observe the elementary caution: For example, to track a suspicious-looking individuals, companies that behave aggressively, etc. Exactly Recently I Cat in the radio operator did not play better pass by a suspicious situation.

Walking alone in deserted places, especially in the evening, the best hand-held mobile phone with a pre-selected number of someone from loved ones. This will allow you in an emergency situation promptly notify the potential attack. Type "And finally, I I say Farewell "It is also possible to acquire some means of self-defense, such as gas cartridges. Zilch zilch zilch As there had Mironov of the song "And her little sparrow Jump Jump It is her darling

HTML Business

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The programs of Autoresponder are one of the most important things that you need to have when is executing a business, does not matter what business class you have. In this it was of the electronics that all receive an electronic mail regularly and to have good programs of autoresponder to respond to these electronic mails can help to maintain his business working without problems. You will be surprised of the amount of scripts of auto answer that exists and that can benefit to its business. Scripts of autoresponder can be chosen between any or can program his own one. You will be able to program his own script to autoresponder if she feels that it is necessary so that its business works correctly. His script of autoresponder can use them to send articles or gratuitous tutorials or the simple message that you received automatically and even respond communicating that we will put ourselves in contact with them as soon as it is possible.

These are impressive and powerful tools, and if you have still not begun to use them, then you are not of this age and is better than empieze to move, at least if you want to see his business of continuing growing. When you are sending messages through autoresponder to people, if an article or a tutorial or any other type of information are included, you you must also have a connection to his Web site. This is absolutely necessary if we want to see grow its business and of growing with time. Autoresponder is for selling. It is possible that some gratuitous information that is offered they can use his prospectuses, but the aim is always the same and consists in which they buy be that as it may what you are selling. So autoresponder he needs to tell on a connection to his page of sales so that the people who the Lees know where to go to obtain their products and services. Many people choose to send their messages of autoresponder in format HTML. This format is looked like a page Web.

It will count on good graphs, consequently it draws attention. Other people decide to send its messages of autoresponder in the flat text format. This last one is not so attractive and to be honest, it does not work so well, and so it would have to consider to autoresponder multimedia like the perfect solution. There are some disadvantages with the messages sent in HTML. These do not see equal in all the navigators, this can mean that the one that receives the message not it can read correctly. Also it can happen that when loading it does it to the message with too much slowness. If a page is taking much in loading the majority of people not it will bother and it will not read the complete message. Nevertheless, there are some things that you can make to accelerate the time of load, like choosing different graphs and reducing his resolution. It does not matter what type to autoresponder is the one that you use. One of them will help him to do much more money every month. Autoresponder in Spanish: . We helped him to choose the best software of autoresponder or service to satisfy its needs with pursuit of electronic mail. Original author and source of the article


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Not seldom it happens that needs urgent psychological counseling, but no time or opportunity to receive or wait for an appointment with yourself to come to a psychologist. In this case, the output may be consultation Psychologist online. Online psychology – a kind of consultation that takes place in real time through the free computer programs that support video and voice. Or consider the so- called telephone session. So now every person who, for whatever reason can not come to full-time counseling psychologist, but, nevertheless, needs skilled psychological help can get Online counseling psychologist, psychoanalyst and psychotherapist. Initially, when the Internet did not exist, psychological counseling online only existed in the form of telephone conversations, which often were very expensive (especially long distance), and specialists who practice this form of counseling, were few. This service emerged relatively recently, about 15 years ago.

Today, psychological counseling online – this is a common phenomenon with a number of advantages. First, it is anonymous and confidential. It's no secret that keeping the status incognito, many people quickly expanded, entrusted to a psychologist, it is easier to share their personal and innermost. Second, psychological counseling online – a great opportunity for residents of small settlements, which often simply not qualified practicing psychologist, a professional psychological help. Third, do not want to go out, wait for their turn to receive the necessary help and support.

Due to this, psychological counseling is available online busy young mothers, the elderly and seriously ill people with disabilities. In certain situations require an immediate solution to the problem, and sometimes in a timely manner to provide professional psychological assistance can prevent disaster. And, finally, psychological counseling online – an affordable service for most people because of their reasonable cost. Today such advice of psychologists – are not uncommon. More and more people begin to use the service "Psychologist online," or so-called consultation on the Internet. A psychologist advises online that are very realistic as possible, but it does not replace a full-time to full consultation. It should be understood that the deep personal problems yet to be broken down into individual psychological consultations. Full-time psychologist at the meeting can see and hear the client, and tone of voice, gestures, involuntary can tell about a person sometimes much more than words. Psychologist online help relieve emotional tension, resolve difficult life situations, will have psychological help at the right time. Now any person has the opportunity to get advice about personal problems, difficulties in family relations and relations with others, problems with children, or you can just talk with a specialist when it is very bad, and it seems that no one knows about.