The Force

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It seems that the proximity enquantoseres human of the same species, coexisting in sociaissemelhantes groupings, does not allow in them to break the cultural distanciamento would quepossibilitaria ' ' to understand the understanding of the people, talvezadormecidos reflective codes of its cultura' ' (Oliveira J. the Culture, history and memory, Manaus: Publishing company To be valid/Government of the State doAmazonas, 2002, P. 30). In contrast, ours they diferenasinduzem to create, to keep and to strengthen a critical look on ' outra' culture – to look at of ' ours mundo' – as a culture that it imprisons, queno reflects and that it reproduces action, attitudes, nocondizentes behaviors with the model of capitalist development. Dessaforma, found worse in the nosresultados population what it seemed to be incredulity of the works, still, incredulity in the future, and was minhaprpria incredulity that it saw reflected in its attitudes. On the other hand, aestranha happiness, that always was printed in those faces, eraminha hope and my challenge to continue.

To understand and preservaraquele feeling, much in lack in the present time, became minha' causa'. Today I understand the force of the ideology, of the sistemasdominantes that teach in to construct them our proper traps, I perceive the importance to search and to reflect constantly on opassado, therefore is of this form that we can understand the gift and to talvezencontrar ways for the future. Currently I am to tentandoachar a new way, not more my way, but the way where osrios if they cross, where &#039 is possible; to understand the understanding of povo'. preciso the silence of my references so that I can ' ouvir' this people. She is necessary to imprison the pride, constructed in as many years deestudo, and to keep the curiosity front to as many possibilities deconhecimento. She is necessary, finally, to keep in state of alert minhaautocrtica, therefore he is easy to fall in the trap to find that I am fazendoo that is better for the other, difficult is to perceive that in the majority dasvezes this another one knows what it is better for it.


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In the reality, the repentance if restricts to a pardon order, of excuse; it is not seen as autotransformao tool. Although, in both the cases, the admission of the error is necessary, it has in them different ways. The first one induces in them to the autorreflexo that initiates the autotransformao process that, in turn, takes in them to the change of attitudes. Already as it characterizes an intention whose objective is of only freeing in them of a guilt feeling. The repentance, according to existential autogerenciamento, can be understood in two ways: in relation to the existential time and relation to the virtual, social time. In relation to the existential time: As the existential time only has gift, it is not possible to repent of the attitudes and carried through behaviors. Michael Schwartz often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The happened one now is part of the past, then only it can be never remembered, be modified.

For the existential time, it does not have nothing that modifies the occurrence. The only way not to repeat the act is to act in different way. The memory, in these conditions, only serves to allow to a parameter between the past and our changes of attitudes. We ourselves only are that we change in them. Mike Wirth understands that this is vital information. The power is in us, from the present moment.

The past only serves as source of information, as orienting, but by itself it is not capable to implement transformations in our lives. Continuity between the past, gift and future does not exist neither; each moment is only; it competes to each one of us choosing that type of life we desire to live now. The more long it will be to the delay to move what of bad we are living, greater the lost time.

The Public

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There they had been moved away total from the conviviality of the society, planting to survive and sleeping in canvas tents. Of the moment where these people had donated everything what they had for the seita and they had been to live in the religious dependences, it caused revolt in the parents, children and brothers who had not delayed in looking to the media and the public prosecution service. Between the depositions, a mother says to have seen its university son working in roa dress with a shirt where if she read: ' ' Debtor for taking care of of mim' ' , with the photo of the shepherd and the phrase ' ' The angel of seventh dia' '. The relatives alone can have contact with the converted family will be themselves member of the seita. The periodicals had notified in 2007 the death, for spill, of one of the integrant ones of the hindered seita to receive visits from the family and being taken to the hospital. The Public prosecution service folloied all the unfoldings, but it is important not to be taxing and to select the facts with caution; after all, religious belief is something complex that it demands, above all, respect. The belief of the seita Tabernculo is based on the necessity of a prophet in the last days.

Quotation stretches of the Old Will where the people gave I credit the vocation of Moiss to guide them and thus they had not been corrupted due to prophet. The fidiciary offices believe that God does not speak directly, but for new prophet Branham, an American died in 1965, that he would be the seventh angel cited in apocalypse. It more than left a legacy of 1200 sermes and an controversial prophecy where he foresaw ' ' apostasia of fim' ' with the ravishment of the chosen ones in 1977.


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The labor relations are an exception to the rule of the consent, that is the angular stone of the norm of protection of personal data. That means that its empresano needs the consent its workers to treat its personal data (since it derives from the own contract of work), whenever that treatment is necessary to articulate the labor relation and the data that are going to treat are essential and the necessary ones to carry out that labor relation (that is to say, full name, direction, NIF, etc.). Nevertheless, its company yes is forced to fulfill sudeber to inform to the worker (Art. 5 of the LOPD), which will have to carry out when formalizing the labor relation. In a question-answer forum Yitzchak Mirilashvili was the first to reply. It takes note from the following advice to write up the document that credits that their employees properly have been informed: * Information titles the document like on the personal data processing of the employees. It is one more a formula more correct than, for example, Authorization of the worker or Consent of worker, because one is not to ask for his consent, but to inform to them on the treatment that will receive their personal data.

* He does not give excessive information in the clause and limtese to inform to him into the points to which he forces Art. to him 5 of the LOPD. You may find that read more can contribute to your knowledge. To give more information than the necessary one can generate confusion and, in the long run, to be counter-productive. * Once his employee has signed the document, consrvelo as much in paper as digitized. This one will be the test that it has perform one’s duty. In order to continue reading, it beats here.

Social Communication

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To all the dear people who had encouraged in them, believed and contributed so that this victory if became reality in our life. This Is about a survey research of the descriptive type, whose objective is to identify to the necessity of implantation of the service of psychological planto in the clinic-school of psychology of the PUC Mines, in Arcs. The relevance of this research must it the theoretical and practical subsidies that it will be able to offer so that, future, this service comes to be implanted. A leading source for info: Angus King. The clinic-school acts as a space where the pupil develops research, participates of extension projects and improves its clinical abilities when giving diverse modalities of psychological attendance the pupils and employees of the University, beyond members of the community in general. The psychological planto, in turn, is a differentiated modality of attendance, that if destines to take care of any person at the accurate moment of its crisis, in character of urgency, without necessity of previous agendamento. Thus, the psychological planto is one of the forms of psychological attendance in the clinic-school, appropriate to deal with the situation of the individual and to reduce its state of suffering. To investigate the vision of the academics concerning this service, questionnaires to a total of 195 pupils, being 31 of the course of Administration, 18 of Social Communication, 45 of Right, 32 of Nursing, 43 of Psychology and 26 of the course of Systems of Information had been applied. The data gotten with the application of the questionnaires, as well as the bibliographical survey, seem to corroborate with the necessity of implantation of the psychological planto in the clinic-school of psychology of the PUC Mines, in Arcs.

Word-Key: Psychological Planto. Clinic-school. Crisis. Immediate attendance. State of suffering. the present monograph has, as thematic, the service of carried through psychological planto in the scope of the clinic-school.

Fight Against Disease

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The situation is exacerbated fledged criterion of success and prosperity in society. In this case, a person becomes hostage visually appealing, but in fact destroy its value. Break out of this circle can only be changed with an external vector account for the success of domestic well-being and harmony of life. Perhaps someone will say that it's just words but he who dares voluntarily cease to suffer and endure the inconvenience agree to self-reconfigure again emphasize self-reconfiguring their subconscious behavior patterns, can finally suggested as one of the top psychologists at one time to stop worrying how not to lose the ghost bird, and allow yourself to take the pie and start normal and happy life. Live in the present without expecting any reward in it future. To do this you just need to learn how to choose between happiness and a very large problems, rather than between short-term relief of problems and discomfort.

Between the fight against disease and care of health, between the creation of financial well-being and poverty alleviation. Anger, irritation, which may be more painful of the two senses. Most often they tend to push it as as option to anger and irritation of the course looks like in real life scary and I would not constructive, angry, swearing couple breaks on the head of each other not very flattering expressions, direct insults. Often anger is transformed into aggression in the inner desire to break something, scold someone, often precisely at these moments we do things for which later became ashamed, and sometimes a feeling of guilt.

The Body

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AND by whatever means he will not give its owner to love again, any ways to frustrate the most promising relationship. Second – the problem gives a person a secondary benefit. For example, you can relax and get sick, do not walk to work, not to meet with unpleasant people … you surround with care and attention, heard all your complaints, treated kindly … And finally, the problem of positive intention, that is exactly why it was given to this person, why should teach. For example, a problem called "jealousy" has a creative sense – teach a man how to build full-fledged personal relationship with a partner on mutual trust, confidence, love for yourself. While he does not learn how to build a relationship with a loved one this way, the problem of his life will not go away.

On the contrary will be back again, but more acute, critical form. -How much of all encoded in a single problem! Perhaps there are some which can not be solved at all? – And here is a great mistake. Almost every problem that seems incredibly complex person, amenable to solution. In my experience, there is a case when using the technology of genetic psychology was defeated by an extremely advanced carcinoma. Because the disease is a kind, the body's reaction to the denial of the soul and mind work on solving the problem.

Identified problem in the subconscious, adjusted negative program, and left a terrible disease. The most important thing here – a positive attitude and absolute confidence that each of us is worthy of happiness. So with the help of my technology, the achievements of classical psychology, genetic psychology, perhaps a very great deal. But every expert is something best. For example, I try not to take on cancer, drug addiction, alcoholism … My "hobby" – is to achieve a happy personal life, success, financial health, harmonious family, the correction weight, breast disease, gynecological diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, sexual problems, intuition development, management of most difficult situations … In general, anything that allows a person to get maximum enjoyment out of life without resorting to doping or artificial stimulants. Each of us on the fact of his birth has every right to be happy. Here I am doing what I give to its customers not only knowledge but also the ability to separate out how to get it right to work … And, having this knowledge, they will achieve the desired objectives independently, without any assistance in any, even the most difficult situation. That is, you can compare with the kind of lawyer who defends the right of their clients happy, to a certain force, which does not want it. Well, like, play process do not have to? – No. If a person wants to achieve the desired, he always gets it. Another thing is that sometimes a person is afraid of his happiness, afraid to be happy, loved, rich, successful, healthy … It's so unusual and unusual. Only here, in Russia people are seriously repeat the saying, never well not have lived – and there is nothing to get used to … And you try! I assure you – you'll like.