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German Frequency

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IT KNOWS WHY the TIME MORE IS SPED UP In the day of my anniversary, thinking about the life, I evidenced an impressive thing: daqui the 17 years, living creature or deceased, I will be completing eighty years of age. I started there to remember good facts of my infancy and bad moments of my life. From one determined time, everything started to happen with an incredible speed. We can say that the good and the evil, the hell and the paradise are relative things if to consider the alternating and temporary facts that if flow off quickly in the invisible clock of the time. It remains only the will to fight and to continue in front. It is the rhythm of the life, each sped up time more.

One day, talking with the illustrious countryman and friend Dr. engineer Claude Ribeiro Pedroso, who is turned in these subjects, said me to it that we are living under the action of the increase of frequency of the Schumann resonance (biological rhythm of the planet and its biosfera discovered in the decade of 50 for the German scientist with this name). ow. Then, on the basis of this increase of frequency, the time it comes diminishing, and the duration of the days, the weeks, the months and the year is each lesser time (January was yesterday and suddenly already we are in December), even so the conventional mechanisms of measure of the time, as clocks and calendars, continue marking its ticket normally. At a first moment, it is difficult to understand this: How it is possible that the time is passing fast more, if the rhythm of its instruments of measure continues the same ones? Therefore it is. In the truth, according to theory of the German scientist, the planet, the human being and the too much forms of terrestrial life obeyed the same frequency (of as many cycles for second) in relation to the ticket of the time. Having, however, in the last few decades, had an acceleration in the vibratory field of the planet, increased that frequency that was of 7,83 for 13 pulsations for second, the mental and biological day, instead of lasting 24 hours, started to last only sixteen.

It is this same: as some scientists the biological day tero diminished one it is lasting only 16 hours. This is the sensation of celeridade of the time that we feel when exclamar: ‘ ‘ As this weekend passed fast! ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ That seems that it was yesterday! ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ The day passed so fast that I did not have time to make nothing! ‘ ‘ and so on. if still we find that what is good hard little, serves us of consolation the fact of that what it is bad also goes to last less and the misfortunes will be temporary, despite some problems in them seem insoluble and perpetual.

Interior Spaces

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Juliana Mara Menezes Baptist? Summary To understand the evolution of the illumination analyzing the history of the architecture allows to the construction of a thought consolidated for the conception of projects contemporaries worried in taking care of primordial necessities of preservation of resources for future generations. Soon, the objective of this article is to analyze the use of the illumination in interior spaces of the architecture throughout marcantes historical periods by means of bibliographical revision and to present what, according to literatures, are the new technologies related with the illumination. One concluded that a theoretical basement ally to the perceptions of what it expects of the future of the illumination is the key for the accomplishment of projects that contemplate the architecture as a whole? englobando, yes, the illumination as essential element in the construction of buildings that will enter for history. For more information see Karoline Copping. Word-key: Illumination; Architecture; Energy efficiency. 1. Introduction To know to see the architecture is to know to interpret all the elements in it inserted capable to transform our look and to legalize, in this manner, a made solid set only e.

The interior spaces of the architecture are in constant mutation. According to Souza et al. (2007), the history of the architecture directly is related to the evolution human being. The architecture starts to exist when the man constructs to protect itself of predators and natural phenomena. The constructive search for new materials, tools and techniques had come for the new social demands (growth of the civilizations, necessity of interconnection between cities, water supply, consolidation of religious beliefs) or same for the search for pleasant forms to the eyes, making with that the architecture continues evolving until the present. It is by means of as many transformations that the architecture obtains to transmit to the intent observer its true essence. Of Botton (2006) it is in favor of that architecture is capable of in them transmitting happiness unconsciously, bringing us a sudden joy that many times we do not obtain to explain.


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This seems to be, in fact, the importance of Adam: to bring the death to all the men and, inside of it, the sin. Of Adam he does not inherit yourself, thus, guilt, but death: therefore all had sinned (and they continue sinning): because all had been born in the death; e, in the death, does not have as not to sin. What I inherit of Adam, therefore, is death and a pecador body; not guilt: nor for the sin that it committed, and, by the way, in relation the God, nor for the sin that I commit! However, this absence of guilt does not improve my condition in relation the God – for the opposite, it evidences, still more, the gravity of my removal: that is, if Adam, having the option not to sin (therefore the death not yet existed), entered in the death through the sin, mine in case that, beyond not having the option not to sin, I enter in the sin through the death. To know more about this subject visit Doug McMillon. Guilt and favour In accordance with the interpretation habitual, or historical, we have attributed to the guilt the same felt that the Writing reserved for the favour. Still in the Letter to the Romans, a little before, if says that Abrao believed in God, and this was taken it in justice account; e, as, by the way, also Davi proclaims the well-being of the man to who God credits justice (…). When the man friction itself ' ' culpado' ' for the trespass of Adam, ' ' creditamos' ' to the man this guilt? that it, in the truth, does not seem to have: who has guilt for the sin of Adam is proper Adam! As already one said above, what we inherit of Adam is death and a pecador body; this if also applies the Dawkins – it wants or not, in view of that it, as well as I, also will die (I wait, by the way, that he dies before me, since he was born in 1941 and I, much later, in 1958).

The Alcohol

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To the set of the characteristics and quantitative relations of the numbers of present chemical species in a reaction of – the name of estequiometria. We must remember that to adjust a chemical equation we use the coefficients solely. In none in case that we change sub indices of formulas. If to make this we go to modify the identity of the substance. The burning of the alcohol is described for the following chemical equation.

We go to start the balancing? C2H6O + O2 Co2 + H2O As to choose the coefficients? We must start the rightness for the element that appears one alone time of each side of the equation (in this in case that we have carbon and hydrogen). Therefore, we must multiply carbon for 2 and hydrogen for 3 (both of the right side) to be with 2 carbon atoms and 6 hydrogen atoms of each side of the equation. We will have, therefore: C2H6O + O2 2CO2 + 3H2O Now we go to give one looked at for the oxignios. We have 4 pertaining oxignios to Co2 and 3 oxignios of the water, adding a total of 7 oxignios of the side of products and only 3 of the side of the reagents (1 atom of oxygen of the C2H6O and 2 atoms of the O2). How we can decide this? It is enough to multiply the oxygen for three! C2H6O + 3O2 2CO2 + 3H2O We have thus the balanced equation. Following the same reasoning when balancing the chemical equation of the burning of the gasoline we will have the following equation: C8H18 + 25/2O2 8CO2 + 9H2O We can observe that the stoichiometric coefficient of the carbon dioxide in the gasoline is greater that the alcohol, this happens, therefore the amount of hydro-carbons in the gasoline is bigger, and consequently an increase in the amount of molecule formation of carbon dioxide in the same one.


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The election the changes that occur in a population from the forces of mutation, migration, recombination and structure of reproduction. The distinguishing taxes of survival and reproduction are what it is called if election. The evolutivos processes of the HIV How of any another alive being can occur for anagenese and cladogenese Percebe? if in the HIV clear processes of anagnese for which a character appears or modifies in a population throughout the time, being responsible for ' ' new features evolutivas' '. Examples that occur in this population are the setting, in the populations of mutation (alterations of the genetic material) and of genetic recombinations through mainly the natural election, selecting the organism to one determined ambient condition. It is perceived action of cladognese where the separation of the HIV of the population of the SIV occurred. itzer. Evolution In the viruses the control of the gnica expression serves mainly to allow that the cells if adjust the nutricionais changes in the environment, of form that its growth and to optimize is lines of direction. Adaptation a reply to the election occurs whenever a herdvel variation of a trace is correlated with the reproductive success thus in the HIV when perceiving an increase of the population or the viral load perceives sucessso evolutivo in that type of environment that something favored. The result is the improvement in perfomance reproductive. If this improvement continues during a enough number of generations, a process called adaptation, results in a condition of a trace that also we call an adaptation. Exactly without the gnico flow, it takes time for a population to adapt an ambient change. **** Is important to perceive that an adaptation to an ambient change gnicas Frequencies Not

Public Power

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The ambient education meets in the development of social values, knowledge, abilities, attitudes and abilities directed toward the ambient preservation established, with the purpose to guarantee a quality of healthy life for the future generations gifts and, enclosing, therefore, a humanitarian, holistic, to interdisciplinar and democratic dimension of the ambient protection. In the process of ambient education, the ambient information possess an excellent one meant, therefore they make possible that the citizens can inquire themselves on the situation, organize themselves and influence in the public processes of decision, as well as demanding a greater and more qualified ambient guardianship. The performance of the collective can be materialize through the participation in the creation of rights, the participation in the formularization and application of for ways also judicial ambient public politics and. In this direction, 1 of interpolated proposition IV of the CF/88 compels the Public Power to divulge the content of the studies of ambient impact and to submit them it audiences, in which the citizens can clarify doubts, consider alternatives and present critical, which will have to be considered in the taking of decisions of the question in study. Although the importance of these audiences as mechanisms democratic educators and, these occur sporadical. Moreover, the participation of the collective in ambient decisions through countersignatures and plebiscites concerning the subject is guaranteed constitutionally (Article 14, I and II CF/88). The great challenge of the ambient education route to a democratic and sustainable development is, parallel to the taking of measures effective that guarantee the conservation and ambient protection, to provide to a critical and innovative education in the formal and informal layers of the society through a politician-pedagogical, democratic process and lasting route to the construction of a critical conscience on the necessity of the ambient protection and the change of the current standards of development. Therefore, the ambient education has a basic paper in the taking of conscience of the co-responsibility of collective in ambient protection e, consequently, contributes for the democratization of the ambient decisions.

Original Heading

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But it is not alone photographed that he is recognized in this process, photographer, to if to disclose surprising ahead of what it makes, beyond if recognizing in its work, starts to be recognized for what it produces. Its personality is registered in its images, it characterizes what it in its work. Being thus, the photographic work can be an excellent resource in the resignificao process, therefore it rescues feelings of autoestima and autoconfiana of that it is portraied. The photos ‘ ‘ they modify and they extend our ideas on what valley the penalty to look at and on what we have the right of observar’ ‘ (Ribeiro apud Sontag, P. 39? grifo of the author).

‘ ‘ I can risk to say that it is an impregnated paper of images that, with the look of the observer, can play alternatingly, of figure to become deep and deep to become figura’ ‘ (CIORNAI, 2004, P. For more information see this site: Chesapeake Energy. 231). We can from photographs revisit our history and as Kossoy says (2007): ‘ ‘ To collect these frozen pieces of the past allows to have access, at any time, stretches of life trajectory. To the look a photograph, its contents are defrosted, allowing the narrative of life histories, adding, omitting or modifying facts and circumstances portraied in the photo. Photographs are start of the souvenir, starting point for narratives of facts and emotions, make possible a complex and fascinating process of recriao/construction of realidade’ ‘ (apud RIBEIRO, E., 2007, P. 39 grifo of the author).

The moments lived in this community never will come back, know of this, but the photograph will count this history in allowing revisiting of these moments and, mainly, the visitation will open space, allowing the access of that had not been there. This is its paper. By means of this work, Alvaro Villela will make possible it outrem the chance also to arrive close to this people, inhabitants them communities of the Bar and it Banana plantation, and from the fragmentos for selected it, to adentrarem in this universe of learning that is the life in its ampler diversity. Debtor for the invitation and for chance of a so rich and huge experience!

Peru Nio

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We cannot isentar in them of this. They see how many reactions the Planet is showing to all we as, tufes, cyclones, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunames, this daily in all Planet. It is clearly that the climatic alterations happen since the formation of the Land more or less have 4,6 four billion and way of years, approximately, this less radical of what in remote times. It has some years, we suffer floods in some parts from Brazil, that had been devastadoras, while others suffer to forts estiagens (great drought for a long period of time). Credit: New York Yankees-2011. Waves of heat sufficiently make contrast with blizzards and the very low temperatures.

Therefore you will perceive that all these natural disasters cause billions of damages to all the countries of the world, consequentemente you have all the inhabitants who live in this world, that we are. This comes and damages houses and roads, arrasa plantations, kill people and animals and many other problems. What they are distinguished among these climatic changes they are: El Nio and La Nia, where if they originate in the Pacific Ocean bringing consequncias for the climate of the world of different ways. El Nio You know why it you received this name? For cause in the Boy Jesus, because it was perceived for the first time in the coast of Peru, good at the time of the Christmas. Already the Nin is a phenomenon There that possesss well opposing characteristics to the El sings to sleep. El Nio is the overheating of waters of the Pacific and the Nia is the cooling of these waters of an abnormal form There. El Nio generally appears with a frequency of two the seven years, however is almost impossible to foresee its consequences.

Therefore the reading of this article can bring some important, excellent information and of easy agreement for any responsible and interested citizen in participating of this day in defending the Land, that is of all we. Where also some professionals, as the agriculturists, controllers of flight, commanders of ship, populations who live mainly in risk areas, also need these information to prevent of possible damages and accidents that all these phenomena can cause. Article written in the work of Mestrado of this teacher who informs Appeared Solange to you Paludo. – Ambient Engineer?

Marcel Duchamp

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Dad was born of a revolt that was, at the time, common to all the young, a revolt that demanded a complete adhesion of the individual to the necessities of its nature, without no consideration stops with history, the logic, the common moral, the honor, the native land, the family, the Religion, the Freedom, the Brotherhood and as many other slight knowledge correspondents the necessities human beings, of which, however, only subsistiam few esquelticas conventions, therefore they had been emptied of its content initial. (MICHELI, 1991, P.131). The Dadasmo is contradiction, is revolt is negation. It says that the logical one is false; to be logical, and rational ahead becomes them liabilities of the indifference, and the policemen. The only certain system would be simply not to have system. As if it perceives the Dadasmo allowed plus a breaking to the values in the arts, opening way for a new artistic vision, for the imagination, giving another direction the art and to represented objects or ranks with artistic value. PRU is open to suggestions. This formulates will go to re-echo in all society and the way of if thinking and if making the art. Dadasmo questioned the standards taxes for the society and the system politician.

The known artist more in the visual arts, is Marcel Duchamp, that questions the concept of art and aesthetic amongst others facetas, as the source is the case of the intitled mictrio. The source means the origin of, where jrra, for which everything starts. From then on the traditional arts will be questioned. The aesthetic one must be alone the beauty? Who is only artist makes the work ' ' manual' ' , who possesss the technique? The art is idea, concept, dadasmo it will go to influence all the too much movements of art, as the conceptual art and the art contemporary. The surrealismo as cited previously, is the art that reflects the dreams and the nightmares.

The Time

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The lesser detected level was of 0,3 g/mL? area 0,9599 mv*s (noise 0.1 g/mL) and the quantificvel value was 1,0 g/mL. For the chemical qualification the evaluation of the aeration process was carried through and the results had demonstrated that from 6 hours of aeration the products can set free and be used with safe and validated residual levels, that is, 10 lesser values that ppm. One notices that how much bigger the temperature in the room of aeration and greater efficiency of the system of air exchange, minor will be the aeration time. QUARREL Through the analysis method gaseous chromatography had been gotten resulted that 55C and 28 exchanges of ar/hora allow to evaluate the residual security of EtO from 6 hours of aeration, determined in enterais bottles what it represents profit of time productivity when compared with the study carried through for Martins et al 9,10,11,12que determined the levels of EtO in cannulas and got the time of 19 hours in aeration. The aeration time depends on the material of the product and methodology of the aeration system that can be adapted for each situation, what to confirm the differences of difusibilidade of oxide of ethylene for the enteral bottle and the cannulas.

This difference is justified by the temperature of 55C for the time of 6 hours and 35C for the time of 19 hours 10,11,12,13. Moreover, the removal of EtO in the sterilizer through 14 pulses ar/vcuo (daily pay-aeration) had made with that the concentration of initial EtO was reduced in the sterilizer, what increased the efficiency of the process aeration 10,11,12. The revision of the main risks of the use of oxide of ethylene in medical materials emphasizes measured of risk control and had cited studies carried through in workers displayed to the EtO who had presented greater neoplasia incidence.

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