Month: February 2017

The Statement

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Mostly the gist is the same, so the tenor in all replies saying that the situation not satisfactory as needing improvement is felt, even though this does not always definitely and clearly spoken out. “In certain cases, and which are those that I want to move up here as an example, then immediately follows the annex: but I hope that it will get better”, register that as a precautionary measure will be to protect, to mitigate the real subliminal vehemence in the statement. And already the undertone, both usually subtle, but sometimes also already clearly felt a suffering upon the existing situation and the desire for change same as well as the simultaneous hopelessness, giving himself disguised lurking behind it all makes me cringe. And lets me sometimes even I scare, as a groundless so-called is the fate of arising perceive, which makes impossible a conversion in the now and in the future. I suppose at that moment so true two voices, the one told by hope, where it is quite clear that she speaks of hopelessness, which might give but not to recognize, and the other is delivering to the supposedly inevitable suggests, which would mean a total resignation.

That a change is not foreseeable, cannot be denied, actually, as long as this inner attitude of to surrender and of rescue waiting not changed is, a remained in at least inner passivity is maintained and thus practically change out door will remain locked. Finds a change inner attitude instead of also the change in the experienced situation is the result of the same possible, or even unavoidable. We get freedom of movement, if we are true hope, knowing that all is well with the admission that, if we want to move, we are there, that must move, because that no one does for us. The destructive hope tells us here the opposite, namely, that all of alone better or that everything is for getting hopelessly lost, which was both equivalent validity for us as good reason for passivity.

Federal District

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In October 2008, the express divorce became a reality in Mexico City, capital of Mexico, through the Official Gazette of the Federal District. He contemplates the Elimination of the causal 21 of divorce such as alcoholism, adultery, threats and even violence in the family. From the entry into force of the amendments, the divorce can be requested by one of the spouses provided manifest before the judicial authority that it does not want to continue the marriage. Therefore, no longer necessary to point out the causes by requesting the divorce. According to the Official Gazette of the Federal District, to order espresso divorce is necessary: a year that has elapsed since the celebration of the marriage. Request express divorce in writing. That the interested spouse accompanied the request for divorce with a proposal for a Convention. In the said Convention should propose resolution of custody of the children, visiting hours for the spouse who does not have the guard, alimony, and the way to guarantee it as well as the distribution of goods (in case the scheme is the separation of property).

The proposal must be answered by the counterpart within 10 days. When the express divorce request is answered or expired, a judge will Decree divorce. Where there is dispute in the Convention, the judge summoned the parties to promote an agreement. This should be done within five days after submitted the request. If it is required by the judge of the family, summoned to court parties to ratify and legalize the signatures of the Convention. To protect the rights of children and women, is will not decree the express divorce in the event that the requesting spouse does not offer any proposal on the custody of children.

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