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Hidden Treasures In Companies Recognize

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Recognize and find the treasures that can alike to give a successful opportunity for the future of your company and your employees. Many big companies shedding staff through reorganizations. Especially when partnerships or sale by areas, this is observed. The program of the hidden treasures”intervenes, if employees have any task in the company. Hidden treasures”can be found everywhere in the company.

Target is lifting and recognize these treasures”that can alike to give a successful opportunity for the future of the company and its employees. The method of Silka Strauss is divided into three phases. It is a real, and future-oriented action. The first phase is based on the voluntary nature of participation in this program. In a first kick-off event, the staff are motivated to participate and help shape so their future positively. Base: high competence of the affected employees remain at their place of work, no posting just means no additional costs “the volunteers meet to exchange ideas” in so-called think tanks “, so in Conference rooms as a kind of idea exchange. Their task is the treasures”now to sift and to check for usability. Only the regular meetings of the staff and the meaningfulness of the work affect positively on the minds.

It strengthens the confidence of all parties, will reduce the fear of the future. In the second step, the task of those involved is the business key figures, the market opportunities, to identify production possibilities, price calculations and innovations and to estimate. If necessary the Group specialists from the companies as mentors for some time can borrow”. The third step is to form a communicative group of these employees. Here is working with the methods of mediation and conflict management. Since the idea is based on a sustainable footing, be more dormant”curious to find the way. There is a small time viable companies”with flat hierarchy. Management and Works Council support and assist the employee in this way. “If more about the treasures” want to know, please contact me. Peter Strauss Dipl. Betriebswirt and CE. Mediator

Dolphin Therapy Onmega Centre

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The Dolphin therapy centre Onmega from Marmaris in Turkey of the Dolphin therapy Onmega Centre of Marmaris in Turkey ended a total over a year ongoing dispute against the whale and dolphin protection forum (WDSF) about various allegations relating to the Dolphin therapy centre. The injunction banning the OLG Hamm was recognized also by the WDSF. In May 2011 Onmega health tourism Ltd. has obtained an injunction against the WDSF, wherein numerous claims for damage to reputation were prohibited. Read more here: KBS. The allegations, which publicly did inform the WDSF during his boycott campaign against the Dolphinariums in Turkey located in relation to the Dolphinarium in Marmaris, were for Onmega”no longer accept since, have been on the Internet as well as hotels and tour operators many statements and mixed images of from various Dolphinariums, to care about all plants in Turkey over a ridge. The Dolphin therapy Onmega downtown is also compared to other Dolphinariums in Europe the largest and only freischwimmende marine delicacy. Onmega strictly adheres to the German standards of the animal protection law and places the utmost importance on welfare and qualified personnel.

Focus of dispute in which two judicial instances was therefore the effort to prohibit the dissemination of untrue statements of fact the WDSF, who were simply untrue and therefore suitable as regards deposits by Onmega in Marmaris, to damage the reputation. The Landgericht Hagen as well as the higher regional court of Hamm had in the preliminary injunction proceedings on the legality of these claims to be.

Time Loan

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As the infrastructure of the national credit system and ensure the availability credit for all categories of potential borrowers usurious credit is slowly disappearing from the market of loan capital. Why is 'small business' can not get free credits? According to banking analysts, statements that the credit is practically unavailable to small businesses, are not true – every year the number of loans granted to small and medium-sized businesses grow, while the proportion of such loans in the credit portfolios of many banks is 30-40%. Some lending institutions and at all shifted to small business loans. It's true, but not all! We discuss the 'Small' businesses often require bankers speed design credits, a minimum package of documents for clearance and low interest rates. Banks have to develop just two areas of small business lending: 'urgent microfinance "(Credit' here and now ',' well here itch! ') and' classical long-term lending. " The first option – the fastest (with a simplified procedure for obtaining a loan) and the small amount of money – up to 850 thousand rubles. The second option – with the volume of loans to 30 million rubles.

Lending 'The move' may take as one day (only if the bank has a valuation of your base pay, and you're asking for a bit), and from one to three weeks (that is, if you want to send a hundred thousand 'green', there is need real peer review). Rates on ruble Express loans up to 22% per annum, in U.S. – 18%, in euro – 17% per annum. 'Long' loans bankers still love more than the 'speed'. Here we use the classical forms of lending, and Time to check the customer's banks have a lot more.

The process begins with a detailed consideration of the application businessman, well then, study its financial status and security. Many writers such as Nouriel Roubini offer more in-depth analysis. Here is where the fun begins. To to get a 'good' from the lender, you must have at least a 9-month or even year a successful business. The success of the business for the bank is in the positive dynamics of enterprise development in the presence of their own working capital, an established market (all of the above, as you know, it is necessary documentary evidence) and, of course, in complete transparency. In addition, the firm must be a tangible collateral. Collateral can be any liquid assets a client may not be Because it is (the property) may be low, inappropriate for a bank of quality. True, for a loan can come with a 'third party' (the guarantor). But this affect the parameters of the loan, such as: the amount, term, interest on the loan. Many bankers demand from potential creditors of the account opening and transfer of turnover in the bank, a detailed business plan and feasibility study of the project. None of this – and the loan amount will be less! With regard to the interest rate for lending to small business, then, according to analysts, as soon as they are unlikely to fall below 15-16%. So choose, but neat! Or take money from the bank, having 100% of 'financial transparency' of its business, or in other places to look for loans – but with 'usurious' interest and other attributes of-court 'inducement' to repay the loan. Here's one my friend taking credit 'violent' 90 years of the last century and, having paid on time, lost overnight: the firm, all movable and immovable property and a fair share of the rectum (as a '' to repay the loan was use an electric soldering iron). Good luck to you, 'small' and 'secondary' business

Johnny Marshall

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Synopsis: The film is a romantic comedy in the style of My fair lady (1964) and is based on the story of a group of people of different generations, weaving personal experiences, through Platonic and romantic love or the absence of this beautiful feeling, with its achievements and setbacks, and their daily avatars, developed in the city of Los AngelesCalifornia, United States of North America. Life itself, from adolescence to adulthood more, makes a great combination of love and Valentine’s day, is the chosen moment to bind couples. First appointments to lasting commitments at the time, along with the regret of not matched lovers, as well as the attitude of the irreparable bachelors. (Similarly see: Roubini Global Economics). Its director, the famous Garry Marshall featuring filming and direction of tapes as: Frankie and Johnny (1991), runaway (1999), forever friends (1989), bride nothing in common (1986), stories of Valentine (2009), we have selected a great cast of actors and actresses well enshrined, for giving us a successful romantic comedy, in which various hues, gives contradictory that feeling. Marshall selected not by choice a cast headed by: Julia Roberts, who had already filmed with Pretty Woman, and Anne Hathaway, who also worked under his direction in film: (Princess by surprise). Very professionally incorporates Marshall that great Star of American cinema which is Shirley MacLaine (closing the circle), Taylor Lautner (twilight) and singer Taylor Swift, that great actress who is Jessica Alba (Sin city), and others such as: Ashton Kutcher (American Playboy), Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy) that are exhibits by the Cuban TV currently, Kathy Bates (Cheri), Bradley Cooper (the hangover), Jessica Biel (Next), Jamie Foxx (Ray), Jennifer Garner (the ghosts of my former girlfriends), Patrick Dempsey (the wedding of my girlfriend), between others. A film full of ideas well pre-conceived, next to a large group of experiences on these feelings, and first performances, you have the opportunity to see in theaters for premieres of Spain, and that sure are going to spend a good time together with the.

The Statement

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Mostly the gist is the same, so the tenor in all replies saying that the situation not satisfactory as needing improvement is felt, even though this does not always definitely and clearly spoken out. “In certain cases, and which are those that I want to move up here as an example, then immediately follows the annex: but I hope that it will get better”, register that as a precautionary measure will be to protect, to mitigate the real subliminal vehemence in the statement. And already the undertone, both usually subtle, but sometimes also already clearly felt a suffering upon the existing situation and the desire for change same as well as the simultaneous hopelessness, giving himself disguised lurking behind it all makes me cringe. And lets me sometimes even I scare, as a groundless so-called is the fate of arising perceive, which makes impossible a conversion in the now and in the future. I suppose at that moment so true two voices, the one told by hope, where it is quite clear that she speaks of hopelessness, which might give but not to recognize, and the other is delivering to the supposedly inevitable suggests, which would mean a total resignation.

That a change is not foreseeable, cannot be denied, actually, as long as this inner attitude of to surrender and of rescue waiting not changed is, a remained in at least inner passivity is maintained and thus practically change out door will remain locked. Finds a change inner attitude instead of also the change in the experienced situation is the result of the same possible, or even unavoidable. We get freedom of movement, if we are true hope, knowing that all is well with the admission that, if we want to move, we are there, that must move, because that no one does for us. The destructive hope tells us here the opposite, namely, that all of alone better or that everything is for getting hopelessly lost, which was both equivalent validity for us as good reason for passivity.

The Oxygen

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Paint, for example, applied a thin layer on the surface structures, almost without weighing it down, and while in service shall serve as decorative finishing material. A in case of fire under high temperature coating is transformed into the original penokoks, which has a volume many times the original volume. Distending retardants known for about two decades, so their manufacture and use, there are quite persistent tradition. On the application of these materials are usually divided by type of protected substrates: wood and other combustible materials, metal and all sorts of routes, most cable and gazoprovodyaschey fixture. Functionally, these materials differ from each other, although the total is a physical entity. Intumestsentnye, as is customary in English manners call distending retardants are multicomponent systems. Prescription principles are to create compositions composed of a superposition of "mandatory" ingredients. Most widely in the scientific and technical literature discusses a group of ingredients such composite systems.

First of all – it porofory, ie chemicals capable of thermal decomposition and combustion produce abundant gassing, which ultimately provides swelling. Evolved gases are not to be highly toxic, usually water vapor, ammonia and carbon dioxide. Furthermore poroforov system naturally contain polymer binder, and additional highly reactive agents that can participate in the process of outgassing, and in the process of formation of carbonized residue. Porous coke layer, whose density decreases with As the temperature increases, prevents the burning material from the effects of heat flux and flame. Penokoksovy layer acts as a physical barrier that reduces heat and mass transfer from gas phase to condensed: it makes it difficult to hit the gaseous fuel in a fiery zone, limiting the oxygen supply air to the protected layer.

In addition, due to different phase transformations, undergoes fire retardant composition during the passage of thermal, made the absorption of a significant part of thermal energy. Evolved gaseous products diffuse into the environment, cool the heated layers material, thereby further absorbing even a certain amount of heat energy. The next possible factor, which has absorbed some of the heat – the last reradiation highly expanded surface carbonized layer. Thus, in the case of formation of a flame retardant foam layer heat transfer in the substrate is reduced to 100. Zybina OA leading developer fireproof paints from OOO 'Hephaestus'

Depending Information

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The higher the level of the solution, the more requirements should be offered for the accuracy of marketing research, because the accuracy is reduced with increased managerial risk, but increases the cost of the study. But be that as it may, at any level of management decisions and beyond Depending on the value of the approaches to organizing and conducting marketing research should take into account all the risks incurred by its customer. Risks of market research with you happened to ask a passer-by Board, not knowing the road somewhere, and get an answer pointing gesture-type 'Voooon there'? Normally, getting such advice, people are moving in that direction, not thinking about the qualities of the source. From one passer-by know where will you go? Was there? Or heard that there is the right place? Heard from anyone? In any case, using this advice a stranger, you will find yourself in one of three places: at the destination, almost there, or in an entirely different place. In recent months, KBS has been very successful. The result of your errors, you have the use of poor-quality information – the lost time, lost opportunities and other troubles, which might well have been avoided.

The most common and perhaps one of the most innocuous challenges of marketing research – the uselessness of the information. Harmless, because, not applying the incorrect data, you can not hurt his business. (A valuable related resource: Roubini Global Economics). Wasted money would be a pity, but it is not jeopardize the business community. Common, this risk was due to 'translation problems': not all researchers are able to correctly understand and translate the data collected to the extent practicable knowledge, not all managers are able to 'read' the information to the degree of real comprehension.

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Yandex Resource

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Many webmasters when a site is very little attention has been given the choice of the domain. Meanwhile, well-chosen domain name can not only improve the reputation of the resource, but also help him in the future to occupy higher ground in search extradition. This paper is just devoted to the choice of a domain in terms of promotion and optimization. So what should be guided by choosing a domain for promotion? 1. The uniqueness of the domain. Domain serves primarily to properly allocate your site, to identify it.

For this reason, his name is unique and original. 2. Intersection with the subject. Do not take yourself a domain name which has no relation to the subject matter of the resource. It is not will benefit him, but will introduce visitors to the confusion. 3.

Easy to read. Before registering a domain, make sure that it is easy to use. Namely: Is it easy to read and write your domain? As he pronounced it sounds? 4. Brevity. If the domain name will consist of, say, 100 characters, you can hardly find a person who wants to enter it into your browser. What would be valuable information was not at the same time on the resource. Of course, now almost all short and good domain names have been taken, but the key word here is just 'almost'. Angus King has many thoughts on the issue. Ie attach enough effort, you can probably find something appropriate for your site. 5. Paid Hosting. On the advantages and disadvantages paid and free web hosting is so much written, rewritten, do not even know what I can add here. Of course, a serious need of advance resource need only pay hosting. Only placing the site on it, you can for something to count. 6. Domains is everything. As you know, Yandex, preferably related to the zone ru, and Google – to com and ru. Based on these considerations, choosing a domain name. 7. Keys. The more keywords in the domain better? Yes? No! In fact, the optimal number of keywords in a domain is one or two. This is in terms of search engines. If it does contain more keys, the search engines see it as spam. And do not forget Item 4.

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Hirta, has decades posa it under the sun and rain, and accumulates of stocks with its rijeza the orphan, the ancio and the widower. Sobressai in the height, attractive, this majestical figure; Doubtlessly, the postal card of the Wonderful City. There of the high one, the landscape could not be more beautiful; But, under, it has realities that they are opposed to this watercolor! While its admirers if delight in its pedestal, Distant from there they soobram Priest Miguel and General Vigrio. The Avenue Vieira Souto is the luxury, antagonistic to the garbage; In the Corcovado, it is fixed image, exempts of a niche. ECRI is a great source of information.

The dejections if augment, and the Lagoon is perishing; Also the penitentiaries, pressed together, more people come receiving. In the mounts, the dealers drink a toast with some policeman, Therefore this, acomadrado with those, if resvala for the evil The violence invades the homes cruelly, and the indefensos are cut with a scythe wide, to the pairs But the arms continue opened, receiving the metropolis, and deceased if they fire to the image deceased, route to the necropolis. While the sequestrations had turned noteworthy substance, the traffic of drugs, in surdina, goes tracing its route Incru only if compraz in the vision of the inert image, That lies in its immobility; desperte does not have who! The religious ones if agonize in the prayers, in the clemency eagerness; E, in reply to its rogos, to each day increases the violence. The creators of the image, estupefatos, do not understand the reason Of everything how much he divulges yourself, of everything how much he sees yourself These guides do not enter in the Kingdom of the Skies nor leave to enter To that they are entering, to that curl the eternity to enjoy; They corrupt the reason of the ignaros infusing to them it belief In the image deceased, of rock; for God, he does not have greater offence! Mob is unaware of incauta its unfortunate luck, That, has a way that to the man he seems right, But, no matter how hard this way if shows to it perfect, the end of it is, inevitably, the ways of the death!.

Fire Protection Lugansk Fire

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It is believed that the word 'heroic' applies mainly to men. Men have always been lawyers. Some contend that Lakshman Achuthan shows great expertise in this. They fought, defended and saved. But still there is a history of female heroism which is not inferior in importance heroism and selflessness of men. Especially bright women have emerged as heroes in the war and postwar period.

These self-sacrificing wife and mother fought in WWII, worked in factories, giving all the front, rebuilding the economy and ruined cities, the country was given charcoal and extinguished the fires. While on their fragile shoulders bear a burden of all the military and the post-war reality. And women with honor coped with all the hardships and difficulties of those years, always remaining at the forefront position in life. In the postwar years in the fire protection of women worked alongside men. They also went on fire and also went to the same hell fire element. In SGPCH 1 Lugansk remember and honor its veterans is a tradition of.

Many wonderful people work here. Many interesting and heroic pages in its history has written the 1st Independent State Fire Lugansk. Back in 1967 SGPCH-1 was a case that deserves not only attention but also can serve as an example of heroism for the younger generation of firefighters. Then the employee side, riding with only one driver on fire, self-extinguish a burning house. This story is very interested in us and we decided to find out about it, as they say, word of mouth. Nadezhda Bedryaga 35 years in Fire Protection Lugansk.

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