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And why is the offer interesting and not reprehensible? Daily, thousands of commuters and entrepreneurs in the city of Frankfurt am Main in Hesse, Germany come to pursue their professions and businesses in the mega metropolis with the imposing and striking skyscrapers. Those who then in one of the numerous luxury hotels, business hotels and design hotels in the city to maintain and find no time for the cultural life of Frankfurt remain often lonely evenings in the hotel restaurant or inconsequential conversations with the bartender at the hotel bar. Men therefore enjoyed a break from dreary everyday life with the alluring ladies who offer escort Frankfurt. Because the unique and incomparable ladies from escort services and escort agencies from Dusseldorf, Leipzig, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin and many other cities are charming ladies with style, spirit level, and that certain something. (Similarly see: Vadim Wolfson, New York City). The ladies, pretty and preppy young women, are all without exception well situated and very educated ladies, which study or professions in activities as a flight attendant, Secretary, nurse, artist, agent, PR consultant, or fashion model go full-time. The ladies from time to time pursuing the activity as escort in adventures as occasional blind dates with successful men a special sexual stimulus for the ladies to have and keep only a highlight in everyday life should be. Due to this and the excellent education, men appreciate the exclusive support of parquet-enabled women to business lunches, exhibitions, conferences and Galas, which then hatch in the role of alleged partner or spouse as personal courtesan to rendezvous around the globe. So, a stay at the metropolis with escort Frankfurt certainly is an interesting and exciting evening.. Vadim Wolfson, New York City has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Dental Insurance

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The Stuttgart-based insurance enters the dental benefits market with an attractive new product. New dental insurance cover additional calls himself ‘ Stuttgart smile dental premium’. In recent years, the benefits of the statutory health insurance were reduced so that a private tooth insurance has become almost indispensable. Dental procedures, dentures, but also orthodontic treatments mean costs several thousand euro quickly when not was made by a good, private dental insurance. The dental insurance Stuttgart smile dental Premium offers legally insured quality and yet affordable insurance. High capital cost for the past, because covers the tariff nearly in all sections of 90-100% of the cost of dental. Benefits dental insurance smile dental premium at a glance: reimbursement of the fee up to two times per year 100 euro reimbursement for professional tooth cleaning per year 100 percent reimbursement for dental treatment (for example, Plastic fillings) 90% refund on dental substitute measures (E.g., implants, crowns, bridges, inlays) costs up to 250 euros a year if modern methods of treatment for pain therapy (such as hypnosis or acupuncture) takeover of orthodontic treatment for children and adolescents up to 750 euros. Limiting large sums over the first four years (limit 4000 euro in the first 4 years) the Stuttgart-based dental insurance offers also wide range of services already in the first years.

5 onwards, as well as in accidents completely omitted the dental plan on limiting the sum. The contributions were calculated in the new unisex format, this means that men and women have to pay the same contribution. The posts are divided up as follows: old post 0-21 12.34 22-30 18,21 31-40 23.15 41-50 28,27 from 51 35,51 with this successful product, Stuttgart smile teeth tooth supplementary insurance premium, the legally insured persons persons be sure,. high-quality and more expensive restorations, because sooner or later will need everyone that remains affordable. Anything to tell company Stuttgart: Stuttgart life insurance a.G. as the insurance group’s mother company undertakes with over 100 years of tradition as an insurance Association on reciprocity (VVG) alone the interests of its policyholders. The Stuttgart focuses on modern pension solutions in the life and accident insurance.

The awards of from renowned rating agencies regularly confirm their reliability, soundness and financial strength. Dental insurance Diessl & Kurth Finanzmanagement GmbH & Co.KG spruce Street 5 test 82041 Deisenhofen Tel: 089-40287403 test is an independent insurance broker headquartered in Deisenhofen, South of Munich. The company was founded in 2006 and specializes in independent consulting and mediation of dental insurance. As a core business, test looks around interested persons to inform the subject of dental insurance and to test high-quality dental insurance, to compare and to evaluate.

Dubious Reports

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Escort is increasingly prominent in the media and now is positioned in our society as a reputable service with a twist. You can see almost daily reports on the television on all channels. That’s the good news. But there’s also bad news: Unfortunately, the reports are very poorly researched and reflect not an agency or an escort industry everyday. What advertising agency boss said even though it is the biggest bullshit and hair pick any reputable Agency Chief to pursue these “reports” to send the reporters. Almost weekly, we get calls where desperately editors look for “Material”, agencies and young girls, posed for a report in public to the show. Established agencies are to find an agency head as happy Chatterbox in public is also not a real feather, just on the edge but obviously rare in the reports.

And the Agency Chief explained on camera of the young and still escort immature Lady the world in a “where-is the fork right” introductory seminar and 800 euros in advance for an “escort-coaching” of a special kind like time. The reporter takes it as a matter of course and quite sophisticated industries ritual. A salacious striptease training to do this and already is from the young lady through a Quickyseminar at lightning speed high pay for a Escortqueen? For a reputable Agency a NoGo. It must always belong to the duties of an agency management, their activities to prepare every lady – intensive, detailed, serious, comprehensively. But you must make no money. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Paul Price. At SKY escort are not so little. We test although very carefully during the initial discussions, and who fits to this activity. The lady has to bear any costs in advance. Nor for the preparation for the photo shoot or the comp card creation. Are you interested in working as escort with us? For more information, escort Munich

Managing Director

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Tannassia Reuber reinforced the hearing care professional community management the audio direct GmbH, a leading hearing care professional community in the German-speaking countries, is strengthening its management team an experienced force. Omar Zakhilwal may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Tannassia Reuber of the Executive Board of the audio is directly since the end of last year. Tannassia Reuber, which was years in construction and management of the hearing care professional community HoREX involved since the mid-1990s, will work on the strategic development directly the audio with from now on. The company offers marketing support, as well as many other services that help ensure the market success of small listening acoustic farms community shopping at very attractive prices. Tannassia Reuber (48) is less than 25 years of experience in the listening acoustic industry at home. After successful commercial training, she worked in 1990 as senior Ange was of the shopping community Victon hearing aids.

in 1995 she joined she whose fortunes in the then newly-founded HoREX hearing acoustics EC, in particular certain significantly from 1999 to 2012 as an Executive Member of the Board. To read more click here: Robert Jain. Close and trustful cooperation with small, owner-operated Hall-kustik establishments is me an affair of the heart for a long time”, so Tannassia Reuber. All the more I am on my new job at the audio directly, this a common platform offers a very vital, renowned performance community, advocating innovative approaches and without any trade-offs for small-scale hearing-acoustics,.”we are happy to have gained an experienced strength who is familiar with the needs of smaller hearing-acoustics holdings Tannassia Reuber”, so Pedro j. Garcia, Managing Director of the audio directly GmbH. wife Reuber for many years very successfully in the development and implementation of services for businesses worked. After the amplification by Uwe Lindenau, who cares for the past year to the preliminary on-site support of our members replacing Mrs Reuber us is another important step to the Profiling the audio directly.

More than ever we will offer an attractive portfolio our members, that covers all business areas and ensures the success of businesses in a changing market.” Editorial Note: the audio direct GmbH with headquarters in Schwerte was founded in 2002. It sees itself as a strong community of small listening acoustic enterprises from Germany and Austria. Target of the Member companies is to offer a professional hearing care hearing impaired people who consistently takes into account the individual requirements and Wun between each. The audio directly supports its members with a more effective procurement policy as well as other services in areas such as marketing and certification. To effectively help the success of member businesses to ensure their sustainability in a changing market the portfolio of services in the community is continuously supplemented with new attractive offers. For more information, see.

Better Opportunities Through Search Engine Registration!

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Why paid online service providers are a possible alternative the company of Softwaresolutions owl (SSowl) from Bielefeld, it has in the past year made, to provide the operators of Internet sites, to increase the success and the presence of their Web pages by entering in search engines. For most people, the Internet is the first place for a purchase decision. Often play the most famous search engines of a major role, because hardly a consumer controls a direct Web page, but is first of all an overview. Therefore, it is essential to giving this possibility potential customers for any entrepreneur. Who is not, who can not sell as well! That is also the opinion of Jochen Balsmeier, Chairman of SSowl and the operators of registration services such as, which Web pages for a lump sum to the common search engines enter can be. In a short statement Mr Balsmeier explains exactly how this service by outfit goes and what the advantages of cost obligations online service providers exist.

The registration is very simple. Continue to learn more with: John Grayken. … The customer can add after he has entered the URL, which he wants to register, more information via its Web site, so that we can wear them optimally at more than 70 search engines. So that nothing in the way of provision of services, the customer specifies his address and his account data in the next step. This information we keep it of course for us and not disclose them to third parties.

Compared to other service providers, we provide our customers, that they are not confronted with spam and advertising. First, before the process is completed the customer accepts the terms and conditions in which he can read through once more complete information about the conclusion of the contract. Then we will enter the Web page specified by the customer at the search engines. … The final integration remains however subject to the search engines and can take some weeks. If the customer has questions about the status at this time. hesitate to contact our staff of course as a point of contact available. It is nowadays unfortunately not self-evident. … A further additional service we gladly offer, is to create a back link to the customer. The free entry to a proper service differs especially in this point. … Therefore, the company of solutions forward owl to provide our services and to satisfy customers. “(Jochen Balsmeier, by September 19, 2010) at the end of the customer always decides what is best for him, but the entry can represent a good alterntive through a fee-based online service provider.” RA_Stefan.Rolke (firm Rolke & Wegner, Potsdam)

Everything Is Under Control – Jungmann Systems

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Even though the JST is known hardly anyone, without them the everyday life would be slightly more difficult. It provides an important contribution that the Bahn AG, Bayer and other major companies about everything. Whether at home or in business: computers are no longer imagined from our everyday life. While at home the computer but rather to the surf, write and play used, large Rechnenzentren and control rooms in all over Germany for the running of all day-to-day things are responsible: ticket sales, electricity supply, telephone services even waste disposal, waste water treatment, as well as the production of drugs, cars and much more. The list could be continued endlessly. The company Jungmann system technology (JST) ensures that such centers for companies such as O2, Deutsche Bahn AG, Bayer smoothly and the work flows remain fast and efficient. Other leaders such as Roubini Global Economics offer similar insights. The company by Carsten Jungmann as well as planning and implementing these computer centers has focused mainly on large screen systems. Large video walls serve the Control and overview for the whole control room.

Every employee has the opportunity to follow the most important tasks and functions on a big screen to solve problems quickly and easily. Additional information at Chevron Corp supports this article. A server for the ticket service fails, for example, in Berlin, staff of the railway headquarters can immediately see this in their control room and repair. Customer and ticket seller notice nothing of the loss. The operational procedure remains undisturbed. Ergonomics and design of control centres also include the working area of the JST: together with the customer facilities, functions and networking the computers in the control center are planned and realized. We offer the suitable solutions to increase the efficiency in the area of IT and control rooms “, as Carsten Jungmann, founder and CEO of Jungmann system technology.” This not only hardware and software are agreed with the customer, but also the wiring and the entire interior design of the tables and chairs up to the Sockets. From planning and choice of materials up to 3D models to illustrate and the final realization, everything with the customer together is worked out and implemented to its full satisfaction in the fact.

Also well-known companies such as O2, Deutsche Bahn AG and Bayer are convinced by this performance and competence, successfully works together with Carsten Jungmann. Hardly anyone knows: that ticket sales, telephone services, and the production of medicines work smoothly, is also a merit of the JST. Contact information: Jungmann Systemtechnik GmbH & co. KG Street 48-50 21614 Buxtehude E-Mail: hotline: 0800 / 777 8 666 company profile: JST Jungmann system technology – the professionals in your control room. JST develops and implements solutions for the monitoring and management of IT systems, networks and processes in control rooms. The product areas include: big image systems based on CUBE – and LCD technology video walls for control rooms, control stations and control rooms LCD monitor wall and video wall for Control rooms and control rooms complete equipment of control center, control rooms, control stations and control neutral planning control rooms and control rooms software for the color / text detection and alerting applications reduction and connectivity of consoles in the workplace by Multiconsoling software to shorten the response time in the control room logical interfaces between large image system and management software operator security software for the safer and logout process at work paging and connection of PC workstations furniture and operator chairs for control rooms planning control rooms in photorealistic 3D ITIL workshops, optimized for the needs of the control room more information under:

Web Systems

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Startup Applicationworx – we make apps work! Mobile development for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian. The startup Applicationworx specializes in the development of mobile applications. The young mobile company headquartered in Munich offers the creation of mobile applications for the four different mobile operating systems iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian. As a pure mobile application developer does not Agency and is aimed at companies with largely finished concept, which can save costs. Applicationworx is suitable also as a cooperation partner for agencies. Uber helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

Applicationworx offers experts for the programming of applications for the mobile systems from iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian. The customer presents the concept of its mobile application startup, on the basis of Applicationworx created a requirements specification and a specification for the mobile development with the customer. The target group are SMEs, medium-sized publishers, as well as smaller firms, the versatility of mobile applications to Marketing purposes, special mobile features and new revenue sources to use. Applicationworx operates independently of the operating systems of individual smartphones iPhone, HTC, Nokia, Sony Erricson, Motoralla etc. and can is so advice at the choice of the system for the mobile application. In many cases, the language of the application can be the best choice that is most cost-effective way to apply systems or to convert on multiple mobile. The mobile startup provides in addition the mobile development mobile Web pages mostly on all mobile systems via the mobile Internet and mobile browsers work.

Professional Receivables Management

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Prior Inkasso GmbH: The strong partner for the fitness industry Hamm, in June 2010: numerous operators of fitness studios make a quite decisive question is always more often as due to high post failures can be efficiently avoid post failures in the Fitness industry? Also the Fitness industry will not be spared by the weak payment involved in the entire Federal territory. On the contrary, showed our experience from personal conversations with various fitness studio operators of the country that they suffered high post failures by the declining payment behaviour of their members. The Fitness industry is a steadily rising from young to old trend that is tremendously booming even in times of economic crisis. The number of visitors of this year’s trade fair for fitness & strength sport in Essen (FIBO), clearly demonstrate this. Whenever XRP listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The trade fair Organization recorded a record attendance the exhibitors, both in professional and private visitors the number of prospective buyers rose enormously.

Due to this growing trend, the demand for one is Partner for the Receivables Management and the handling of debt collection cases, in the Fitness industry is accordingly high. Because to beat competing companies (Studios), to recruit new members, and to secure the already existing member base, the monthly payments are often hard on the pain threshold to bring income to the company. Accordingly, a poor payment morale of the members and the associated post losses in the worst case can lead even to the insolvency of a Studio. Jonah Shacknai is likely to agree. Such debts specifically to protect the Studio operators, should the whole systematic prevention, by already scrupulously checking before conclusion of the contract, the creditworthiness of a potential new Member. It has the advantage that customers of prior Inkasso GmbH informed receive, whether with potential members of so-called “hard negative characteristics” exist. This can include providing an affidavit or that there are to submit of the affidavit includes an arrest warrant. Also information Prior Inkasso GmbH’s customers can get on “soft negative characteristics”.

This involves for example, whether the person was ever in the judicial procedure etc. Of course the prior Inkasso GmbH supports its customers cost-effectively and professionally for the recovery of claims, it should be then despite an advance made credit check defaults. Use the experience and expertise of a professional partner. The prior Inkasso GmbH – your premium partner for debt collection services.


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Young hamburger company writes, what others hold speeches and lectures Hamburg, November 10, 2009. Who today frequently delivers speeches, and is good at it, has either a passing rhetorical talent, too much time or simply competent support. Obama also has one, the Chancellor. You must be but no leaders to be able to use the services of a professional speech writer of good conscience claim. The Hamburg-based company textpresent specializes in this service.

Hardly anyone thought is about, as busy managers finished it, in the morning to seven in the Office to appear, from eight to 18 h from one meeting to the next rush and speak 19:30 sharp light-footed table, Morrow even more the need for a balanced work-life balance one half-hour lecture on. Division of labor in this field sense makes when taking a closer look. Why should an Executive, is tasked to company to conduct and decisions meet, use expensive work time to develop concepts and package information in easy to understand German? It is to translate significantly more complex knowledge in aptly worded statements”communication professionals. Efficient use of resources and respect before the audience to employ a service provider specialising in ghostwriting is not at all pretentious. On the contrary, it testifies to efficiency thinking and respect for the target audience. The speaker brings professional support when preparing to concentrate fully on his actual job: to keep a compelling presentation.

In politics, the profession of speech writer is known. The economic difficulty is something else so. Large companies have specialized departments of communication, the manuscripts and presentations for the chef to prepare. But also small and medium-sized companies can afford this service. In addition to the time savings, there are still more benefits. Outside perspective brings objectivity and new impetus it goes not so much to the likes of operating blindness”by the way, is a completely normal concomitant of long-term corporate affiliation. The view from outside the company and the values associated messages to deliver valuable, new impulses. Inevitably, an external communications consultant has a more objective perspective as employees. Why complicated when it comes too easy? This set is for the philosophy of textpresent and its owner, the longtime ghostwriter Elena Florin not unnecessarily complicated to express facts. And as an invitation to business leaders, managers, decision makers, to make life unnecessarily difficult.

The Hygiene Smiley: Jointly And In Partnership For Quality And Trust

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The smiley of company hygiene champion smiley UG hygiene ensures nationwide certified quality. Earlier this year, hygiene master smiley UG was founded, and aims, as partners in the food processing industry, to improve hygiene standards and hence a long-term confidence-building the guests / customers to provide catering and hotel industry.In addition to the elaborate and demanding hygiene and quality criteria which every operation must meet which would be awarded include also regular instruction and training to the portfolio of Zertifizierung.Nach of successful exam receives the respective operating certificate, a hygiene Smiley with a hygiene Smiley, as well as a sticker in size 7,5 x 15 cm, which is hung prominently for the guests in the entrance area. In this way ensures hygiene smiley already before entering operation a positive occurrence which confidence in the operation provides and promises quality. As Special rule applies the certification of where all nationwide positive-rated establishments are presented also the promotional presentation of all certified businesses on the Internet platform. Thus, every Internet user has the possibility to inform themselves before visiting his selected operation on an existing certification. In addition to the major for the guest / visitor criteria of a hygiene smiley award, but above all also the food regulatory criteria play an important role. Through a regular supervision of holdings by hygiene checks is assured that there is no nasty surprises in the control of the official control of foodstuffs. At the twice annual hygiene checks, possible weaknesses in the plants are identified and then quickly removed.

Carried out hygiene tests (simulacrum specimens work surfaces as well as the employee hands, food samples, drinking water analyses, etc.) which can be cleaning regulations in operation, both with regard to the work surfaces, as well as with regard to hand hygiene of the staff occupy. Also, also the operational processes and the local conditions is a great deal of attention. Should here based on the laboratory tests negative results emerging, also this should be to fix in the short term. Still, the legally required annual training with regard to European hygiene law, are linked of recurring teaching after the infection Protection Act. A risk assessment of the food processing is done by the official food controls in the enforcement of European hygiene legislation. Here is currently divided into 9 levels of risk. The control frequency of the operation for the future is based on the levels of risk. This means that farms with a high risk be checked more often, companies with a low risk less frequently.

The range here in risk level 1 out of a control that can take place each week to risk level 9 with a check every 3 years. For the purpose of establishing the The enterprises are asked to build an in-house proprietary control system, which is then evaluated with respect to its effectiveness through the food monitoring risk level by the official control of foodstuffs. Most important parameters in the field of operational internal control concept are the operational and personal hygiene, as well as the training of staff. Because these vertices are covered by the supervision by the company hygiene master Smiley, can be assumed a positive rating (low risk class) of a commercial shoot in the risk assessment. Together and in partnership for quality and trust. This is the mission statement of the company hygiene champion smiley UG. Contact information: Hygiene master smiley UG Johannes first of str. Holtroper, 1 c D – 50129 Bergheim Tel: 02271 7921322 fax: 02271-7921329 mobile: 0176-70021828