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Catherine O Flynn is an English of Irish parents who was born the year 1970 in Birmingham. What we lost is his first novel; It was published after having been rejected by a considerable number of publishers and literary agents. Of course, with this background, the novel has been an extraordinary success among critics and sales, which neatly explains the importance that usually has the talent in the shameless marketing of publishing and selling books. Set in crippling casings of a gigantic shopping mall, the author does not lose the opportunity to describe the decline in the traditional life of the annexed neighborhoods and limited life of its inhabitants. The protagonists are people living delivered to the giant trade, without the ability to carry out their wishes and aspirations beyond his own work, mediocre and bland, which absorbs their very existence. Very interesting the way is that the Narrator introduces the characters in the story and will be setting their appearances with decisive moments of the plot. The attempt of the author by taking out the maximum advantage of a scenario so rich in possibilities as a commercial center, gives an idea the intermittent appearance of characters that do not have to do with the thread of the argument but with the pulsating life of the commercial center, full of all kinds of individuals. It is appreciated throughout the narrative, small flashes, almost trivial, they give life to the landscape and outlines perfectly the personality of the characters.

The Hygiene Smiley: Jointly And In Partnership For Quality And Trust

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The smiley of company hygiene champion smiley UG hygiene ensures nationwide certified quality. Earlier this year, hygiene master smiley UG was founded, and aims, as partners in the food processing industry, to improve hygiene standards and hence a long-term confidence-building the guests / customers to provide catering and hotel industry.In addition to the elaborate and demanding hygiene and quality criteria which every operation must meet which would be awarded include also regular instruction and training to the portfolio of Zertifizierung.Nach of successful exam receives the respective operating certificate, a hygiene Smiley with a hygiene Smiley, as well as a sticker in size 7,5 x 15 cm, which is hung prominently for the guests in the entrance area. In this way ensures hygiene smiley already before entering operation a positive occurrence which confidence in the operation provides and promises quality. As Special rule applies the certification of where all nationwide positive-rated establishments are presented also the promotional presentation of all certified businesses on the Internet platform. Thus, every Internet user has the possibility to inform themselves before visiting his selected operation on an existing certification. In addition to the major for the guest / visitor criteria of a hygiene smiley award, but above all also the food regulatory criteria play an important role. Through a regular supervision of holdings by hygiene checks is assured that there is no nasty surprises in the control of the official control of foodstuffs. At the twice annual hygiene checks, possible weaknesses in the plants are identified and then quickly removed.

Carried out hygiene tests (simulacrum specimens work surfaces as well as the employee hands, food samples, drinking water analyses, etc.) which can be cleaning regulations in operation, both with regard to the work surfaces, as well as with regard to hand hygiene of the staff occupy. Also, also the operational processes and the local conditions is a great deal of attention. Should here based on the laboratory tests negative results emerging, also this should be to fix in the short term. Still, the legally required annual training with regard to European hygiene law, are linked of recurring teaching after the infection Protection Act. A risk assessment of the food processing is done by the official food controls in the enforcement of European hygiene legislation. Here is currently divided into 9 levels of risk. The control frequency of the operation for the future is based on the levels of risk. This means that farms with a high risk be checked more often, companies with a low risk less frequently.

The range here in risk level 1 out of a control that can take place each week to risk level 9 with a check every 3 years. For the purpose of establishing the The enterprises are asked to build an in-house proprietary control system, which is then evaluated with respect to its effectiveness through the food monitoring risk level by the official control of foodstuffs. Most important parameters in the field of operational internal control concept are the operational and personal hygiene, as well as the training of staff. Because these vertices are covered by the supervision by the company hygiene master Smiley, can be assumed a positive rating (low risk class) of a commercial shoot in the risk assessment. Together and in partnership for quality and trust. This is the mission statement of the company hygiene champion smiley UG. Contact information: Hygiene master smiley UG Johannes first of str. Holtroper, 1 c D – 50129 Bergheim Tel: 02271 7921322 fax: 02271-7921329 mobile: 0176-70021828

Callthrough Service: Call-through Provider Offer A Great Product Package

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In the telecommunications market will find many structural changes instead of small companies try themselves in the market with niche to integrate products such as callthrough everybody knows the problem of the cost of the phone. Telephoning has become more and more in recent years to the trend, more and more people to the telephone access it to make short or long distance calls. Within Germany this is usually no cost issue, almost all German households have a connection with the free call German landlines. Telephoning in certain mobile phone networks even without high costs is possible and desirable by the flat-rate provider. Despite everything, there is still no all-round package”which cheap calls all over the world making. By telephone outside the tariff packages, the Bill can quickly rush in the height. The phone was quite clear by the Roaminggesetzte to Europe and expect the minute prices from 50 cent to 1.

But caution outside of Europe can lead to dangerously high telephone costs phone, inform exactly with your provider before you make a call outside the EU. Still too expensive telecommunications market niches are occupied by small telecommunications companies arise. These small companies try to lower rates as much as possible for the consumer to this as cheaply as possible can make calls at any time at all, and from all countries. Usually with a simple call-call-through services through a system in which a local dial-in number is called and letting it continue to convey to the target number is started. Because for many households, the calls to landlines is free only the referral about the callthrough paid provider.

As a result, calls from the fixed network or mobile for a few cents in overseas are possible. Large bundle of callthrough provider is the goal of this type of party a calls worldwide at the best conditions to offer it and unite. A product package looks like this: callthrough, offers the possibility of himself over a local To connect an conversation partner abroad number for a few cents. Callback, allows to save abroad roaming and to make calls from as little as 3,3Cent per minute from foreign mobile phone worldwide. Send cheap SMS worldwide conferences all over the world can operate comfortably from any connection. To use a call-through provider is often connected to an enormous cost savings for home and business customers. All this connecting through VoIP and are most of the time, depending on in which destination is on the phone very stable and comparable with a not VoIP conversation. Such deals were previously most profitable but too cumbersome to be used actively. “Today, the callthrough provider put more and more value, that it a simple” cheap phone calls is. Annoying dialers are designed very customer-friendly through shortcuts or system configurations. It is possible his connection to adjust so that all conversations are cheap routed through a call-through provider without having to the practical Changed calls to consumers. Thus, it is cheap phone for everyone possible who don’t know anything about VoIP or Internet has. Because the large telecommunications providers offer currently no cheap international calls to today’s technology the callthrough market by small firms is very competitive. Should you decide for an alternative you compare extensively because there are many offers which are unfortunately not reputable. Offered by a provider which cheap calls”products is DCalling. DCalling is a very serious partner which is costs transparent and reliable. DCalling informs also about cheap calls and offers an information hotline.

Distributor For The Highly Secure Products From Kanguru Is OPTIMALLY

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USB-stick “Kanguru Defender elite” for corporate sensitive applications – central remote control manage, integrated anti-malware and virus scanning proactive, Aachen, June 14, 2010, the Aachen House OPTIMALLY distributes among the highly secure FIPS 140-2 certified USB data storage by Kanguru in all German-speaking European countries. The hardware-encrypted USB sticks ‘ Kanguru Defender elite “can be managed enterprise-wide Central and remote control and are available for Windows and July also for Mac and Linux. Distributor of U.S. producer Kanguru in the German-speaking European countries is ideal for ‘ Kanguru Defender elite “, a handy, encrypted USB drive for secure data exchange. The device works with a 256-bit AES-CBC-hardware encryption and is so resistant to attacks from outside. (As opposed to Rogers Holdings). In addition, it can be managed via remote function from any location. Stored data can be deleted on loss of the keys remotely.

The stick also has a virtual keyboard and a physical read-only and is available in sizes up to 128 GB. “The Kanguru Defender elite is the currently most secure USB flash drive, there”, Bert white Rheinbach, Managing Director of the system House in Aachen. “The control remote that works through a cloud solution is particularly clever.” Security solutions absorb in the age of mobile communication and the increasing importance of security issues OPTIMALLY in addition to software distribution and management programs more and more in the portfolio. Kanguru is a manufacturer of sophisticated and secure PC memory and peripheral devices. Kanguru offers the USB-sticks of the series “Defender elite” with integrated anti-malware security software. The devices also have a proactive real time virus scan.

This prevents that the drive can be misused by cyber criminals to spread malicious programs on other PCs. Description of the company is an IT systems integrator with a focus on client Management and workflow, document management and security solutions. BEST finds simple solutions for complex requirements in IT management and system administration, to improve the business processes of the company. It develops OPTIMALLY produce or extending and enhancing existing solutions. In Germany and Austria, as well as the German-speaking areas of Switzerland and Italy, the user supplies OPTIMALLY either directly or with the help of extended partner network. Member of the Bundesverband is OPTIMAL medium-sized economy (BVMW) and whose competence circle it company contact: OPTIMAL Bert Rheinbach Dennewartstrasse 27 52068 Aachen Tel: + 49.241.531088-250 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Faltmann PR Faltmann Sabine Theatre Street 15 52062 Aachen Tel: + 49.241.43 53 74 84 E-Mail: Web: