Institute of Leadership, Management and Technology Innovations, is a consulting firm dedicated to business address which comes from Germany. It has a series of courses that offer to all those who are interested in expanding their knowledge and who believe that you can bring them higher qualities when it comes to his work. In addition, offers consulting, training, coaching and auditing services through a new paradigm in database Systems – Leadership. A methodological concept with an integrated approach incorporating modern methods of management and technology for the business management and improvement of processes (Management and business improvement). The different courses include those relating to Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, data protection act and many more courses which can analyze in the web page of the consultancy: his concept of the work aims to help promote the business administration focusing on the quality of processes, management methods, as well as control objectives and requirements and their degree of satisfaction. Using modern and appropriate technologies that help to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of management at every level of the hierarchy of the organization.

Given the new requirements resulting from changes in the environment, its conceptualization of concepts supports preparing our clients towards a society of knowledge. Applied and implemented methodically new forms in the business direction which bring added value and ensure that the results of the projects are sustainable. A long career in management of projects of various sizes allows them to advise their clients so that projects are successful. Currently they have carried out more than 150 projects strategic and operating on an international level. In their work they always focus the Organization as a whole and laying in a methodical and systemic approach. They have developed a corporate standard process for a high-end brand. They believe that Business Intelligence is a very important topic today and for this reason, want to share with all those who want to the knowledge about this business analysis, a concept multifaceted according to the area of business in which it is used. Coming soon, will be an article in the magazine Prestige on Como create new values of business, of course, using Business Intelligence. An interview with the company Manager Gabriele Radajewski, that will resolve all the doubts of those that still do not know that it is and what is Business Intelligence.