Aristotle would have observed that in this reply 03 causes had been only pointed. The material cause, that is the fact of the one of vapor d? water in question to be there exactly in the hour where the cloud it cooled; the formal cause, that is the fact of being inherent to ' ' forma' ' of the water to fall in the soil and the efficient cause, that is the fact of the water vapor to cool. Aristotle would have added that it rains because the plants and animals need water of rain. To this it calls final cause or purpose. It believed that for backwards of everything in the nature he had an intention. 6. Logic the wise one looks to the pain absence and not it pleasure Aristotle the difference between ' ' forma' ' substncia' ' also it was very important when Aristotle described the man in the world.

When we recognize the things, us we command in different groups or categories. For example, we today see a rabbit, another one tomorrow and another one after tomorrow. The rabbits are not accurately equal, but it has some thing that is common to all the rabbits. this thing that is common to all the rabbits and ' ' forma' ' of the rabbit. Everything that is distinctive or individual belongs ' ' substncia' ' of the rabbit. Soon, we go recognizing and commanding the things for the world, we place the rabbits in the fishery, the horses in the stable the plants in varanda and the pigs in the chiqueiro.

The same it occurs in our conscience: we establish the difference between things that are made of rock, things woollen and adobe things. We distinguish alive things from things deceased, and plants of human beings. Aristotle wanted to show that all the things of the nature belong to the groups and sub-groups.