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The pupil never must be treated as customer, as consuming, then because she is an agent with previous experiences, soon also to interact and to complement the educative process. Professors, in turn, cannot and nor they must be mere transmitters of knowledge. ' ' Changed at any time for one mquina' '. its experiences and knowledge? The education cannot be a market, does not have to be a lender of services, the State cannot only be one financier and the pupil a customer. It is the global formation, of State, professor, pupil and family.

For the formation of conscientious citizens and its values he wants either civil, but above all humanitarian. The world globalizado with certainty moved in the axle of ours mundinho, revirando the things that were in inertia. truth that the public school does not obtain to absorb the changes that occur the years light of the education. The consequences are in itself disastrous. When the author speaks of 21% of pupils of public schools in the universities.

He evidences the difficulty that the pupils has in obtaining to enter in a public university. that has courses that the competition is gigantic. Recent research says that only 6% of the pupils conclude superior education and of these 1.5% are in the public schools. It still has a different profile of each institution, the Universities of Gois, for example, 60% of the pupils are of the public schools and that they had adhered the quotas for blacks. The good of the truth, is that the market ' ' capitalista' ' it searchs better professional, ' ' optimum salesman, optimum gestor' ' , that nor always he came of the public school and nor always acts in the area of its academic formation. But that he learned with the diversities of the world after-modern, and is capable to act with quality in the massacrante and globalizado world.

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Company Development

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BUT … One of the advantages of having the software the previous generation, is that the transition to a new platform in the Company formalize the main business processes and as a consequence, there is a change in understanding the needs of a typical configuration, in accordance with individual companies. In this case, in our opinion, interesting and useful in As a solution to consider – 1C: 8, because it is more amenable to modification / upgrades and has a number of features already incorporated in the standard configuration. If … in the long term requirements of the Company to modify the software software formed in accordance with changing business processes of the firm. . Ie further automation of the Company does not require significant time and cost (including the systematic recourse to Development company) and is a standard procedure …

If in the course of development of the Company and there were requirements related to performance optimization software, and user-friendly interface. Ie "Old" software can not meet the needs of companies in terms of speed and performance at this stage, by virtue of any restrictions. If … there is a need to obtain certain analytical information (reports of additional sections without changing the structure of the data). Ie standard laid down by the developer reports are not sufficient to ensure the monitoring and analysis of the Company, and accordingly the decision-making. In the first approximation we considered the most basic aspects that need attention, making a decision about the choice of software.


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Indeed, the administration is one of the most important areas of the activity human being, therefore it makes possible taken of decision, coordination of diverse activities, to manage people, to evaluate performances and results, allocation of resources etc’ ‘. The abrangncia of the managemental activities becomes it complex and excellent, making with that it has greater dependence of the managers to its collaborators, therefore in such a way will only obtain to efficiently act in all the sectors of the company. However, in the participativa management the collaborators have active place in the organizations, therefore the decision taking is not function only of the controlling or the managing superintendent of the company. This managemental model lode to revolutionize all the others, therefore, more than what to manage people it is to manage with people.

In such a way, Mentzberg (2003, P. 113) questions: ‘ ‘ … why an organization must decentralize? Simply because nor all its decisions can be understood in a center, in one crebro’ ‘. The managers do not have as to need the real difficulties and necessities in the diverse sectors the company, and this will make it difficult in the elaboration of strategies of functioning of the same one. But, with the participation of the involved people in the diverse levels, it will have increase of quality in the decisions and in the administration, why the decisions will not be based on one diagnosis intuitivo, but real. In the participativa organization all the ones that are involved in the process (internal, external, supplying customers) they have the right to share in the taking of decisions, not only of sporadical form, but, routinely. For Mentzberg (2003, p, 129) ‘ ‘ the decentralization is complete when the power is not based on position or knowledge, but in the filiation.

Events Companies

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He is proven that the people lose the job due to attitude. In the tripod that supports the ability of the employees of the retail, formed for Knowledge, Abilities and Attitudes (what we call ‘ ‘ CHA’ level; ‘), almost 80% of the resignations are motivated by a wrong or inopportune procedure of used. Change of attitude starts to be, therefore, a primordial for the companies, but also most difficult question of being worked. Knowledge and abilities if develop with more easiness. The companies find more motivation to invest in its team focando these questions because they costumam to give resulted faster. 14 the high rotation is extremely onerous for the company.

Beyond the resignation costs, the costs of conscription and election exist, beyond the time that this takes. Also if it can affirm that the customers fidiciary offices of point-of-sales feel the exchange constant of salesmen, therefore they do not obtain to create personal bond with the store and leave of being perceived as only. This can lead to a disruption of this allegiance. It is basic to train the sales teams constantly. Beyond the market to be dynamic and to require permanent update, who contracts rare finds people ready, who can act accurately as the company determines. The problem is that the attitude change is delayed and demands continuous investment. It is not with a lecture that if it moves in motivation, leadership, delegation, quality of attendance, etc.

short Events and prompt they are very quickly perishable, taking to the companies the wrong perception of that training does not decide. In what it says respect the knowledge and abilities, the prompt training presents better resulted, even so also needs periodic recycling. But the attitude change more goes beyond the training module, demanding a different behavior and elaborated of the company in all the management of human resources, since conscription and election.

Valdeolleros Reunion

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To learn more about us: Web of the Group reunion the Group reunion has its origins in a group of young people who met there for 70 years in the shadow of the Church of Valdeolleros, giving rise to the group singing reunion. Our main goal is to have fun and enjoy the friendship and companionship singing, while we investigate, recover and collect, songs, popular and traditional in our area, which have reached our days in many cases by word of mouth, by oral tradition. Romances, jotillas, round songs songs picaresque, full of wit, nursery rhymes, songs, love, simple as it is the people, but rich in content and soul songs that in many cases forgotten and almost lost, are part of our own culture and identity. The dissemination of all of them is essential not to forget our past and that new generations take over and continue this work. Therefore, throughout these years, our actions, in addition to the many of a religious nature, are they have developed in direct contact with the people in any corner or square, in cultural centers, educational centers, in festivals organized for groups less favored, in centres for the elderly in an attempt to liven up our older songs and romances that almost always remember fondly. This would be our highest tribute to them.

Currently, the group is investigating and trying to recover by various localities cordovan, a part of the Cordovan oral tradition Romancero, collected from our elderly in centres of adult education, in residences for the elderly, civic centers and in collaboration with others, who have spent years making this task of registration, romances that they have sung for all throughout our geography and that the passage of time has almost forgotten and disappeared. To learn more about us: Web of group reunion to know us better: reunion Group website >. Google.

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