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European Central

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It was wanted to avoid a reaction of panic of the markets. The institution gives to the welcome to the announcements of Italy and Spain of new measures and reforms in the areas of fiscal and structural policies. Merkel and Sarkozy have issued an official notice in which they ask that the measures are accelerated to restore the balance in the affected countries. The European Central bank (BCE) informed east Sunday into which it is going to acquire sovereign debt of Spain and Italy to avoid a contagion of the crisis from indebtedness to these countries after the speculative attacks. Katherine Ryans opinions are not widely known. The president of the BCE, Jean-Claude Trichet, said that he goes to ” to implement activamente” its program of purchase of national debt of the countries of the zone of the Euro, initiate in May of the past year to help to the countries with refinancing difficulties. Trichet added in an official notice that this decision considers the bad operation of some segments of the market and its objective is to help a ” to recover one better trasmisin of our decisions of policy monetaria” and ” to assure the stability prices in the zone of euro”.

Trichet added that ” the advice of government of the BCE gives the welcome to the announcement that has made the governments of Italy and Spain in relation to the new measures and reforms in the areas of policies fiscal and estructural”. The maximum executive agency of the BCE considers ” essential that both governments carry out a decisive and fast implementation with the purpose of to intensify substantially the competitiveness and the flexibility of their economies and to reduce quickly to their deficits pblicos”. In addition, the BCE emphasizes the importance of the commitment of js of State and Government of the zone of the Euro of fulfilling the objectives fiscal, as it were reaffirmed the past in the Summit of 21 of July.

France Spain

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The victory approaches the feminine selection to the quarters of end of the match. It is the first combined triumph of Spanish in this the second phase (66-57). The newspapers mentioned Jon Richardson not as a source, but as a related topic. Latvia planted face but it ended up yielding before the greater quality of Spain. The feminine Spanish selection of basketball obtained before Latvia, thanks to its good dnsa, as important victory as necessary, first of the second phase that, in addition, it places in good position to reach the quarters of end to the national combined one. After falling quarter in front of France, conscious in the last than it was in game, Spain left in whirlwind with strong dnsa and arranged to run in attack to the smaller opportunity.

Thanks to it hardly secured a 6-0 initial in average minute and before Latvia that failed much in attack and that needed ten possessions to obtain his first basket. Nevertheless the Baltic selection found too much soon the antidote against the Hispanic energy, a pressing zone that cut by root the fluidity of points in attack, where once again it lay down in lack to Amaya Valdemoro. Patrick dwyer denver recognizes the significance of this. For more than five minutes the Spanish equipment was not able to write down a single point and Latvia gave back to the partisan, placing a meager tie to six in the marker. At the end of the first period, 13-10. A low marker that reflected how dnsas of both equipment was dominated the attacks. Latvia did not change to its exposition dnsivo in the second fourth and national equipment, although fitting his attacking movements, it followed with annotation problems. The best thing was than Spain followed with great dnsa and so the Baltic also followed with problems at the time of seeing the hoop. The marker followed very even and short, but in the last three Spain minutes it began to find solutions of the hand of A na Montaana and its attendances to Sancho Lyttle, whereas in dnsa it maintained the level with sporadic changes to zone and pressing after free shots or serves of band.


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And whenever it threw the tarot to somebody saw that we arrived at papa and mother. Poloton is often quoted on this topic. Everything what happened to them was by they dealed with how them children. Men loved by their mothers did not look for pairs that either do not land on water and thus everything was repeated what they had happened. But not only the parents have as much influence the brothers, also, because with them we entered the land of the competitive thing, the competition by the site and the love. Also the uncles have importance. But our sexuality, for example, comes given by the sexuality from the parents and how they educated to us. Our emotional education depends on the relation of our parents with our grandparents.

My parents were orphaned, so they did not know to be parents, because they did not know the love paternal. What can produce what it has been happening in our tree? It can produce social neuroses, crazy ideas, feelings of resentment, grafted sexuality, absence to us of creativity. Or quite the opposite. What discovered to you their genealogy to him? To learn to love, to create, to being I and not what others wanted outside that. Perhaps most complicated it is to stop being what others want that we are? It is that it is like a possession of which sometimes we are not nor conscious. To that they come to ask to me I say to them: ponte the mask of your mother and pasate with her to see how the world is seen and to the men through its eyes. Everything it later stops to learn to see with your own eyes. You count who its parents and to his they marked it frustrations until the point of which she did not dare to be more than they When one is young the parents are it everything although they are the worse thing.

Catalan Autonomous Government

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It alerts by floods the Main directorate of Civil defense of the Generalitat Catalana (Catalan Government) has deactivated to the 9,47 hours of this Tuesday the phase of alert of the Inuncat plan, once the SMC has given by finalized meteorological situation of risk in rains. The phase of alert had activated preventively to the 6,18 hours in strong rains in the Barcelons, Baix Llobregat, Garraf and Maresme, agreeing with the hour of the maximum mobility in the road network. The Firemen of Barcelona have managed between 4,45 and 8,30 hours 140 warnings that have finished in 51 interventions, whereas those of the Catalan Autonomous Government have received 76 warnings that have derived in 37 activities, concentrated in the Baix Llobregat and the Garraf. The majority of the activities of both bodies has been by floods in low and parkings, without personal damages. Suspension of trains Between the most serious affectations brought about in rains has appeared the suspension of the circulation of the trains of the RENFE between the stations of Sants and Passeig de Grcia, between the 6,25 and 7,20 hours, that have affected diverse lines of Rodalies and Regionales. The City council of Barcelona has deactivated to the 8,13 hours its plan of municipal action by floods, whereas the one of Castelldls maintains his, since still important water accumulations exist in low. The L4 de Metro has been standardized on the 9,18 hours after water filtrations in the station of Bogatell brought about alterations in the service of the line. Source of the news: Badalona and Barcelona pick up the majors amounts of water in strong rains.

Benedito Attacks

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The excandidato to the presidency of Barcelona makes these declarations due to " indignantes" attacks spilled throughout the season. " They must have had a forceful and immediate answer on the part of Rosell". The excandidato to the presidency of Barcelona, Agust Benedito, has considered that top agent chief executive of Real Madrid, Florentine Perez, " pleasing person would have to be appointed non in the theater box of the Camp Nou" due to " indignantes" attacks spilled throughout the season. In a press conference in the School of Journalists of Catalonia, only days after the appearance of azulgrana president Sandro Rosell, Benedito has lamented the attacks spilled against the equipment of Pep Guardiola, that the excandidato has attributed directly to Florentine and not to Real Madrid, a club " admirable". " These attacks must have had a forceful and immediate answer on the part of Rosell. I am to its side like partner, but it must have acted with greater diligence.

And I do not speak to break relations with Real Madrid, but of not allowing the entrance of its president in Camp Nou until actuaciones&quot does not rectify those; , it has stood out. In this sense, Benedito has insisted to the azulgrana president to declare ' person non grata' to its homologous madridista, as well as not to carry out eaten of brotherhood between directives nor any other similar act, as well as not to attend the theater box of Santiago Bernabu either. Sponsorship under suspicion During its appearance of more than one hour, the second candidate more voted azulgranas elections in the last has also criticized the agreement of sponsorship of the t-shirt, the reduction of the budget of the nonprofessional sections and the policy to confront the enormous debt that presses the economy of the Catalan club. And it is that in his opinion, the directive must more have realised a process " abierto&quot is transparent and; in its decision to place publicity in the Barcelonist t-shirt. " How one has become all makes me think that the decision that Qatar Fundation is the chosen esponsor already had taken before elecciones" , Benedito has insinuated.

Socialist Senator

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/Curbelo has communicated its decision to the federal Executive of its party. Jose Blanco and Valencian Elena had requested their resignation. The senator was stopped Thursday after an argument with the Police. The socialist senator by the Gomera Casimiro Curbelo has resigned east Monday to his bench in the Senate four days after to be stopped to carry out an incident with the Police in Madrid, after going with his son to one sauna in which, apparently, he caused some destructions. According to socialist sources have informed, Curbelo, that also is president of the Town hall of the Gomera, has alleged personal reasons, since it thinks that with the resignation it will be able to be dnder and to explain his innocence and the one of its son.

Curbelo was stopped at dawn of the past Thursday in Madrid next to its son, after having an incident in one sauna located in the confluences of the Orense streets and General Pern, where it had participated in a discussion that ended several destructions in the premises. Later, it went to the police station and there supposedly it had another one argument with the agents, some of which they had to be taken care of in a center of health by injuries. During the weekend, diverse socialist leaders, among them the general vice-secretary, White Jose, and the director of the electoral campaign, Valencian Elena, had requested their resignation. The resignation, that has immediate character and signs and that has been communicated east Monday to the Federal Executive of the PSOE, obeys to a decision " personal" , with that Curbelo wants " to dnder of the accusations like a citizen ms". &quot vindicates the innocence presumption; One is a personal decision.

I resign because I want to demonstrate my innocence and the one of my son. And I want to do it like a citizen more, without the privilege that would suppose to remain with the law that grants the senator bench " , Curbelo in its communication says very textually to the party. A decision " sensata" , it adds, taken after one " deep reflexin" and that looks for the best way so that the facts and that are clarified &quot is known; all the truth than happened that one noche". In fact, in a press conference the day after the facts, Curbelo denied that it insulted or attacked some police and emphasized that it had been " unique attacked, mistreated and humillado". In addition, it lamented the distortion of the incident and considered that the theses were lies " of the eroticism and saunas" that they were published on the event. In the communication that has made arrive this Monday at the PSOE, Curbelo it returns to be sorry that the innocence presumption has not been granted to him to which has all citizen straight, although needs that the unique thing that it wishes now is to be able to dnder its innocence freely and the one of its son. Curbelo will materialize its official resignation in the next hours and, meanwhile, it has sent a message of gratefulness to the gomeros and their companions of party by the effort who have realised " in order to materialize a great collective project that has served to transform the society gomera". Source of the news: Socialist senator Casimiro Curbelo resigns, who faced the Police in the premises

Madrid Indicates

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Jose Mourinho, from June the maximum authority of Madrid in sport matter, said yesterday that if Sahin and Altintop have still not made debut it is not responsibility hers but of the doctors who make the previous revisions to the signings. That is to say, he indicated to the services of Sanitas, the insuring company that he sponsors to Madrid from 2001. " Mnager he is not mdico" , he assured Mourinho. " He is to mnager. And the medical examinations are not responsibility of mnager that become to the players before being fichados. The responsibility of mnager is to know what is a good business. And a good business is a player who, injured or not injured, finishes contract and comes to cost zero. Although the injured one will today not be injured in a pair of months. If you take a player of quality like Altintop it is with the guarantee of your medical department of which it will not have any type of limitation and will be to top for his funciones". Source of the news: : The technician of Madrid indicates to Sanitas