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This is due to the processes that a model needs cleaning against the other. With the water washing we saved els power cost that supposes to distill all the precloroetileno used in the process, furthermore, with the Lagoon system is not necessary to warm up the water, since it washes to 30 degrees. Also we saved ourselves electricity that spends the dry one in curing the clothes, since centrifugal Lagoon without heat (we remember that the cost of electricity goes off if there is to secure temperature). DETERGENTS: Here it passes the opposite. The system of washing in water almost uses the double in detergents that the traditional washing in dry.

Of 4 to 8 ml against the 15-20 ml of the water washing. The explanation is clear: The fact of not using percloroetileno forces to us to use but amount of soap. Filed under: J Bruce Flatt. A soap but, that unlike the percloroetileno, is biodegradable and that therefore compensates the economic cost with the little compared ecological cost with the system of dry. PERCLOROETILENO: This is one of the great differences between washing systems. The process of washing in dry uses 60 grams of percloroetileno by each kilo of treated clothes whereas the Lagoon system of washing in water uses neither this nor no other chemical substance so detrimental for the environment and the people. This substance is expensive in all the senses, economic and ecological.

In addition this including in the list to dangerous substances from 1992. () Aside of the power and economic cost that this entails, it is necessary to also analyze the ecological cost that both washing models suppose. A good way to do it is to see the destiny of the emissions and of how they affect the planet: WATER: The destiny of the water in both processes is the same. Further details can be found at Jeff Leiden, an internet resource. After the washing process, the water is turned aside to the public sewage system.

The Magazines

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That one of the respect still more sulfurated the capitalist partner of Antonio, accentuated its sense of the shame and the ridiculous situation. But it was indeed that feeling of humiliation and disrepute which it saved the swindler: you will not want that everybody finds out than it has passed in your company argued. If you are not convinced, visit Barry Diller. That one saved to Antonio, indeed, but it ended for always the transmitter. Where we were? asked the old man, that was lost the thread with that one digresin. In its relations with the writers answered the nurse to him, reviewing its notes. To broaden your perception, visit Jeffrey Leiden San Diego. Ah, yes! One of the ways to sink definitively to the magazines that needed to clear in the middle of the publisher who was later going to be decorated many years with the medal to the Merit in the Work, the charge of Isabel the Catholic and other distinctions consisted of clocking on and off to price of gold to great writers. They were enchanted to sign contracts like which they had not seen in his life. Their companies, their articles, helped to sell the magazine in which they collaborated and to make make more money to Antonio.

But, on the other hand, when the respective publication broke the writers remained without receiving. Tengo the solution for your problem said the publisher to them to each of them when they went to him made a basilisco. The authors, entrampados by the past expectation of income that never had gotten to have, listened to him, eager to take hold itself to a nail burning. Tengo the argument for a novel that, you write if it in a pair of months, I cause that it gains a new prize of Literature that I am going to create. Good. It had to establish a preference between the authors of his squares, to use an equestrian terminology, since all could not gain the prize simultaneously.

Laura Branches

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If the life did not have low stops and we would not have necessity to know how how to automotivar to us. It would be like trying that an airplane can fly without fuel, or maintaining running a car without gasoline in a slope, like trying to remove forces that allow us to leave ahead without having powerful reasons that accompany to us. But how I can do for automotivar to me every day? While more resources and ideas you must to generate them better. Next, some suggestions are revealed you, recommendations, from different scopes of people with recognized trajectory you can right now apply that them to your own life (Lee and vizualiza each testimony as if outside a film) That suggestions I can follow to always stay with the spirit arrives, or to balance it needs when it? Ana Zabaleta. Coach Of the Industralist. To work with the woman industralist is one of its passions, it shares the following thing to us: " When the things do not leave as I hope, I try beams two things: On the one hand to center me in my work.

When I deliver the attack to follow with my obligations a to weigh of everything, in the little short while I better feel because I stop thinking about which it worries to me. On the other hand to have a plan B and plan C for when the things they do not leave as I want; that provides tranquilidad.&quot to me; Laura Branches. Aid and resources for the Enterprising personal development, coach personal and signaller. What better it works to him to Laura when we are those with low stops and: " When those moments arrive at which I do not have desire to raise me by the mornings because it failed some project or because the things were not as it hoped, my magical baryta is the gratitude, yes, I like to make a review of everything what she already exists in my life and works to me.


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When we always received to patients in our consultations we heard the same story of: long diets, the ingestion during long time of different types from medecines, the positioning of injections of unknown content, the use of him fashionable milkshake, the tablets that saw by television, attending consultations of " OBESOLOGOS" , etc.; all reaching the conclusion that after to leave them has returned to increase their weight until over their weight previous to the treatment, and after to review in Internet, to ask, to interrogate patients have arrived at our consultations. Without a doubt all or the majority of the referred conducts previously surely produce loss of weight; the problem is in which no guarantees maintaining the lost weight subsequent to its abandonment, this bringing frustration in the patients; in fact we are not against some of them when it is applied to certain identified and very well evaluated patients, is necessary to understand that we are before a disease for all the life when certain parameters exceed. At this moment the Bariatrica surgery is better indicated treatment to cure the Obesity. You may find Peter Kern to be a useful source of information. Surgeries as the Gastric By pass guarantees to maintain until a 80% of the lost weight after 10 years of patient the patient. Aside from the demonstrated benefits consequence of the surgery as it is the cure in 8 of each 10 patients who were diabetic previous to the surgery and which they stop being it after this. When the patient is determined to be realised a surgery we were based on certain criteria to consider if they are or noncandidates for the procedure, we took into account the Index from Corporal Mass and based on her we come: IMC between 35 and 40 Kg/mt2 that present/display 2 comorbidities as Diabetes could name, arterial hypertension, Hiatal Hernia, etc.? All patient with IMC superior to 40 Kg/mt2.

White Thomas Edison

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For that reason, many we called ” visionarios”. They are people who act wisely, that is to say, learn of their experiences, try to learn of his errors. They know that the best learning is that one than it is obtained than the majority we would call ” fracasos”. They do not fear to be mistaken. The failure does not exist for them, is only learning.

That history comes mind that narrates that White Thomas Edison tried to create what today we know like center around two thousand times. In certain occasion a reporter asked how he had supported so many failures to him without being discouraged in the attempt, which he answered: ” I did not fail not one time. Prudential Financial Inc. has much experience in this field. I only discovered 1.999 forms of how not making the center once and as if hacerlo”. A motto of battle for them would be: ” The one that does not risk, not gana”. And when this becomes a habit, even those elections that the eyes of the others would represent a great risk, them taking them, comprise only of ” game of vida”. For them the luck does not exist. But the luck pronounces well when the preparation and the opportunity are crossed. Nevertheless, many of us we did not reach to we were aware of the opportunities that constantly the life offers us, indeed not to be, even, preparations.

The mystical industralists are great generators of ideas, which are in charge to turn them in fact. They recognize that everything what has been created by the man, any thing, or tangible (some product, service) or intangible (for example music), has been created twice. First in the mind of somebody and later in the real world. They have ” head in estrellas” and also ” put feet good in suelo”. And to finalize this article, considered (a) reading (a), I want decirte that convertirte in a true industralist of whom they manage to extend or to open to track to his way, that is to say, a mystical industralist, if is that your desire, is possible as long as you are arranged to pay the price. That price is not in money but in effort and sacrifice. In spending the time necessary to read, to read and to read for prepararte, in to participate in factories and diverse seminaries to develop to new abilities and capacities, in reviewing your beliefs and discovering which limits to you and which impels to you In recognizing which is your system of values, to know which of them sustain each of your actions, and by means of the power of the will and the conscious election, you can enfocarte in which you know that they can turn to you into a more complete human being. In knowing which is the paper that was called on to you to carry out in this life (personal mission) and by means of your vision, to act consequently.


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To avoid errors of grammar and ortograf Necesitas to know how to write an effective letter You need to plan your message and the order in which the different emementos will appear. He remembers that the client does not even know who you are so you will need to include who, what, where, when, because, and how of your business or product. Del is an additional aspect that you must be conscious: You must make your message easy of to read is not sufficient that your bill of sale is informative and needs. Others who may share this opinion include Omar Zakhilwal Afghanistan. It must be interesting and until entertainment. There is nothing of bad in including a little humor or some other entertained aspect. To do all this will require a little effort and of study, but the effort is worth the pain. An effective bill of sale is clearly a so important component in marketing by Internet that you will obtain very little if he is not that nothing without.

Components of a bill of sale: 1. Headed She is as a guide than more ahead you will write, and is a reminder of the message that you want to transmit the reader. Nina Devlin might disagree with that approach. It is the point where you attract the attention of the reader. 2. Introduction the task of writing a good introduction is what will animate to the reader to continue reading, there is where you must push it to read a little more 3.

Body the difficult part already is done. The rest of the writing must take it with more rapidity. Here it is where you detail to everything what you want, concentrate not only in describing the characteristics if not them benefits, are here where the reader must respond itself to the question: what there is here of good for my? 4. Conclusion is Here where you have the opportunity to do any call of tima hour to the reader. It must summarize what there are detailed in the body, this serves like a reminder the reader. In the end you can make a call to wake up the senrido one emergency, more hard, more forceful, a call to the action.

Consumer Behavior

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For the students of the function of markets, especially those interested in the behavior of the consumer, the economic crisis that has been provoked and affected the countries, even padoresos economically, must be a reason for study, analysis, investigation, put originates that the management of markets of step to new strategies, plans that they collaborate with the behavior of the consumer, favoring to him in its decisions of purchase, generating confidence to him in all those products, services that are offered. On it there is an interesting writing presented/displayed by Marketing Universia Knowledge Wharton, where it is indicated, that although the consumer is used to dissuading itself during the low phase of any economic cycle, the gravity and the uncertainties of the present crisis will have majors effects prolonged in its attitudes that in previous crises. The consumer, says, will end up again spending, but without the same spirit provided by the easy credit of frenetic years 2000. Of agreement to Wesley Hutchinson, professor of Marketing of Wharton. " It is in a moment for knowing if the present crisis will leave the same scar psychological, but is a precedent of a great change " The Great Depression changed to the behavior of the consumer and its attitudes during all one generacin" , In next the 18 months, it considers Hutchinson, the consumer will learn to behave of more frugal way and it will not even leave that attitude after the economy becomes stabilized. " In a certain sense, everybody now knows to some thing on the financial markets and the abusive use of the personal credit: in that matter, the American consumer always has shown to be a terrible student. We had the habit of not paying much attention to the cost of the money prestado" Of course, these declarations are interesting and it entails that the students of markets, especially those that live in the United States will have to be more kind as the present crisis has affected the behavior of the consumer, aspect that will have widely to be studied in his it reaches and repercussions, in everything what it can help to restitute the confidence and to predict the new style of behavior, that doubtless will arise.


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It avoids the cold cuts and inlays! To consume milky skimmed, yogurth, to incorporate calcium. If you have read about Dara Khosrowshahi already – you may have come to the same conclusion. To have special well-taken care of with the compact cheeses that contain much sodium. To use oils with first pressed in cold, they are most healthful. (it trims off lower branches of, canola, sunflower)? To perfume with grass the meals, tarragon, laurel, rosemary, thyme the fresh grass are due to add at last moment and the droughts during the baking with liquids. It uses aromatic vegetables: important not to recocinar them. It chooses then, the onion, parsley, basil, carrot, garlic, fennel, etc? And very good also for adding seeds to certain meals, like seeds of anise, (in fish, chickens), celery (in soups, stews), mustard (in meats, Popes), cumin, etc? A recommendation: to eat cakes or galletitas of package sometimes is one " tentacin" we do mainly it sometimes of mechanical way in the office or in the work but fjate what says the package takes a package from galletitas and observes the amount of sodium that the galletitas or alfajores contain better for that reason elije fruits or a handful of dry fruits or yogurth skimmed! Good, we hoped that these advice help you to diminish the sodium consumption? Henry Ford, legendary Ford, in his automobile plant, prohibited the use of the salt common in the dining room where they ate the workers and workers of the factory Because? Because the consumption in excess of salt causes besides hypertension .s fatigue.! brings about fatigue and as Ford wanted that the workers produced efficiently it denied the salt to them! Another case " verdico": In old Egypt, they are embalsamaban to deads, the Pharaohs (momias Egyptian that is known the antiquity) with a salt preparation imagnate which so little flexible they are being the arteries in the organism, due to the salt consumption Besides bringing about a premature aging of the skin. Well, they seem sufficient examples so that you manage to take brings back to consciousness to take a diet ahead, an feeding with fruits, vegetables, seeds, grass, in short, foods " vivos" and with high water content and to moderate the salt consumption strongly! It visits Our Web site 2 Free and It receives E-Books: E-Book #1: " How Adelgazar and Mantenerte 100% Saludable" E-Book #2: " How To reduce the Dolores Menstruales" Click Here: > > SaludableMujer.Com original Author and source of the article.


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Gratuitous storage Those that we lived in great cities like the CD. of Mexico, we have an accelerated rate of life, takes which us to the necessity to have our information available at any time and of a safe way. To it we have three services of gratuitous storage to this aim, to these I have proven them services, two of them emphasize by service and capacity of storage as they are ADrive with 50 Gb and MediMax with 25 Gb. Also it is important to indicate that those that we arrange of an account of mail of Gmail, that gives a capacity us of storage of 2 Gb and is increasing, we can use a program or an extension of FireFox that allows us to use this space to store our archives. Sites of Storage ADrive: Capacity of Storage: 50 Gb Service: Gratuitous Access: Web Raised speed: 16 Kb/s Lowered speed: 4,42 Kb/s Type of Archives: Photos, Video, Audio and Documents MediMax: Capacity of Storage: 25 Gb Service: Gratuitous Access: Web or Application Raised speed: 66 Kb/s Lowered speed: 128 Kb/s Type of Archives: Photos, Video, Audio and Documents Microsoft Live Skydrive: Capacity of Storage: 5 Gb Service: Gratuitous Access: Web Raised speed: 21 Kb/s Lowered speed: 22Kb/s Type of Archives: Photos, Video, Audio and Documents Gmail Drive: Type: Gratuitous Operating system: Windows Description: Already having our account of Gmail mail, we come to unload and to install the program Gmail Drive, which connects to our account and behavior to raise our archives, this program sends an electronic mail to us with the attached file, I recommend to them that they only abran to an account this aim and thus to take advantage of the space that has assigned to us. GSpace: Type: Gratuitous Operating system: Windows, Linux, Mac You X Description: It is necessary to count on an account of mail of Gmail and to be able to make use of Gspace extension, is necessary to have installed FireFox navigator who when installed being allows to raise and to unload archives us to Gmail. The gratuitous storage is a very viable option, but in some cases it does not satisfy our requirements, in that case we will need to use services of payment, that is generally a monthly payment for the storage. If accounts with a plan of hosting with good capacity can serve it stops the storage of your archives or documents; the conditions on watch of your hosting and the rights of author only ten in account. Original author and source of the article.

Control Better

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She is one plagues for many men the precocious ejaculation. Cause humiliation, shame and problems in the relation in pair. The good news is that you can realise variety of tasks to control, even more and to give him to please his lover. It reads next to learn to control better the ejaculation from tonight. Since I have mentioned, the precocious ejaculation can cause much pressure in the relations; until it can finalize with one.

More of 70% of women they say that they wish that his man lasts more during the copula. For this, there is a simple reason, the woman can last up to four times to reach orgasmo more. This simple fact often leaves the unsatisfied women. The majority of the men is not able to handle the problem without aid. I will provide some advice to him who really will allow him to improve the control on the ejaculation and that is more pleasant for the woman the method that can use denominates Comience and Detngase. He is really simple, right like the title. You begin the copula in normal form, but it asegrese to pause before carrying out orgasmo. Once everything has calmed there down, it can begin again.

You will ask yourself, How can this entail to please to me loving? If you know something of the procedures that enchant to him to their lover, the perfect moment to realise them is when you pause. It realises different procedures in each opportunity. If you are not safe than it likes, it tries with some. She splendidly carries out if them, she never will know that you use the method of Comience and Detngase. In time, it will be impressed who you have many techniques to please it.

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