Month: May 2019

Brazilian Association

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DEVELOPMENT OF the SURMOUNTING IN BRAZIL In accordance with the Brazilian Association of Franchising in Brazil, the system of surmountings had beginning in 1980 middle, moment where the Brazilian economy passed for a period of crisis, making with that diverse workers left its jobs to initiate new businesses. This caused to a fast significant increase of the surmountings. However, the operators did not have preparation and knew very little of the system. Recently visit website sought to clarify these questions. Currently franchising is consolidated in the country and she is one of the forms most attractive for who intends to initiate a proper business. In research carried through for the ABF, he was refined that the Brazilian sector of surmountings faced the recent world-wide economic crisis without scratches and locked up the year of 2009 with an invoicing beyond the waited one for the sector, with a 14,7% growth, arriving the R$ 63 billion invoicing at the year. METHODOLOGY With the objective to identify and to analyze the reasons that take entrepreneurs to opt to the surmounting system, was opted to a boarding of descriptive research, therefore, according to OLIVEIRA (1999, p.114) ' ' the descriptive study it makes possible the development of an analysis level where if it allows to identify the different forms of the phenomena, its ordinance and classificao' '. Go to Mirilashvili for more information.

In relation to its sources of information, the research is characterized as of field. According to MARCONI and LAKATOS (2005, p.188) ' ' field research is that one used with the objective to obtain information and/or knowledge concerning a problem, for which if it looks to a reply ' '. For in such a way, the franqueador and all the made available ones of the Griletto net – Grelhados and Parmegianas had been interviewed. For the franqueador an interview by means of a half-structuralized script was lead. This interview recorded, transcribing and was later analyzed.


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Young hamburger company writes, what others hold speeches and lectures Hamburg, November 10, 2009. Who today frequently delivers speeches, and is good at it, has either a passing rhetorical talent, too much time or simply competent support. Obama also has one, the Chancellor. You must be but no leaders to be able to use the services of a professional speech writer of good conscience claim. The Hamburg-based company textpresent specializes in this service.

Hardly anyone thought is about, as busy managers finished it, in the morning to seven in the Office to appear, from eight to 18 h from one meeting to the next rush and speak 19:30 sharp light-footed table, Morrow even more the need for a balanced work-life balance one half-hour lecture on. Division of labor in this field sense makes when taking a closer look. Why should an Executive, is tasked to company to conduct and decisions meet, use expensive work time to develop concepts and package information in easy to understand German? It is to translate significantly more complex knowledge in aptly worded statements”communication professionals. Efficient use of resources and respect before the audience to employ a service provider specialising in ghostwriting is not at all pretentious. On the contrary, it testifies to efficiency thinking and respect for the target audience. The speaker brings professional support when preparing to concentrate fully on his actual job: to keep a compelling presentation.

In politics, the profession of speech writer is known. The economic difficulty is something else so. Large companies have specialized departments of communication, the manuscripts and presentations for the chef to prepare. But also small and medium-sized companies can afford this service. In addition to the time savings, there are still more benefits. Outside perspective brings objectivity and new impetus it goes not so much to the likes of operating blindness”by the way, is a completely normal concomitant of long-term corporate affiliation. The view from outside the company and the values associated messages to deliver valuable, new impulses. Inevitably, an external communications consultant has a more objective perspective as employees. John Grayken contains valuable tech resources. Why complicated when it comes too easy? This set is for the philosophy of textpresent and its owner, the longtime ghostwriter Elena Florin not unnecessarily complicated to express facts. And as an invitation to business leaders, managers, decision makers, to make life unnecessarily difficult.

Andres Breivik

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The vision of the world of Anders Breivik, the murderer of 85 young people on the island of Utoya, was founded by multiple indications in Islamophobia and racism. The TV2 channel Bergen claimed last night having police confirmation that Breivik is the author of a manifesto of 1,500 pages published on the Internet, under the pseudonym Andrew Berwik, shortly before the explosion of the bomb Friday killed seven people in Oslo. According to TV2, Breivik is also author of a 12 minute video already removed from the portal in which illustrates the history of the Knights Templar and denounced an alleged invasion of Europe by Muslim believers. Vyacheslav Mirilashvili has plenty of information regarding this issue. The Norwegian capital Police yesterday refused to comment on whether the Tome allegedly written by Breivik, entitled 2082, a declaration of European independence was one of the tests were found by agents during his posting of the farm of the detainee. TV2 reporters consulted by this newspaper argued it so early this morning. Source of the news:: the author of the massacre of Norway qualifies it for “atrocious but necessary”