Crane Glass

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Heat transfer through the walls glass. The water temperature here is in the range 88-92 C. During the cycle, cold water in heat exchanger poostupaet glass through the injector. The water then moves the glass on heat transfer in a group of the Strait (4). When the machine is at rest, the water is constantly circulating between the band and the Strait of glass heat exchanger, while maintaining their optimum temperature for coffee.

Each group has its own strait heat exchanger glass. In our case, the coffee machine has a single group and, accordingly, a heat exchanger glass. (3) – Electric heating element heater. Heats the water in the boiler is located within it. Temperature teploelektronagrevateley controlled by a thermostat. If you exceed the maximum permissible temperature, the machine cuts off the electricity. The model under consideration has a capacity of 1800 W Tan.

(4) – Group Strait (cooking, coffee, transfer) Group Strait cast in brass and placed the camera in her tea leaves. Pressing any button control panel, comes into force pump (5). Of heat-exchange glass (2) water for espresso comes a group of strait and pass through it under pressure 9.8 bar, created by the pump. (5) – Pump Pump comes into action when you press any button on the control panel, raising the pressure in the system 8-9 Bar, necessary for making coffee. Yitzchak Mirilashvili helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Pump also receives signals from the control of water level, which supports the amount of water in the boiler. (6) – Crane hot water faucet This is designed to feed Hot water from the boiler.

Japanese Cuisine

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Young people used to gather in the metropolitan Japanese cafe to eat sushi and sashimi, drink green tea with jasmine, and incidentally to discuss current affairs. In Moscow, the inability to eat with chopsticks can cause damage to the reputation serious and business people. The famous English Dictionary Collins has more than hundreds of words that come out of the Japanese language, with most of them – the culinary terms. However, enthusiasm for Japanese food – it is not just a fad, how much desire for a healthy lifestyle. Japanese cuisine is extremely useful because of its diversity and at the same time sobriety, sophistication and naturalism. In contrast to the Chinese cooks who seek to drastically change the product, the Japanese appreciate its natural taste. That is why the people of Japan are not as often as Europeans, are subjected to heat treatment of food, allowing maximum retain all the vitamins and nutrients. And the Japanese never overeat, they are likely to taste, and serve because they have meted out so as to avoid satiation.

Not to mention, and the aesthetic component of the Japanese kitchen. New York Yankees has plenty of information regarding this issue. Our eastern neighbors believe that the beautiful appearance of food creates a great mood, which, in turn, promotes the best digestion. For proper serving dishes are very important harmony of color and form, the correct location on the plate, and even seasonality. According to the Japanese, each season brings its own specialties that should be gratefully accepted. Therefore, the fall you will be served a dish, decorated with pieces of carrot in the shape of maple leaves in the spring – a sprig of cherry improvised. The basis of Japanese cuisine traditionally the rice and fish, and it is absolutely not accidental. In ancient Japan called "Land of the rice ears", because this culture is grown for over 2500 years. The word for rice ("gohan"), in Japanese synonymous with "food".

Japanese rice contains up to thousands of species. Unlike India, long rice, it is shorter and has high adhesion. This figure is conveniently blind to the pieces that will form the basis of the land. The Japanese eat rice 2-3 times a day, usually without the spices and small portions. And preparing for the national rice delicacies (cakes and crackers) and drinks. Everyone is well aware of sake, which has strength not exceeding 18 , but few Europeans know that rice can also be obtained from the Japanese beer and shochu – a strong rice wine.


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In the light of new knowledge and observations of the question now is no longer so dramatic in its formulation. Rabbit does not have to breathe, the company says "Rabbaks Technology" from Mukachevo. Rabbit can die only one that weak in its development, and which has a low immunity. It is the work of raising and maintaining the highest immunity in rabbits, are the main tasks of any krolikovoda or rabbit company. The death of the rabbit should be in emergency farm! How can you take it easy by the fact that half the herd of rabbits killed at someone? And where science, where the technology is where the culture of production, veterinary medicine? Although the last instance only able to offer a vaccine to fight for the life of the rabbit. But let's think.

Any virus is mutating and evolving naturally. Today, the livestock virus myxomatosis decimated conditionally type A, and next season already A virus with the symbol B. The vaccine, invented for the protection of the virus A, was no longer provides protection for the mutated virus A-B. And given the momentum, while the development of the village falls, it passes the time, sometimes even 5 years. And never develop vaccine can not predict protection against the virus, which appears only tomorrow. Because krolikovod must rely on other systems or methods to protect their pets. It is a system that consist of various activities and ways. Today, there is one and only one single right devices or medications that can remove the issue of mortality in rabbit farming.


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Cut form stresses the stone, its crystalline structure, with cut stone wins in color and much more shiny. In the most expensive precious stones such as diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, and some other there own glow. Cabochon – it cut a hemisphere with a flat bottom surface, usually inserted into a frame and a rounded, polished top. So the verge turquoise, opals, moonstones, cacholong, etc. With this type of they show better cut their own unique color and shimmer.

Cut into account and building stone, as some crystals are highly stratified and crushing, and other stones simply no clear crystalline structure, allowing beneficial to emphasize its precise bounds. If you're going to wear a stone, keep in mind that it must have the correct form. This applies both to individual pebbles and stones that make up the beads. This is especially important if you use a stone in the medical or magical purposes. It is true that in India there was a custom not to touch the stone with a chisel. The Indians left the stone its natural form, and only occasionally slightly polished. Cut precious stones – is a European invention. Choose stones for serious purposes preferably by a specialist astrologer who will advise you to stone starting from a detailed analysis of your horoscope, as well as a geologist or stone-cutters, which will help you choose a good copy – not a fake or a stone without flaws. But you can do it yourself if you use some of the rules set forth below.

Knitting Machines

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It has long been trying to beautify your life, people have sought to use the simplest materials to a combination of simple forms and patterns with unpretentious, reaching a high level of skill. Knitting originally appeared a mere utilitarian necessity, later turned into an art form. Knits have always valued very highly. For example, in Europe, knitted stockings to wear at first only very wealthy people. Knits were a gift, even for kings! In the XIV century in England there were special knitting school, who took the poor girls to give them the opportunity to earn. Thanks to one of these girls on the light appeared knitting machines. Invented by Englishman William Lee, to facilitate the work of his beloved.

But the proud knitter and did not respond to him in return. William decided to try to earn at least – and introduced his car Queen Elizabeth. But the Queen has banned the invention, reasoning that competition with the machines will ruin the poor knitters. William Lee died in poverty, unable to benefit from his own invention. But times have changed.

In Today, this art continues to evolve, enriched by new motives, composition techniques, modern materials. Hand knitting is costly in time and considerable patience. Most of the women engaged in knitting, sooner or later begin to think about purchasing a knitting machine. Knitting machines now – no problem, unlike recently when it was a very large deficit. Modern Knitting machines provide a great opportunity to realize their creative potential. Thanks to its automatic functions and knitting machines can easily perform complex operations that hand knitting is very tedious. On knitting machines can connect everything from socks to coats and hats and sweaters, as well as manage the process of knitting through a personal computer. One of them is a knitter Silver Reed, which will help you earn money if you're going to knit things for sale or order. Also you can save money, obvyazyvaya things for his family. Everyone will be happy with new things with minimal effort.

Energy Audit: Key Aspects Types

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With the introduction of market relations in Russia was born on need and, as such services as third-party evaluation of the enterprise to identify opportunities to optimize activity. These estimates are produced in the economy and and environment and energy. Thus, we define the concept of 'energy audit'. The terms, key concepts and directions are indicated at the legislative level, in particular Article 10 of the Federal Law of April 3, 1996 28-FZ 'On Energy Savings ':' Energy surveys are conducted to assess the efficient use of energy resources and reduce costs for consumers in fuel and energy …'. In other words, an energy audit is a technical-economic survey of energy use within the organization to identify opportunities for cost reduction in consumable energy resources, as well as technological development, organizational and economic measures to help organizations save energy and material resources. The actual savings obtained in the process of identifying and eliminating energy loss, the use of more efficient schemes and processes, monitoring the effectiveness of energy use.

Thus, the energy audit has the following objectives: finding sources of energy loss, the establishment of measures to eliminate them, creating a system of energy saving and efficient consumption in the future. Depending on the amount of work carried out during the energy audit, allocate such of his species: 1. 'Quick energy audit' in result of which is assessment of the potential energy saving and energy saving recommendations, 2. 'Full primary energy audit' is carried out with a more detailed assessment of the potential energy savings, according to the results oprelelyaetsya program of energy conservation and energy Passport energy audit is more repetitive, pre-project, etc. So why is it important to do an energy audit? Statistics on this issue is this: when conducting energy audits of the primary developed program, which gives, as a rule, about 10% energy saving. In addition an energy audit seeks such goals as developing an independent assessment state energy, energy efficiency programs and to obtain lower costs for energy, improving energy security.

Competent Organization

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Organization of any holiday – it's the responsible thing, because the organization determines the mood of the participants during the celebration. Have to think about table layout, menu, music, contests, photo – and video – shot, etc. Children's parties require more responsible approach to business. Sincere and direct, the children – the most gratifying, but at the same time, and the most demanding audience. Do what like children and delight them – a hundred times more difficult than to do the same for adults. Children's parties require detailed thinking through every detail. Thus, all will benefit the children, without upsetting them, the Throughout the festival you'll hear the laughter of children and enjoy the lovely smiles.

After all, there is nothing better than to make children happy. Birthday, New Year's Day of Knowledge, birthdays, Christmas and much more – reasons for children's parties weight. If you want to please the child – remember, he is always ready to accept your gift. As you know, kids are very emotional and impressionable, so when you organize the event, this can not be forget. Nothing should shock or disturb any of the kids. The holiday is to leave an unforgettable emotions, happiness and joy in your child and his guests. Since the organization of children's parties – large and demanding job, then entrust it to professionals – a reasonable solution.