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Positive Thought

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It is truth that the problem, while it will not be decided, continues to exist, but now with the advantage to be conscientious of that the problem has the limits that has, the true ones, and not them limits extended for our mind in modified state. Continuing to think positively, we verify that the aspects that in them seemed problematic pass to be faced as comezinhos facts, without great importance. What we can then make to keep the spirit with positive thoughts? Good, it is enough, in these problematic situations, to say for proper we, in silence or high good, consonant the place, a set of positive phrases, which goes to enter in our subconscious mind and that, later, when to think about the such problem, will go to work in silence, being helped us to have it an attitude more objetive and rational, without we desnimos. It nominated has many positive thoughts that we can say for proper: 1)? I obtain to decide my problems? 2)? I feel myself sufficiently confident to decide this problem? 3)? I have full confidence in my capacities? 4)? I go to find a solution for this problem? They are phrases of this gnero, said of a confident form, sufficiently affirmative, some times, followed, paused, that they help in them to keep a strong will, a strong positive thought, to face the situation in cause. Obtained this reliable profit, when the problem is faced, our state of spirit already is another one, our capacity of analysis is more discerning and the probability of if deciding the problem are bigger. Moreover, he is proven scientifically that the psychic one influences the physicist, that is, our state of spirit, our psychological state, our thought provokes physiological alterations, nominated: digestive disturbances, neurological problems, problems of skin, etc. Therefore, it is a profit to fold! The positive thought can, therefore, to also apply itself in day-by-day of the pupil, in its pertaining to school tasks, its pertaining to school difficulties of this or that one disciplines. The positive thought of the result, comprovadamente; it is enough only that it wants it to the pupil, that is, that it has will to decide its eventual problem of pertaining to school failure! The negative thought he is destructive! The positive thought is constructive!

Nature One

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I believe that the original, perfect human being was endowed with one very superior I, with all the qualities spirituals of the Creative one when it said: ‘ ‘ Let us make the man to our image and semelhana’ ‘ but also it gave the free will, seno we would be only one robot, mechanic, not having the possibility to opt to optimum, thus can take wise decisions in face of some situations. That is conscientiously it would reject for its good nature the incorrect thoughts. In the Bible the desire is displayed the beginning of that each one is proven engodado for its proper desire, then having if become fertile, it produces the error. That is, for more perfect than the person it was that is, it can come it some thoughts and desires defy that it to decide but if to feed such incorrect feelings it finishes practising contrary acts to the good principles. Certain psychologist counted a case of a woman who when she went to cross the street was stopped, immovable.

The principle seemed a complex or some another trauma, but it verifying the causes of the causes as it said, obtained to decipher the problem of it: the pride, because it felt itself ugly, fat, very white and did not want to face the opinion or the critical ones of other people. Pure pride! From then on it understood and when it was unmasked the reason deepest obtained to cure that situation. Our ego nails parts, hides our feelings and in them it becomes ‘ ‘ vtimas’ ‘ , we blame the others and somatiza everything this in physical, emotional, traumatic illnesses. She is necessary to be front the front with we ourselves and terms an courage to assume and to decide our orgulhos so that this does not confuse our life and nor of the others. The humildade that does not mean humilhao, can neutralize such impulses of the ego and protects the peace between the human beings, leaving of the beginning of love to next and the respect for the Nature, therefore the Land is a nuclear plant in potential, powerful that unhappyly badly it is used for animalescos domnios, competitions, what it has caused an ecological disequilibrium which had the ambitions of exacerbados egos that do not respect the laws that conduct the Universe and the life, made feras that for the wars, corrupes and greed, they cut with a scythe many lives. God if does not repent to have bred the human being, therefore its workmanship is perfect and gave to conditions and credit so that they lived in harmony, and its infinite love, never doubted us.

In the Holy Writs we can get more instructions to dominate our ego and because the Creator allowed such conditions, and also we can search orientaes professional to manage such feelings self-centered. We can see many examples of the past and in our return that the pride does not compensate. All the human being is equal, and what it has more can teach the other to improve, thus giving its contribution for the social balance. (Claude Abreu Gonalves – Therapeutic Fisio-Molecular).

Personal Transformation

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' Then they had said to it: The God consults, so that let us can know will prosper the way that seguimos.' ' Judges 18:5 ' ' All the good gift and all dom perfect comes of the high one, descends of the Father of the lights, in who does not have change nor shade of variao.' ' Tiago 1:17 We go following the way of God until, one day, we stop to reflect as it is that this walked started: Headquarters to all know the God of my heart, all my will, all my agreement. Headquarters to understand the reason for which the Bible is so important, being the book more vendido of all the times. To understand the reason for which Jesus Christ was and continues being so important and to discover the reason for which It divided our time in two ages AC and DC.? Headquarters to try the form to believe the Bible, God and Jesus. Mark Okerstrom brings even more insight to the discussion. To understand and to practise the faith and as it places it in action. To discover which the position of God in personal ours ranking: 1., 2., 3, in summary, to discover in we which are the true importance of God in our daily one. To understand the reason for which at great length we ask for the God, but on behalf of Its Unignito Son Jesus. To discover the difference between the faith human being and the faith in God. As to proceed so that God occupies the pdio in our lives: feeling in God, attitudes in God, faith in God.

As to define the knowledge the holy ghost that we search to reach. As to know the particular work that we must make the God. Where to find examples of people who had followed the God in its businesses and had prospered without end. .

Events Companies

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He is proven that the people lose the job due to attitude. In the tripod that supports the ability of the employees of the retail, formed for Knowledge, Abilities and Attitudes (what we call ‘ ‘ CHA’ level; ‘), almost 80% of the resignations are motivated by a wrong or inopportune procedure of used. Change of attitude starts to be, therefore, a primordial for the companies, but also most difficult question of being worked. Knowledge and abilities if develop with more easiness. The companies find more motivation to invest in its team focando these questions because they costumam to give resulted faster. 14 the high rotation is extremely onerous for the company.

Beyond the resignation costs, the costs of conscription and election exist, beyond the time that this takes. Also if it can affirm that the customers fidiciary offices of point-of-sales feel the exchange constant of salesmen, therefore they do not obtain to create personal bond with the store and leave of being perceived as only. This can lead to a disruption of this allegiance. It is basic to train the sales teams constantly. Beyond the market to be dynamic and to require permanent update, who contracts rare finds people ready, who can act accurately as the company determines. The problem is that the attitude change is delayed and demands continuous investment. It is not with a lecture that if it moves in motivation, leadership, delegation, quality of attendance, etc.

short Events and prompt they are very quickly perishable, taking to the companies the wrong perception of that training does not decide. In what it says respect the knowledge and abilities, the prompt training presents better resulted, even so also needs periodic recycling. But the attitude change more goes beyond the training module, demanding a different behavior and elaborated of the company in all the management of human resources, since conscription and election.

Walter Benjamim

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To line up the internal voices, the emotions and reasons human beings in a new correspondence, a new social model to be searched. The answers that others had found for the questions that all we make do not serve for each one of us. E, the rituals possess a social function to stand out the models, the standards of social behavior therefore that Walter Benjamim, the apologist of modernity will go to write an important book call ' ' Passagens' ' , in end of century XIX, where it will go to point varied moments of rupture or felt crisis of of the people who lived in the great cities in that turn of century, in relation the social perception of the urban reality that they lived that they were multiple, varied, without models, opened for new and the not necessarily best ones. To the times people do not understand that the souvenirs do not say concerning a distant past, but they say in them of recent events as the event of today of morning, the film of last week, the candy that I ate yesterday. All these events are part of our memories that are revividas in each souvenir, in the interior of us as an event power. Many of us for times we do not obtain to sleep because we are to think concerning the events of the day. What we are making is not disconnect in them of our souvenirs on the facts of the day is remoendo the souvenirs of as we act or as we would like to have acted. E, the souvenir are not the reality of that moment are not the reality in fact, this do not exist, because the said reality is lived and it only exists inside of each one of us.

The reality is only e, therefore, that the souvenir is a power for the events it them reatualiza. What said ' ' crises' ' or ' ' passagens' ' they make is to reatualizar the directions that we attribute to the events, are they past, gift or future. The task of ' ' crise' ' of ' ' passagem' ' it is to provoke a war of interpretation concerning the occurrences in our lives, to make with that ' ' cenas' ' of our souvenirs they enter in contact with other directions derived from other experiences. ' ' crises' ' or ' ' passagem' ' are moments allowed for the disposal of our humanity who interrogates in them concerning what we were until that moment, of what we are now and projects in them for a future of scienters. An opened workmanship in that leaving of common questions it searchs different only answers for each one of us. A personal myth if does not make with mesmices, normatizaes, closings of sensible and possibilities its emotional material is more interrogative, unstable and indeterminate what we would like to believe. Being thus it is more easy of becoming attached in them to already the existing one, the tradition, to always thus, exactly that these do not answer more the questions that we will be able to make in relation to our future or our gift. I finished not going the formation, but it did not say the real reason of my absence. I gave an excuse and as I congratulated it to everybody with the formation.