He is proven that the people lose the job due to attitude. In the tripod that supports the ability of the employees of the retail, formed for Knowledge, Abilities and Attitudes (what we call ‘ ‘ CHA’ level; ‘), almost 80% of the resignations are motivated by a wrong or inopportune procedure of used. Change of attitude starts to be, therefore, a primordial for the companies, but also most difficult question of being worked. Knowledge and abilities if develop with more easiness. The companies find more motivation to invest in its team focando these questions because they costumam to give resulted faster. 14 the high rotation is extremely onerous for the company.

Beyond the resignation costs, the costs of conscription and election exist, beyond the time that this takes. Also if it can affirm that the customers fidiciary offices of point-of-sales feel the exchange constant of salesmen, therefore they do not obtain to create personal bond with the store and leave of being perceived as only. This can lead to a disruption of this allegiance. It is basic to train the sales teams constantly. Beyond the market to be dynamic and to require permanent update, who contracts rare finds people ready, who can act accurately as the company determines. The problem is that the attitude change is delayed and demands continuous investment. It is not with a lecture that if it moves in motivation, leadership, delegation, quality of attendance, etc.

short Events and prompt they are very quickly perishable, taking to the companies the wrong perception of that training does not decide. In what it says respect the knowledge and abilities, the prompt training presents better resulted, even so also needs periodic recycling. But the attitude change more goes beyond the training module, demanding a different behavior and elaborated of the company in all the management of human resources, since conscription and election.