We must ensure that once a keyword related to products or services we offer, is typed into a search engine, take a direct link to the person concerned directly to our Web site and listed among the first results of the search. To achieve this, we need to employ certain techniques of Web optimization for search engines. On the basis of these techniques will get get traffic, which means gain benefits to our business. Therefore, in order to get much traffic has to be paramount. Based on my own experience, I propose some basic concepts of Web optimization, we have to apply as soon as possible after creating our business website: 1. It is not advisable to change an old domain that does not give good results, and buy a new one. It is best to optimize the existing domain that already has its time on the Internet, because the search engines is important to the age of the domain. Before results are obtained with an existing domain with a new optimized.

2. We need to know exactly, what is our audience, our market niche. For example, if we are dedicated to gardening and an Internet user uses a keyword to find gardening products, then the word you used the user must take you directly to our Web site. By making an Internet user reaches our Web site through a search engine does not mean our work ends here. We have ensure that this user, interested in the topic of our business, from being "hooked" to our website.