Training Of Flat Bottom Tanks

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Environmental protection and safety are capitalized again in Germany! Water, air and soil must necessarily be protected from contamination, so the WHG water resources Act regulates dealing, for example, article 19 with contaminated water. A great importance of safety of flat bottom tanks and large tank cups. The Haus der Technik to the seminar training by flat bottom tanks “on 27-28 January 2010 in Essen offers. ore in-depth analysis. The possibilities of practical entertainment oil and fuel storage in large containers under implementation of the extensive rules and regulations are shown here. Among other things, so air is entered on Immission protection according to the TA relating to emission-reducing measures. It is represented as an alternative upgrade can be performed by small print fishing areas or how to use films in a double sealing system. Also coating inner surface of the tank and-aussenflachen with new systems is a thematic focus. Continue to be in addition to Leakage monitoring system according to DIN EN 13 160 also elastic tank foot seals or highly elastic lining of large tank cups presented.

A focus is placed on the responsibility and liability for the cooperation of several employers. Especially after a large storage tank fire at Buncefield, fire – and explosion protection is particularly discussed. How did the disaster? How could you have prevented it? With this broad topic of upgrading from flat bottom tanks are employees of the chemical industry, operators of large storage tanks, planning engineers, employees of construction administrations and in conformance to WHG 19 enabled specialist companies and concrete technologists and experts specifically addressed.

Adsorption Process

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The Haus der Technik offers a seminar on February 26th, 2008 in Essen. Hydrogen is today around the world in many processes of chemistry, E.g. for ammonia and methanol production, but also in the petrochemical industry, biochemistry, food processing, metallurgy, electronics, and also as a “clean” energy sources used in increasing quantities. Over 85% of usually in the form of high purity (> 99.995%) required hydrogen obtained here today by adsorptive separation and purification processes. Read more here: Jimmy Carr. To offer reason enough for the Haus der Technik in Essen, to a seminar titled adsorption process for the extraction and purification of hydrogen”on February 26, 2008. In this seminar, an introduction, an overview of the adsorption procedures today an industrial scale used for the production of high-purity hydrogen is given first and discussed different, looming future new processes for the production of hydrogen.

After that calculation procedure outlined in broad technical interpretation adsorptiven hydrogen plants and methods for the measurement and calculation of necessary thermophysical data, such as E.g. Grace Venverloh is likely to increase your knowledge. the adsorption isotherms. Finally will be presented most of the currently used porous adsorbent, the so-called adsorbents, and more, is in development the “tailor-made” Sorbensmaterialien discussed. Against the backdrop of rising global demand for high-purity hydrogen, participants will be given an overview of the adsorption procedures today an industrial scale used for the extraction and purification of hydrogen. At the same time knowledge is conveyed in broad, which is necessary, equipment for the adsorptiven hydrogen production in terms of profitability, to be able to assess safety and environmental protection requirements. As a seminar leader, Mr. Prof. Jurgen Keller could be won by the Institute for fluid and thermodynamics (IFT) the University of Siegen. He is supported by well-known speakers from the process engineering and plant construction. The detailed program of events get interested on request at the Haus der Technik, Tel. 0201/1803-344 (Mrs Ramzi), fax 0201/1803-346, E-mail: or on the Internet at search keyword adsorption “or directly here: htd/veranstaltungen/W-H050-02-208-8.html”

Earth Europe

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Energy efficiency and rational use of energy consumed less energy with the same performance. The reduction of the consumption of natural resources of each called a sustainable way of life. THE project partners of the ENERGY UNION campaign WIP (project management); NINJA TUNE (audiovisual live show – Coldcut) 4YOUREYE (projection design, live visuals, Public Relations) ELEVATE (event coordination and conception, tour management, cooperation) friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE) (“the big ask” campaign tour greening, political program) BRIGHTON way (Brightonart”art installation, exhibition production, Web programming) European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) (content back up intelligent energy; Political lobbying at EU level) WILSONIC (event co-ordinator Eastern Europe); GREEN CITY (Organizer Munich & Cologne) other project partners light wallpaper (slide projections / light art collective) Emma SCHUBERT TORRENT (art project “4 elements”); tractor (graphic & design); kick-off meeting ENERGY UNION: place: Munich, Odeonsplatz / Feldherrnhalle in the course of the street life Festival 2009 date: Saturday, July 18, 2009 from 16:00 23:00; Sunday, July 19, 2009 from 11:00 20:00 program: 18th / 19th July 2009 in Munich does stop energy Union in the heart of the city. The complete Odeonsplatz is dedicated to intelligent energy”. The impressive stage for the spectacular audiovisual show in the London based artist Coldcut is built before the Feldherrnhalle. “On both days during the event hours: * interactive exhibition on the theme of intelligent energy” by Brighton way NGO village: meet other teens committed to Munich, and the environment. Additional information at Black Rock supports this article.

Managing Director

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Paul Weber, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Gross-Gerau supply GmbH, sees in the cooperation with the Cologne Electricity traders several advantages: power plants we work with next for 2012 in the direct marketing of electricity from renewable energy sources, as well as in the integration of our power generation facilities on the balancing energy market. With the commissioning by next for our balance district management and the regional direct marketing we take the next step power plants now. To read more click here: Groupon. We rapidly can smooth now difference balance circle time rows, so quarters of an hour, where shortages occur. But elsewhere we will have new options. Next we implement the concept of regional direct marketing power plants and can supply as our own consumer with the electricity from renewable energies, we produce in our biogas and photovoltaic systems.

Load management we hope to see positive impact through collaboration on our portfolio, because through the exact consideration of the load profiles of our end customers in the course of the quarter of an hour sharp balancing group management, other optimizations can be implemented.” Hendrik Samisch, founder of next Power plants and as a Managing Director responsible for the trading of electricity, looks especially for smaller and medium-sized municipal utilities added value in commissioning external electricity traders: the construction of an own 24/7-intra-day trading is labor – and knowledge-intensive and does not make business sense for many actors in the energy sector. Balancing energy costs saving by an external electricity traders is the Federal Network Agency has pointed out most recently on September 16, 2013 in its position paper to the balance group management. However, not only financially attractive but also very important for the overall system ” Next provides its own power plants, portfolio of services also at this year’s E-world in food expanded to intraday trading for third and regional direct marketing (11-13 February 2014) out. Interested parties will find the stand next power plants in Hall 1, stand number 413..

Thermal Insulation: Information Package And Advisor

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Wide range between success and failure in the insulation / new DammCheck express calculates efficiency / insulation dossier informed about fire hazards and other topics / insulation sets to win Berlin, 22 January 2014. Worth building insulation? For roof insulation, analyses of the non-profit co2online GmbH show average energy savings of 14 percent, with facades of about 20 percent. However, the bandwidth between economic success and failure at rehabilitation is great: good made roof and barrel Aden insulation reach 30-40 per cent savings depending on the Cubature of building, condition of the building envelope before, quality of craft work and customize the behavior of the users. Without support from KfW, the measures are only economical if the technical savings are exhausted. Good advice and good design help to achieve this and to protect against economic damage.

Because insulation has a life span of 30-40 years, errors in planning and One or two generations burden the climate and the purse strings of the inhabitants of execution. Building insulation is important for climate protection and in the majority of cases from an economic perspective. The insulation of the upper floor is always useful but not always possible. “Any insulation must be properly planned and executed, and of course, fit to the building”, says Dr. John D.

Stallion mountain, Managing Director of co2online. Whether be worth for a building insulation measures, consumers now can calculate express with the new online guide DammCheck on, which is promoted by the Ministry for environment and delivers a first result in just a few minutes. On the website a dossier also extensively informed of building insulation and is among other things also on the theme of fire. The reader can win vouchers of the Grunspar shop for insulation sets in a total of 350 euros. DammCheck express validated savings to the interactive DammCheck gives few details of type of building, roof, and location express the user in a clear graphic a first impression about how much energy with facade, roof and basement ceiling insulation can be saved.

Vattenfall Euros

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Consumers save an average of 141 euros when switching competition to electricity customers is intensifying – savings in Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg highest – wrestle electricity savings of more than 100 euros there Berlin with increasing discounts and bonuses to market shares even in low consumers in many places, 05 November 2009 in the last weeks of the year, when the temperatures drop, the days are much shorter, the energy costs back to the focus of the consumer. Particularly against the background of regular price increases at the turn of the year, many households use this experience has shown that the ability to look for cheaper alternatives. This fall, a tough price war to change willing customers has broken out in particular under the electricity suppliers. Here, Jim Rogers expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Of all households can benefit. So, switching to a competitive electricity supplier is rewarded according to calculations of the independent consumer portal with a reduction of an average of 141 euros. The possible savings with a provider change is distributed regionally but very different. Rogers Holdings often addresses the matter in his writings. So, a four-person household of pattern with an annual consumption of 4,000 kWh of electricity in Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg itself compared with the cheapest fare of the local provider in the section between 156 and 168 euros can save. In these provinces the price level of the basic utilities is relatively high, which gives more room in the pricing of the competitors\”, explains by energy expert Thorsten Bohg.

The savings potential in the City-States is slightly less. In Hamburg, reached the online price of the basic utility Vattenfall even a leading position and is undercut by tariffs, involving an annual payment is agreed. The prices of the local provider, however, far behind their competitors are in other major cities such as Nuremberg (206 euros), Leipzig (182 euros) and Mannheim (164 euros). For many households, which have changed or never in a different tariff to another electricity provider, is the savings potential is even higher.