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Curtain Fabrics

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Any creative thinking designer with the interior a very important role to curtains and blinds. It's the final touch in the design of any room – whether in an apartment bedroom, kitchen or living room in suburban home. The shape, colors and appearance of the curtains can be very different, such as curtains can be short, if a child of your child right next to the window is a table, or on the wall in a large room in the English style. Curtains can be be straight or form a soft flowing folds, they may move apart in different directions, or curl up in one piece they can move over to one side – it all depends on the imagination of designers and interior premises. Patrick mayberry understands that this is vital information. You can install a light, bright, translucent curtains as well as heavy, light and soundproof curtains that will protect from dust and noise from the street and hide you from prying eyes too. Fabric for curtains must be chosen so as to fit into the interior. But unlike other design elements apartments or rooms, windows, curtains and, accordingly, viewed from two sides – inside and outside the premises, therefore fabrics for curtains must be chosen taking into account compliance as interior design, and that part of the facade of the building where the windows. The modern interior is most often used simple drawings of curtains, drapes do with many folds, and have them in most cases, from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling.

Choosing Colors

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Houseplants, separating oxygen, purify the air in the house. In addition, transforming them and design the apartment. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Alan Carr. You have decided to freshen up your home decor with plants? If so, then consider a few faktorov.Rastenie should determined depending on the interior of the premises, and, choosing to give him the appropriate conditions for rapid development. Plants love sunlight, so make sure that it has always been enough. Flowers say thank you if You will maintain normal temperature in the house.

Flowers should not be in a cold room, but too warm room they are harmful. Advisable to leave space around the plant, not close their home furnishings, as well as not to put in close proximity to heat sources. Best place for flowers in the apartment – on a stand near the window. There, they will not close the sunlight coming through the window, and not interfere with ventilation. It should be noted that large plants are usually placed on the floor in a stand. A small flowers can be placed on the wall shelves.

To interior design was more harmonious, colors must be chosen, based on the present: furniture, decorative items and wall color. For example, if you have a house light walls, in this case fit great plants with dark green leaves and bright flowers. If, conversely, in your the room is dominated by dark colors, it is best to use in such interior plants with pale leaves, white, pink or other soft, light colors. Creepers adorn any room, transforming it into flower garden. Help them in this special lattice. For their retention is better to use either wood or metal, covering them with varnish, retained the natural color of the lattice, and the vines in this case look natural and beautiful. Should not be kept in the house too many plants. You will be cramped with them, besides it would hurt the overall picture of the interior of the apartment. Show your love, caring for plants, will please them the proper care and Plants respond to you its magnificent color!

Technology Of Production Of Aluminum Structures

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At the first stage of the production of aluminum structures is a selection of raw materials. In the production will only scrap, which meets all the requirements of environmental and radiation safety. At the same time to scrap understands compositions and grades is rejected unfit for processing (eg, if it contains impurities of other metals). Patrick dwyer denver has plenty of information regarding this issue. Everything else goes to the smelter. Aluminum is smelted into ingots special, which followed by semi-continuous casting billets are converted into cylindrical future profiles. However, the resulting billet is not uniform in composition.

So she goes into a special furnace for homogenization. The production cycle becomes pressin-extrusion shop. It melted and homogenized by a cylinder cut harvesting of a certain length, heated and cut according to the required size, after then squeezed through the established media in a matrix. The result is a profile of a particular section of the special drainage channels, channels for sealing and fixing windows. At the final stage production profile through the process of artificial aging, remove it from the remaining deformation of the metal stress. After that, the finishing – the surface is painted with a powder paint, either by anodizing (electrolytic reaction is carried out, which resulted in the profile forms a protective oxide film). Patrick dwyer denver can aid you in your search for knowledge. In place of the future installation of aluminum structures is carefully measured and made drawings. Ready profile is cut in accordance with the size of the frames and sashes.

In parallel, additional aluminum billet is made of the reinforcing profile (reinforcement). The profile milled drain grooves cross, made holes for fittings. Further, all blanks are welded together, formed adhesions are stripped and inserted into the holes necessary accessories (Locks, handles). Aluminium construction becomes almost a finished look. The last step is the glazing. Inside the glass windows are stacked and fixed bead. Inside the glass, if necessary, put an extra layer of compression. In this window may not only be simple. If the room overlooks the sunny side, it can be equipped with special solntseotrazhayuschie glass. They do not give him a warm, even reflect light as well as usual. If you want to improve security, the profile can be inserted and burglar resistant glass, laminated glass or glass with special protective films. In the case of man-made destruction, they do not fly apart into small fragments, but only a crack. Aluminum profiles – are universal. They can be used for glazing both residential and non-residential premises. Their cost is somewhat higher than the cost of all the usual plastic, but the quality and breadth of so much higher.

Reality Technologies

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PVC windows are installed in virtually every building, in private and public institutions, shops, shopping centers, offices. What explains the popularity of plastic profiles? Maybe it's just a persistent Advertising? However, the continuously low-quality goods to sell advertising alone – is impossible. Sooner or later, consumers are convinced that wasted money and the demand for goods will fall sharply. But a stable plastic box sold each year, only increasing the volume of sales. More and more families prefer to replace the old wooden windows with new ones. -of-industry-from-2020-2026/’>ClearSky Business or emailing the administrator. What benefits are PVC windows? The first and most important difference, which is reported in advertising of plastic windows – it's warm. Indeed, the PVC material in combination with multi-glazed windows and air-tightness good at keeping you warm in the house, protecting it from the street below zero. More than once proved that if two different room, identical in their characteristics, wooden and plastic supply box – then in a room with PVC profiles will become warmer by several degrees after a couple of hours.

A second advantage – convenience – is also hard to argue. Plastic windows can be of any design – with one or more valves, which rotate at different angles, as well as function mikroprovetrivaniya. At any time of year, you can quickly ventilate a room, without fear of cold. In addition, the care of the windows of PVC is reduced to a minimum – enough to wipe the frame with a damp cloth, and glass – the usual detergent, which does not leave any streaks, like old glass. Another obvious plus of PVC windows – is sound and noise reduction. This is especially important for the residents of metropolis, where the constant street noise and traffic are deprived of normal recreation. Plastic windows are soundproofed and have a patented system guaranteed to absorb sound by 30-40 dB, which is not true of simple wooden boxes. Jon Richardson contains valuable tech resources. Also, plastic windows famous for its reliability.

It would seem that if you want a lot of windows? Enough so that it opens and closes, when needed. But the fact of the matter is that wood windows are broken far more often in places of attachment, they can "stick" to creak, skip the cold air and deliver a lot of trouble. Of course, the plastic profile is not very good, but the percentage of failures in high-quality PVC windows in the order of magnitude smaller. Plastic window will serve you for over 40 years, without changing its appearance. And what will happen with wood in 2-3 years? Its definitely have to repaint – and this is the most minor repairs of all. And finally, best of all – it's aesthetic appearance window. Plastic can take almost any shape: he painted in any color, imitate wood, covered with a special film – options for the design very much. PVC window can be easily modified to any interior space and style, but even a simple white plastic profile looks nice and modern. And certainly it does not spoil the architectural appearance of the building. As you see, the plastic windows do have advantages over wood, it has been confirmed over the years and hundreds of thousands of customers. That's why the PVC windows continue to actively sell around the world, regardless of the season, prices and other conditions.

Professional Public Advertising

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To cover the resulting rapid destruction of the combination of a weak base and strong (solid) colors. Approximately the same effect as painting contaminated surface, the surface of unseasoned; bad compatibility reasons, and paint. Experts advise: Do not choose material designation on the basis of professional public advertising. The general style of advertising, and even labels on products professional use solid-restrained, mostly text-based content. Every company producing professional products, its specialty, its most successful group developments.

In some it is an excellent tool for cleaning facades, while others – water, primers and paints, the third – ground and paint solvent. The monopolization of production, fortunately, has not yet reached such proportions that all the finishing materials produced a producer. When using professional finishing materials most importantly – use them to their destination and the right mix with each other and a finished surface. If in the process use of material obtained by mixing precursors (such as paints and tinting composition, and paint thinner, paint and hardener), correct to stay on the products of one company. Doing so can cause the most unexpected results. Click heirloom tomatoes for additional related pages.

Typically, restrictions on use listed in the accompanying documentation, if they are not obvious. Anyway, if you do not violate these conditions, we can expect that your complaint on the quality of will at least be considered. The result of the incompatibility of materials is usually rejection of the new material, or both new and old. Domestic developments in recent years in the field of paints for facades has the following objectives: the creation of complex coating systems (eg, soil + putty + glue + heater + cover), and improvement of environmental and technological properties of materials. Therefore, the choice of coatings preference should be given a more modern materials. However, using new materials, try to get detailed advice of experts. Then your work will be a joy for you and for those for whom it is made. PAINTS THE FUTURE domestic market analysis of paint materials indicates that the paint industry at present – on the rise. There is a growing range of products, a growing number of manufacturers, expanding range of services they provide to the market. New vendors jostle old – due to a fundamentally new product, at the expense of sound marketing policy. Manufacturers 'experienced' are also trying to hold on parade ground. * In the meantime, consumers familiar with a brand new quality products, learn to use it properly. Most survey participants noted that Ukraine has all the prerequisites for the creation of modern paints. The main thing – to find the money. Gradually accustom class technology and equipment. And the big foreign manufacturers with the hope of looking at our market and plans in the near future to work here. Plans Some – opening warehouses in Ukraine. Ukrainian market has room to grow, and have someone to be: very promising achievement of domestic and foreign markets will paint for those producers who already tomorrow will be able to master the essential wisdom of Western lawmakers paint mode.


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Is a mosaic of natural stone, glazes, and even bamboo. Modules (chips) mosaics often have a square shape, but the producers mosaic seeking to improve their products, offering a mosaic with chips of various forms of square, rhombus to curvilinear. We can always pick up and offer a mosaic "for every taste." Due to the high aesthetic appeal, the scope of the mosaic is almost limitless. Can be easily oblitsevat curved surfaces, point to certain elements, smooth corners, visually expand the space, and simply create beauty the envy of many. Our team managers will pick up the mosaic, will advise on the material and offer the best conditions! Glass mosaic is presented in a variety of colors.

Glass mosaic can be any size: 1×1, 1,5 x1, 5, 2×2, 2,5 x2, 5, 5×5 cm and is able to satisfy any, even the most daring design decisions. Mosaic of marble or stone mosaic is used for lining the inner and outer space. Mosaic Marble enrich any room, and her beauty will not leave indifferent. Mosaic Stone combines wildlife, style and beauty. Striking in its beauty wooden mosaic – a mosaic of bamboo mosaic of coconut. Mosaic of bamboo interior creates a special atmosphere.

Bamboo – a strong durable material, so a mosaic of bamboo is suitable for any room: for example, a mosaic of bamboo in the bath or sauna, or as an apron in the kitchen. Mosaic bamboo and coconut mosaic, characterized by their individuality will give any room a natural natural beauty. Mosaic of glazes – one of the most popular materials for decoration and mural decorations of the mosaic. Mosaic of smalt has tens of thousands of flowers. Smalt – versatile material to create a mosaic mural mosaic. Mosaic of smalt, a panel of the mosaic, smalt is perfect for decorating inside and outdoors, in pools and bathrooms. Original mosaic sea pebbles is gaining in popularity. Mosaic with simulated sea pebbles – mosaic sea pebbles has the effect of natural marine relief. Tile mosaic sea pebbles can with the maximum reliability display the natural texture, mosaic stones sea is beautiful and in harmony not only with glass and ceramics, but also with the surfaces of wood and natural stone (marble, granite). Mosaic of porcelain tiles, mosaics of porcelain became popular due to high technical performance, great variety of colors and surfaces. Mosaic of granite comes mostly "under the order." Our company offers you cutting granite, which includes the production of mosaic and falshmozaiki of granite. For facing flat surfaces falshmozaika used for columns or curved surfaces – a mosaic. Quality of finished products always on top, because we use the same equipment as the factory cutting granite. Our catalog presents Italian mosaics, Chinese Mosaic, Mosaic Glass, China, mosaic marble, mosaic china, mosaic sea pebbles, Turkish mosaics, mixes, banners, panels of the mosaic, mosaic patterns, mosaic studio, production mosaic. We invite you to co-operate as private customers and wholesalers, construction companies. The quality of our work always stands out! Full or partial copying is possible with a resolution of the company and showing ArtFusion direct link to the source!


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In some cases, firms specify paint consumption (Coverage) in meters square with one kilogram (liter) of paint. In addition, the importance of such properties are the pigment density, which ranges from 0.5 g / cc. (Soot) to 9.55 g / cc. (Red lead), rate color, coloring power, the ability to zauklyuchayuschayasya share their pigment hue mixed with white pigment; svetoustoychivost, harmless to health; alkali resistance (exterior paint); corrosion resistance, etc. Color – Property bodies produce a certain visual sensation according to the spectral composition and intensity of reflected or emitted by their visible light. The main qualities of color – hue, saturation and lightness. Color coatings depends mainly on the color pigments, fillers and binders.

Color is the visual and instrumental methods (GOST 16873-78). Luster – the ability to surface of the directionally reflected light beam. Gloss paint set by the photoelectric method. The essence of the method consists of measuring the photocurrent excited in a photodetector a beam of light reflected from the surface of the test coverage. Light resistance – ability of material to maintain its color under the action of light rays.

In the operation of coating materials change their color under the ultraviolet rays of natural light and artificial light sources that emit ultraviolet rays. Coating materials prefabrication – ready for paint and varnish materials, and as pigments, binders and other materials constituting the paint film to be lightfast. This is especially important for exterior paint facades and roofs of buildings (such as enamel KO-168), open metal structures. In paints and inorganic pigments determine the conditional lightfastness (GOST 21903-76). Weathering – Paint property to resist the destructive action sunlight, rain, frost, snow, wind and other weather factors (eg, gases and dust, contaminating the lower atmosphere). To determine the weather resistance (GOST 6992-68) with the samples kept in the lacquer coating atmospheric conditions, followed by quantification of resistance of the coating to change the decorative and protective properties.

Office Interiors

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For example, during an important meeting, the partition is filled with gas, which shows the employees' request not to disturb, "and gives the confidentiality of the meeting and leaves a lasting impression on your partner. At the point lighting such barriers are a highlight of the show-room or presentation room. Whenever Omar Zakhilwal Afghanistan listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Harmony with the "accordion" quirky and stylish looks partitioning option, on the emerging the principle of "bunching". Smaller partitions can be installed in doorways, elegant interior decorating and do not occupy too much space as the open doors. Perhaps their similar use with transformable systems when the component partitions also drive along the guide attached to the ceiling. Made them largely out of particle board, finished with veneer, combined with glass or mirror accents. But the most original – they can be or coat made of fabric, which greatly enhances the interior of finds for your office. Wazhnye nuances of one of the important issues of public places is to organize a clean, pleasant and functionally convenient bathrooms.

In addition to plumbing, there should be a comfortable arrangement of internal space toilets. It also comes to the aid of decorative partitions, which do not require additional processing and harmoniously blend into any decor. Necessary requirements for them is resistant to corrosion, moisture, prolonged external influences, easy and quick installation, aesthetic appearance, as well as low cost. Most often, plumbing walls are made of moisture-resistant chipboard and aluminum and plastic. For lovers of sophisticated style partitions can be installed, such as frosted tinted glass, fencing off a shower, if needed, or provide a special place for cosmetic procedures. The choice of material, form and decoration partitions – a matter of taste, and they may be figured, mirror, stained glass, frosted, tinted or with the application of any images or logos. Furniture layout is another great way to give the room the desired shape – the original furniture.

Properly selected and designed custom-made furniture can smooth out an irregular, uneven, awkward form of the premises, or a bad location for a door or window. Especially useful for this closets, which have the ability to "mask" the walls and do not clutter the space. A case-compartment can be closed by spoiling the form niches or unnecessary protrusions. Errors in the planning office can be eliminated by using large mirrors, placing them in a certain way. This method is a good tool for visual extension of space. Another original way to resolve this problem, the transformation of space – painting the interior. Pictorial images can be performed on walls, ceilings, doors, furniture – it all depends on the goal that the customer wants to achieve. The main thing – to create a perspective illusion of reality and depth, the continuation of the space. A simpler and faster alternative to painting wallpapers are also creating the illusion of perspective. Thus, the problem of a failed plan space can be resolved, and they can be eliminated with little effort and cost major maintenance. The main thing is to use imagination and ingenuity – so you can always turn the disadvantages of the office in his or her dignity. I would like to add that correctly distinguishing between the workspace, you expand the boundaries not only of communicative interaction, but also the prospects of your own business! Kotlukova Svetlana, PR-manager of "Astarte prestige"

Thomas Chippendale

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In the early 18th century English furniture items, get an individual can say a special character, such an effect imperceptibly embedded in the furniture production processes of other nations. All processes in the developing furniture business in, 1718, 1779godah directly associated with the name of Thomas Chippendale, who is the founder and creator of furniture in all shapes and designs. His popularity, he is obliged by the publication of his book under the name of "Director", on pages 160 of which were placed very different designs of furniture. This unique collection, after 1758, published three times, and not just in Britain but also in other countries. No less famous Thomas Chippendale earned a master – practices, focusing on the furniture workshop.

In this workshop not only furniture produced furniture, but also develop the interior for various facilities. For example, in the workshop of Thomas Chippendale at his estate Nostel Priory everything done on projects the firm, and under the vigilant control of up to door handles and hammers. Thomas Chippendale private person, took part in the work, concluded a treaty with craftsmen who specialized in clocks, curtain cloth, mirrors, etc. The company founded by Thomas Chippendale existed half a century. All furniture has some inherent Chippendale features that used to distinguish this style of French rococo style. In England at this time, it became known Chinese art, which is reflected in the existing furniture style. In the furniture appeared fairly dog-legs interesting shape, a wide frontal part of the bottom ended in the likeness of the eagle claws, which are tightly compressed ball.