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Taking in account the contribution that the school can give for, the knowledge and interpretation of the reality, in the direction to form citizens, therefore soon the rising, the human being if relates with rules and values of the society where he is inserted. In the interior of the familiar group, it always has one or more people who if make responsible for the survival and the formation of its members. To the side of the family, other social institutions propagate and play a role in the moral formation and the development of attitudes. The constant presence of the medias of mass (television, radio, periodicals, magazines, propagandas of the most varied types etc.) in the public and private spaces, confer they a great power of influence and propagation of values, of behavior models. The education has active a practical aspect, of the social convivncia. In the society all educate permanently to all. As the individual does not live isolated, its education is continuous. Society without education does not exist, despite in the primitive forms it can lack the legalized education institutionalized (that it is represented there by the social rites).

For consequence no member of the absolutely ignorant community, of the opposite could not live, as in PEAR TREE explains to them, (1981): School, as institution for which it expects that the members of the society pass all, is placed in the position of being plus a social environment in the life of these individuals. Also it propagates values that can converge with that they circulate in the other social ways that the individuals frequent or the one that is displayed. With this, the best way to prevent, to diminish or to deal with the use drugs it is through the information and of the awareness. They will internalizaro so that it of these information are effective, them they must be supplied in occasions in which the pupil is receptive to hear.

Bishop Volodymyr

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In the "prestigious" list of Alania was listed above Khazaria and Rus. Ends the process of Christianization, which began in the VI century. In the year 916, when the patriarch of Constantinople Nicholas, in the Lower Arkhyz mass baptism happened Alan, and at the head of the church was raised Archbishop. Christianization has been slow and painful, and only after nearly 100 years, was founded Metropolis Alanya. In the twelfth century began the conquest of Alanya Tatar-Mongols. This happened as a result of feudal and princes fought not only with neighboring countries, as between themselves. The fate of Alanya was a foregone conclusion, despite the stubborn resistance to the invaders. So the years passed, and Christian churches were abandoned and were not used for purpose.

In 1987 Fr Seraphim in his letter to the Bishop of Stavropol and Ekaterinodarskoye Vladimir wrote that the locals – Moslems and Muslims – are driving cattle in these temples, hiding from the weather, create a many- abuse of the ancient shrine. With this and the revival of Christian churches in the valley Zelenchuk. The Holy Synod has authorized the establishment of the Monastery of the treasury and put on Cossack lands. Bishop Volodymyr watching restoration of temples and the erection of new buildings, as well as with great interest the findings of ancient relics in the temples. In this regard, on the monastery was opened a special department of monastic antiquities and was the charge of a man who watched and systematize these findings.

Self Confidence

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a Oeno listen to friends when the Friend inside you says, Ahaz this! a Gandhi. Every now and especially when it comes to the topic of Web projects that I am carrying out, there are people that try to discourage his comments to one. It also happens, however, that you are surrounded by positive people who will try to give encouragement. I'm saying is give encouragement. And I am right. What happens is that often ignore the characteristics and potential to monetize the web phenomenon that do not meet your own expectations of listening to them words of encouragement. Instead, one finds a total disregard on the part of those loved ones.

Of course we must not hold them accountable at all, it's not even that they undermine our self-esteem, so maybe we can do is try to explain what the project or if facts show with the final outcome of this noble an effort that takes place through project fulfillment in your life and you can one influence the others. We understand that it is required of them know what one does. Our job is to express our happiness to be doing what drives you in life. If it is the duty of us to project enthusiasm and creative efforts in each of the activities that one performs. I hope you are being to your liking these small daily reflections that took place to take a positive attitude as when making a cup of coffee. Recommended by:

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