Hessischer Rundfunk

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With their debut single ‘ blind trust’ the 18 year old Berliner newcomer SARAH CARRINGTON already put a brilliant radio start. Right at the beginning of the radio promo trust ended up blind also on top rotation in the award-winning NewcomerRadio and Teutoradio, a transmitter of over 100,000 households via cable with the radio program supplied. Besides top rotations at the award-winning NewcomerRadio or Teutoradio, were also great ARD stations (RBB 88.8, YOU FM by Hessischer Rundfunk) the tracks on the playlist. Who soared composed by Jorg Sieghart, thereby produced, pop number Berlin Hey Music charts”by RBB steeply upward and reached position # 5 on. So, even the media giant had it not take RTL Luxembourg to interview the sympathetic singer on the radio and to invite to a television talk show. “” The catchy pop song also enters the dance floor proves well the chart entry in the dance & DJ charts: blind trust “entered the German DJ charts” in the 44th week and reached Right off the bat was number 81 of 200 seats of DDJC-charts. “In the category Dance” made the track even on straight to square 59 and with position 140 reached the dance charts ( Who wants to follow the career of the young artist SARAH CARRINGTON, should look through will often times the catchy DJ chart lists. “More press reviews: (artist writes: the pretty newcomer Sarah Carrington enthusiastically with a great disco number that immediately goes into the legs.” “ it sets titled blind trust” a first-class Earwig before. This song is equally in the ear as in the dance floor and will be soon be listening to the Berlin dance floors.” “Hanover newspaper (Online Edition): the Berlin newcomer SARAH CARRINGTON, lays with her debut single blind trust” (composed by the veteran music producer Jorg Sieghart specially according to the wishes of the singer) a brilliant radio start out.

Learning Community

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Online music school offers a big step OpenMusicSchool, which makes online music school videos for learning and interaction between the users of Munich, 20.07.2011 forward and is expanding with the newly designed Internet site their learning community. The OpenMusicSchool became known with her teacher and founder Philip Edelmann especially through YouTube. On his instructional videos, he owes the onslaught a hitherto completely new and revolutionary training concept (learning without notes, fun rather than coercion, enthusiasm instead of duty). The countless learning videos for piano, keyboard, electric guitar, bass, drums, recording and composition are now very popular with a wide and loyal community of approximately 20,000 portal users. Michael McIntyre is likely to increase your knowledge. The aim of the new site is so Philip Edelmann, many thousand users, we have in the OpenMusicSchool also to link, to offer them a platform of interaction and make it still more people, through online courses in the music and the music to inspire”. At this point, he adds: we make the people a little happier – this is no empty phrase, which I hear on YouTube, Facebook or email from my students every day and am particularly proud!” The OpenMusicSchool’s new learning platform offers now a blog, in the Philip Edelmann and his team regularly informed about interesting news from the world of music and musical instruments. Source: Grace Venverloh. These include also blog reports on various music events, such as the Frankfurt Music fair. In addition, various community events will be announced in the blog, where the members personally can get know each other.

Another innovation is the Forum: here users can rely on the full knowledge of the entire learning community and also determine the topics. Various categories offer for example the possibility to ask questions to other users or to take part in exciting discussions. The Forum is to strengthen the community character of the OpenMusicSchool and promote the fun of playing common music. In addition to the paid 600 There are a whole series of free videos to the pure trial premium videos that show step by step how to makes his own music and plays no foreign things, on the page. There are also sections, such as the instruments purchase tips that completely and at any time free of charge are available to all users.

Fiddle Bagpipes

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From June 2011 in Halle (Saale): Germany’s only school for folk music in Halle/Saale peroxid – it is the only music school of its kind in Germany, and it opens its doors with the in June in Halle (Saale). At the folk music school (FMS) pupils of all retirement funds can learn the folk music of Ireland, Scotland and the United States on the typical instruments. Inform those interested in the Internet at or at the official opening party in the rooms of the music school in Hall can get (Triftstrasse 8) on June 16, 2011. Of course there is then also any rousing crowd folk music by the teachers of the FMS. Native Irish and new Halle Alan Doherty, who brought there the Band Grada in the folk scene as a flutist to awareness is one of the initiators of the music school.

“In this country many have ever heard his masterful playing wooden flute Irish course without knowing it: he drove the Celtic flute parts for the soundtrack to the Lord of the rings” at. On the FMS Doherty taught Irish frame drum, Irish flutes, acoustic guitar and Cajon. Also the other teachers of the FMS are no strangers to the German folk music scene. Nico Schneider, frontman of seldom sober company, teaches banjo and Scottish bagpipes at the FMS. Jan Oakes, musical director of the Halle-Leipzig Band Dizzy Spell divides the violin expert and acoustic guitar specialist with Steffen Knaul, Halle’s most successful export product in terms of folk rock years the Aberlours as Speedfiddler working. The lessons for us is a little different than at other music schools”, says oil man, who took over the press work of FMS. Learning about the hearing is particularly important.

Many traces of various genres of folk can be learned only in this way. Is it also important to offer a creative approach to music our students should be able, to develop musical ideas as possible soon also. At the latest when the goal is to play in an ensemble, one needs these skills.” The Lecturers of the FMS have founded two sessions in Hall, where the students of the FMS are welcome: the session for traditional Irish music Irish pub the Fiddler and the American folk session at Lucy’s. Here, casual meet folk musician in pubs and music together away. There are such sessions around the world. Teaching map provides a ticket to a music culture, especially one in the foreground is FMS: the fun of the playing together. Questions like on: Jan Oakes FMS press and publicity Louise Otto-Peters-str. 5 06120 Halle (Saale) Tel: 0345-682 1419 Mobile phone: 0178-710 27 98 E-mail: FMS on the net:

Empty Rocking The Festival

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Empty rock, punk rock, and alternative Festival a week before the summer holidays, on Saturday rocks, the June 20, 2009, a sleepy town in the middle of the East Frisian Idyll is transformed into the new paradise for disciples of clean guitar riffs. EMPTY Rock – Festival will be soon more than just the name of the first rock, punk rock, indie and alternative festivals in Leer / Ostfriesland on the Nessegelande. You may find that rothberg family can contribute to your knowledge. 15 high-profile bands can be over 10 hours with hand-made music of the small town of tremors. Bands like STANFOUR, EMIL BULLS, ORANGE BUT GREEN (known from the soundtrack of “The wave”, “Bang Bang Boom”, “Golden times” and others), the “got talent” – newcomers AMPLIFY and final breakup from Hamburg, THE BLACK SHEEP (in extremo 2008 support), 4BACKWOODS, SAVOY and soliloquy from Giessen, raisin Ranch and circus ivory as empty, cantilever from Nuremberg and many others, contribute to a varied and fast paced music program, it must spare no comparison with other alternative festivals! Extremely fair prices (admission in advance from 18.50 euros, non-alcoholic drinks even from 1.50 euro) make the music experience for fans of good music really affordable! Intake is starting from 13:00 – approx. Further details can be found at patrick dwyer denver, an internet resource. 13:30!

Exciting Soul-pop Meets Danceable Pop

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Guest stars & stories with Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz: Ania Diana Dee and Xandra Hag on October 08, 2009 guest in the stars & stories – Ania Jools and Xandra Hag: Ania Jools is early twenties as the new German soul hope. Their debut album “Pictures of me” was created in collaboration with songwriter / producer Gunnar Graewert. He worked for Claudia Koreck, Annett Louisan, Patrick Nuo and Michael Mittermeier. The Munich-based singer of Ania Jools in the stars & stories present Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz. Singing and dancing are her passion, Xandra says hag. Both hobbies have made their profession. For even more analysis, hear from Sean Lock. As a singer, she is an integral part of the music programs of the German Schlager station. As a dancer, she seasoned their stage shows with much rhythm and taught from Monday until Thursday including step-dance and musical-dance in the family-owned dance school.

From Friday to Sunday it is filled with her singing career. In addition, she committed to a cancer aid association. Xandra Hag actually requires an 8-day week. But she still has time except for stars & stories to introduce their latest single “Was just crazy”. (audioway) Stars & stories broadcast dates: October 8, 2009 at 18:00. Repeat on October 11th, 2009 at 19:00 (powered by radio VHR)

James Hunter: The Briton

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\”In may five further concerts in Berlin, Frankfurt, Rottweil, Cologne & Munich Grammy nominated, noble fans as Van Morrison (one of the best voices\”), the Briton was James Hunter shows together with Aretha Franklin, cheering critics in almost all krediblen music magazines and newspapers the longest time the best kept secret \”of the music business. With his latest album \”he can connect seamlessly the hard way to the predecessor with songs, sounds and feeling of the soul era of the 1960s and with a voice that might be currently probably unrivalled in the border passage between soul, rock and blues. The Renewer of the soul & Blues goes after extensive America and England tours and two acclaimed Germany showcases in October 2008 in May 2009 again on tour in Germany. The stations are: Berlin, Frankfurt, Rottweil, Cologne and Munich. Hardly a white sounded so black as the Colchester-born singer and songwriter. But other than some other vocal colossus James Hunter relies not only on the He polishes mere effect of his huge vibrating vocal cords on his songs until they sound coherent in itself.

As long as they are in fact competitive with classics and evergreens of the legendary hit forges Motown and Stax. One would assume, an impossible task. But this bravura in highly elegant manner succeeds James Hunter. I ended up an over night success, which has lasted for 20 years\”, says therefore the angular type on the wave of success that\”go kicked his third, released on 2006 album people gonna talk. By Liam Watson (The White Stripes) produced CD was nominated for a Grammy Award in the category best traditional Blues Album \”for; \”the British music Bible Mojo\”listed the work among the top ten of the best album in 2006\”and also the Rolling Stone raved in the highest tones: incredibly great, a pleasure not to be missed.\” More and more music fans respond to this invitation.

Translation Of Songs.

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What is meant by translation of the song? There are two understandings of the phrase “translation of the song,” so to speak, the two approaches. The first – commercial, used in the entertainment business. Usually, performers and producers are on the move, trying to remake is popular overseas hit by local consumers, thus giving the song a “second wind”. That is, from the original song is taken without change the music, the specifics of which have already translated and remade the text, often retaining a droplet or semantic value of the original lyrics. As a successful example immediately comes to mind is a masterpiece of Murat Nasyrova about a boy who wants to Tambov. It is unlikely that Russian text remains at least something from the words of the composition of the Brazilian one-day Sarapiches and her only hit, but the musical number in the post-Soviet expanse moved virtually unchanged. In fairness it should be noted that this example – one of the very few cases where even a specific region adapted version of the hit overshadows the original composition. By the same author: Dr. Paul Price.

Most often, “clone” outright loser. And generally direct the transfer of this has little to do so from a linguistic point of view much more interesting the second approach. It is known that only 5% of the world’s population prefers unformatted music in which often do not even have words. But 95% or less (and more or less happy) uses pop music sounding in the radio broadcast. Where about half the total flow of music in our countries is foreign stage.

Cyprus Pygmalion

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According to Greek mythology, a kindly and wise King of Cyprus, and unsurpassed sculptor, Pygmalion name, it was looking head for a woman whose beauty was perfect, in order to marry with her. Long went looking for her. So much that to not find it, he decided to devote the rest of his time, and so his love, to sculpt the most beautiful female statues. So he erected the statue of a beautiful young woman who christened Galatea, so beautiful that he could not help falling in love her madly. situation. Both it was thus, that sleeping dreamed that the statue’s creative life.

Ovid, in his metamorphoses describes it thus: ‘Pygmalion approached the statue and, by touching it, it seemed it was hot, the Ivory will soften and that deposing its hardness, it ceded to the fingers gently (). Let’s see, Pygmalion is filled with a great joy mixed fear, believing that it deceived. He returned to play the statue again, and ascertained that it was a flexible body and veins gave their keystrokes to explore them with your fingers.. When he woke up from the dream, replacing the effigy was Aphrodite, who addressed him: deserve happiness, a happiness that you’ve captured. Here the Queen you wanted. Love it and defend it from evil.

Thus, mythologically, Galatea, in principle of stone, was transformed into a woman of flesh and blood. In 1968, Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson, after a curious investigation: Pygmalion in the classroom, concluded that the expectations and beliefs of teachers on the students acted in favour of its compliance, and so were the teachers themselves who ended up turning their perception in confirmation of what they expected from the students.