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The Logo In The Cloud World

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DR. BARZEL real estate online to evaluate the site, registered in the year 2007, the mark method DR. Rothberg family often says this. BARZEL is reflected in a new guise. First two significant changes in the graphical implementation notice. A header with clear imagery serves as an eye-catcher. Blue Cumulus clouds formed one, only at second glance visible, cloud world. The further change of branding the logo evolved to a free floating 3D logo can be found in the middle of a large Cumulus cloud.

Cloud world the white and blue of the cloud world image throughout the entire site. Headings, MoreLinks and the slogan real estate online rate”wear the blue of cloud world sky. White background corresponds with friendly Cumulus clouds of the header. Clouds represent continents create white blue color transitions. Brand message the brand message real estate online rate”will be transported through the successful combination of cloud world and impending free 3D logo. The imagery will communicate A user can assess a property of IMMOBILIENWERT24 simplicity, with the, the slogan real estate online rate slogan”describes how a site accurate assessment of real estate over the Internet is possible. Thereby, the method provides the essentials in the center of the online real estate valuation.

The finding shows that simplicity is the result of maturity. The appearance of the mark method DR. BARZEL works more striking by the free-floating 3D logo. It gives more importance and power of the brand. A further level has reached the representation of the mark in the subject header.

Paduano Board

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Happy user tell their personal love story Munich, 02.12.2009 now, because the advent season is approaching, this time it’s time for positive news, to those sad face, because they spend this time unintentionally alone again to show that something in their situation change can be. Jon Richardson describes an additional similar source. So seems the motto of activagers (, the free community for the generation of 40 plus to be that enables its users recently, to their personal success stories on the net. The idea is quickly told. We got lots of positive feedback from people who have found by activagers new friends or even a new relationship and we hope to encourage other people, with these success stories more aggressively to take advantage of the opportunities of the Internet”explains Dr. Nello Paduano Board. The start of the new series, the magazine of the website under the heading partnership, love and sexuality ‘ will find their place, makes an editorial guided true story. The editorial treatment of the story is done at the request of the parties who want to preserve some anonymity in this way and still have all their positive experience part let. Basically, is it but whether they make use of the offer, free of charge and after vote editorial revise their story, or simply like of them actually witnessed her story the users (and his loves), want to set in the activagers magazine.

Dr. Paduano to: the idea is actually the users and users tell their stories themselves, but since all kick off is difficult, we offered our support the activagers member at his request in the concrete development of the first article and want to do so in the future. The success stories are nevertheless based on a true story, changed only the name of the user.” Activagers encourages its users and users until the end of the year their personal (love-) story to submit. The theme of love must at all are not in the foreground. Activagers is finally no pure brokerage, but sees itself rather as a community for the generation of 40 plus and 50 plus, free allows users to form friendships and to find the soul mate, even with luck and the international. When these friendships then more, it is of course all the more beautiful for everyone. “Dr. Paduano to conclude: every story stating, how someone could extend his personal social network by activagers no matter whether it is about a new friendship or partnership can be told.” Activagers: Activagers is a free offer of VIVA49PLUS AG (Munich), which develops online content and operates, specifically tailored to the needs of the more mature (best agers). Press contact: Ole Bandy email:

Experience Pure For A Good Cause

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Youlip AG cooperates with Erlebnisvermarkter Mydays Frankfurt am Main, October 2008 Youlip AG, since August 2008 with its recommendation platform online, has won for itself a strong partner with Germany’s largest Erlebnisvermarkter mydays. The cooperation with Mydays significantly expands the range of original products on the portal. Youlipper will be displayed immediately more than 700 experiences in ten different categories, such as flying, action, pampering, fantasy and culture by relaxing pamper weekend in a luxury hotel to astronaut training for everyone. We were impressed from the first minute by Youlip and firmly believe in success. Thanks to the collaboration with the portal we open up other target groups for us”, explains Fabrice Schmidt, Managing Director and co-founder of Mydays.

Reward for a good cause the experiences and any other Youlip offers can recommend one from not only friends, relatives or colleagues, but also enjoy or use: those who have a product would like to, it is recommend by Youlip. The reward leads Youlip to one hundred percent of an aid project on the non-profit Internet platform. Where organizations and individuals present their charitable projects and specify how much money they need for the realization. Details can be found by clicking Cynthia Bartlett or emailing the administrator. Each project has a maintainer who extensively logged its progress. Betterplace co-founder Moritz Eckert sees the common basic principle of both portals as a solid basis for cooperation. All betterplace projects establish a trust network around them. People who know a project and are good, tell a friend about it. Also Youlip the legitimate principle of Word of mouth is instead of traditional advertising messages, which is why we like to work with the portal.” Atilla ozkan, CEO of Youlip, explains: many Youlip members have asked us why they can not even buy a product.

Without neglecting the core ideas of our platform, we come the desire for and ensure sure that the reward for a self recommendation a non-profit project benefit.” Currently the money on a fixed advance project goes. This autumn it will be users possible, however, to choose from various projects. So, everyone supports the action that most appeals to him. For more information about Mydays, on for more information about betterplace, on about Youlip the location Frankfurt am Main Youlip AG operates a referral portal on. Here, both registered members and non-registered users of original products and services by Youlip partners via the Youlip Portal can recommend. The focus is the personal contact between the referrer and buyer. Registered Youlipper will be rewarded for successful recommendation with a sum of money. has been online since August, 2008. Marc-Alexander Reinbold

Portal Shop

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Fundraising for education projects is with the new shop area even easier the new shop area of the fundraising Portal school Angel goes online. Parents and other interested parties can now even faster to collect donations for the school, kindergarten or the sports club for their child at their online shopping in one of the over 400 partner shops by school angels. “School Angel users are mostly parents who have a full day program. Yet they want to with the help of school Angel support your school or kindergarten and raise additional funds for the Foundation”, reported Sabine r reamer, editor of the fundraising portal. To make the detour via the school Angel website as easy as possible for them, we comprehensively the shop area now optimized.” New features facilitate the fundraising using a free text search the approximately 400 partner shops of the fundraising Portal can be quickly and easily according to the desired online shop search.

Free text searching is supplemented by an A-Z listing of all stores, as well as a category search. Whether cars,. There are numerous well-known partner shops electronics, clothing, travel or insurance for every area (including amazon, ebay, JAKO-O etc.), providing approx. 5-10% of their turnover in educational institutions, without shopping for the buyer is more expensive. The user about the choice of the partners is not sure he can sort by the amount of the Commission of the shops pay the shop to the educational institutions. In this way, maximum donations for educational institutions can be achieved with little time. Most frequently used partners of school Angel users can show up as favourites in his profile, so that he has a shop access at your next purchase. So far more than 153.000 EUR collected through the fundraising Portal school Angel donations for schools, kindergartens, sports clubs and other education projects.

In The Sign Of The Rose Castle: Site And Logo By ADVERMA For Riedenburg

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Harmonic bridge between contemporary design inspired City Council the proposals and the city of Riedenburg nestles historical consciousness Rohrbach / Riedenburg (mh) in one of the most beautiful corners of the Altmuhl closely on the river. High above the rooftops of the climatic health resort in the District of Kelheim, the rose castle towers as a widely visible landmark. An intimate little holiday paradise, which is proud of its history, but also at the same time modern, sympathetic and progressive will present themselves. With new website and new logo, the bridge between contemporary design and historical consciousness should therefore be beaten. For advertising professionals from ADVERMA a charming challenge. The Tourism Association in the District of Kelheim ( is the advertising & Marketing GmbH ( already since a long time customer of ADVERMA. The advertising agency resident of the greater Munich area near Pfaffenhofen has focused among other things on the tourism sector and it was therefore for the city of Riedenburg first choice as a marketing partner.

“Scenic beauty, proud history, much quality of life for local residents and a high recreational value for tourists: the place with its almost 6000 inhabitants and approximately 1000 beds has a lot to offer and this message” to be brought in the future with new website and new logo still werbewirksamer among the people. CRO Nora Kammerl and Art Director Walter glove, both Member of the leadership group of ADVERMA, presented the proposals of Eunice advertising forged in the Riedenburger City Council. And the Councils unanimously shared the judgment of marketing experts, that the previous homepage has come just in the year. It starts with clarity and user friendliness is one of the core criteria for the new site. But also the information should not to come short. We want to create a Web page that is equally appealing for locals and tourists”, explained Nora Kammerl.


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Through cooperation with MTV, Reuters or ProSiebenSat.1. 1 ViiF users can with mobile phone anytime, anywhere viewing short video clips, forward and commenting. ViiF: ViiF ( offers the possibility of mobile to record video clips, to play, to comment, to forward and to set Internet portals and blogs users under 22557 video call. You need to load any software on the phone. The user selects a short number, press video call and can shoot their own videos, comment and publish. Jammus opinions are not widely known. Still, he can look at clips from his friends on the phone and forward his videos to friends.

In addition the user from a variety of channels can watch latest videos from various areas such as lifestyle, sports, news, horoscopes, comedy and music. About UProm.TV: UProm.TV specializes in licensing, broadcast and distribution of user-generated content specializes and provides media professionals of the 21st century TV channel 2.0 “as well as a Web platform that can make them themselves in terms of content. Visit Nina Devlin for more clarity on the issue. With this way, occupied UProm.TV the principle of Al Gore’s Current.TV in Germany and serves the rapidly growing journalistic segment of social Videoblogger. Typical content suppliers are E.g. musicians, bands, comedians, documentary filmmaker, Videoblogger, Semi Pros and self-marketers. UProm.TV offers in addition IPTV providers through traditional TV distribution farther for their shows and productions. In addition to broadcasting via satellite (ASTRA digital) is broadcast UProm.TV also on some digital cable networks. Media contact: Karin Gehle. Phone: + 49.30.2576205.14 E-Mail:

Software GmbH

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Optimize your marketing and communication channel onOffice Software GmbH offers its customers since August 2011 in addition to the design and realisation of Internet sites that are specifically geared to the needs of broker companies, also a mobile version of their website at. A sophisticated system in the background detects whether the mobile page via Smartphone or personal website from a computer is called. So, the two separate sides ensure that display on a mobile device, as well as on a normal computer is always optimally presented. Prospects and customers now also mobile without annoying scrolling and zooming on the entire portfolio can be accessed due to this optimized rendering for all common smartphones and tablets. Besides a professional layout in the corporate design agency-specific functions, such as a direct object search, an integrated watch list, detailed object details and display numerous images complete the offer. The number of Interested parties E-mail transmitted by Smartphones are already a first indication that the purchasing intentions and enquiries from prospective customers more and more dominate the mobile age and change.

Even the brokers who already optimized have let their website for mobile devices by onOffice agree. The only positive feedback on their mobile version convinces not only the brokers themselves, but above all prospects and customers. By using the mobile Internet sites we enable our customers to take a pioneering role in the real estate industry and thereby to embark on a new way of marketing”explains Stefan Mantl, CEO of onOffice software, the optimized website page.