What is irc? irc – a protocol that allows users to communicate with each other in real time through a set of words on the keyboard, otherwise it is called the chat. irc was written by Finnish designers in 1988 as an improvement in unix program of talk, but, later, developed into a separate protocol – RFC1459. Since irc is now working and talking hundreds of thousands of Internet users around the world, including from Russia. irc can serve as entertainment, and for quite serious Interior: help and advice in the work, communication, etc. irc was used during the October 1993 putsch, some Russian science fiction writers periodically arrange a press conference on certain channels. Get more background information with materials from Jennifer Skyler. In irc you can communicate directly with the developers of some software, download software, read the stories The world is made up of irc servers. The server can be connected to other servers. Collection of mutually interconnected servers forms network. In the world there are hundreds of networks. The most popular and well known – it QuakeNet, UnderNet, IRCNet, EfNet. For full Internet communication also need programs to communicate: mIRC, KVirc, x3irc, MegIRC.