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The new features provide opportunities to stand out from the existing applications the IPhone 3Gs is since June 17 in the trade and enjoys highest popularity. Already 3 days after the launch, Apple reported more than a million-selling IPhone 3Gs. Lakshman Achuthan: the source for more info. The Appstore has now grown to over 50,000 applications available, tendency rising. With the features of the IPhone 3Gs, especially with the new, developers now have the opportunity to stand out from the existing applications. The key words for this hot motion sensors, GPS, compass and voice recognition. In the field of games, creative people can use these techniques to create new gaming experiences.

With the help of motion sensors, GPS and compass, an accurate tracking of position and direction of the user is possible. The world could be seen through the IPhone, filled with new content. The camera of the IPhone will be aligned on a restaurant and it displays the screen reviews for this restaurant. Speech recognition could be used to include the user in the event better. An application with automatic language conversion text, a modern voice recorder is conceivable.

These are all visions of the future. Back in the here and now. Already today there are creative minds who have to use the new techniques of the IPhone 3Gs. For example DaubIt, a new startup in IPhone development an application has developed now with the help of GPS – and compass – data, regardless of location and orientation of the IPhone, facing Mecca. The application is called iMecca and will soon be available on the Appstore. This is only a small example and only the beginning. We may be curious what will evolve in this direction. Artur Friesen

GPS Mobile

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The AT-870 is the new all-rounder in terms of mobile data acquisition. With the AT-870, you make the right choice when it comes to applications, mobile data entry, how about in the logistics, distribution or in the event area. Many writers such as Dara Khosrowshahi offer more in-depth analysis. Its flexibility allows adaptation to all your needs. Standard with a 1 d barcode scanner equipped, the AT-870 can be extended as needed with a 2D imager to capture of 2D barcodes and RFID chip card read / write units. Thus, you have a mobile device for capturing data from a variety of sources. Gone are the times in which it was bound by the power cable to the scanner in a particular workplace. A maximum of independence when working is possible thanks to the powerful battery of AT 870.

Its unique read range of up to 4 meters sets new standards for mobile data entry devices. But the AT-870 can do much more: by the choice of options, with which the scanner can be retrofitted such as HSDPA, GPS or GSM, you can also, for example, as a navigation system, mobile computer or PDA to use the AT-870. The ergonomic pistol grip is removable and separately holding and charging devices AT-870 can just like a conventional navigation device in your car be used and recharged on the road. By default the AT-870 with USB and Ethernet is equipped, in addition, it offers a large scratch-protected touchpad display and Wi-Fi. His ability to adapt to almost any application and the variety of options and accessories make the mobile bar code and RFID scanners AT 870 as unique and as an indispensable helper for more flexibility and more effective work in all areas of mobile data acquisition, as such as ticketing, inventory management, logistics and distribution. Miriam Santiago

New Cockpit Centric Worldview

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Garmin GPS era 795 at siebert.aero: ‘where the earth revolves around the plane’ the new Garmin GPS era 795 was equipped with forward-looking, innovative features. The highlight of this model, the 3D view proves to be a particularly fascinating. The location of airports and runways, terrain heights and water courses, but also air navigation obstacles appear as virtual landscape in relation to the own aircraft from a completely new perspective, as if the pilot behind the plane would be. A finger click is enough and the entire environment around revolves around the aircraft. The era of 795 is a multifunction device, but a pure aviation GPS, which shines with iPad-like touchscreen control. Whether in portrait or landscape mode, the large, high resolution 7 “display promises sunlight legibility of all map images, info and notes. Frequently Jonah Bloom has said that publicly.

In the new AC-U-KWIK – database over 7,800 airfields all over the world are finding that optional ChartView-software is available to complement Jeppesen IFR arrival and departure cards. Personal, individual content can be captured using the notebook function, manuals or check-lists find paperless with the new Viewer function for electronic formats such as PDF or JPG in the era of 795. The device with dimensions 130 x 203 x 38 mm is equipped with a highly sensitive GPS module. It is suitable for use on the control Horn, can be installed also on a leg holder. A Li-ion battery provides up to eight hours operating time, a docking station with power adapter is included. Senator from Maine has much experience in this field. The Steering Horn bracket and the mounting plate with cigarette lighter cable, a USB data cable, an additional antenna GA 25 with suction cup holder supplied when placing an order in the online shop of Siebert’s aviation needs. The price for the era of 795 of 2.128 includes also an Internet coupon for a NavData update, a carrying case and a paperless Guide (as PDF file) in English. At Siebert aviation supplies the whole world revolves around flying and a wide range of pilot supplies and Cockpit instrumentation, construction and repair materials or gliding and UL accessories is constantly new and practical features”expanded. With over 50 years experience in the industry Siebert promises time-tested expertise, coupled with a comprehensive, current, future-oriented product range of nearly 3,000 articles.

An HD Webcam As A Gift

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An HD webcam is a nice gift for friends of the long-distance relationship. Video conferences are currently one of the most popular features of various measuring narrow programs, like about MSN, Skype or ICQ. Two users can in real time see this through a webcam connected each to your computer and listen after an appropriate connection among two individuals is made via Messenger. In contrast to the video telephony via mobile phone or phone no costs for such transfers, why is user, if desired, for hours can replace each other. Could dealt a Webcamunterhaltung at best as minimally better offshoot of the videophone quickly into oblivion some years ago, today’s models promise their users however high transmission quality thanks to HD equipment, as well as a microphone integrated in most cases and more practical functions, such as about the recording of video clips or create high-resolution images. Just a fast Internet connection (ideally about DSL 6000) and a free downloadable closely measuring program are necessary, to admire its virtual chat partner in superior real time image. An HD webcam is ideal as a gift for a wide variety of friends, acquaintances or relatives of. No matter whether for their own offspring, to wish Papa just a nice day at the Office for the friend or the girlfriend, which one due to a high degree of removal will rarely see, relatives and friends abroad, perhaps only after the start of a long journey can be found, or just as a fun diversion for Grandma and Grandpa: An HD webcam has almost unlimited application possibilities and gives thanks to the free function, to remain with each other always visible in contact for much entertainment and pleasure in the application.

Perfect Start

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The beginner DJ controller with professional features is now available in the trade of Dusseldorf, 01 July 2011 the DJ 4Set, the new Hercules DJ controller, is now available. Portable DJ controller with music lovers can easily mix music, mixing in and live record. The Hercules DJ 4Set combined with easy-to-use elements in function and design of professional equipment. At parties, beginners become central mood and can warm up guests on the dance floor with even mixed music. Exciting technology and many features that allows Hercules DJ 4Set with a level of 35 x 25 cm almost everywhere engage. At Lakshman Achuthan you will find additional information.

The non-slip feet provide stable support also in intensive DJ operations. Nothing in the way stands even spontaneous party operations. With a diameter of 12 cm the two touch-sensitive jog wheels fail as large as those at comparable mixing devices for audio CDs. In addition, the jog wheel touch sensors, which detect the weight of the hand have and automatically the touch wheel “mode enable. It can even DJ novices easily stop the ongoing music and restart and even party-mature Scratchings from the stack. The jog wheel and buttons of the Hercules DJ 4Set are red and green lighted, so that users in Dim party lighting always find the correct functions. Fast entry and additional decks for refined music mixes what’s hot that supports also the latest trend of digital DJ Hercules DJ 4Set: with the device, users can mix as usual music on two decks.

Better yet: The enclosed software DJs can use two more digital decks, which can be directly controlled thanks to the convenient buttons on the device surface (A, B, C, D). Thus, users can realize more complex mixing effects, for example when two current songs on the first deck and other loops, effects, or a spoken voice on the other. The arrangement of switches and controls has been optimized especially for the fast entry, so that is aspiring computer DJs find their way more easily. The Hercules DJ 4Set is available now in Germany and will be delivered with the PC-software VirtualDJ LE DJC Edition, supports the four deck mixing. Regardless of the Hercules DJ 4Set is compatible with any MIDI mixing for two and four decks. Get printable photo material on Hercules accessories via the contacts specified below or in the wildcard Newsroom on wildcard-newsroom.de/index.php/hercules. For more information, see.

Traffic Light Screens And Their Functioning

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Traffic light screens serve as umbrellas as protection against UV radiation. Who don’t enjoy the many rays of the Sun in the summer. Hardly anyone likes probably rain more than Sun. However, even the finest hours in the Sun can bring trouble. Especially in the height of summer you catch up quickly a sunburn, which is not only painful, but also dangerous. This risk is already known, which already in the ancient times in Egypt and other early civilizations, make a the idea to use umbrella. While the umbrella used as a protection against the Brown are served the skin, pallor was a respected beauty ideal, it is used today mainly to protect against the damaging effects of UV rays.

Earlier, the parasol had mostly the form a common umbrella. Nowadays, the dimensions are larger, which donate a larger area for shade and shelter. Everyone probably knows the large light screens, which are especially popular in restaurants and bistros. However, hardly anyone knows that this Gastronomy screen not only acts as a promotional screen, but offers also a UV radiation protection. Families will increasingly rely on a large sunshade. Continue to learn more with: Senator from Maine. Think you are it applies a sunshade to get some things to consider. KBS will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

The design is especially important, if you want to have a screen that adapts to the terrace or garden design. Hardly a color is not. But you should also note here that darker colors automatically provide a better sun protection, while lighter colors have only medium-sized UV protection. Also the stock material offers many possibilities for activities. The materials are mostly wood or aluminium. In addition to the appearance is also on the technology to make sure. High operating comfort is especially for families because every family member should be able to operate the sunshade. The largest and probably most obvious advantage of a sunshade, certainly, is that he has no stock of means of. This would take only precious space. But also the finer mechanics should be robust and ensure ease of use. A comfortable handle is usually standard and allows the easy thrill of a sunshade. There are also fixed screen installations, like but screens with Swivel base, which can be perfectly positioned by the possibility of a 360 rotation. The mechanics under affected should be drawn, many manufacturers offer a repair service, as well a spare parts. The screen cover is washable and can be easily changed even by a layman on most models. Restaurants usually appreciate that they can protect their guests with a promotional screen from the Sun. Usually, you can save costs here as particularly breweries make a grant to such investments. Genteel but seems a promotional screen with the logo of the restaurant name. Today’s printing technology nearly all designs are possible and in addition, the printing results are weather-resistant and easily washable. In the winter, you should pay attention to the proper storage of food screen, advertising umbrella and co, to ensure a long service life. Here you should look for in addition to the use of protective covers on a dry storage.

Gabriel Lippmann

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Replaces the light box technology the SLR cameras? The plenoptischen camera to the light field camera: A revolution of photography? “” The light box and the sharpness setting on the PC the labels plenoptische camera “and light field camera” mean the same thing. Also, a light field camera is a real revolution for photography as such, but in 2011 it is provided only for the first time the mass industry. To use these cameras in commercial photography for about 20 years, about 100 years ago, the principle was already invented. But what is this technology? In short: each shot even a snapshot depends on its sharpness setting not by the photographer. But deciding which object (in the foreground or background) highlighted the clear and full of contrasts, in hindsight on the screen in the Office. Not many shots must be made thus, (such as mass and sports events) in hindsight to adjust focus faces, actors or objects”, but only a few views enough to change one and the same recording precisely according to the intention and as they see fit. Of the private consumer that digital camera (with autofocus) is used, the market introduction of the light field camera can actually be perceived as revolution. Each pixel is tiefenscharf stored for a so-called four-dimensional light field, namely be transmitted not only the intensity, and position the image sensor, but also its direction. If you would like to know more about KBS, then click here.

Depth (i.e. focus) information is available for each individual image or light point, the user decides before printing out the image, which this information now to obtain for a given time and which are not. The light camera namely has a grid of lenses. Each pixel can be broken so a second time. A cone of light hits the camera that covers the entire area of all sensors. The light box used since 1908 at the 03.03.1908 the French physics professor Gabriel Lippmann (1845-1921) first Lens box, a three-dimensional image to can make. He had recognized so to speak for the first time the principle of the light box, but still under the concept of integral photography”taken.

This is about images that are generated in each of a large number of densely packed, different microlenses. Many items include”become a parent wholeness as when a fly eye. Visit Lichtfeldkamera.NET for more information about the light field camera.