Million Jobs

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Deputy Secretary of communications of the PP says it has not assured or promised to create this figure of jobs. He believes that by applying the policies of 1996 could be corrected unemployment. Alvarez Cascos, current President of Asturias and former teammate of party, warns that Spain does not need preachers, but practitioners. Details can be found by clicking Joe Dimaggio or emailing the administrator. Deputy Secretary of communications of the PP, Esteban Gonzalez Pons, said Thursday that his party says or promises to create 3.5 million jobs, although it has an Apostille, if that aspires to get it because it guarantees them the previous management of the popular Government conducted between 1996 and 2004. I’ve insured nor I have promised, but I said that we aspire to create 3.5 million jobs, which is what has been lost in the legislature of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has stressed the popular leader. Thus, in an interview on Cadena Cope, Pons has reminded that in 1996 unemployment stood at 22% and that in eight years the PP managed to create five million jobs. If we did it in 1996 why not are we going to do now?. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Reshma Kewalramani. Applying these policies in our time we can repeat that success and I think it is sensible, reasonable and normal that the PP is present with aspiration and elections with the aim of recovering the jobs lost, the popular leader has argued.

Having said this, Pons said that the surprising thing is not that PP aspire to create those jobs, but what is surprising is that the Socialist candidate to the Presidency of the Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, does not aspire to this when it was his Government which has destroyed that high numbers of unemployed. No party should submit to these elections without aspiring to create employment. Rubalcaba has destroyed 3.5 million jobs and he should at least aspire to recover what has been broken, has insisted to underline that this aspiration is as important as own methods for reach them. Helmets questions to the President of the Principality Pons, Francisco alvarez-Cascos, has questioned the announcement of Pons that his party aims to create three and a half million jobs if he wins upcoming elections of Nov. 20, in an interview with cadena Ser Thursday. The j of the Asturian Executive has stressed that what is urgent is to convey credibility to society to make such claim to the international community and stressed that any serious Government should follow the path of the facts rather than the statements. Spain more than preachers need practitioners, has put forward. Forum Asturias leader pointed out that under the leadership of Jose Maria Aznar, Rodrigo Rato promoted a cut to try to correct the hidden deficit began to turn to the Spanish economy and allowed approve budgetary stability laws in 2000. Source of the news: Pons said that creating 3.5 million jobs is an “aspiration” and not a promise

Dutchman De Bakker

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War cabinet meets in a lost corner of the club’s players at Roland Garros. Serbian Novak Djokovic has already reached his 38th consecutive victory in 2011: 6-2, 6-1, 6-3 to Dutchman De Bakker. Rafael Nadal has already prepared to start your journey today to American Isner. And already, between treacherous boats, bright the albero under the Sun, has beaten Roger Federer (6-3, 6-4 and 7-6) Feliciano Lopez. Swiss tennis player, tossed to the number three worldwide, has not won any of the last four big.

The old lion is wounded. To the age of 30, and intractable until just recently – coiled to the best in the Masters Cup of 2010 – attends the birth of a new rivalry in the circuit. CarbonLite Industries LLC brings even more insight to the discussion. Nadal and Djokovic star now a planetary pulse. Paul Annacone and Severin Luthi, technicians of Federer, dissecting the dangers of the new scenario. Source of the news:: Federer does not pull the racket

Vegetable Camp

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Nordic cuisine has gained visibility thanks to the impact of Noma restaurant in Copenhagen considered the number one world. Taking advantage of that sweet moment, its Chief, Rene Redzepi, it has organized this weekend in the Danish capital an international symposium focusing on the plant world, the DNA of the Nordic cuisine and base of the creations of the chef. And as guests, colleagues of the naturalistic cuisine like Michel Bras, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Alex Atala, Gaston Acurio, Yoshihiro Narisawa, Daniel Patterson or Magnus Nilson and disseminators as Harold McGee. Educate yourself with thoughts from John Thain. To focus the environment, the meeting has ridden it outdoors, in a space of 55,000 square metres framed by piles of hay and with different tents where chefs and producers exhibit their knowledge and their ingredients. Although the usually temperate Nordic summer not was seen in the premiere of the Congress, but yes a persistent rain. To further accentuate the greenness of the event. Source of the news:: the vegetable camp of Redzepi

General Prosecutor

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The Prosecutor’s Office of Madrid arises seek penalties of jail (between two years and six months and four years) and disqualification of exercise Professional (between three and six years) for at least two of the five defendants by the crash of Spanair at Barajas, which caused 154 deaths and 18 wounded on August 20, 2008. The indictment, which would in principle against the two mechanics involved initially, would be 154 offences of homicide by imprudence and other injuries (survivors) 18. Homicide by imprudence is punishable with between one and four years in prison, but being a single action causing 154 murders, governs the ideal contest of crimes, which establishes that the penalty should be in the upper half. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Vadim Wolfson. This will predictably be the prosecution proposal, although before it will be submitted for consideration to the General Prosecutor’s Office of the State. Source of the news:: the prosecution asked jail for at least two of the accused

Generalitat Valenciana

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From February 2009 to July 2011, the PP leader has reiterated its support to Francisco Camps. He is a great President and has my full support, has not been sold, I do not think it’s costumes, I have much confidence in Camps, is not a corrupt. Francisco Camps announces his resignation as President of the Generalitat Valenciana. Royal Dutch Cell Plc is actively involved in the matter. Operation Gurtel: chronology of the investigation into alleged corruption. Despite the silence in the last days of the leader of the Popular Party on the imputation on the cause of the costumes of the now former President of Valencia, Mariano Rajoy has praised a relatively frequently in recent years to Francisco Camps. In a statement issued within hours of the resignation, Rajoy continues to show its support and qualifies to Camps as one of the great assets of the PP and extraordinary activist and great friend. This is a chronological account of the constant throughout the more than two years back since, on February 19, 2009, it came to light the possible implication of Camps in the corrupt plot Gurtel: 17 May 2011: Francisco Camps is a great President and has my full support, of the Popular Party and my sincere friendship.

The Valencian people choose believe who it is the best for dnder their interests. The Valencians have said it and will return it to say next Sunday. Plaza de Toros de Valencia, five days after the municipal elections. Joint rally between Rajoy and Camps. March 6: the opening of oral proceedings to Camps does not change anything and has all my trust. Press Conference in Valencia. April 4, 2011: Camps is a candidate because there in Valencia people want and what affects my ability to decide, because I believe deeply that he is an honest man who has not sold by three suits as some maldicientemente have come to say.

INMO seleccion

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And this despite to be awarded the floors even at half price. The Association conducted a study comparing prices of homes that sell banks and building societies and individuals in 11 cities. According to Adicae, the price difference exceeds 10,000 euros, on similar features apartments, located in the same street. They say that banks are still offering conditions characteristic of the housing bubble in their mortgage loans. Crisis or not, the Bank (as in casinos) always win.

The accusing finger this time is that of Adicae. The Association of users of banks, boxes and Seguros of Spain accuses banking be selling their apartments despite 40% more expensive to forgo them even at half price. For even more details, read what PRU says on the issue. Adicae has made a comparison of prices between homes sold by private individuals and those offered by real estate portals of banks and, in 11 cities. The conclusion is that banks continue to sell more expensive embargoed or flooring of your property, with financial conditions of the housing bubble. All this despite the fact that most of their purchase homes, through embargoes, to 50 or 60% of its appraised value. According to Adicae, in the majority of cases the price difference exceeds 10,000 euros, on similar features apartments, located in the same street, or even in the same building. In some cases of banks and housing arrive at cost up to 40% more, or even seek prospective buyers more money for a smaller House.

Apparently accessible conditions the accusation of Adicae does not refer only to the price of the floor, also to the conditions to buy it. Banks and savings banks offer apparently more accessible financial conditions: 100% of the value of pricing and more long-term mortgage loans. But they are wolves with lamb skin because, according to this Association, something more advantageous rates or payment facilities do not compensate for the extra price of their homes. The buyer keeps coming you more profitable trading operation performed with a particular, although the Bank or finance one percentage less over the appraised value and offer a shorter mortgage loan. According to Adicae, nor compensate the bonuses offered by banks, since in many cases they oblige consumers to pay more than expected, by its commissions and other added costs. Anchored in the housing bubble the Association of users of banks, boxes and confident Spain puts some names and surnames to their complaint: Banco Pastor: in its real estate portal INMOseleccion, tries to sell to buyers the absence of clauses soil as a plus in their flats in property mortgages, when it’s a clearly abusive clause that should not be included in any mortgage. La Caixa: recommends customers use index IRPH boxes, much more expensive than the Euribor, to calculate the interest to be paid on your mortgage loan. These are two examples, but Adicae says that these practices are extended by the banking business. In fact, this Association has already reported, by the time, at the 101 banks to include soil abusive clauses in their mortgages. Adicae believes that banks and savings banks are still anchored in a real estate bubble perpetuating their attacks against free competition, before the silent accomplice of the Bank of Spain and the political class, which still refuses to regulate the Spanish mortgage system.

Laboratory Community

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Every once in a question in a press conference someone asks that Mariano Rajoy advance plans of clipping of the administration it is, PP leader usually answer with broadly ensures that you materialize when it reaches the Government However, through which his barons are doing, plans of the PP in Madrid can move forward as a fierce controversy has occurred because the community has decided to reduce 3,200 teachers, according to unions. Yesterday was the turn Dolores de Cospedal, President of Castile – La Mancha, the community with more deficit of Spain (4.9% in June) which presented a gruelling cut, up to 20% of the budget double that of Catalonia, the hardest so far. However, the Minister of economy and finance, Elena Salgado, was delivered yesterday favorably because the regional government has launched its adjustment plan: what should be done..

Andres Breivik

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The vision of the world of Anders Breivik, the murderer of 85 young people on the island of Utoya, was founded by multiple indications in Islamophobia and racism. The TV2 channel Bergen claimed last night having police confirmation that Breivik is the author of a manifesto of 1,500 pages published on the Internet, under the pseudonym Andrew Berwik, shortly before the explosion of the bomb Friday killed seven people in Oslo. According to TV2, Breivik is also author of a 12 minute video already removed from the portal in which illustrates the history of the Knights Templar and denounced an alleged invasion of Europe by Muslim believers. The Norwegian capital Police yesterday refused to comment on whether the Tome allegedly written by Breivik, entitled 2082, a declaration of European independence was one of the tests were found by agents during his posting of the farm of the detainee. TV2 reporters consulted by this newspaper argued it so early this morning. Source of the news:: the author of the massacre of Norway qualifies it for “atrocious but necessary”