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Teodulo Lopez Melendez: This requires the formation of a “parallel government” * If no one takes steps may have to form a government in exile writer Teodulo Lopez Melendez considers necessary to form a “parallel government” to monitor this regime. He argues that the events of recent weeks show the lack of a backbone to tell the country one direction, as demonstrated by intermittent and disconnected operations in the province and in Caracas. “Having regard to the plight of the country,” he says with conviction, “the institutional collapse of basic public services, proven over and over again the ineptitude of this government to serve the national community even their basic needs and its repressive vocation to be obvious, is necessary to form teams to give concrete answers and clear policy. Melendez Lopez recalls the constant complaint of Venezuelans in the absence of concrete proposals and repeated demonstration anxiety is only one way to keep election in September while the conditions are not only comitial but very existence of the country. His proposal focuses on the formation of a shadow cabinet to monitor every area of official action.

It would comprise Ministers to follow up: Domestic Policy, Foreign Policy, Economics & Finance, Health, Infrastructure, Education and Basic Services. A shadow cabinet would not be considered as subversive? “For this government everything is so different it is subversive. In many countries there have existed and “shadow cabinet” dedicated to follow the government’s actions and conduct of counter-proposals. – “Have been used as a mechanism of democratic control and as a means of resistance to totalitarianism,” he adds.

Juan Negrin Lopez

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The Republican to be Government denounced, gives the order of the immediate transfer to the Soviet Union’s gold reserves. Please note that gold reserves had not come yet to the Soviet Union. Fear of growing Franco advance was the main incentive for the decision. This last is much I fear of the advance of the democratic opposition in Venezuela in the upcoming elections. Armament that was sent to the Republic since the Soviet Union was old of the first war, and sold new with extra charge. Support, already guaranteed with gold reserves, became the best business of Stalin.

This aid did not have any control by Republicans (does this situation seem them known?) and the Russians deducted each time that they were sending war material. On February 15, 1937 the Act of receiving of the 510,07 tons of gold of Spain Protocol is signed. The Spanish Ambassador to the Soviet Union pointed out, with good reason, that the future of the Republic was in hands of the Soviet Union (as the future of Venezuela in the hands of the Castro?). Moscow became Madrid invoice for payment of $ 51 million for already submitted armament concept and the costs of transfer of gold to Moscow. To be able to collect Russians merged Spanish gold that was mostly in sacks of coins, and for the alloy of gold, the initial tonnage fell to 460 tonnes. Moscow also took receipt and deposit of reserves by almost two years. History suggests that Stalin made disappear all Russian officials who were involved in the operation with the exception of the main coordinator who flees to the United States and tells the story. In February 1939, desperate because this losing the Civil War, Juan Negrin Lopez already as head of Government, requests more weaponry to Stalin but no longer has any balance in the account and Stalin dismissed it.

Andres Breivik

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The vision of the world of Anders Breivik, the murderer of 85 young people on the island of Utoya, was founded by multiple indications in Islamophobia and racism. The TV2 channel Bergen claimed last night having police confirmation that Breivik is the author of a manifesto of 1,500 pages published on the Internet, under the pseudonym Andrew Berwik, shortly before the explosion of the bomb Friday killed seven people in Oslo. According to TV2, Breivik is also author of a 12 minute video already removed from the portal YouTube.com in which illustrates the history of the Knights Templar and denounced an alleged invasion of Europe by Muslim believers. The Norwegian capital Police yesterday refused to comment on whether the Tome allegedly written by Breivik, entitled 2082, a declaration of European independence was one of the tests were found by agents during his posting of the farm of the detainee. TV2 reporters consulted by this newspaper argued it so early this morning. Source of the news:: the author of the massacre of Norway qualifies it for “atrocious but necessary”