With practice it is common for experienced translators to acquire the habit of literally attack the text with that go to work and perform their work almost automatically, without stopping to think too much the phrases whose interpretation from one language to another seems to be already too easy. Nothing is further from the truth than the above. The truth is that a translation that can truly boast of being professional has to take into account the appearance of absolute understanding of the material that will be translated. Therefore, before translating from the Spanish to the Italian or any other language – any type of text should be a first step that consists of a long and careful reading of the document to understand, exactly, what the author wants to say between the lines. This process of reflection can often be more time-consuming than the same work of translation.

It requires a total concentration, taking notes, rely on dictionaries and, of course, conduct an investigation to clarify any concept that might be confusing. Only when the manuscript has become perfectly clear the translator can begin its work to move from one language to another. We think that the simple fact of reading a text, to an extent, compels us to translate it. Only so we can remember the true meaning of the writing and, from there, build a map to guide the translation from beginning to end.