We are Latin American, and are marked by Western culture. The Bible was written by Jews and for Jews. It is not enough to translate literally the word of God, we need to know what I wanted to say that we are translating the mentality with which it was written. Even the New Testament, although it is written in Greek, reflects the Jewish mentality. It is not so easy, but not impossible, to understand the Bible in this way. To better understand this, should bear in mind many aspects of languages, for example: in the Hebrew language, (which is for Jews) there are no superlatives. To create a superlative expression must be reduplicar. When a Hebrew meant is the Blessed Sacrament had to say: among the Holy places this is the truly Holy.

Holy, Holy, Holy. The Hebrew language is a very poor language. In Hebrew we have, at times, to the same expression several totally different senses. A classic example is the word r aj. R aj means wind, Breeze, breath, breath, life, strength, movement, spirit. As we can see, r aj means things as diverse as wind and spirit.

Logically that there is lot of bread by slicing into this linguistic aspect of the Bible, but that must be borne in mind always all these aspects in order to understand it. Some people who are not Catholic, we are told to us Catholics who worship images of plaster, but do not give account that they worship the Bible. If we use this logic, we need it to apply in both cases. But in reality, it is not so. Nor we worship images, or they worship the Bible, but that we are aware of what they represent these material things. In the case of the Bible, we have to be careful, study it as it should be, and bear in mind that the Bible are books of faith and reason.