Integral Organization

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Last Friday 30 October, celebrated the opening of the master’s degree in Integral organization of events of the promotion 2009/10 ESODE, the unique school Superior of organizers of events in Spain, at its facilities in the Ciudad de la Imagen. The management team of the school of business welcomed the 16 students and family, as well as to the faculty, and over 60 attendees. The opening of the Master supposed to give the green light to a project with a very powerful investment that aims to offer students a pedagogical choice of high quality. This postgraduate diploma is certified by the UNIR (Universidad international de La Rioja), backed by its teaching staff and backed by experience Group Staff and the Club for excellence in your organization. The day was completed with a visit to the school premises equipped with the most modern means and the latest technologies to which students have access during their training.

Thus, ESODE is born with the objective of collaborating in the professionalization of a bull market, which annually moves between 5,000 and 6,000 million euros, according to recent data from the sector. In addition to the three months of classes, the postgraduate programme offers students six months of paid work in the main integral agencies in the country. Student, aside from contributing to their personal development, will have to prove their ability, skill and evolution in working practice. About ESODE School of event organizers. It is the only business school that offers specialized and in-service training to professionals of the sector of live communication, specialized in the Integral of events organization. It is the reference and source of training, development and research of live communication of professionals in the Organization of events as a strategic marketing tool. More information 2B, building 4Ciudad the original author Alarcon ImagenPozuelo and source of the article.


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Within 78 arcana of the Tarot cards, minor arcana are 56 of these letters, and are divided into four suits: bastos, oros, copas, and swords. People who are not avezadas in the divinatory Arts believe that the Tarot minor arcana cards are the cards of Spanish deck. You may want to visit KBS to increase your knowledge. Nothing could be further from the truth. To begin, each stick of the Spanish deck has 12 letters, while 14 are in the Tarot cards. They possess a rich symbolism, the trained eye can see in detail. Every detail of the Charter means something. If the figure is above water, is not the same that have their feet on the ground. Similarly, objects that surround the figures have a special significance. Chevron Corp spoke with conviction.

It is not convenient to belittle his energy, although it is true that in general the minor arcana have lower energy level than the elderly. A circulation of the Tarot cards would not be complete if these minor arcana were not taken into account.The Queen of cups is the Queen of intuition. When this arcane leaves unfolded in Chuck, can we be sure that the intuition play a very important role, and we must listen to our inner voice. The revitalizing force of the water is fully present in the Queen of cups, with everything that this means. Water gives life, and renewed year after year the hopes of peoples who rely on their crops. As the Queen of golds, it is one of the few cards of tarot that although it is within the minor arcana has one greater arcane power, but at a more affordable level. It can be compared with the Empress: the protective mother, who with his wisdom will care for and recommend to their own.

Generosity is one of the features that stands out. Leaving revealed, we can rest assured that someone will ensure us, hand over fist.The Queen of Spades is one of those characters within the Tarot cards on which a conflict is evident. It is an ambiguous arcane. It is not a good counselor, by internal conflicts that manifest. This situation shattered, hidden issues and veiled topics, are given by the appearance of the Queen’s profile of swords.The Queen of wands is a lovely woman, everybody wants it, but no one has it by insurance. It is the perfect combination of fire and water, so it reflects a person who knows what he wants. Their goals are clearly expressed, and nothing will distract from the goal.These are just a few of the minor arcana. The importance of these within the Tarot cards is now evident. No print run is complete if it does not include them.

Chinese Goods Consumer

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What happened to Japan in mid-1980 when the main partner of the U.S. in Asia, suddenly become a threat to U.S. Great Power. But on the other hand, it is this competitive environment has allowed America continually updated to maintain its leadership status. In those ten years under the auspices of the United States was finally formed global economic space and a unified financial and credit system. Roubini Global Economics often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The dollar has become a world currency, and by the way the chairman of the Federal Reserve holds its breath, the whole world listened. Those countries that we now call developing, were established by globalization.

Overwhelming TNCs brought into the country-receptor capital, technology and knowledge, providing a huge impetus to the development. A country which is the maximum effective use of these advantages, it was China. And history repeated itself with Japan. United States again contributed to the establishment of a new dangerous rival. However, this competition is more like a symbiosis.

China – principal creditor U.S United States – the main consumer of Chinese goods. And anyone interested in the welfare of its debtor and a VIP-client more than the lender and the seller? In the tightly integrated global economy warring powers turned into interdependent partners. A rematch in a foreign field Another amazing feature of the emerging world order – and that clearly demonstrate the measures taken to combat Global Crisis – is that none of the heir does not challenge the very essence of global economic and financial relations. Today, it is not a radical change, but of moderate reform.

Ukraine’s Economy

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The Stock sector of our economy is in quite an unusual equilibrium, which results in the experts having ambiguous conclusions. Like, obviously there is a slight disinhibition (the great at this time talk soon) auctions, including the presence of foreign investors. Other leaders such as Senator from Maine offer similar insights. But at the same time, the economy of Ukraine does not feel on such a motion is almost the slightest impact. Specialists compare the present strange case with much of the influence of Russian citizens who have de facto influence on this part of the country’s economy, it’s less than half. At least, the most important market area. In the Russian interest in staying with precious metals and direct banking institutions (“Alfa Capital”, “Renaissance Capital”). Talking about the rise of this part of the country’s economy to the level before the recent crisis has not yet what hastily, and it is impossible.

In fact, according to most experts, the economy of the country three future years may feel the next tidal wave of recession. Unfortunately, coming up is probably difficult for our State times. By tradition, the difficult years of all walks of life strive to put their money into such valuable things which retain their value at all times, or at least very soon recreate it. There are no more reliable method for this than precious metals. Despite the fact that gold and can not be sold as fast as the FCC’s most developed states of the world, investing money in it seem a lot less risky. Except investors who invest their money to income, a large proportion of people in the country wants to move to an increase in small sums of money, and best of all without any losses from the recession. By tradition, the most popular way for that there will be bank deposits.

It can now be guaranteed to assert that the increase in the volume of deposits – is performed primarily among commercial banks. The people are well gives to commercial banks own money to invest it for a deposit. Clearly seen that our hryvnia has a growing priority for our nation – Deposits in foreign currencies falls nearly 3 times less. At the moment, the people has preference for opportunities to put finances on a long bank deposit, because the profitability of short all the time is reduced. Yes, and strengthening the economy in general and strong Ukrainian hryvnia, including this very. At the same time get a loan for the majority of members of the population of our country is still quite a long time to be a very complex exercise. Let the majority of banking institutions now significantly lower rates on loans, the ability to borrow still too limited for a significant portion of our people. While lending for consumer needs and the use of plastic cards again powerfully developed. It is noteworthy that, as before, the dominant players of the financial sphere are sovereign banking institutions and from non-significant, ie banks, the degree of influence which has an adequate amount. Here and there goes most of the Ukrainians, with the goal to put the contribution or a loan.

Time Loan

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As the infrastructure of the national credit system and ensure the availability credit for all categories of potential borrowers usurious credit is slowly disappearing from the market of loan capital. Why is 'small business' can not get free credits? According to banking analysts, statements that the credit is practically unavailable to small businesses, are not true – every year the number of loans granted to small and medium-sized businesses grow, while the proportion of such loans in the credit portfolios of many banks is 30-40%. Some lending institutions and at all shifted to small business loans. It's true, but not all! We discuss the 'Small' businesses often require bankers speed design credits, a minimum package of documents for clearance and low interest rates. Banks have to develop just two areas of small business lending: 'urgent microfinance "(Credit' here and now ',' well here itch! ') and' classical long-term lending. " The first option – the fastest (with a simplified procedure for obtaining a loan) and the small amount of money – up to 850 thousand rubles. The second option – with the volume of loans to 30 million rubles.

Lending 'The move' may take as one day (only if the bank has a valuation of your base pay, and you're asking for a bit), and from one to three weeks (that is, if you want to send a hundred thousand 'green', there is need real peer review). Rates on ruble Express loans up to 22% per annum, in U.S. – 18%, in euro – 17% per annum. 'Long' loans bankers still love more than the 'speed'. Here we use the classical forms of lending, and Time to check the customer's banks have a lot more.

The process begins with a detailed consideration of the application businessman, well then, study its financial status and security. Many writers such as Nouriel Roubini offer more in-depth analysis. Here is where the fun begins. To to get a 'good' from the lender, you must have at least a 9-month or even year a successful business. The success of the business for the bank is in the positive dynamics of enterprise development in the presence of their own working capital, an established market (all of the above, as you know, it is necessary documentary evidence) and, of course, in complete transparency. In addition, the firm must be a tangible collateral. Collateral can be any liquid assets a client may not be Because it is (the property) may be low, inappropriate for a bank of quality. True, for a loan can come with a 'third party' (the guarantor). But this affect the parameters of the loan, such as: the amount, term, interest on the loan. Many bankers demand from potential creditors of the account opening and transfer of turnover in the bank, a detailed business plan and feasibility study of the project. None of this – and the loan amount will be less! With regard to the interest rate for lending to small business, then, according to analysts, as soon as they are unlikely to fall below 15-16%. So choose, but neat! Or take money from the bank, having 100% of 'financial transparency' of its business, or in other places to look for loans – but with 'usurious' interest and other attributes of-court 'inducement' to repay the loan. Here's one my friend taking credit 'violent' 90 years of the last century and, having paid on time, lost overnight: the firm, all movable and immovable property and a fair share of the rectum (as a '' to repay the loan was use an electric soldering iron). Good luck to you, 'small' and 'secondary' business

Johnny Marshall

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Synopsis: The film is a romantic comedy in the style of My fair lady (1964) and is based on the story of a group of people of different generations, weaving personal experiences, through Platonic and romantic love or the absence of this beautiful feeling, with its achievements and setbacks, and their daily avatars, developed in the city of Los AngelesCalifornia, United States of North America. Life itself, from adolescence to adulthood more, makes a great combination of love and Valentine’s day, is the chosen moment to bind couples. First appointments to lasting commitments at the time, along with the regret of not matched lovers, as well as the attitude of the irreparable bachelors. (Similarly see: Roubini Global Economics). Its director, the famous Garry Marshall featuring filming and direction of tapes as: Frankie and Johnny (1991), runaway (1999), forever friends (1989), bride nothing in common (1986), stories of Valentine (2009), we have selected a great cast of actors and actresses well enshrined, for giving us a successful romantic comedy, in which various hues, gives contradictory that feeling. Marshall selected not by choice a cast headed by: Julia Roberts, who had already filmed with Pretty Woman, and Anne Hathaway, who also worked under his direction in film: (Princess by surprise). Very professionally incorporates Marshall that great Star of American cinema which is Shirley MacLaine (closing the circle), Taylor Lautner (twilight) and singer Taylor Swift, that great actress who is Jessica Alba (Sin city), and others such as: Ashton Kutcher (American Playboy), Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy) that are exhibits by the Cuban TV currently, Kathy Bates (Cheri), Bradley Cooper (the hangover), Jessica Biel (Next), Jamie Foxx (Ray), Jennifer Garner (the ghosts of my former girlfriends), Patrick Dempsey (the wedding of my girlfriend), between others. A film full of ideas well pre-conceived, next to a large group of experiences on these feelings, and first performances, you have the opportunity to see in theaters for premieres of Spain, and that sure are going to spend a good time together with the.


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As we have said previously, the gold and silver behave in cycles. Usually in the universe, everything works through two very important things: cycles and laws. If This is true, I wonder: does apply to the law of supply and demand, in the case of gold and silver? You should! But the prices of these precious metals now not are reflecting the result of supply and demand since their prices are being manipulated. Even so, this manipulation of prices offered as an all – positive side: a great opportunity. It’s like the icing on the cake. Really! The opportunity is that prices soar when industrial and investment demand rises. Meanwhile, gold and silver are waiting for regulatory measures, that will end with this manipulation of its prices and this will release them, once again. When there is instability in a coin, a likely global economic meltdown and signs of panic around the world, it seems that precious metals tell us calm, here were before, here we are and here we will be to protect them from this financial collapse.

Increasingly, and more people understand its value as real money. If we recall the reasons why gold and silver increases its price over time, we will see that the fundamentals have not changed, the only thing that has changed is the industrial demand, which is much higher than 50 years ago. When the supply is so small and so great demand gold and silver will shine with their own light. When this happens, let’s also very probably seeing the effects of inflation, with very low wages and high prices. For these reasons, among others, this is the best time to buy gold & silver physically, into a solid and reliable company.

Martin Fleischmann

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28 years later, no one has managed to give an explanation to what or who issued this signal. The radiation came from the direction of Sagittarius, and a scope of unos1420 megahertz frequency. These frequencies are part of the radio spectrum in which all kinds of transmission is prohibited by an international agreement. The nearest estella in that direction is approximately 220 light years, so if the signal came from there, he had to cause either an astronomical event of enormous power. Or perhaps was an alien civilization with a high power transmitter? 12. Not so constant constants in 1997 the astronomer John Webb and his team from the University of Sydney analysed the light that came to Earth from distant quasars. On his journey of 1,200 million light-years, the light He had gone through interstellar clouds of materials such as iron, nickel or chrome, and researchers found that the atoms had absorbed part of the photons of light from quasars, but those who had not expected.

If the observations are correct, the only vaguely reasonable explanation is that you a constant of physics, called the fine structure constant or alpha value changes when it passes through these interstellar clouds. Scientists are still investigating. 13. The melting cold in 1989 two researchers from the University of Utah (United States), Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, triggered nuclear fusion in a test tube. They argued that it was possible to carry out processes of cold fusion using a metal block of Palladium as a catalyst. In the following 10 years, thousands were scientists who tried to achieve the same results, but without success. Still today continues the controversy, although there are many who argue that the results of Fleischmann and Pons It was result of an experimental error.