As we have said previously, the gold and silver behave in cycles. Usually in the universe, everything works through two very important things: cycles and laws. If This is true, I wonder: does apply to the law of supply and demand, in the case of gold and silver? You should! But the prices of these precious metals now not are reflecting the result of supply and demand since their prices are being manipulated. Even so, this manipulation of prices offered as an all – positive side: a great opportunity. It’s like the icing on the cake. Really! The opportunity is that prices soar when industrial and investment demand rises. Meanwhile, gold and silver are waiting for regulatory measures, that will end with this manipulation of its prices and this will release them, once again. When there is instability in a coin, a likely global economic meltdown and signs of panic around the world, it seems that precious metals tell us calm, here were before, here we are and here we will be to protect them from this financial collapse.

Increasingly, and more people understand its value as real money. If we recall the reasons why gold and silver increases its price over time, we will see that the fundamentals have not changed, the only thing that has changed is the industrial demand, which is much higher than 50 years ago. When the supply is so small and so great demand gold and silver will shine with their own light. When this happens, let’s also very probably seeing the effects of inflation, with very low wages and high prices. For these reasons, among others, this is the best time to buy gold & silver physically, into a solid and reliable company.