Twitter is microblogging suitable system for those who work quickly. Only by the fact that only leaves to write 140 characters, in its creation was the idea of using light and efficiently. In recent months it has exploited and be a place for people who are in the last has passed to become a site with new users dedicated to businesses. Twitter is a communication tool, but in a short time, has gone from considering as a microblogging tool to convert it into an instrument of work and social marketing. Does not need to say the important thing is this information for any business: we can only improve our mistakes if we know them and will only do so if we know what they think of us. Many companies and entrepreneurs are already using Twitter.

If you make a complaint to someone or their services, shortly after they ask (via twitter) what the problem is and what they can do to fix it. It’s a simple gesture, which however leaves a good impression on the client: knows that matter his opinion and that their complaints matter. Another of the Parties that might interest us most of Twitter is its search engine search.twitter, where you can find everything that is this steaming in that moment and be up to date, because that will generate thousands of views every second with information relevant to our interests. That if you must use this tool in an intelligent way to get good results, bringing value and interesanes topics our supporters (not only promotion) and follow who brings value to us with the theme of our niche.