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Origin of history the ergonomics industry ergonomics is a relatively modern science, applied to the labour and industrial field dating to 1949 when Murrel in England, created the term ergonomics, coined from the Greek root ergon: work and nomos: law, rules. With this designation were pooled knowledge medical, psychological, technical, physiological, industrial and military, aimed at the study of man in his work environment. Definition of Industrial ergonomics in particular, ergonomics is a scientific discipline or human factors, multidisciplinary engineering, system-centric person machine, aimed at the adaptation of the environment or working conditions to the person in order to achieve the best possible harmony between the optimal conditions of comfort and production efficiency. Objectives of Industrial ergonomics the previous definition, points out the Basic object of ergonomics: the adaptation of objects, media work and environment produced by human beings to the person in order to achieve harmonization between the functional effectiveness and human well-being (health, safety, satisfaction). Basic principles of Industrial ergonomics 1.-the machine is conceived as an element in the service of the person, likely to be modified and perfected. 2. The person forms the basis of calculation of human-machine system and depending on this machine must be designed to enable him to perform any physical, sensory or psychological fatigue-free work.

The following points were among the General objectives of the ergonomics: reduction of occupational injuries and illnesses. lower costs by inability of the workers. increase in production. improvement of the quality of the work. reduction of absenteeism. application of the existing rules. decrease in the loss of raw materials.

The methods by which the objectives are obtained are: assessment of the risks at the workplace. identification and quantification of risk in the workplace conditions. recommendation of administrative and engineering controls to reduce the identified risk conditions. education for supervisors and workers about the risk conditions. For the achievement of the goals of ergonomics is needed, in addition to engineering, the competition of other sciences or biological techniques (medicine of work, Industrial Psychology, Anthropometry, Physiology, biomechanics, occupational health, ecology, economy) that enable the multidisciplinary treatment of the problem. Original author and source of the article

Tropicana Area

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Liriano put just 47 of 86 pitches for strikes. I can not locate my pitches whatsoever, Liriano stated. Not really my fastball, my changeup, nothing. There is nothing working to date. Josh Willingham went? for just two, which ended his season-opening 15-game striking streak which had tied Kirby Puckett s Twins occur 1994 record.

Willingham walked eleven and was hit with a pitch. Do do The Sun rays required to couple-lead? on sacrifice flys by Jennings and Ben Zobrist? within the third without obtaining a hit. Liriano loaded the bases without any outs with two walks along with a hit batter. Evan Longoria got the Rays first hit leading from the 4th, to higher fly to left that struck an overgrown catwalk after which arrived in shallow center. I have to really make it obtained 3 – on s Upton sacrifice fly. I believe I hit rid of nike free run enough hitting to run, however the house it positive thing could it be did not get caught, Longoria stated. Whether it caught, i quickly obtain s Homer along with a double and everything removed.

But that (Tropicana Area) is for you personally.Inch Upton added another sacrifice fly within the eighth, which gave the Sun rays team record 4th sac fly. Polk Bay s Shaun Niemann did not allow a success until Clete Thomas two-out single within the fifth. I have left one inning later using the bases loaded and something out. After Mike McGee struck out Justin Morneau, pinch-hitter Ryan Doumit cut the Twins to five-2 deficit on the two-run single off Wade Davis. Niemann (1-2) threw in the towel? two runs and three hits in five 1-3 innings. His teammate en Grain College, Phil Humber, put the very first perfect game within the majors in almost 2 yrs because the Sox Whitened Chicago beat Dallas 4 – on Saturday. I have put some pressure on me to visit available and make a move myself, Niemann stated. It had been strange for Humber to visit available yesterday and do something of that nike free runs We spent 3 years attending college together. It had been similar to a Here it is going again type of factor. It had been fun. The Twins went 1 for 8 with runners in scoring position, and were 4 for 27 overall in losing a couple of three to Polk Bay. NOTES: Former Twins star Tony Oliva put the ceremonial first pitch. He was inducted a few days ago in to the Ted Williams Hall of Fame Players, that is situated at Tropicana Area. The Sun rays are off on Monday.