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ACCEDO AG: Award To The Best Direct Online Germany

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The FOCUS-MONEY Magazine chose the Bayreuth finance broker to the best direct online in Germany. Commissioned by the magazine FOCUS-MONEY, the market research company DISQ from Hamburg (German Institute for service and quality) examined conditions and quality of the major, nationwide operating directly construction lenders. The victory in the overall clinched the finance brokers ACCEDO AG from Bayreuth. On squares two and three follow INTERHYP and Creditweb. ACCEDO was able to convince both the pricing analysis and analyzing service with top rankings. Among other things, the investigation showed that nearly a quarter of the interviewer criticized the substantive clarity of consulting.

ACCEDO showed the highest degree of competence with 81.5 out of 100 possible points. All discussions were structured conducted by employees and characterised by high credibility.” (Hamer; Managing Director DISQ). But the service is at ACCEDO and 100% B2B subsidiary of crestfinanz GmbH go even further. The company currently developing a still more transparent for the customers interest comparison products mortgages, installment loan and allowance accounts. This unique service will be soon for the customer under available.

Prime Estate GmbH Continues To Rise

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Prime Estate GmbH continues on winning track – despite financial crisis sales increases in the amount of 18prozent could recorded for the first quarter 2009. (Berlin, April 29, 2009) The demand in the market for monument real estate is constantly growing. No wonder solid investments are sought in times of the great depression, where the money is sure and still brings a high return. Listed real estate also boast their unique tax advantages. Chevron Corp spoke with conviction. Renovation costs incurred after the purchase of an object, can be written off over a period of 12 years to 100 percent. In addition Government money in the not inconsiderable amount can be requested for conservation and conversion measures.

The purchase price is, however, usually low, so that the monument real estate faster than other real estate investments enters yields. The Prime Estate GmbH is your partner around the monument property. You accompanies investors towards the object of desire of the first visit to the purchase. Profitable objects in unique Location can be communicated about the Prime Estate GmbH, all questions around the topic by experts. The Prime Estate GmbH brings the area of listed real estate experience and expertise.

Professionals join looking for the matching investment, so not in hindsight evil disappointments must be experienced. Monument real estate is not the same monument real estate? Many factors must be considered when choosing the right object only then you can be sure that actually brings a high return on the property and the rental potential is given. The Prime Estate GmbH provides you experts to the page that enlighten you about the structure of a building, the possible remedial measures, the necessary applications to the monument protection office and the IRS and open leave no questions. The success is quite the Prime Estate GmbH. Despite the financial crisis, the conservation professional achieved a sales increase of 18 percent for. The expansion of the company is promoted, so that three new openings are planned for the season, despite the general economic recession. In October 2009, a branch is opened the Prime Estate GmbH in Hamburg, followed by another site in Munich in December 2009. The branch in Dusseldorf to open their doors in 2010. An even better service on the spot can be guaranteed through the expansion of the sites. The number of offered objects will continue to nationwide. For the mediation of monument real estate always competent professionals is sought. Sales professionals needed that are themselves not just as a seller, but properly advise clients, and long term care. Listed properties in the correct position, especially in the vicinity of urban areas, enjoy great popularity. A rental is here as well as guaranteed. You can be sure to find wealthy tenants. Just by people with higher incomes and consequently higher standards of living to locate apartments, a own special flair and ensure a high quality of living. It is also willing to spend more money. Monument real estate have a unique atmosphere, which is not comparable with new buildings. They offer comfort, which meets the highest standards and exclusive extras that are difficult to find in this day and age. A monument real estate is therefore recommended in own use. It represents a particularly beautiful and associated with many benefits form of pension where you feel guaranteed. More information: > Prime Estate GmbH > monument real estate