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Car Tuning: A Few Words

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Improve, upgrade, change the appearance, to make something new, bring to perfection All of these needs, perhaps, are inherent in every person. They find expression in many endeavors, such as: change its appearance, look for a new job, make repairs, such as diversifying their holidays and, of course, carry out tuning my car. When buying a car, the customer chooses the brand, color, ordered some additional hardware, receives a unique registration number. But by and large, just not enough to stand out in a stream of rushing forward cars. The plant, he is the plant. There produce the same parts, same products.

The buyer gets a stock car, which draw thousands. And if he wants for his car in the street could not help clinging to the eyes, and drivers passing by, somewhat reduced rate, to look at something unusual, we have to carry out tuning, which translated to English means, debugging, tuning. You can make the tuning anything. You can improve the appearance of the car (to install a spoiler, fancy wheels CDs, interesting and decorative grille, beautiful lights, new bumper), we can do heaped trim, enhance engine power and vehicle. As a result, you can modify your car beyond recognition and make it absolutely different from the other cars of the same brand. By the way, the tuning is not just a private matter the car owner. There are large firms from around the world engaged in the modernization of machines. For example, the company Brabus is working on a tuning car brand Mercedes-Benz, and Alpina spends its force on the bmw. Looking at their advanced machines, we can understand how many ways can be a fantasy person.

Corporate Korean

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"Winter" equipment there is another important factor in the operation of any machine in Russia – the winter, long and cold. Many owners of the first Howo complained that the cold freezes the fuel filter and the machine stand. Now, our trucks equipped with heater? which is installed directly at the factory. Of the two options – Corporate Korean and German, we have chosen for our cars second. As mentioned earlier, the "winter" kit includes a more cold-resistant and reliable hydrolift Body, made by a Dutch license. Also on the eve of winter to the car battery is installed the increased volume and engine cover, protecting the latter from pollution.

The set includes spare parts and tools. Additional nodes are also our machines are in complete the following units and components: fluid coupling fan (about $ 2000), hydraulic cylinder tipping Haven, usa (Approximately $ 2500). Installation of Gearbox Fuller for about $ 1500 or lengthening the side (about $ 2000). In brief information on some units that are installed on our machines. Stand-alone heater heater is used to rapid heating in the long parking salons mobile clinics, coaches, ambulances, can maintain the desired temperature in trailers and semi-trailers, containers and compartments of vans, wagons and residential workshop on wheels, cabs of cranes, excavators and other heavy machinery.

Supposed to use it for passengers who are sensitive to cold loads, rest the driver in the car. Separate air and liquid heaters. Air suspension Air suspension is a four pneumatic rubber cushion installed instead of springs, shock absorbers at the same time remain in their usual places.